tagErotic CouplingsDan Meets Meraina Ch. 03

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 03

byJoseki Ko©

Chapter 3

“He’s up?” I was pretty surprised because it was two in the morning on a Wed. Most people are in bed about then.

Dan just laughed. “Yeah Jay works 3rd shift, and loves to sleep during the day.”

“Yeah but it’s Wednesday.” I protested

“Jay works a rotating schedule I’m never really sure what days he’s working and what days he’s not.”

I just nodded. As we walked up to the house I was trying to take everything in. The yard was unkempt the orange tree in the front yard had seen better days and there was a dining room table and chairs in the car port. The house really didn’t seem like it belonged in this neighborhood. All the houses around it were gorgeous. Dave let himself in and I followed. I was really beginning to regret this.

The inside of the house was as different from the outside as possible. Most single guy’s have neon beer signs and posters of girls on their walls. This place had pictures on every conceivable wall. And they were good pictures. Pictures of Chicago, Phoenix, and all kinds of Fantasy stuff. The furniture was gorgeous, not the kind of junk guy’s normally pick up at all. Sitting at the computer was a really big guy. He turned around spotted me and stood up. He was really big.

“Hi Jay,” Dave waved as he spoke.

Jay waved back “Morning Dave. Bringing home a stray kitten?”

Dave just laughed “Yeah she needs a place to stay, do you mind?”

Jay quirked an eyebrow and Dave introduced me. I was really surprised when he gave me a hug rather than shake my hand.

“Ok” Jay looked thoughtful. “You can keep your stray kitten but you have to clean up after her.”

Dan just grinned and nodded. “Ok Meraina let’s get your stuff.”

Jay helped us unload and I was quickly ensconced in Dave’s room. Which I might add in contrast to the rest of the house was a complete mess.

As we stood there resting after brining all the stuff in Jay asked if he needed a penny.

Dan smiled and said yes. Jay laughed reached into his back pocket and tossed Dave a strip of condom’s.

“Have fun kids, I’ll be back at 6” And Jay was gone.

“What did he mean about the penny?” I asked

“Oh that’s our way of telling one another if we have a girl over. We put a penny on that clip outside the front door.”

“Oh, and you think you’re getting laid tonight?”

Dave’s smile was infectious. “Yea.” And he leaned over and started kissing my neck. Dave was pretty good I’ll give him that. As he left these slow kisses over my neck he began turning me so I was facing away from him. His lips never quite leaving my body. He reached down and began to pull my shirt up as his tongue slid between his lips to caress the top of my back. As the shirt came up he stopped kissing me just long enough to slip it over my head. And then his lips began to slide down my spine with soft slow wet kisses. His hands worked their way down my arms and caressed my back as I let him slowly start to excite me. One of the better parts about dating older guy’s is the foreplay. Most younger guy’s believe foreplay is synonymous with blow job. Older guy’s take the time to get you excited as well. Knowing that the sex will be all that much better.

Dave’s hands slid around my waistband and caressed my belly as his lips found a spot at the base of my spine. I had never had a guy tongue me the way Dave was. I didn’t know how much I was into this until my jeans hit the floor. I turned slowly and was surprised to see Dave still fully dressed. Now I’ve never worn underwear. I’m kind of like a carpenters dream. Flat on both sides and kind of small. So I’ve never really felt the need for underwear. So it was kind of surprising to be naked in front of a fully dressed man. Dave noticed my surprise and began to kneel in front of me. His mouth leaving a trail down my body. I was really starting to get into this. As Dave’s mouth got to my bush I really began to want to see Dave’s body. So I reached out and pulled his shirt over his head.

I didn’t get a chance to look at Dave, because as soon as I pulled his shirt off his tongue licked the outside of my pussy. All I can say is this guy had practice. I felt him lift me off my feet and place me on the bed his mouth never leaving my body. As I lay down on the sheets his mouth moved from my lips tracing a line down my body to bury itself in my bush. Now I’ve never had a guy do that. I’ve let my bush grow out so my last few boyfriends had something to play with. Dave though he was different. His tongue mowed through that and mad a series of sensual strokes between my legs. He began caressing me with one hand and leaned up to whisper in my ear.

“I’m kind of kinked Meraina, are you.”

I loved this, I’ve known I’ve been kinked since I was twelve. “Yes!” I whispered. “Green, yellow, red?”

Dan just kind of whuffed as his mouth played with my neck. “Safe sane and consenual, works for me.”

I felt first one arm and then the other being pulled over my head, and I was kind of surprised that he was moving so quickly. In no time he had me tied spread eagle on the bed. All my secrets open to his inspection.

Dave wasted no time leaning down and burying his nose into me. His tongue darted out and began to do the most interesting things. I couldn’t quite make out what he was doing so I finally asked.

Dave kind of lifted up and grinned at me. “The first technique I ever learned was licking the alphabet. I’m up to G.” And down he went again. It was getting to be maddening, now that I new what he was doing I could actually trace the letters as he licked them. My arms so wanted to move, I wanted to crush his face into me. But the ropes held me fast. About the time he hit Q I was really getting desperate. I began to wiggle trying to drive his tongue deeper but Dave would not be swayed. He finished the alphabet and then buried his nose into me. His tongue ramrod straight he began to move around my clit sending these tremendous tickles over me. I don’t think I‘ve ever been as well probed. It felt like my skin was on fire I ached so much for his touch.

Dave leaned back and I screamed at him not to stop. But he was definitely in charge here. He grinned at me and patted my pussy and walked out the door. Oh the agony I fought against the ropes then trying to get free so I could reach down and make myself cum. But Dave’s knot’s held fast. It felt like an hour before he came back through the door. He was holding a glass of water. He pulled a chair up to the edge of the bed and sat down. Calmly watching me struggle. He sipped at the water as I began to beg him to fuck me.

“Are you nice and wet?” he asked.

“Please Dave I’m very wet please I need you in me.” I begged

Dave leaned over and almost callously drove his finger all the way into my pussy. I thought I was going to explode it felt so good. As my body began to respond he worked his finger back and forth. I tried to squeeze my legs together but still his ropes held me.

I thought he was amused by this but I really couldn’t tell. I was kind of involved.

“NO!” I shouted. As I began to reach the brink of orgasm he gently stopped playing with my pussy. He would lightly stroke it every few heartbeats. I just couldn’t manage to cum. I really began to beg and he just smiled and sipped that Damn water while he kept me on the edge. We stayed like this for an eternity, I actually lost any sense of time or space so great was my need. I begged pleaded cajoled and promised anything and everything if he’d just let me cum.

At last Dave stood up and removed his pants. As far gone in my need as I was, I was still surprised at Dave’s dick. It turned upward like a flat question mark.

Dave must have seen the look in my eyes as he began to position himself over me. Because he leaned down and whispered “If you weren’t so dripping wet this might hurt some.”

Dave leaned back and untied my ankles gave each a quick rub. Which I might add sent even more fire through me. And giving me a quick kiss he lifted my hips and plunged into me.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like this in my life. As he rotated his dick into my body the tip of his penis actually rotated up to my belly. I didn’t know it was possible to have a man’s penis hit your G-spot. But he managed.

“YES!” I shouted as my orgasm finally swept over me.

Dave continued to hold my hips as he worked his dick back and forth inside me. I felt the bite of the ropes into my wrists, the satin of the sheets on my back, and I wrapped my legs around Dave in an effort to pull him into me. It seemed the waves of pleasure would never stop as Dave tweaked on of my nipples I came again and again. He had denied me for so long my body responded instantly to each and every touch of his hand. I lost count of my orgasm’s at three and still Dave worked my body. As I arched my back and gave myself over to his skilled hands I called his name again and again.

As Dave finished with me I felt him lay me back down on the sheets. All I could do was just lay there. I twitched every few seconds as the lingering aspects of the evening caused a wave of pleasure over my body. Just like little ripples.

Dave untied my hands and massaged some feeling back into them. Commenting that he didn’t want to leave me stiff in the morning. As he retrieved his blankets for the floor he grinned at me. And when he lay down next to me spoon fashion he covered us both. Leaning over to whisper in my ear.

“Well was that as good for you as it was for me?”

All I could do was let out a little giggle as I fell asleep. Safe and comfortable in my lover'’ arms.

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