tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDan Meets Meraina Ch. 06

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 06

byJoseki Ko©

I had been at Justin's for about four hours now. I was worried. Justin was my sometime boyfriend. He'd thrown me over for another girl about a year ago. I'd ran into him at Maria's house and now here I was. It had started out good he'd brought me some chocolate and a single yellow rose. I've always been attracted to Justin he stands about five feet nine inches tall and his beautiful blond hair is spiked. He's got these puppy dog looking blue eye's and he's a complete and utter asshole. God I love him. We'd talked for awhile and he'd finally gotten me outside to look at his new car. His new car turned out a 1979 camarro. Very nice condition. I'd gotten into it without really knowing why and off we went for a test drive. About twenty minutes later we'd pulled up his house. I'd been very upset by this but he'd assured me it was okay and I went into the house with him. He said he'd let me call for a ride. As soon as we were inside one of his buddies turned KITTY loose. Kitty is the biggest Pit Bull I've ever seen. Kitty hates everyone except Justin and a few of his buddies. So with Kitty running the yard I was pretty much trapped. The phone turned out to be on the porch with Rusty one of Justin's buddies talking into it.

Justin had left me to myself for awhile and he'd gone out to the front porch where he went to drinking with his buddies. I'd looked around the house and I knew I was in trouble. About an hour had passed and Justin had come back in. He'd told me to get naked and started undressing himself. He had his shoes and his shirt off when he noticed me just standing there. He'd cussed me out and told me again to strip. When I'd flat out refused he pulled out a bamboo kendo sword and begun to beat me. It hadn't taken long, ten or fifteen swings before I'd capitulated and stripped myself naked. I got a good look at myself then. I had red stripes all over my body.

"Good girl," Justin smirked "Now come here and kneel."

"No." I screamed and started running away. I didn't get to far in a house I couldn't leave.

Justin caught up to me and grabbed a handful of my hair. He literally dragged me back to the bed and through me onto it. As I lay there on the bed kind of stunned all I could really think about was how bad I hurt from the beating and how much my head hurt from being dragged. I could see some tufts of blonde hair in Justin's fingers. My hair complete with blooded skin where it had torn out. I watched as Justin pulled off his pants. He never wore underwear, and I watched him stroke his cock as he looked at me. I wasn't impressed with his size anymore. Both Dave and Jay's were bigger. Naked I noticed he kind of smelled too. It was kind of bad but I couldn't quite place it. As he knelt on the bed I tried one last effort and rolled away from him. His rock hard fist crashed into the back of my head.

"Look at me bitch." Justin bellowed. He rolled me over using my shoulder and I had to look at him.

He grabbed my ankles in one hand and turned me to face him. He just looked at me and grinned. I could see in his eyes that he liked me more now than he had a year ago. I'd filled out a little since I turned eighteen but I still look like a kid. I have blonde hair in a short pageboy haircut. I'm on the skinny side myself, I only weigh 104 and I'm barely 5 feet tall. Ok it's worse than that. I'm a carpenters dream as my dad say's. I'm flat on both sides. Although I've always thought of it as being athletic.

"Come on baby you know you want me." Justin whispered hungrily.

All I could do was shake my head no. Apparently this is what Dave was waiting for. Gripping an ankle in each hand he separated my legs with ease and began to pull me to him. My pussy sliding ever closer to that pulsing cock.

"NOOOOOO!" I wailed as I felt the tip of my pussy meet his dick.

He slapped me, knocking my head back and roughly entered me. I tried to fight and I continued to get slapped. He really seemed to enjoy it. I wasn't even close to being in the mood so my little pussy was dry as a bone. The obvious pain it caused us both to enjoy it even more. He rocked me back and forth as he pushed into and out of me. I don't think I'd ever felt so guilty in my life.

When Justin finally came I sighed with relief and pretended to pass out. He snuggled down beside me and promptly passed out. I'd been here five hours now. When the cavalry arrives I'll be ready.

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