tagTransgender & CrossdressersDan The New Girl Ch. 01

Dan The New Girl Ch. 01


Dan often felt uneasy. He would nod and smile and try to get along with the lads, but they just weren't his scene. Not really. He always felt more comfortable around girls. Girls were smarter, more fun to go out with, and they looked so much better too. Such beautiful faces, bodies, clothes - everything about girls seemed better than boys.

When he started seeing Lucy, it was more admiration than love. She had a beautifully soft, calming voice. A petite girl - flowing dark hair, pretty hourglass figure with pert round boobs, a slim flat tummy, and gorgeously curved hips and bum. "Do you think we should get together, then?" she said, after they'd had a couple of drinks together. "I can see the way you look at me. You want to see what I look like in my bra and knickers don't you?"

Well, that's a confident girl. And she was right. Dan had tried not to be obvious, but he had been trying to steal a glance at her breasts - held perfectly in a lacy white bra - when she leaned forward to pick up her glass of wine. When they'd walked into the bar, he'd walked behind her, admiring the easy sway of her hips, and noticing a tiny peak of silky knickers poking above her casual shorts. The bra strap flat across her back. The way she slipped a finger in under her shirt to pull her shoulder strap back into place.

"Umm. Yes. Can we do that?" Dan felt a little stupid. But she was right. He'd give anything to go back to her house, be invited into her bedroom, and spend a few hours taking her clothes off and - with a bit of luck - fucking every way they could think of until they fell asleep.

"Let's go, then," she said. OK, so she was always going to take the lead. That's the way it would be. He felt almost ridiculously submissive as he followed her out of the bar, leaving half-finished drinks, feeling drunk, wondering if it was OK that she was so forward.

She had a great little bedroom. One other flatmate, but a whole floor to herself. Big bed in the middle of the space, racks and racks of little dresses and blouses and all sorts of other girly treats all around.

She unbuttoned her top, and slipped the shoulders off. She was beautiful. A perfect little figure. Soft smooth skin, and that white lacy, perfectly fitted bra clasping her breasts, which gently lifted and sank with her aroused breathing. He pulled off her knickers. They made love. For hours. But that's not what this story is about.


The next morning, he woke up in her bed, and found her gone, with just a note. "Feel free to stay all day. I'm back in the evening. My flatmate's out. The house is yours to do as you please. Please stay. My pussy really enjoyed last night, and I want to do it again."

Dan got up, showered, thinking of all the times she'd showered there before dressing herself - knickers on, bra on, and then her choice of clothes from the amazing selection on the racks around her room.

He had a quick look around the house - all very nice - helped himself to some cereal, and went back to Lucy's room. He noticed last nights' clothes on the floor. Her bra. Her knickers. There was a note on the knickers: "Sniff me. Don't be ashamed."

He picked them up, tiny lacy panties. They were white shiny satin at the front, with lace details, and of course an absorbent cotton gusset. On the gusset were stains from Lucy's cunt. A day's worth of her private sexy thoughts causing little licks of secret wetness. He admired them - just think what had been inside them. He sniffed them. There was an amazing salty musky smell. Moments from last night flooded his memory. Lying on his back with her on top, he had lifted her by her armpits, and she had wriggled with frustration as he held her with just the tip of his cock inside her pussy. She was straining for it, but he wouldn't let her have it... and then he let her sink all the way down and she had groaned with satisfaction as he watched her cunt swallow the full length of his dick. Full of cock, she had ground her pussy around, clamping down, refusing to let him get his dick out of her, grinding her clit on him, her juices all over his pubes and his balls.

He put his two thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and held them open. There's more where these come from, that's for sure. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he went over to her chest of drawers and pulled the top drawer open. Make up, jewellery, a couple boxes of tampons and panty liners, and at least two vibrators just rolling around in there. Interesting. Back for that in a while. But that's not the drawer I want.

He pulled open the second drawer. And there it was. Her underwear drawer. All nicely arranged. Arranged with pride. Arranged to show them off. Rows of knickers: colourful thongs, silky panties, satin date-night knickers, black, white, pretty pinks, reds, blues, more knickers than any one girl could possibly need in a month. And bras. So many bras. All arranged with their cups facing forward and their straps tucked behind, keeping them in good condition. Bras to match every pair of knickers. Silky black bras, lacy white bras. A wet-look leather bra. Pretty little girly bralettes in all sorts of soft colours - pinks, yellows and baby blues. There was even a row of basques, with ribbons tangling. This was a drawer designed for fun.

And there was a note: "Pick your favourite and try it on. Dare you."

Dan had already thought of that. This was an unbelievable opportunity. He didn't need the note. He was going to do it anyway. He fingered the knickers, careful not to put them out of their careful arrangement. He couldn't possibly let her know that he had been in her underwear drawer. Then he ran his hand across the rows and rows of bras. What a great choice. What great taste. So sexy.

Then he had a brilliant idea. Rather than risk disturbing the arrangement, so she might find out what he had done, he would try on the knickers and bra that were lying on the floor beside him. The ones with her sweat, her juices and her sexy smell all over.

He put on the knickers first. They would be tight, but he should be able to get them onto his boringly straight man's hips. They felt great, and he loved thinking about her vaginal juices against his balls.

He picked the bra up by a single shoulder strap. It hung from his fingers, such a light garmet, so clever, so complicated. Lacy bits here, silky bits there, straps and clasps and adjusters. So totally alien compared to his boring male underwear. He put an arm through one shoulder strap, then the other, drawing the cups to his chest. And he fastened the clasp behind his back.

He closed his eyes. The bra felt good on him. So feminine. So close-fitting. So perfect. With his eyes still closed, he lifted one hand to cup one side of the bra.

...And he felt a perfect, round, soft breast inside it.

His eyes flashed open, and he looked down. He was looking down at a girl's body. Two breasts inside the bra. The top view down of perfect tits, fitting snugly in a perfect fitting bra. And no cock. Knickers with no cock inside them. And curves. Unmistakeable feminine curves. A thin waist, flaring out to wider hips and undoubtedly a pert round bum behind. He was inside a girl's body, looking out.

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my!

This had to be a dream. He was dreaming he was a girl, surely. It had happened before. But this felt far too real. He still had a hand on his boob. It felt reassuring to hold on to. He needed that comfort. This was, after all, a more than strange situation.

Everything about his body felt different. He could feel his boobs very distinctly. They were tingling. The nipples were hardening. That was his first sign that he was getting aroused. They were big nipples - compared to what he had before. And they were full of feeling, desperate to be squeezed and pulled. And sucked. Oh my God, he thought, I would love someone to suck my tits.

He ran his hands down his body. There was only one place this was going. He was about to find out what his pussy felt like. But, again, everything had changed - he didn't want to go there straight away. Sexy was a whole body thing, not just a genital thing. He wouldn't allow himself to find out if he had a cunt until he had run his hands across his slim waist, down onto his hips and round the back to clasp his ass.

He held both hands on his ass, arching his back slightly, pushing his breasts forward, and he lifted his ass cheeks. No doubt about it. That action did the trick. He could feel his pussy lips being ever so gently moved apart. He finally knew what it felt like to own a pussy.

His hands came round the front, following the top seam of his knickers. And he pulled his knickers open so he could see. Inside, a sweet little mound of curly pubes receded down to the curve of his cunt. He could even see where the vagina split into two lips. That must be where his clit is hiding. He closed his knickers. This was too good to be true.

But seconds later, he couldn't resist. Partly curiosity, but partly something else. He was horny. Not just horny like he knew. Girl horny. It was a stronger feeling. More compelling. And all over his body - starting with his tits, and tingling all the way down to his toes. He shoved his hand down his knickers.

His middle finger ran along the length of his slit - just like he had done many times before with other girls.

Only this time, it was deliciously different. This time, he was the girl, and he was feeling his own pussy lips.

It was definitely, undoubtedly, thrillingly, a cunt. Between his legs. In a beautiful pair of tight white panties. And he was standing there, naked apart from his knickers and his bra, in a girl's bedroom. Surrounded by girls' things: dresses, skirts, blouses, loose tops, tight tops, more knickers, more bras. He clutched one of his tits, with the middle finger of his other hand feeling its way into his moistening hole. He could feel it: hot, wet, and slippery. He could feel the wetness on his finger, but he could also feel it... inside.

Suddenly there were noises downstairs. A key being fiddled in a lock. A door opening. A voice, "Hi!!! I'm home."

Oh no!

He was paralysed for a moment. No idea what to do. He was wearing his girlfriend's bra and knickers, wanking in her bedroom. And he was about to be caught. No, wait. He was a girl. A girl, wearing a bra and knickers (great, that's good - suddenly he felt so glad that his breasts were covered up, contained, made decent). Someone was coming up the stairs. He jumped into the bed, and pulled the covers over his body.

Lucy walked into her bedroom. Lucy, the girl from last night, who Dan had taken home and fucked until they had fallen asleep in each others' arms - remember her?

"Hi Dani," she said lightly, in her soft musical voice. "Oh my God I've had such a day! How's your day been?"

Dan lay in Lucy's bed. He was shaking, he was so nervous and confused about what was going on. "I... I..." he said. It wasn't even his voice. It was a girl's voice that came from his throat.

Lucy sat on the bed next to him and stroked his hair. His long feminine blonde hair. "Oh I know baby. All you want to do is lie there and wank yourself stupid. I bet you haven't even tried a vibrator yet."

She patted him like a child. "All good things come to those who wait, baby."

Silence as she gazed at him. What was that in her eyes? Love? Lust? Definitely something sparkly in her eyes.

And suddenly she yanked back the covers, revealing Dan, on his back, wearing her lingerie. He made a pathetic attempt to cover his breasts with one arm and his pussy with the other hand.

Lucy just stared at him. She let the moment become slightly uncomfortable, and said, quietly, "Wow. I am soooo going to fuck you, baby." Then she stood up.

"You're wearing a bra, Daniel. You know that, don't you?"


"You are. Feels great doesn't it. And you're wearing my panties from last night, that I made dirty by thinking about fucking you in the taxi home. And now you've made them wet again."

She paused.

"Would you like me to explain what's going on?"

"... I... Yes."

"You're wearing a very special bra. A transformation bra. You put it on, you're a girl. You take it off, you're a boy. Simple as that. But don't you dare take it off right now. If you do it wrong, you'll be stuck as a girl forever."

She paused. She was really enjoying this. Dan just felt bewildered.

"So you're going to keep your bra on, and I'm going to teach you how your new body works. We're going to do all sorts of things together. Understand?"

Dan nodded.

"Good girl," purred Lucy. "Let's call you Dani from now on, hmm?"

"And Dani? I want you to know that, as well as doing lots of wonderful things together, I am going to fuck you until your pussy is dripping down your inside thighs. OK?"

"Yes," Dani said.

End of part one.

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by Anonymous

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by melinda4cd02/10/18

both sides

I'm enjoying your story very much. Nicely written with an easy flow. But what really grabbed my attention and interest was when you began describing Dan enjoying his new body from the female perspective.more...

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by Rule63MePlease02/10/18

I would like one of those bras and I would like to "do it wrong". ;P

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by Anonymous01/16/18


Excellent start, but WAY to short

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by Pest99901/13/18


I need one of those bras...

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by surferjake01/13/18


I like the twist and development. Let’s see where it goes.

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