tagRomanceDamn The Damsel...!

Damn The Damsel...!


The summer heat drove people to the Tank Bund by the evening. I was taking a stroll on the tank bund, enjoying the cool breeze and feasting my eyes on the women fluttering like colorful butterflies. My x-ray eyes were trying to assess their autonomy and their unseen 'assets'.

It was then that I was accosted by her. Around 25, she was fair, slim and of medium height. She dressed very conservatively, tending to cause bulging in the pants of the men folk. She was quite beautiful and sexy.

She faked a cough and simpered, as I could not take my eyes off her. "Your penetrating looks are fondling my body!" she blushed.

Women and drinks are my weakness. Drinking in style and squeezing the boobs of women sitting on my lap, I enjoyed very much.

We sat in a corner at the Restaurant there. Savoring ice-cream, we started chatting. Soon we felt as if we were old buddies. Her name was Lisa, she said. She was single and worked as a Receptionist in a hotel. She had noticed the 'he-man' in me and wished to befriend me -- so she said.

I was a 30-plus free bird. A notorious house-breaker, I had walked out of jail a couple of days ago. Lisa was so uninhibited in her attitude that I told her all about myself. And also the passion I had developed for her instantly. "I wish to chisel these unforgettable moments on your beautiful body, dame!" I proposed.

She blushed profusely, but agreed with a coy smile. I took her to a lodge. There we had drinks.

I undressed myself even as she eyed me without batting her eyelids. I pulled her close to my bare chest and held her. Blushing, she put her arms around me. The fragrance of the scent used by her fueled my desire. I imprinted a deep and passionate kiss on her rosy wet lips, sending waves of desire through her body.

I caressed her gently. Passion built up in me and encouraged by her blushing cheeks and body language, I began undressing her.

She was now naked and sitting on my lap. I fondled her body --touching every curve of it. As I squeezed her tight boobs, she grabbed my face and chewed my lips with growing passion. My penis became stiff even as I started stroking her clean-shaven pussy. I found it wet. Holding my penis, she started playing with it. I could wait no longer. I laid her on her back and tried to enter her.

Abruptly, she pushed me away and wriggled herself free, saying, "No, please...Not now".

I was perplexed, "Why not?"

She gave a mesmerizing smile - "You have proved that you are a he-man. But you should prove yourself to be a hero also. Only then can you take me to bed".

She told me what to do to prove my heroism... 'A man had recently returned from Dubai. He brought with him a beautiful diamond necklace which was worth more than ten million rupees. If I could steal it for her, she would accept me as a hero and be mine for ever'.

Though stunned, I agreed to the proposition, as I could not wait more to take her to bed.


The name of the man was Abdul Rahim, and he lived alone in an apartment in the Asiana Township on the outskirts of the city, I gathered. During the day he confined himself to home, and whiled away the nights at a night club. He would usually return home well past midnight, fully drunk.

I sneaked into the Complex that night. I studied the lock of the Apartment # 310. It was a special security system, which was not found everywhere. A few years ago I had undergone a specialized training in opening such locks.

I did not waste any time. I started working on the system instantly. I could succeed in a few minutes. All along I had been thinking of Lisa and her beautiful, sexy body...and the 'experience' I was going to have with her. The very thought had lifted my spirits.

As I was about to enter the apartment, a man appeared there, suddenly. He was in a nawab's attire. He was around my age, and a little taller and stronger than me.

It suddenly dawned on me, even as he glared at me, that it was none other than the owner of the house -- Abdul Rahim!

Wondering why he returned home so early that day, I became alert. I knew how to react in such circumstances. I pretended to be searching for an address on the floor, and left the place hurriedly and jumped into the lift, lest he notices the unlocked door.


The next morning, as I was drinking and watching TV, the previous night's failure still rankled in my mind. With wounded pride, I thought of Lisa. What would she think of me? Would she tick me off!?

I could not afford to lose that sexy damsel. So I resolved to make another attempt after a couple days.

Suddenly the news on the TV caught my attention. 'A great burglary in Asiana Township' was the headline. I became alert...'Apartment # 310 was burgled last night. Valuables including cash, foreign currency, and jewellery were stolen. The total loss was estimated to be around 30 million rupees. The stolen items included a diamond necklace worth ten million'...

Abdul Rahim, was on the screen. He must be around 50. He was a dark, short, thin man with a protruding belly...

I was obfuscated. He was not the man whom I had encountered at the apartment -- last night!

I could realize what had happened... On seeing the stranger, I had assumed him to be the owner of the house. The man, a thief like me, grabbed the opportunity and made a clean sweep of the flat!

The cell phone ring shook me out of my shock. It was Lisa.

"Thanks for the cooperation, buddy!" she said. Even before I could open my mouth, she continued. "When my boy friend and I heard about Abdul Rahim, we planned to rob him. But we found his apartment had a special locking system, which cannot be broken by everybody. Our search for the right person led us to you. We also came to know of your weakness for women. So we cashed in on it...By the bye, the man you had encountered last night was my boy friend, you know!".

I was nonplussed.

Even before I could recover and react, her derisive laughter echoed in my ears -- "How is it for an April Fool ride, dear?"

I became furious. "You y bitch! I'll kill you!" I screamed into the phone.

"Sorry, man! You have no chance. We are leaving the country with the booty in a few minutes. So long..!"

The phone went dead.


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