tagIllustratedDamn Grandma!!

Damn Grandma!!


This little incident took place a few years ago while I was in the Army. My name is Jim, and I was home on a 30-day leave after completing nearly a year of AIT (Advanced Individual Training) on the coast before deploying to Korea. I had joined the army when I came to the sudden realization that unless I wanted to either flip burgers or sell shoes I needed to get myself a start and an education. I was 22 when I arrived back home at my mom and step-dad's, it was Monday, May 19, 1997.

After about a week at home, I had spent some time with friends, seen the local relatives, and eaten a lot of home cooked meals, but I was getting bored. My baby sister was finishing her junior year in high school and still had about ten days of classes and finals left, so I knew the family was tied down for another few days at least.

My mom's step-mom, she was always Grandma Gracie to my sister and me, lived in New Orleans, actually just outside of there at LaPlace, so I talked it over with the folks and got their go ahead to go down and see her and the rest of the family and some old friends there. Not having a car I got a ticket on Southwest that afternoon and headed for New Orleans two days later.

Mom and my little sister were going to come down once my sister, Kelly, wrapped up her finals and they would bring along my duffel bag and uniforms. My step-dad was going to wrap up the project he had to finish and then come down to spend a few days with us before I had to leave.

Before I go any further with the story let me explain a few things about my family. First, my mom, her name is Brandi, had been married three times. I was from her first marriage, and I was born when she was still a teenager, 16 actually, so at this time she was 38 and still a trim and petite little lady. Her dad, my grandpa, had passed away two-and-a-half-years ago after fighting cancer. Grandpa had married mom's step-mom, Gracie, when he and my Grandma were divorced. Grandma Gracie was only about seven years older than mom was, she had been the family babysitter for several years before she and grandpa were married when she was 18, he was 33. Grandma Gracie was built a lot like mom, petite, nice figure, somewhere around 34-26-35 and I'd say about a B cup. Mom was just over 5-foot tall, while Grandma Gracie is almost 5'2" and both of them weighed between 102 and 113 pounds. Mom's hair was a little darker and a bit redder than Grandma Gracie's which was a Strawberry Blond color. Although neither was what you'd call stunning, both of them would be considered attractive by most guys, and they could pass for sisters. As I said, I also have a baby sister, half-sister really, named Kelly who mom gave birth to when she was close to 22. Kelly will be a junior next year in high school.

Unlike Mom and Grandma Gracie, Kelly is what you might call voluptuous; I just prefer to call her either curvy or built. Kelly takes after her dad's side of the family. She is a raven haired, green-eyed beauty who stands about 5'6" and weighs about 155-165 pounds with 40DD- 26-37 measurements. I had seen her partially nude a few times growing up, the last time about eight months before I left for basic, so I knew she was stacked already. Within the last week, I had run into her face-to-face as she stepped out of the bathroom one day and her robe was gaping open, giving me a very up close and enjoyable view of her massive tits. It was immediately obvious that she had grown some more in the last 15 months, so I made it a point to check out her bra when I got a chance. She had gone from a 38D to a 40DD with very, very little sag and some of the lightest pink puffy areolas, and nipples it had ever been my pleasure to see.

Ok, back to my little story. I arrived at Louis Armstrong Airport about 11:40 in the morning and collecting my bags and grabbing a cold drink I took a cab out to my Grandma Gracie's house in La Place, arriving there about 1:00 or so. I knew where she kept the key at the back of the house so I went around that way and let myself in. I figured Gracie was either at a friend's house or gone shopping. Life Insurance and a commercial cleaning business she owned and worked at in the evenings had let her keep the nice house and a decent life style.

I went back to the part of the house where I know the guestroom is located, put my bag on the bed, and headed back in toward the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. As I stood up from the fridge, I heard a noise and looked up to see Grandma Gracie walking into the hall from her bedroom.

I nearly dropped everything, including my jaw!

There she stood, without so much as a stitch of clothing or even a towel to hide her bare body. I had never seen Gracie even partially nude, not even a glance down a top or anything, before this time. Now here she was standing only a few feet away from me and she was not trying to hide anything.

I stammered out a quick apology and spun around, but I could still see her in the reflection of the mirror over the breakfast nook at the end of the kitchen.

Instead of turning and retreating towards her room as I expected, she smiled broadly and stepped towards me with outstretched arms. She grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face her, embracing me around the waist as she did so and pressing her small, perky breasts and hard nipples into my chest. She hugged me tightly and then reached up and kissed me gently on the lips, but she held the kiss for several seconds and I felt the wetness and heat of her tongue as it passed over my lips, not exactly the kind of kiss I expected from Grandma Gracie.

As she broke the kiss and stepped back, I set the items from the fridge on the counter and looked at her again. Before today, I had never seen anything sexual, or considered Grandma Gracie as a sexual creature. Suddenly that was changing, as was evident from the growing lump in my pants. I turned back to face Grandma Gracie and as I did she again stepped in and hugged me tightly. As she did so, she mumbled something about the Army making a man out of me.

Releasing me and stepping back Grandma Gracie said, "Hope I didn't embarrass you. I just finished drying my hair and I really didn't realize you were here yet.

"Once I stepped into the hall," she continued, "and saw you at the refrigerator I figured you had seen everything anyway so why runoff and grab a robe in the sake of false modesty."

"No, no," I said. "I should've rang the doorbell, but it looked like you were gone, so I let myself in through the back."

"If your mom hadn't called this morning to let me know you were coming I probably would have been out," she said. "Instead I thought I'd catch a few winks then shower and get cleaned up before you got here. I guess I miss timed it a bit." As she said that last bit, she did a slow pirouette showing off all her best sides.

As she spun, I noticed for the first time that the color of the hair on her head was almost the very same color as the hair on her pussy. I immediately felt my face flush and redden, not because I had noticed the color but because suddenly my Grandma Gracie had a pussy, something I had never considered possible before this moment.

Grandma Gracie laughed, "I HAVE embarrassed you! I am so sorry, let me go slip on a robe and I'll fix you some lunch and then you can take a shower and get cleaned up."

"I'm sorry," I said "it's just that ...well I was surprised and then I noticed you have the same color red hair on your pussy as on your head and I never even thought about you having a pussy...," the words tumbled out of my mouth and before I knew it I had blurted out everything I had been thinking.

Her hands went up to cover her mouth as she began laughing uncontrollably. I was amazed as I watched her small breasts as they bounced and jiggled before me.

"...and now all I can see is your naked body," I continued saying, "the small pert tits, your red tresses of your mound, and your round pink ass."

She snickered a couple of more times and slowly uncovered her face. As she smiled and stepped towards me she asked, "You mean to tell me this nearly 46-year-old body doesn't make you feel all creeped-out and turned off?"

"No," I said, "a robe isn't necessary. It's just, well; you are the last person in this family I thought I would ever see naked -- accidentally or on purpose. You may be nearly 46, but you are still in great shape and very pretty, Grandma or no Grandma."

"Why thank you, Jim, that's very sweet of you. I really did not intend for this to happen," she went on. "I really didn't expect you for a couple of more hours and I thought you would call and have me come get you when you arrived. However, I do have to say, this was very liberating, for me anyway.

"Since your grandpa died and the other kids have all moved off I am here in this old house by myself most of the time, so I rarely bother getting dressed, except for maybe a robe or something like that unless I know someone is coming over. Heck, I've even taken to skinny-dipping in the pool most of the time. To tell you the whole truth, I've been known to strip down, or at least get topless, on really hot nights when I am at work. A lot of the office buildings I clean turn their AC way up on the weekends so it is pretty warm in there on Sunday nights."

Now it was my turn to laugh as I conjured images of Grandma Gracie swimming naked while the neighbor men tried to get a peak. After all, both of the next-door neighbors were married to women both older and quite a bit heavier than Grandma.

Grandma turned her back to me and began making me a couple of ham sandwiches, with cheese and mayo, the way I like them. I was leaning against the counter behind her at the sink, watching her ass as she moved from side to side as she worked on my lunch. As she turned to hand me the plate, I heard an exclamation of surprise escape her lips. The knife, still with mayo on it, had grazed across her left nipple, leaving a deposit behind.

"Hand me a paper towel, please," she said

I reached over and grabbed a paper towel, but then instead of handing it to her I reached out and wiped the mayo from her breast and nipple, then licked the mayo from my fingers.

"You naughty boy," she said.

"Sorry Grandma, but it looks like I didn't get it all," I said as I leaned down and took her little berry shaped nipple between my lips and finished cleaning up the mess.

As I pulled my lips away, I ran my tongue over her nipple and the curve of her breast. As I did, I felt my cock throb in my pants and I heard a moan escape her lips. I reached over, took my sandwiches from her, and turned to go sit at the table to eat.

Grandma Gracie stood where she was for a few seconds before turning and asking me if I would like a drink.

I started to say yes, but suddenly my response changed, "That was what I was trying to get a minute a go," I said.

Now it was Grandma Gracie's turn to blush. Being a pale complected red head, I watched as her whole body began to take on a pinkish flush as you could visibly see the embarrassment course through her body.

She quickly turned away from me and reaching into the cabinet alongside the refrigerator, she took down a glass and poured me a glass of milk from the refrigerator. She walked over to where I sat at the table and sat the glass in front of me before turning and saying as she made to leave the room, "I guess I had better get something to wear."

"I am sorry Grandma Gracie," I said. "I was just trying to have some fun with you and turn the tables a bit. I promise I will behave from now on. It really isn't right that you have to change your regular routine just because I am here. Besides, I'm enjoying the view."

I think I heard a muffled, "Thank you," from the bedroom just before I heard a door close.

I quickly finished my second sandwich and put the dirty dishes into the sink. As I stepped into the hall from the kitchen I saw the master bedroom door was open so I stuck my head in, but there was no sign of Grandma Gracie, then I noticed the closed bathroom door. I stepped back into the hall, "Grandma I'm going to go unpack and take a quick shower," I called out.

"That's fine," she responded. "The towels and washcloths are in the closet next to the bathroom door."

I put away the clothes in my suitcase, grabbed my shaving kit, and headed to the bathroom. I figured the shower would wash off some of the travel funk, but mostly it would give me a chance to get rid of problem that my swollen cock had been ever since I had licked Grandma's nipple. I could not get the taste and the feel of her sweet bud out of my mind and off my tongue.

I stripped off my clothes as the water warmed up and was in the warm spray of water within just a couple of minutes. I grabbed the shampoo and quickly washed my hair, hoping that in the meantime my problem would begin to go away on its own. I finished washing my hair and put a little more shampoo in my hand as I turned my back to the water. I wrapped my hand around my cock and began slowly sliding my hand up and down the length of my shaft, the whole time tasting that sweet little mound and the berry that topped it. It was only a couple of minutes before I felt the cum beginning to rise from my balls. I sped up a little and in about four more strokes, I shot one of the biggest loads I had ever experienced on the back wall of the shower. I quickly finished washing and stepped out of the shower. I ran my razor over my face, put on my deodorant, and wrapped the towel around my waist to go back to the guest room. Unfortunately by now my friend was beginning to feel alive again as I felt the pumping of blood and the rise of my shaft under the towel. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that Grandma Gracie was still in her bathroom or maybe out swimming as I opened the bathroom door.

I didn't see her around as I left the bathroom and took the half dozen steps down to the guest bedroom. I pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind me as I began to remove the towel from my waist. I stopped in my tracks, as once again my mouth fell open at the sight before me. There in the middle of the guest bed was Grandma Gracie on all fours, stripping the bed to put on clean sheets. I was standing right behind her looking right into her spread ass and wide open, and I think, very wet pussy. Her labia were nice and dewy and sticking out on each side of her canal, in my mind, they seemed to be waving me to come closer.

What had been a growing problem before for me was now a full-grown problem. I felt like my cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been before in my life, and it was fighting to break the towel's roll to let it free.

"Ummm, Grandma..."

She spun on the bed quickly to face me. She had a wry smile on her face, like the cat that had swallowed the canary. "Sorry, I just thought I should change the sheets for you. I guess you got through faster than I had expected," she offered.

"Yes ma'am, I guess I did." I said.

Grandma's grin broadened as she noticed the tent in my towel. "Looks to me like you might not have been quite done in there," she quipped as she nodded towards my erection.

"Maybe not, but it wasn't like that until I walked in here and found you bent over on all fours on the bed with your butt up in the air and your wide open pussy staring at me like that," I offered in my defense. "Especially with the lips swollen, covered in dew, open, and waving at me. That was a very nice welcome."

"How long were you standing there," she asked.

"I was only in here a minute or so, but that was all it took for this to come to attention, "I said as I gestured towards the tented towel and the hard penis it covered.

"If nothing else," I jokingly added, "I am a well trained soldier and I know you come to attention when the flag is presented."

"Ok, so now you are here, help me strip this bed real quick," she said as she crawled to the edge of the bed nearest me and stood up. She stepped between the edge of the bed and me. As she did so she made sure to brush her hand across my swollen cock head, I thought I was going to blast the inside of the towel right then. Somehow, I managed to avoid misfiring as she continued to the far side of the bad and began removing the sheets.

I managed to keep my towel from losing its grip around my waist, in spite of the tent Grandma Gracie had raised as we finished stripping the bed. Grandma Gracie grabbed up the sheets to take to the laundry and quickly grabbing and tugging at the top of my towel, saying, "Here let me have that so I can throw it in the wash too."

My towel began to slip away from me but I quickly recovered and grabbed it before I lost it completely. Holding it in place firmly in place as I implored her, "Please Grandma, take those to the laundry and I will bring this to you along with my dirty clothes in the bathroom."

She released the edge of the towel and giggled as she struggle to say, "Poor little Jimmy doesn't want his granny to see his little winkie. You seem to forget that you spent nearly half of your summers with us on the farm from the time you were six until you were 15." As she turned to walk away she added, "I've seen that little thing quite a few times through the years."

Instead of heading to the laundry, Grandma Gracie stepped down the hall to the bath to gather up my clothes. I heard her open the shower and then, "Damn Jim, you could've cleaned up the mess on the shower wall."

I had been so wrapped up in my own release and how great it felt in the shower that I had failed to wash down the wall before getting out. The wall was streaked with my cum, which had run down the wall and formed a puddle along the edge of the shower basin.

I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and my now semi rigid cock and ran to the bathroom door, arriving just in time to hear Grandma Gracie smack her lips and go "Hhmmmmmmm, good," as she took her finger out of her mouth.

She turned and saw me standing in the door. "Hand me your towel," she said, "so I can clean up your mess."

I reached for the closet door to get a clean towel for her. "No," she said as she held out her open hand. "Don't mess up another towel, just hand me yours."

She was knelt down leaning into the shower stall with her butt resting on her heels. I quickly grabbed the towel from around my waist and placed it in her hand as I retreated to the guest room quickly. I grabbed an old T-shirt, put it on, and sat down to slip on a pair of shorts. As I sat down, she stepped back into the bedroom, catching me with my semi-hard cock resting on my upper leg.

"Oh, I guess it has been a while sense I saw that winkie of yours," she said smiling at me. "I guess it has grown a little."

"Ha Ha," I said as I reached for my shorts and pulled them up my legs.

As the shorts got to my knees Grandma Gracie asked, "Do you really have to put those on right now?"

I stopped pulling on my shorts just past mid-thigh, my penis still hanging over their top edge. Looking up at her as she stood in the bedroom door I said, "You really don't want me to walk around the house like this, and you know it. Besides, as you said, you've seen my 'little winkie' before, and if I leave it hanging out I'm afraid it might make a mess on some of your furniture, or maybe you, if you aren't careful."

"So you make a little mess. I bet I can clean it up and I probably won't mind doing so. Of course some messes may clean up just a little easier than others depending where and what it is," she said as she smiled from ear-to-ear.

"Please Jim, don't laugh at me or pity me, but I want you to hear this. You are a part of my family, as much a son as a grandson to me. Your Grandpa Cal died nearly three years ago and he fought cancer for more than four years before he finally lost his battle. Since he passed away I have not even seen a healthy swinging dick, and to be totally honest he wasn't able to have an erection for nearly all of those four years before he died. So you do the math, I have been seven years almost since I was able to look at an erection, let alone maybe actually touch it or wonder at the beauty of watching a penis grow to full erection, or God forbid, the possibility of watching as one actually cums, sorry I guess I should say ejaculates," she explained. "If it was your uncle I wouldn't dream of asking him, but then he is my natural son.

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