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Dana Comes Home



Dana hadn't been home in nearly a full year. College was college, and breaks from school were spent visiting beaches or boyfriends, or both. But at the dawn of senior year things at school, for the first time, were overwhelming. Plus, she had this monstrous paper to write and needed to concentrate. So in a fit, she had jumped in her car and driven home, looking for space and solitude to clear her head and write.

She showed up at the front door of her home with no warning. She doubted that the door was locked and was tempted to just walk in. But she hadn't been home in quite awhile, so she acted like a stranger and pressed the doorbell. Her mother, Annabelle, or Ann, answered the door, and took in the sight of her daughter with surprise. Both mother and daughter were known for keeping their composure, and this was no different. Ann simply opened the door, greeted her daughter and they hugged. The two looked virtually identical, with shoulder length hair, a slight frame, and somewhat detached air about them. The main difference was the black frame glasses Dana favored, whereas Ann used contacts. Dana also dyed her hair jet black, whereas Ann kept her hair brown. They even dressed similarly. Both of them wore a t-shirt, from which their identical pairs of perky tits jutted forwards. Ann was wearing a tight pair of jeans that hugged her curves, but Dana was wearing yellow shorts that were short without being immodest. As they hugged, their breasts mashed together. Ann noted that she could actually feel her daughter's nipples through their shirts and her bra. It was pretty clear that Dana had decided to go without a bra. Her breasts were jiggling and bouncing obviously in her t-shirt.

Ann invited Dana in and took her bags. She didn't yet ask the purpose of the visit, but she sensed there must be a reason for it. The semester at Dana's private university was almost half way through, and Dana was not in the habit of popping home midweek, or really of visiting home at all.

Dana was glad to be home. Her home was generally a comfortable, low-key, quiet (or boring, depending on one's perspective) atmosphere. It would be easier to work at home than back at school where it seemed like everyone she knew was in crisis mode, dealing with all kinds of young adult issues. Her roommate especially had been pissing her off recently. They were good friends, but as of late her roommate had been having loud sex, almost as if on purpose, making it really hard for Dana to concentrate on her paper. This was the immediate cause for Dana jumping in the car and heading home.

Dana had arrived at dinner time and she sat down with her mom, her dad Kevin, and her brother Brendan. They were all glad to see her and wanted to visit. But Dana didn't have time to catch up with her family, even if she hadn't seen them in what seemed like forever. So after a quick dinner, she collected her things and shut herself in her room.

Two hours later, Dana selected a whole section of the draft of her thesis paper and slammed the delete key. It was all wrong. She was visibly trembling with the stress as she stood up, turned to the side and looked at herself in the mirror on the wall of her childhood bedroom. As she stared at herself in the mirror, her eyes blurred.

Staring at the mirror, Dana wasn't really thinking. She just stood there, glad for reprieve from actively struggling to write, even though the tension of her frustrations still dominated her mind. Yet another problem began to present itself as she stared indistinctly at her image in the mirror: the tension kept her constantly aroused. She wasn't sure why, but her pussy always seemed to be in need of relief these days, making it extremely hard to focus while her roommate banged away in the next room over. Something about the tension and all the pressures of the last year of school made her body go into sexual overload. Despite trying to focus entirely on her thesis, she found herself masturbating at least three times a day. During the drive back home she had kept her hand in her pants most of the way, rubbing her clit. But because she was driving, she didn't ultimately have any relief.

Dana slipped one hand under her t-shirt and fondled her nipple. She pinched it, and felt it stiffen between her fingers. She slipped her right hand into her shorts (there was no underwear in the way) and touched her clit. Then she rubbed her fingers down over her vagina lips. Reaching the bottom of her lips, she slipped her middle finger briefly into her passageway. She was extremely wet. Then she drew her hand back up, and used her slick fingers to stroke her clitoris.

She remained standing, striking a wanton pose in the mirror and actively pleasuring herself. Every ten seconds or so her arm would dip as her fingers dived back over her lips and into her cunt for more juice to relube her outer lips and clit.

Dana liked the way she looked in the mirror. Her shoulder length black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and black frame glasses were perched on her small, slightly upturned nose. Her hand continued to move over her nipple, underneath a blue t-shirt that said the name of her school. Her breasts weren't huge, but on her small frame, they were very noticeable. As she moved her hand over her clit and vagina, her breasts wiggled invitingly under the shirt.

In no time, she was rubbing her clit energetically. Her whole pubis was slick with arousal, so it was no longer necessary to keep dipping into her hole with her fingers. But she continued to do so periodically, although with two fingers, to frig her tight cavity. She liked the febrile heat of her vagina and the tightness as it squeezed her fingers. But she liked strumming her clit even more.

As she approached orgasm, her upper lip curled slightly, and the muscles of her exposed abdomen tightened as her body shuddered. Her knees nearly buckled and she took a few wobbly steps backwards to sit on the bed. She sat there for a moment as her libido came back to earth, but she kept her hand in her pants, squeezed against her wetness by her thighs.

Then all of the sudden she felt silly, and a little bit desperate. Why was she wasting time masturbating? Energized by guilt and the desperateness of her situation, she jerked her hand out of her pants and moved back to the desk. She used her left hand to toggle the mouse as she wiped her right hand against her thigh, spreading her pussy's nectar against her skin.

Getting down to business, she rearranged her books, pulled her outline out and read it through. It dawned on her that she needed to go back and rework the whole thing. She was trying to force this paper, by making an argument without laying a proper foundation. She realized now she would need to go back to the beginning and start over, a conclusion she had been struggling against all day.

As Dana arranged her texts and scrolled up to the first page of her document, musical beats from down the hall started. She turned towards the door with the intent to yell down the hall for her brother to turn down the music. But in doing so, her knee hit her computer cord, and her computer moved on the desk, knocking her notes and texts into a jumbled pile on the floor. Dana's shoulders slumped. She was a mess, and she would need to take a break. The trouble was that she had taken way too many breaks in the last week (often to masturbate), and completion of the paper seemed further away than ever.


Brendan had always liked his sister. She was pretty, but she had somehow avoided the fate of other "hot" girls who lacked any character because they got whatever they wanted. If anything, Dana's problem was too much character. She had friends, but they weren't very close. And she was inclined towards fits of obsession. Brendan smiled to himself thinking back to her Native American phase as a middle schooler, or her period of despondency in high school when she was became troubled by the theories of modern physics, or her agriculture phase, when her experiments with species of corn and tomatoes turned their yard into a miniature farm. Dana was very popular with adults, who were impressed with her numerous academic achievements, and the mature and confident way she carried herself. These same qualities kept her pretty well aloof from most of the other kids in high school. But that didn't seem to bother Dana at all. Brendan gathered that Dana had become slightly less ideosyncratic, and much more popular, in college. She always seemed to be going somewhere and news of a number of different boyfriends had trickled through the grapevine to his ears. The idea of Dana having a boyfriend made Brendan uncomfortable for some reason.

Part of Brendan's respect for Dana stemmed from his own lack of achievement. He was successful in school, but not a standout like Dana. He would have gone to a private college like her, but at the last minute he got worried about how much it would cost, and whether he wanted to take out loans. As a result, he decided to enroll in the local public university and live at home.

Brendan took introductory classes and found them to be ridiculously easy. He made friends with some guys who had a house off campus. It wasn't a frat, but it was a lot like one. They hosted parties on weekends, and had an abiding interest in getting wasted, smoking good weed, and getting laid. Brendan was doing a lot better with getting wasted and high than he was at getting laid. He was a decent looking guy, but he was still a little skinny. One of his problems was logistical: he lived at home about 15 minutes from campus. But something in Brendan made him hesitant to move away from home.

Dana arrived on a Wednesday, three days before Halloween, just after Brendan returned from classes. He arrived home to see her standing in the kitchen with Ann. The two looked remarkably similar, despite the twenty-some years difference in age. Brendan compared the two sets of breasts that were displayed. Ann wore a bra under her t-shirt, but her tits seemed firm and stood proudly out from her chest. To Brendan's delight, Dana did not wear a bra. Every one of her movements caused her breasts to sway or jiggle perceptibly, and her nipples were very noticeable. But he had to be careful that her bright, perceptive eyes didn't catch him staring. The last thing he wanted was for his long, lost sister to catch him oggling her. He realized, though, that he needn't really worry. Her mind was a million miles away and she didn't really seem all that interested in where his eyes went.

Brendan couldn't remember the last time Dana visited, and it being late October, she certainly hadn't come home for a holiday. Halloween wasn't really a holiday that college kids headed back home to celebrate with their family. Soon enough, it became clear that Dana didn't come home to see the family at all. She was polite and seemed genuinely glad to see the family, but everyone could tell that she was stressed out. Dana sat down with them to eat dinner, but she barely ate anything. And afterwards, she shut herself in her room. She was "under the gun," she said, and needed to get a draft of her philosophy paper to her adviser soon.

Brendan helped his mom clean up after dinner. She had a bounce in her step and clearly liked the idea that Dana had arrived back home. Brendan agreed.

Then he headed back to his room with no real plans. He flipped on the television and watched a comedy he usually liked, but it didn't keep his interest. He wondered what his sister's paper was on. He thought that it must be a real doozy if it was stressing her out so much. Then he started to think a little bit more about her. He wondered if she lived in a house. He wondered what her friends were like, and he laughed at the idea of his scholarly, ideosyncratic sister at a kegger like the ones he'd seen in college. Did she dress slutty? Show her cleavage? What would she look like drunk, or high, without inhibition? He thought about her having sex.

Brendan's dick was rock hard and he knew that it was his thoughts about his sister that caused it. He would have to do something about it. Per his standard operating procedure, he lay down on his bed, and turned on the stereo. Then he undid his fly and let his cock out. He had a nice-sized penis and it slapped against his belly when he released it from its confines. He started rubbing it slowly, as he thought back to his sister's tits in the blue t-shirt, and the incongruous image of her getting horny and aroused at a frat party. Before long he was stroking all the way up and down his shaft, and he closed his eyes. He knew that he was not long from orgasm.

But then he heard a knock on his door! Quickly Brendan jumped up and stuffed his cock into his jeans, barely able to button them again under the circumstances. He walked to the door and opened it, trying to effect a relaxed, nonchalant appearance.

Dana stood there but didn't say anything at first. For the first time since she arrived, Brendan felt like she was taking a real assessment of him. Unfortunately for Brendan, she gave him a quick look up and down. His boner was apparent.

"Hey," she said, smiling at her little brother's awkward situation. "I'm not interrupting anything am I?" She asked it straightforwardly, as if she were being merely polite and there was no innuendo to her statement.

"Nope. How's the paper going, Dana?" Brendan flushed.

"You know, I was gonna come here and ask you to turn the music down. I can hear it in my room."

"Oh jeez. I'm sorry. You know, I didn't even think about it. I can just use some headphones or something..." he trailed off.

Dana stepped past her brother into his room. "No. Its ok. I'm not getting anything done tonight anyways."

Dana stepped into the room and they chatted for a bit. Dana realized that her skinny little brother had matured nicely since she went to college. He was even self-possessed in a way that was uncommon for Freshman, and very uncommon for people with big obvious boners sticking out of their pants.

"Hey, how about smoking a joint. That might help you relax."

Brendan asked casually, but Dana could hear the trepidation in his voice. It was a big risk to admit to his sister he smoked weed, and she could react badly. She was tempted to act angry just to mess with him, but she didn't feel like causing a hassle. Plus, the idea sounded pretty good to her right then.

"Yes I would, dear brother. Thank you for offering."

They closed the door and opened a window and both took a few bong rips. Brendan was surprised that Dana knew what she was doing with the bong. She was more than just the nerdy girl, at least since she'd gone to college. Of course, Brendan realized not many "nerdy" girls were as hot as Dana, or as cool.

Dana was so glad for the chance to escape from her paper, and take her first evening home off, hanging out with her brother. She was almost giddy about the next few hours, and she was intent on enjoying the buzz and keeping her mind off her work until the next morning.

"First things first, bro," she said, standing up from the chair and crawling over the bed to reach the stereo. As she did so, her butt wiggled directly in front of Brendan's face. The short yellow shorts moved up as she crawled across the bed. The bottom of the shorts rode high on her thighs, and pressed against her pubis. She stayed crouched on her hands and knees while she looked through the cd's in the shelf behind his bed, giving Brendan the opportunity to examine closely the uppermost regions of the backs of her thighs. He could see an area that was only few centimeters away from her vagina, and it was clear to him that she kept herself neatly shaven. Even more enticingly, Brendan could see the outline of her pussy lips through the nylon fabric pressing against her pussy. Although the fabric was bunched up against her vagina, he could tell she wasn't wearing any underwear. He wondered if the pressure of her shorts against her lips felt good; he wondered if she was as horny as he was. Eventually, Dana picked out one of her favorite folk musicians and turned the volume to medium, and Brendan's stoned, intense evaluation of her backside came to an end.

Dana didn't know that Brendan was oggling her tight butt, but she had a pretty good idea. She knew she looked good, she knew the poor kid had a raging boner, and she was basically thrusting her tush into his face. It would have been easy enough to sit down on the bed while choosing a c.d., but she liked the idea of his eyes on her. She had felt her shorts bunching up against her pussy, and she felt herself, yet again, start to moisten between her legs.

Dana shifted around and stretched her arms and legs out over the bed. She loved the tactile sensations of being high, and stretching her tight muscles sent waves of pleasure through her whole body. It also served the twist her shirt up and around her tits, causing the fabric to stretch against her mounds, and exposing most of her midriff. Then she had a naughty idea.

"Brendan, would you do me a favor?" she asked. "I've been killing myself over this paper. How'd you like to give your sister a massage to help her relax?"

Brendan couldn't believe his luck. Very quickly, he agreed.

His sister scooted to the edge of the bed. She quickly noted with satisfaction that his hardon was still imprisoned in his jeans. If anything, it was even more noticeable. She looked into his eyes and reached out with her right hand. She put her hand on the side of his head and gently rubbed his earlobe, as she pulled him close to her.

"Thanks, Brendan. I know you'll do a great job." She kissed her warm lips against his forehead for a brief moment before withdrawing and laying face down on his pillows. She started to pull her t-shirt up over her while she lay on her belly, but it quickly slid back down again. So instead, she pushed up with her left hand and pulled the t-shirt off entirely. Turning to look over her shoulder at her brother, she flipped him the shirt. As a result of this movement, her right nipple pointed right at him for a moment, before she lay down again.

Brendan moved to the bed. If it weren't for the weed, he probably would have been completely gobsmacked. But in the haze of his mind, he saw one thing clearly: a gorgeous topless woman lying on his bed, asking him to touch her. Instinct told him what to do.

He straddled her with his knees and reached to grasp her shoulders with each of his hands. Her smooth skin burned hot under his hands and she giggled playfully that his hands were cold. But they soon warmed up as he alternated between deeply massaging her back muscles, and lightly running his hands over her supple skin. He found that if he took both hands and pressed her skin towards the middle of her back, her breasts would be pulled ever-so-slightly out from under her torso. After doing this a few times, he could see a substantial part of the side of each of her breasts as he worked.

After a few minutes, both of them relaxed even more and became even more attuned to the sensations. Brendan sat lightly on his sister's behind. His entrapped cock therefore pressed against her bottom, a fact that both of them noticed. Brendan realized that he could scoot slightly up and down against her bottom as he moved his hands all the way up from her lower back to her neck. He slid his hands up and down her back several times, reveling in the friction this movement created between his cock and her yellow nylon-covered bottom.

Meanwhile, Dana was completely given over to the pleasure of her brother's strong hands on her back. She began moaning softly, enjoying everything that Brendan was doing to her, even the not-so-subtle grinding of his crotch into her butt.

Brendan's massaging showed no sign of slowing, and both of them became hornier and hornier. Brendan loved the feeling of her skin and the shape of her body as much as she enjoyed his ministrations.

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