tagBDSMDamon's Grace - The Sex Party Ch. 01

Damon's Grace - The Sex Party Ch. 01


There's only mild sexual scene in part one, but the real sex doesn't begin until part 3. Enjoy and stay tuned!


"Which name tag do you want for your collar, honey?"

He calls from the bedroom.

"Um. Surprise me." I call back. I inspect my face in the mirror. I would put on make-up, but it'll only feel like mud before the night's over.

He enters the bathroom, and his arms slip around my waist, and pulls me close. I sigh dreamily, and lean into him.

Besides, he likes it better when I don't wear any.

"Excited for the party, babe?"

He whispers in my ear.

"Honestly, I'm a little nervous." I say and look down.

"That's understandable," He kisses my ear, "You know you don't have to go if you don't want too."

I shake my head profusely.

"No, no. Damon, I want to go. Honestly, I want too."

He smiles and stares at my reflection.

"Well, you remember the safe word?"

"Red. or Uh uh, if something's in my mouth."

"Good." He kisses my neck.

We decide on a black lacy body suit.

I get chills as he looks over my body in the mirror. He slips on my collar from behind.

The shiny, silver name tag reads:

"Damon's Bitch"

I smile big and pull him into a kiss.


I open my legs wider for him as we stop at the traffic light.

"Enjoy it. It's the last traffic light we'll pass under to get there."

He rubs the wet crotch of my body suit, which causes me to tremble and whine.

I call out his name as his finger brushes my clit through the thin, soaked fabric.

A grin spreads across his face.

"Like that, bitch?"

I moan and grind against his hand. "Yes, Master." I cry.

He chuckles and to my dismay, pulls his hand away.

"Glad you're all warmed up."

My pussy longs for his warm fingers to plunge into it. I squirm in my seat.

"Can't even wait, can you?" He coos. The lurches the car forward as the light changes.

I shake my head.

"Go ahead and play with yourself, but don't you dare cum."

I shove my fingers into my crotch, trembling as I push my fingers inside.

"I want to hear you moan, slut." He slaps my thigh.

I call out, and finger myself faster. I moan as my wetness streams out.

"That's a good little whore." He smiles. "That's enough, we're almost there."

I reluctantly pull my fingers out, he takes my wrist and sucks them.

We pull into a long dirt road up a winding hill. We drive for awhile, further and further away from the lights of the town.

It's one of the biggest houses that I've ever seen.

I gape at the massive, three-story building before us.

"Impressive, isn't it.?" He says. I can spot several people in many of the windows. All surprising clothed for the most part.

I give Damon a worried look.

"Don't worry." he says. "The party hasn't started yet. They wait until everyone arrives, so Chris can say a few things once, and doesn't have to repeat himself."

A man exits the illuminated doorway and approaches our car.

Suddenly, I automatically look for something to cover myself.

Damon notices and smiles. "Don't worry, honey. They'll see everything anyway." He squeezes my hand. I swallow.

The closer than man gets, the quicker my heart pounds hard in my chest.

Damon rolls down the window.

"Well, hello there. I was starting to wonder if you were going to show up, man." He says to Damon.

"Yeah, sorry Chris. We managed to get stuck behind every red light from my place to yours." Damon says, squeezing my hand.

My cheeks burn.

"Is that so? Woah- Oh Damn! Is this the famous Grace I've heard so much about?" Chris' eyes trail over me, sending chills down my spine.

I cross my arms and smile shyly. He gives me a sly smile.

Damon gets out, and Chris walks around to my side, and opens the door. The cool night air makes goose bumps appear on my legs.

"You weren't lying about her, Bro." Chris says, looking into my eyes.

I can't breathe. I can't speak. I can't move.

Chris takes my hand, and by some miracle, I manage to stand. He walks me to the front of the car.

"Spin for him, Grace." Damon says soothingly. The sound of his voice gives me the strength I need to move. I spin in place slowly, biting my lip as I make a complete circle.

I can feel their eyes burning into me. Suddenly, my body tingles.

He touches my name tag, and holds it close to see.

"You like being Damon's Bitch?" His tone of voice changes.

His voice is more, rough, and deeper. He smiles as he speaks. I'm so stunned, that all I can do is nod.

"What was that? You answer, when you're spoken too."

I look at Damon.

"Behave Grace. Do as you're told" He says dryly.

"Yes. I love it. There's nothing I love more." I squeak.

Chris seems satisfied with this answer.

"Let's go inside, then guys. Let's get this party started." Damon hands him our paperwork. Chris looks over it for a moment, and puts a sticker on Damon's shirt.

I can't read it from here.

Chris walks towards the house, and then stops.

"Meet up with me some time tonight, Grace, sweetie. Would you? I'm dying to fuck you." He calls over his shoulder and walks inside.

My body tenses, I gasp and shiver.

Damon clasps my leash to my collar. "Ready?" He says and kisses my forehead.

"Yes, Master." I smile brightly. I tremble where I stand.

"Walk in on your knees like a good bitch."

I obey, and sink on all fours.

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