tagInterracial LoveDamn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 07

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 07


Chris sat there in his car after Lori told him the shocking news. He had almost veered off the side of the road, so he had to pull over to avoid an accident. He couldn't think. Pregnant? How could she let that happen? Sienna was leaving for Spelman in just a few weeks. Only plan that was making any sense to him was that she was getting an abortion. Yes, that made sense. She couldn't possibly have a baby with all that was going on.

He had to speak with her. He was sure she'd make the most sensible choice, but he still needed to know where her head was. Chris felt like he had been punched violently in the gut. He felt as though he were physically getting sick. God, he wanted her so bad, and now she was pregnant. She was only 18. She wasn't even married! Brandon was going to fuck up her life!

At this moment Chris knew he was going to confront Brandon. Fuck it if everyone else was too afraid to give him a piece of their mind. He would damn sure hear from him before this summer was over.

Chris was supposed to have left for home awhile ago, and from there, returned to Annapolis, but he called his father and told him he was extending his visit with Commander Branson. He hadn't yet asked the Commander if he could stay longer because he figured he'd always made himself useful around the house and stayed out of his way. But he couldn't leave just yet. Not until Sienna knew exactly how he felt about her.


Sienna awoke in Brandon's bed and it was already dark outside. At first she thought that the entire day had just been a crazy dream, until her stomach flip flopped, forcing her from the bed to the bathroom.

When she was done hugging the toilet, she raised up and washed out her mouth. Sienna stared at herself in the mirror. She didn't look any different. At least not her face. She slowly slid her hands down to her breasts, which felt a little tender and then down to her stomach and lifted her shirt. That didn't look any different either. Still flat. She turned to the side and stared at herself in the mirror. Nope, no bump. This was all like a dream. Good or bad dream, she didn't yet know. She wasn't sure she would believe it until the thing popped out. She still couldn't believe she had managed to skip her period and not even notice. But she guessed with all that was happening so quickly in her life, perhaps it wasn't as unlikely as she thought.

She walked out into the living room to find Lori sleeping, mouth open, on the couch. She sat down at the kitchen table. She was going to fix some dinner, but just the thought of it made her want to vomit again.

She thought about her life and her family. Her mom had been young when she was born. Twenty years old, if she remembered what her father had told her. Only two years older than she was now. She knew she had several options, but she wasn't sure which she would choose. Truthfully, she didn't want to think about it. Ever.

She heard Lori yawn and rustle the covers, so she got up from the table and sat down beside her on the couch.

"How do you feel?" Lori asked, stretching her arms and legs out.

"I'm okay, I guess," Sienna answered. "What would you do if you were in my situation?"

Lori rubbed her hand over her face and thought about it for a moment.

"Honestly Sienna, I would get an abortion. I just think it's the smartest thing to do. That way you don't have to miss a beat when we get ready to fly to Atlanta for school."

Abortion. She was after all, eighteen; no one could stop her if that's what she wanted to do. But then she thought about Brandon. Would he be happy about all of this, or mad? He had never expressed any feelings about being a father and she had never seen him hold a baby. God, she was going to be a mom. It finally hit her. She felt the stinging pain piercing her eyes, and then she burst into tears.

Sienna felt Lori's arm wrap around her and pull her tightly toward her. Sienna felt like she couldn't catch her breath. Her life seemed to be spiraling out of control and damned if she knew what to do. She wished so badly she could talk to her father. He always knew the right things to say. But she was just as nervous about having him find out as she was Brandon.

Lori let Sienna have her cry while she prepared dinner for them. Sienna scarcely ate anything. She just felt so overwhelmed. So many things were happening at once, and decisions that she dreaded, needed to be made. Her head was pounding and her stomach was in knots. She started feeling dizzy and she swore she could hear her heart rapidly beating.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Lori asked, breaking Sienna out of her mini panic attack.

Sienna took a deep breath and exhaled. "I just don't know what I feel right now. I guess the best thing to do is just tell Brandon when he returns."

"Hmm," Lori moaned. "I'm not so sure I would do that just yet."


"Well, if you did want to get an abortion and Brandon didn't want you to, who do you think would win that fight?"

Sienna thought about that. Lori was right. Brandon seemed to always get his way. He would find some means to make sure she caved. It's partly the reason she was in the predicament to start with. He made her head whirl, and she would forget little things, oh, like birth control!

Thinking about him made her yearn for him even more. She couldn't wait to set eyes on him again. She longed to talk to him about all of this, but she wanted to make the right decision for herself. But for now, she thought it best to keep this between Lori and herself.

The rest of the week pretty much went by the same routine. Lori stayed with her and every night tried to persuade her to go out and have some fun, although Sienna's idea of fun was never club hopping. What was so wrong with bowling? Or Putt-Putt? Or an arcade? Sure that stuff was corny and mindless, but it was more pleasurable doing those activities than letting some strange, sweaty man grind up against her in a stifling, packed club. So, she and Lori ended up compromising. One night they went to a friend's house for a party, the next night they went bowling. Although Lori flirted with cashier more than she bowled, but Sienna had a blast.

Anything to keep her wandering mind from pining over Brandon.


Brandon was worn-out. Dead tired. He was starving, aching, dirty and horny as hell. He didn't even feel like unpacking his shit from the Jeep. For seven days, he'd slept a combined amount of 10 hours and now his body was suffering from exhaustion. He managed to pull his bruised legs out of his Jeep and trudge up the front steps. He felt like he had collided with a mack truck. He just wanted to see her. Embrace her. Breathe in her scent and fall into a deep sleep.

He unlocked the door and staggered inside. It was pitch black and he tripped over something in the middle of the floor. Felt like a suitcase or bag. He sauntered over to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door and got out a bottle of water. He needed a hot shower too, but he just didn't think his body could remain standing long enough to wash.

He walked over to his couch, turned on the TV and eased down, groaning from his sore tailbone.

"Ouch, fuck!" he heard someone say.

Brandon rapidly jumped from the couch. "Jesus-fucking-Christ!" He turned on the light near the door, to find Lori smiling up at him while rubbing her legs.

She laughed at him, "Damn, BT, you almost crushed my ankles."

"Fuck, Lori! What the hell are you doing here?" Brandon whispered.

"Take it up with Sienna, she invited me," she smiled at him, as she lay back down and threw the cover over her head.

"Goodnight, Lori," he said sarcastically, as he picked up a pillow and flung it at her head. He heard her giggle as he walked down the hallway.

When he reached his bedroom, he quietly opened the door. There she was. His baby. Sienna was lying in the middle of the bed on her back. She had on a flimsy tee shirt, and he could see her tits rising and falling with each breath. He wanted to caress them with his hands. Or mouth. As he walked over closer to her, he had to pinch his lips shut to keep from laughing. She had placed one of his shirts over a pillow, and had it resting beside her. God, she was so cute.

He leaned over the bed and kissed her forehead. She immediately awoke with sleepy eyes.

"Brandon!" Sienna shrieked, when her eyes focused on him.

"Hey baby, sshh, go back to sleep. I need to take a shower," he said, pushing her soft hair away from her face.

"No, please stay," she whispered, clutching at his shirt.

"Baby, I'm dirty," he said, lightly kissing her full lips.

"I don't care," she said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Brandon pressed his lips firmly against hers. His tongue invaded her sweet mouth. Something about her always reminded him of honey. He leaned over her and started groping her underneath the sheets. Her body was so warm and soft, and she smelled like that damn shampoo or body wash that drove him wild. This is the kind of relationship he had been missing all of his life. Someone who would actually miss him when he was away. Someone who would mourn him if he didn't come back. Someone who loved him deeply.

Fuck it, he'd have to stay dirty.

He ripped the covers off of her and pulled off his shirt. He hoped she hadn't notice him hesitate a moment. His body was killing him, and he was sure if the light was on, she would stop him from his goal of making love to her all night long. She'd probably start crying, knowing how emotional she could get.

Sienna lay there, eagerly awaiting his touch. She instinctively pulled down her panties and opened her legs. The coolness of the air connecting with her moist pussy made her shiver. She pushed her shirt over her head and threw it across the room. She was so ready for him.

Brandon pushed his pants and underwear down and took in the sight of her on his bed. Her body was perfection in his mind. She had beautiful, ample tits and a small torso that tapered down to her tiny, toned waist, which then flared out beautifully to her full, divinely fuck-able hips. It was driving him insane! Just that image alone caused his manhood to stand at full attention. Coke bottle my ass, Brandon thought. That was inadequate to describe her delicious shape. Goddamn, this girl was perfect. And his...all his.

Sienna watched as Brandon climbed on top of her. He didn't bother with any type of foreplay, and she was glad for that. She just wanted him. Inside her. He placed the head of his dick at the damp opening to her pussy and pushed.

"Ooh, Brandon," Sienna whimpered into his ear. She wrapped her legs around his firm hips as he began to deeply penetrate her willing center.

"Did you miss me, baby?" Brandon whispered back, as he savored the unbelievable feeling of her snug pussy walls gripping at his cock.

She shook her head while rolling her hips to meet his powerful thrust.

"What?" he said, as he bent his neck to lightly bite her nipple. "I didn't hear you."

"Yes, baby, I missed you," Sienna sighed. God, she had missed this so much. She felt as though they were one being when he was so deep inside her, heart to heart.

Brandon began picking up the pace, driving in and out of her. He knew his body would pay for this workout in the morning, but he couldn't stop. The moonlight was dancing off of her face, and her expressions of pleasure were turning him on to the fullest.

Sienna felt so full and powerless against him. She reached her hands around him and grabbed his firm ass. She could feel the muscles flexing as he impaled her again and again. She raked her fingernails across his toned rump, and he groaned into her neck, while delicately biting it. He was reaching places inside her that the doctor damn sure couldn't reach with his vulgar equipment. Nothing could equate to this breathtaking feeling.

He lifted his chest from hers and stared down at her as he pulled the majority of his thick penis from her pussy. She tried to push his ass back down with her hands, but he wasn't budging. She felt so empty. She gripped her legs tighter around him, and pressed down, but he still wouldn't shift.


"Yes," she replied, still trying to get him to move his hips.

"Tell me who you belong to," he said in a raspy, seductive voice as he stroked inside her once and pulled out.

Sienna's eyes rolled back with that one insertion. He was driving her mad.

"Tell me," he demanded again, in a harsher tone.

"You, Brandon. I belong to you," she croaked out, barely keeping it together.

"Damn straight," he said as he thrust inside her and withdrew again. Ugh, he was killing her!

He grabbed her hand and placed it flat against his chest. He gazed so deeply into her eyes; she swore he could see her soul. Perhaps even her thoughts before she knew what they were. He just held his hand over hers, against his beating heart.

"And this belongs to you," he said, not once breaking eye contact with her.

Sienna froze. Everything she was thinking he could have said, completely missed the mark. She had never in her life met a human being more intense than Brandon Temple, and God help her, she loved that about him. She obsessed over this beautiful, dangerous man.

But the moment her brain thawed out and the realization of what he had just said completely struck her, she gripped his neck tightly and slammed into his face. She was so hungry for his kisses, she couldn't think about anything else. Brandon wasn't an emotional person, but when he did do something, even as subtle as what he had just done, it sent her over the moon.

Brandon returned her kisses as he vigorously drove his cock into her with a desire he hadn't felt before. He wanted to inhabit her insides to ensure himself that she did indeed, belong to him. He knew from the moment he had taken her from the Veterans Ball, he couldn't be apart from her. And now more than ever, he knew this was it for him. The only woman he would ever want again. He couldn't lose her. Ever.

Sienna felt the lower half of her body begin to quiver. She felt her pussy spasm as she threw her head back and let an intense orgasm roll through her body. "Oooh, Brandon, mmm..baby!" she cried out.

Brandon tightly grasped her, as her legs slid down from around his hips and on to the bed. He began thrusting harder into her, feeling his own release building. Fuck the condom, he thought. He loved her more than anything, and would welcome any responsibilities that came with.

He held her tight as he started to fill her womb with his seed. "Shit," he hissed by her ear. "Fuck, Sienna. I love you so much," he said, still feeling his come release inside her.

When he felt completely empty, he rolled onto his back and took her with him, so that she was now resting on top of him.

Sienna couldn't lift her head just yet, but she whispered into his chest, "I love you too, Brandon. Always." And then she fell into a deep sleep.

Brandon stayed awake for awhile, listening to her breathing. Her body was lightly rising and falling with his breaths, so he tried to breathe smoothly so he wouldn't jostle her. He gently caressed her back. Since he had been with her, he couldn't manage to keep his hands off of her. He felt the need to always touch her in some way.

But soon fatigue, and the lack of sleep in seven days caught up to him, and he passed out.


When Sienna awoke, the sun was shining brightly into the bedroom. A smile crept across her face, thinking of last night's little homecoming with Brandon. She reached over for him but the covers were empty. She rolled over and picked up her small tee shirt from the floor and put it on. She grabbed a pair of shorts from her suitcase and walked out of the bedroom.

When she reached the kitchen, she noticed Brandon standing over by the sink with both hands braced on the counter. She turned and saw Lori lying on the couch, flipping through different channels.

Her attention flew back to Brandon. She was sure he had heard her enter the kitchen, but he had yet to turn around to greet her. Oh no, what had she done now.

"Brandon?" she tentatively asked, as she walked over towards him. He quickly turned around and spewed water from his mouth like a fountain, at her.

Sienna sputtered and coughed when the water splashed her face. Her mouth dropped open as she stood there in shock. She couldn't believe he had just done that! And he stood there laughing his ass off and wiping his mouth.

"You asshole!" she screamed, as she playfully attacked him. She ran to the sink and turned the faucet on and started throwing handfuls of water at him, soaking everything in her path.

Brandon couldn't help himself. He had just taken a sip of water when he heard her coming, and he knew the look she would give him would be priceless if he did it. And he was right. She had stood there with water dripping from her face and a look that could kill.

He quickly ducked to avoid the water she was trying to toss on him and picked her up. She started squealing and laughing. He gently placed her on the kitchen floor while she pushed and fought him off. He grabbed his bottle of water and started spraying more onto her body as she twisted and turned to avoid it.

"Aah!!" Sienna screeched, as the cold water hit her flimsy shirt. She grabbed his pant legs and yanked them as hard as she could.

Brandon almost lost his balance, but caught himself right before he would have fallen on top of her.

"BT, stop!" Lori called from behind them.

He and Sienna both stopped and looked at her. "Why?" he questioned, cocking his head to the side.

"You could, um...you could hurt her doing that, you know," Lori offered, trying to not look guilty.

Sienna started to get up and playfully smacked his face. She walked over to Lori with her eyes wide, signaling Lori to shut up before she gave them away.

Brandon stared at the two of them. Something was up, but he wasn't sure what. Maybe it was all in his head, because he still wasn't one hundred percent since returning from the mission. That morning, in the shower, oh, he felt the pain. His ass should have rested as soon as he got home, but as long as she was anywhere near the same vicinity as him, he could forget about resting.

"Oh, guess who I saw the other day at a club?" Sienna asked smugly, turning around and pinning him with her glare.

Brandon's brow furrowed. "You went to a club without me?" he returned.

Sienna's mouth opened, and then quickly closed. She went to stand behind Lori and pointed her finger down over Lori's head.

Lori laughed, "Oh great, now I know that you'll throw me under the bus."

Sienna hugged Lori from behind and rested her head on her shoulder. "Rachel. Your red headed friend," Sienna told him.

"Fuck," Brandon muttered, as he grabbed a piece of bacon.

"And guess what?"

Brandon started to chew and stared at Sienna waiting to see what crazy shit Rachel had exposed about him.

"She wants me to come see her when I get tired of you," Sienna replied, smiling at him.

Brandon's eyes widened, then he rolled them. Fucking Rachel.

"Well, I guess I never told you she swings both ways," he said, as he went to grab another piece of bacon.

Sienna thought for a moment. She really didn't want to know the answer, but she had to ask anyway. She was a glutton for punishment.

"So...in all this swinging both ways, did you and she ever add another woman to your little hook-ups?" Sienna asked, while walking to the refrigerator, trying to act uninterested.

She looked back at Brandon, and one side of his mouth curled up into a cat-ate-the-canary grin. "You know, in the military, we have a don't ask, don't tell policy. So I'm sticking to that," he replied, as he turned and walked down the hallway.

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