tagRomanceDana & Jeff Ch. 02

Dana & Jeff Ch. 02



"Did you enjoy your birthday?" Jeff leaned down and gave Dana a quick peck.

"Yes I did." She looked down at her new smart phone. "I can't wait to charge this puppy up!"

Jeff unlocked his apartment door and smiled. "Don't worry I have to gear inside."

Dana smacked his ass. "Get in there... I want the rest of my present!"

"What makes you think there's more?"

"I better be getting birthday sex." Dana made her way into the darkened apartment and chucked her coat before turning to him for a deep kiss. She pressed up against him, reveling in his warmth and feeling his cock grow against her stomach.

Suddenly, he pushed her back. He pointed towards the bedroom. "Go. Your phone plug is in there. Get that charging so we can have a little fun."

She stifled a giggle and shuffled towards the room. She flipped on the light and her breath caught. Her phone stuff was on the bed alright, but next to it were decidedly non-phone paraphernalia. She walked over and saw a black blindfold and two velvet handcuffs.

She felt Jeff behind her and he whispered. "I figured we should do something special for your birthday."

Dana turned and gave him a haughty look. "And what makes you think I want this."

He grabbed by the waist and gave her a rough spin. She caught her balance, palms on the bed which also left her ass in the air. She gasped as she felt a sharp sting as he slapped her ass. She hesitated, before realizing that it probably looked to Jeff like she wanted another spanking. He spun her back and kissed her deeply. She melted against him as his hands began to unbutton her shirt. He unclasped her bra before roughly kneading her breasts.

Dana was a lost in the swirl of emotions. Jeff had never been so rough before and yet she could feel the wetness begin.

Jeff broke their kiss so he could unbutton her skirt. As he tugged them down, he said. "Now, I want you to know that if you want to stop, just say 'Lake Michigan.'"

"Oooohhh... I get a safe word?" Dana made a mock flirty face.

But Jeff didn't smile. He grabbed the blindfold and she was enveloped in darkness. Gently now, he pushed her back to the bed and she felt the smooth velvet encircle her wrists. She felt her arms being lifted and the cool, hardness of the headboard against the back of her hands. There was a soft click and the smooth material tightened around her wrists.

Jeff's lips found hers and he gave her a long, hot kiss. And then he was gone.

"I'll be right back." A soft chuckle. "Don't go anywhere."

After Dana heard his footsteps fade down the hall. Tentatively, she tried to loosen her hands. The cuffs held her tight. She jerked them, but to no avail. Fear fluttered in her stomach. She tried pulling harder. Nothing. In the inky blackness of the blindfold, she listened for Jeff, but didn't hear anything. For a moment, she almost called out his name and then almost called out the safe word.

Just then, she heard footsteps returning to the bedroom.

"You look so sexy like that Dana."

She felt him sit on the bed and her body prickled with electricity in anticipation.

Something cold (an ice cube?) pressed against her chest and then moved to her right breast. The cold trail circled her breast four or five times before spiraling in. She gasped as the freezing touch reached her sensitive nipple. Jeff pressed it harder and her nipple burned, burned with cold fire until Dana felt she couldn't stand it. The cold trailed back down to the center and then over to the left breast. She tensed, anticipating, as it moved closer to her other nipple.

She gasped in pleasure as the ice cube reached her left nipple and Jeff's hot mouth engulfed her right. Never before had her body shivered in reacted this way to her nipples being played with.

Jeff's tongue warmed and his teeth bit down, sparking a new fire within her.

"I love how hard your nipples are now!"

His mouth warmed her left nipple now. Dana didn't say anything, losing herself to these blind sensations.

The cold was sliding down to her stomach. It circled around her belly button before moving further down. She felt the ice slide around her trimmed bush. As it slid further down, she snapped her legs shut.

Jeff chuckled. "Oh no, honey..." She felt a hand grasp a thigh and roughly pull her legs apart. "Tonight your body is mine to play with. And if I want to..." A frozen knife stabbed into her pussy. Dana gasped in surprise and pain. She twisted her hips to try and dislodge the cold, but his hand held it firm. The pain melted to numbness. Hot kisses rained down her breasts, down her stomach, and ended at her thighs.

Dana held still, her whole body anticipating his touch on her pussy. He stayed nestled between her legs. She felt his warm breath on her. She bit her bottom lip, determined not to beg.

His tongue touched the bottom of her vagina and slowly nestled its way up her labia, dipping into her. Warm pleasure tingled.

"Ohhhh... yes..." Dana moaned.

Jeff's tongue pressed hard against her clit before returning to licking. Each lick brought a greater wave of pleasure within her. Dana pushed her hips up to meet his mouth. Closer, she could feel her climax start to build.

Suddenly, Jeff's tongue left her. "Birthday girl, no cumming yet."

She felt a shift in weight on the mattress, and then something warm slapped across her face. Soft hairs tickled her lips.

"Suck my balls." Jeff ordered.

Obediently, she opened her mouth and took in one of his testicles into his mouth. She tongued around it, massaging it with her mouth. Languidly, she released it and turned her head to give attention to the other one.

"Nicely done. Your tongue feels great."

Dana felt a flush of pleasure at Jeff's words and wondered that his approval could be such a turn on.

He lifted his sack out of her mouth. She felt the tip of his cock against her lips and she immediately opened her mouth wide. She lifted her head to take him as deep as possible.

Dana had given many blowjobs in her life, but this was radically different. Before, she was in control. She liked the control it gave her. How the man was putty in her hands. But this was a strange experience. He thrust in and out, dictating the pace and even how far he went in. She angled her head and sucked hard as he moved in and out. Every so often, his soft head hit the back of her throat, she forced herself not to gag and sucked harder.

She felt a trickle of wetness run done her crack. She was getting so turned on by this!

Jeff pulled out of her mouth and she felt his weight shift again. Hands grasped her hips and flipped her. Her arms were awkwardly crossed at the wrists and before she could say anything, he lifted her hips so she was on her knees.

She felt the sting of pain on her ass before the sound from the slap registered.

"I love the shape of your ass."


"I love how it looks up in the air like that."


"I love how it jiggles."


Pleasure and pain roiled through Dana. She had never been treated like this! Again, the safety word hovered on her lips.


Dana bit her lip and raised her ass higher.

"Very nice!"


"I'm going to fuck you silly."

Jeff thrust forward so roughly that she nearly tumbled forward. She scrambled for balanced with her crossed arms as he continued to fuck her deep and hard.

She moaned with pleasure, pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. The waves of pleasure once again started to build. Each push, each thrust, each pounding. She was on the cusp of climax when Jeff grabbed her hips and fucked her even deeper.

Her orgasm ripped through her body and she went limp in the ecstatic high. Jeff continued to pounded into her ruthlessly. He gasped just before she felt his cock twitch and a warmth spread inside of her.

He still slid in and out of her causing the echo of pleasure faded. Finally, she collapsed with him on top of her. Gradually his cock shrank and slipped out of her.

"Happy birthday, Dana."


"Wow, what a great view!" Dana looked down at the Chicago River winding through the loop. The western sky still had a hint of rose but the lights along the streets below twinkled in the twilight.

Jeff came up behind her, not touching, but she could feel his breath on the back of her neck.

"I know, right? Just one of the perks with the new promotion."

Dana turned and gave him a sardonic smile. "In resources, I didn't even change cubicles. They just gave me a new name plate and a handshake."

He glanced out the door at the empty hallway before giving her a quick kiss. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I didn't get a handshake."

Dana moved over to his desk and tested her weight on it while giving him a sly smile. "I wonder when we should break it in..."

Jeff blushed and glanced at the doorway. "Such a tease!"

"I am not!"She pouted and crossed her arms. An idea sparked in her mind and she moved over to the chair. "Or maybe we shouldn't do it on the desk..." She rolled the chair back and peeked under the desk. "Perfect!"

"What's that?" Jeff asked, but Dana disappeared under his desk. He moved over. "What are you doing?"

"Sit in the chair." She ordered.

Jeff laughed but decided to call her bluff. He sat down and rolled himself closer to his desk.

"Excellent." Dana purred.

Jeff felt her hands start to rub his thighs and his cock hardened. They would definitely have to have sex when they got home!

But the hands continued to move higher and higher... and then he felt her fingers on his zipper. He almost backed away but was curious to see how far she would go.

Dana smiled up at him as she fished into his pants and pulled out his cock. "Oh... this is nice!"

"Dana!" Jeff looked around. "The office door is open!"

"You should have closed it when you had the chance." Her hand stroked his hardening shaft. "I don't think you want to be walking over there now with this flopping around."

"But what if – "

He gasped as she took him deep into her mouth. Leaning back in his chair, he enjoyed her hot mouth working his cock. Normally, she didn't look up when going down on him, but this time she kept his gaze, her eyes sparkling, as she moved up and down. With a soft pop, she moved off of his cock. Her tongue worked up one side, twirled around his head, before going down the other side.

He loved the way she sucked him off. He loved the way she'd smile when she caught him looking at her. He loved the way she could continue to surprise him.

Jeff thought he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked over to the open door, but saw nothing. Did he imagine it? He grabbed a few papers off of his desk in a desperate attempt to look like he was working.

He heard Dana giggle, but she didn't pause in her work. Her mouth sucked him hard. She began to tug gently on his balls. He started to tense, riding the ecstasy.

She must have felt his impending orgasm because she moved up and down faster, sucking harder. He didn't want it to end, but couldn't hold back.

She cupped his balls and took him deep, her lips almost reaching the base of his cock.

He exploded.

Jeff gripped her hair as he felt her mouth work to take and swallow his cum. She kept sucking, swirling her tongue around, until he softened. She tucked his penis back into his pants and zipped him up.

He rolled back to allow her room to get up from out of the desk. She stood up and kissed him soundly on the mouth.

"Let's hurry or we'll be late for dinner."


Jeff loved Dana.

The date that night hadn't been any different than any of the many dates before it. They had eaten dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant and had seen a comedy. Not Jeff's favorite genre, but Dana liked them. As they walked out of the theater, she had grabbed his arm and made a joke. When he looked down, a strand of hair floated before her face. Tenderly, he moved the strand over her ear. The way she smiled up at him, the shining in the dim theater light... it took his breath away. The realization pervaded every pore of his being that he wondered how he could have ignored his own feelings for so long.

As soon as they walked in the door of his apartment, he spun her toward the wall. He kissed the back of her neck as he raised her arms and put her hands against the wall.

"Oh, Jeff..."

His hands roamed down her body, under her shirt, and unclasped her bra. Jeff's hands moved to the front and tweaked her nipples.

"You have great tits."

He bit the back of her neck and squeezed her nipples again.

Dana purred and stuck her ass out against his body. He knew she could feel his hard cock, but he didn't want to fuck her just yet. Instead, he lifted her skirt and got on his knees to pull off her panties. He turned himself around and moved between her legs. He looked up and began to lick her pussy.

"Yeah, Jeff."

She was already wet and he inhaled deeply. His cock throbbed at the scent of her. He pushed deeper with his tongue. Moving up and down her slit rapidly. Her hips moved in time with his licks, pushing him deeper.

He inserted a finger and she groan in pleasure. He rubbed along the top; he could already feel the bump of the g-spot. He found her clit with his lips and sucked hard.


Faster his finger moved in and out and his tongue moved repeatedly across her clit.


Her pussy contracted in ecstatic bliss. As he pulled his fingers out, he could feel her thighs tremble with the after effect of the climax.

Jeff stood back up and led her to the couch. He sat and she straddled him. She smiled down as she lined up his cock with her pussy.

And slowly slid down his shaft.

As she reached the base, they began to kiss, reveling in the closeness of the moment. She grabbed the back of the couch and began moving up and down. He lifted her chin until their eyes met.

"Dana, I love you."

She stopped fucking him; her face a puzzle of surprise and elation.

"About fucking time you said that." She kissed him deeply. "Prove it."

She resumed moving up and down. She began to kiss his neck, his ears, his chest. Each kiss was like an electric spark.

The orgasm began to build. He grabbed her hips and began pulling Dana deep with each thrust. Each time it pushed him to greater heights of pleasure.

"Yeah, Jeff... keep it like that... oh yeah!"

Dana's body tensed just as he came, spurting over and over inside of her. In the afterglow, he kept her pressed against him. Even as he softened, he kept moving gently back and forth.

"Well that was a first... nice timing!" Jeff laughed and gave her a kiss.

"Agreed." Dana grinned. "For the record, I've been saying I love you while you've been asleep for over three months now."

"That doesn't count!" Jeff protested.

"You are going to argue with a woman who just gave you a fuck like that?"

Jeff laughed and kissed her. "Alright, you win."


"And this, my friends, is a full house. Aces over nines." Dana giggled drunkenly.

"Shit!" Jeff threw his cards on the table, not even bothering to turn them over.

Sarah just downed her wine before laying a quick, deep kiss on her boyfriend Matt.

Dana thought she saw Matt twitch as Sarah's hand disappeared beneath the table. Her friend was always such a tease! Her boyfriend had dark, Mediterranean looks. He was shorter than Jeff, but his stocky build was definitely muscle and not fat.

Jeff was staring at the scattered chips. "I got spanked by my girlfriend."

Dana gave him a smirk. "Not yet... but maybe later tonight."

Matt guffawed and Sara squealed as he slapped her ass.

Sara rubbed her ass but had a huge smile on her ass. "Speaking of which, I think we'll be heading to bed." She dragged her boyfriend into their bedroom.

Dana smiled at her friend and felt Jeff's arms encircle her.

"Lake Geneva was a great idea." He whispered into her ear before nibbling down her ear lobe. Goose bumps shivered down her arms. "I think we should go to be ourselves."

Dana moved her hands down to his crotch and felt his hard cock. They rushed to the bedroom and began taking off each other's clothes. Soon, Jeff was on top of her making his way down her breasts and stomach with his tongue and lips.

She closed her eyes, losing herself in that magic warmth. He was at her belly button now, circling with his tongue. She loved when he teased. Slowly... so slowly... he worked his way down. Kissing her inner thighs. A quick nip.

Suddenly a sharp pain to the back of her head. "What the –"

Jeff looked up at her. "What's the matter honey?

The headboard hit her again. Dana sat up and looked behind her. She saw the headboard moving rhythmically. Faintly she heard a female moan.

"Oh god, I've forgotten what she's like when she's drunk."

Jeff went up on her elbows. "What are you talking about?"

Dana pointed at the wall. "Sara's is LOUD when she's drunk. The sorority sisters gave her the nickname Screamer."

They both quieted, listening. The wall banging began to get a bit louder.

"Matt... fuck me Matt!"

Dana shared an amused look Jeff.

"I love your cock!"

Jeff moved up and gave her a kiss. Dana felt him move a pillow to the top of her head. "Close your eyes." He whispered the order. Dana complied. She felt his tongue work his way directly to her pussy now. His tongue lapping at her as she felt the fucking in the next room through the wall and pillow.

It was weird, but almost it was one continuous wave of pleasure. The wall knocking the pillow, pushing her body closer to Jeff's tongue.

"Fuck me!"

Hearing her friend's pleasure caused Dana's own to increase. The vibrations causing her body to shake and tingle with ecstasy.

"Fuck me!"

Suddenly, a tidal wave overwhelmed Dana! "Yes... YES Jeff!"

Her pussy convulsed in orgiastic pleasure and her hips left the bed. The rivers of pleasure flowed through her body so strongly, she had trouble breathing. Jeff continued sucking on her clit, working it between his lips. The movements causing shivers of bliss and her thighs to shake.

She grabbed Jeff, pulling him up and kissing him soundly.

When they broke away, Jeff teased. "Someone was turned on..."

Dana giggled. "I've never cum that fast before."

Jeff put a finger to his lips. "Shhhh.... Hear that?"

Dana only heard silence. "Did they finish while I was cumming?"

The wall began to shake again.

"I do believe they were listening." Jeff laughed. They lay there for a moment, listening to Sara begin to moan once more.

Jeff turned her over and she grabbed the headboard. Dana wiggled her ass in the air, but didn't feel his cock.


The pain/pleasure shocked through her body.

"What do you want?" Jeff growled.


"Your cock." She breathed.


"What did you say?"

"Your cock."



"Your cock!"

Did she hear Sara moan in response?

All thoughts of the other couple were driven from her mind as Jeff thrust all the way to the hilt in one push. Dana braced herself against the headboard. Jeff drove in and out in deep, quick strokes. God, she loved his cock inside her. She pushed back to meet each push. Already she could feel another orgasm begin to build.

"Oh God, Matt!"

"Yes Jeff... right there!"

"Fuck me Matt!"

Jeff slapped her ass and she heard an answering slap through the wall.


Jeff fucked her hard. He must see the headboard moving from the other couple's fucking.


Each sharp wave of pain heightened her senses. She felt his hand moving over her ass, caressing it. Suddenly she felt a finger invade her asshole. She groaned in surprise and pleasure. She had never had anything in there before!

"I'm close Matt!"

"Me too, baby!"

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