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Dance Fever


It was the 80's and, love it or hate it, disco was king and you never knew what to expect when going out for a night of dancing under the mirror ball. All of the characters in this story are eighteen and just out of high school, which, in some places at the time, meant you were old enough to drink a beer... or two... or three...

Part 1

She was pissed.

Eve had driven twenty miles to meet her girlfriends and do some dancing at the Liberty Palace Disco. They were now an hour late and she knew that they weren't going to show up.

"Bitches!" Eve swore as she started on her third beer. She didn't even like the stuff but by now, she was mad and decided, "What the Hell!"

"Probably found some cowboys somewhere and decided to ditch me!" she said to herself, taking another chug. She wasn't used to drinking and was already starting to feel light-headed.

"I doubt if I even get to dance," she thought, full of self-pity, looking longingly at the couples on the dance floor.

"Eve!" she heard a voice yell above the music.

"Is someone yelling at me?" she thought, and then, "Well dummy. How many Eve's can there be in here?"

She looked up and saw Tony and his buddy, David, making their way towards her through the crowd.

"Anyone sitting here?" Tony asked as they reached the booth that she had been saving for her friends.

"No. Sit down," she replied, trying to muster a smile. "Some of the girls were supposed to meet me but it doesn't look like they are going to make it."

"That sucks," David said as he slid into the booth next to her. Tony did the same on the other side of the table.

David noticed Eve's forced smile and, in addition to the one she was taking a gulp out of, two empty beer bottles on the table. That surprised him. She usually wasn't much of a drinker. When Eve mentioned that her friends had stood her up, it became clear that she was upset and planning to drown her sorrows.

He liked Eve. She was a nice girl, quiet and cute. He had tried to work up the nerve to ask her out but hadn't quite gotten there yet. "One of these days," he thought.

He looked around and realized that the place was full of guys, who, once Eve was good and drunk, would jump at the chance to take advantage of her.

He didn't want to see that happen.

As Tony took a swig on his beer, Eve felt David's hand on her knee. Startled, she looked up into his eyes.

"Tell you what Eve," he said, his soft voice just audible above the noise of the crowd. "If you'd like, we would love to keep you company tonight. That is, if you don't mind being seen with a couple of dorky guys."

Eve smiled for the first time that night.

"That sounds like fun. I would love it."

"What are you two cooking up over there?" Tony asked, having already finished off his first beer.

"Tony, we have a change of plans," David announced. "Instead of spending the night getting shot down by every stuck-up girl in this place, we are going to dance the shoes off of the lovely Miss Eve."

As he said this, David squeezed Eve's knee, making her heart skip a beat.

"Sounds like a good plan to me," Tony replied. "I don't think my ego was ready for a night of rejections."

"In that case, Eve," David said, "I think we have some dancing to do!" Moving out of the seat, he grabbed Eve's hand and pulled her towards him. As she stood up, a crowd of people pushed their way through the aisle, bumping into David who, in turn, knocked Eve off balance.

As she started to fall backwards into the booth, David reached around her waist, stopping Eve's fall.

"Are you okay?" he asked, just as they both realized that, in his haste to keep her from falling, David had grabbed, and was still holding onto, Eve's butt.

"Hey! Some guys will do anything to cop a feel!" Tony chastised from across the table.

Blushing, David released his hold on Eve's bottom, took her by the hand and led the way to the dance floor.

The first song was a fast one, something stupid by the Bee Gees, and they danced apart from each other. David wasn't much of a dancer. Eve stifled a laugh as he moved his arms around and tried to imitate the others on the dance floor.

She had harbored a crush on him for quite a while, not that she ever did anything to let David know. He was tall and athletic and better looking than he realized. But he was a little shy around girls and Eve was the same around guys... so nothing had ever materialized. But that didn't keep her from wondering... and hoping.

The fast song came to an end but was quickly followed by a slow one from the Commodores.

"Umm..." David started.

"Yes!" Eve said quickly, moving in close to him.

Resting his hands on her hips, David said, "I'm sorry about the hand thing. You know... back at the table."

Looking at him with a bravery fortified by the beer she had drunk, Eve smiled. Moving his hands from her waist to the cheeks of her butt, she said, "I'm not, David."

Moving together, he started to relax and his body pressed against hers. With the lights turned low for the slow dance, David's hands grew brave, caressing and squeezing her bottom.

With Eve's head against his chest, she heard him singing softly,

"You're once... Twice... Three times a lady..."

Swaying together, David moved his hands from Eve's derriere, and began caressing the small of her back. Unbelievably, she realized that this was even more intimate than when his hands had been squeezing her ass.

Her arms around his waist hugged him even closer and she felt, for the first time, David's bulge press into her stomach.

Rocking together, his cock rubbing against her, Eve heard David's gentle voice whisper into her ear...

"When we are together The moments I cherish With every beat of my heart To touch you, to hold you To feel you, to need you There's nothing to keep us apart..."

Before they knew it, the song was over.

David slowly pulled away from her, blushing as he tried to hide the tent in his pants. Eve was just as embarrassed, as it felt like everyone in the place knew that her panties were soaked.

When they neared the table, Tony jumped up and said, "Well, it's about damn time!" took Eve by the hand a drug her back to the dance floor.

Jokingly, he asked, "Do I get to cop a feel of that cute butt, too?"

"Well, that's only fair, isn't it?" Eve replied, excited at the thought of Tony touching her where David's hands had been just minutes before.

She pulled his hands around her and planted them firmly on her ass.

"How's that?"

Tony grinned at her and said, "That will do just fine." And pulled her into his body.

For the next three dances, they went at it, bumping and grinding against each other.

The rest of the night was like that, with David and Tony only occasionally letting Eve catch her breath and down a beer to cool off.

As the night went on, each man grew braver. Their hands progressively moved over her body, touching her ass, her back, even tweaking her nipples in the dark corners of the dance floor. Both had kissed her and, while sitting at the table, each had taken the opportunity to put their hand on her leg and caress the inside of her thigh.

It seemed that the only part of her body that hadn't been touched was the part that longed for it the most. By now, her pussy was on fire, her panties were soaked and Eve was aching to have either of them touch her there.

Eve gulped down another beer. She had lost track of how many she'd had. Tony was also chugging another one down. David sat next to her, sipping the same bottle that he had been nursing for the last hour.

Eve's faced was flushed and both David and Tony stared at her with lust in their eyes.

Just then, they heard the DJ announce, "Okay! Everybody to the dance floor! We are going to close it out with a song by Donna Summer!"

"Well, little lady," Tony asked, "Who gets the honors?"

Looking back and forth between the two men, who were staring at her like wolves ready to devour their prey, Eve replied, "You heard the man! He said everybody!"

Grabbing their hands, Eve raced to the dance floor with the two in tow.

When they reached the floor and Donna Summer began to sing:

"Last dance... Last chance, for love..."

Eve placed Tony's hands on her hips and then spun around to face David. Reaching a hand up to his neck and pulling him down to her, she sang into his ear,

"Yes, it's my last chance, for romance, tonight..."

Behind her, Eve felt Tony move his body into hers, swaying to the music and grinding against her ass.

With her other hand, she took hold of David's belt and pulled him against her until one of his legs was wedged between hers.

Pressing her crotch into his thigh, she continued to sing into his ear:

"I need you, by me, Beside me, to guide me, To hold me, to scold me 'Cause when I'm bad I'm so' so bad..."

For the next five minutes, it was as if no one else existed. Just... Tony's fingers digging into her hips and pulling her tight so he could grind his hard cock into the crack of her ass.

And, at the same time, David was pushing his thigh against her crotch as his dick rubbed up and down her hip in time to the music.

At some point, Tony reached around and began squeezing one of her breasts while David tweaked the nipple of the other.

With his spare hand, David brushed Eve's hair off of her shoulder and Tony moved in to nibble her ear and bite her neck.

David leaned in to kiss her, passionately mashing his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth and then backing away only to grab her lower lip between his teeth. He pulled on it, and then let go to resume the onslaught of her mouth.

His tongue filled her. She thought he was going to shove it down her throat.

If he could, he would have.

Eve was in another world. Their three bodies moved as one to the beat of the music. Tony's cock against her butt, David's on her hip and his thigh rubbing against the burning fire that was her pussy. All three points of contact separated by just a couple of thin layers of fabric.

Nearing the end off the song, their tempo increased. The grinding became even more fervent. They were literally having sex on the dance floor.

When David's tongue began thrusting in and out of her mouth... fucking her mouth... Eve felt it begin to build.

As Donna Summer sang the chorus for the final time,

"Oh, I need you, by me," A bite on her neck sent shivers down Eve's spine.

"Beside me, to guide me," The pinch of a nipple set off a jolt of electricity between her legs.

"To hold me, to scold me" Eve's breathing came to a halt.

"'Cause when I'm bad..." Her body began to stiffen.

"I'm so' so bad..." And she exploded in an orgasm that shook her from head to toe...

Part Two

Eve realized that she was leaning against David's chest, her body still trembling from the massive orgasm she had just experienced. She looked up and saw him smile.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

"Yeah... Oh yeah..." she replied. Eve wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. She realized that Tony was still holding her hips. No longer grinding against her, he held her tenderly, supporting her as her legs had nearly given out.

"Looks like we need to be going, Sweetie," David told her. "They're running everybody out."

"Sweetie," she thought. "I like the sound of that."

"Yes. We had better go," she replied.

With David holding one arm and Tony the other, they followed the crowd out the door. When they started to cross the street, Eve stumbled at the curb.

"Eve, you aren't in any shape to drive," David told her. "Why don't you let us take you home?"

"No. I couldn't," she protested.

"David's right," Tony said. "You've had too much to drink and besides, he has to drive right past your place to take me home. We can come back tomorrow and get your car."

"Well... Okay," she agreed.

When they got to David's car, he unlocked the passenger side door and held it open for her. After she climbed in, Tony said, "Scoot over, woman! I'm not riding in the back seat!" and, before she knew it, Eve was once more between the two men.

The drive, for the most part, was uneventful. Each of them took the time to unwind from the night of dancing. To Eve's relief, their "Last Dance" wasn't mentioned. But Eve couldn't help but be excited about the feel of their bodies on either side of her, touching her. She inhaled deeply and savored the manly scent that filled the car.

Eve leaned her head back against the seat to relax, savoring the moment. David's hand was the first to reach for her, resting on her knee as his fingers softly caressed her leg. Moments later, Tony did the same from his side.

There was nothing inherently sexual about their actions... just loving tenderness from two friends. But, as she rested with her eyes closed, feeling the soft touch of her friends' hands, Eve had never felt sexier.

They drove in silence until reaching her house.

David, ever the gentleman, asked, "Would you like us to explain to your folks about what happened? You know... about drinking too much and us giving you a ride home? They might go a little easier on you with us here."

"That's okay. My folks are out of town for the weekend. There's nothing to worry about as long as I get my car home in time."

"Why don't you guys come in for a few minutes? I don't have any beer but I can fix you a Coke or something."

"Sure," Tony said. "We can make sure that there aren't any mad rapists hiding in the house waiting to get you."

"Or happy rapists, for that matter," David grinned.

Eve laughed, getting the joke. Tony just stared at them, not realizing what was so funny.

As David and Tony searched the house for rapists of any kind, Eve went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans of pop from the refrigerator.

"Hey! Where are you guys?" she yelled.

"Up here," she heard Tony yell back.

"Oh God! They're in my room," she thought, racing up the stairs.

She entered the room to find Tony lying on her bed, throwing a Nerf ball against the ceiling. David was looking at a wall that she still had covered with pictures from high school, including some that had been cut out from the newspaper.

"What are you two doing in here?"

"Checking for rapists, like we said," Tony replied. "Don't worry. We aren't going through your underwear drawer or anything."

The mention of underwear reminded Eve that hers were soaked. That and the realization that the two, who had worked her into an orgasm on the dance floor, were now in her bedroom, excited her.

"I like how you decorated your room," David said, bringing her back to reality.

"Especially the pictures," he said, smiling and pointing at a couple that had been cut out of the newspaper.

Embarrassed, Eve blushed and looked down at her feet. David was pointing at two pictures of himself that had been taken during a football game.

"Hey, I was just kidding," David said softly, as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her.

"Want me to autograph them?" he teasingly whispered into her ear.

Not moving from his embrace, Eve pulled her fist back and punched him in the ribs.

"I deserved that," he said, squeezing her even tighter. As he did, Eve felt his dick begin to stiffen. The sensation caused scenes from that dance floor to flash through her mind. Eve felt her nipples harden and her pussy tingle.

"Do you guys want some privacy?" Tony asked seriously, as he stood to leave the room.

"No!" Eve said quickly. Maybe a little too quickly...

Pulling away from David, she walked over to Tony, reached around his neck to pull him down to her and proceeded to kiss him deeply.

Looking over her shoulder at a startled David, she said seductively, "I don't want either of you to leave."

Leading Tony by the hand, Eve walked across the room to where David stood, grabbed his belt, and, as she had done on the dance floor, pulled him close as she straddled his leg. Realizing what was happening, Tony got behind her and held her hips as he rubbed his crotch across her ass.

Eve was in heaven. She could feel the two men's cocks growing harder as they rubbed against her body, the sensation causing her pussy to ache.

She tipped her head back and David, knowing an invitation when he saw one, leaned down and kissed her. After a brief battle between their tongues, Eve broke their embrace and turned to face Tony, kissing him as David now ground his cock against her bottom.

When Eve reached down and started to unbuckle his jeans, Tony went to work on the buttons of her blouse. Seeing what was going on, David tugged the blouse out of her jeans and, when Tony had finished with the buttons, pulled it off of her.

As he began to unhook the clasp of her bra, David noticed that Eve now had Tony's dick out and was stroking it as they kissed passionately. After finishing with the clasp, he slipped the straps over her shoulders and watched Eve let go of Tony's cock just long enough to allow the bra drop to the floor.

He reached around between Eve and Tony and began squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Eve pushed her ass back against him in appreciation.

Soon, she turned to face him and thrust out her chest, offering her breasts to him. He took a nipple in his mouth and bit down... hard. She winced in pain and David, thinking that he had gone too far, started to pull away, until her hands grabbed the back of his head and held him tight against her tit.

David could feel Tony's hands between their bodies and he moved his hips back to give him room to unbuckle her jeans.

After releasing her breast, David grabbed Eve by the hair and pulled her face to his, kissing her hard and passionately. He felt her flinch and then sigh and realize that Tony had penetrated her with his fingers. Her hips began to rock back and forth and then, suddenly, she broke away.

"Not yet," she said to the two of them. "I want this to last." She reached over to Tony, whose jeans were undone with his dick poking out the top of his underwear.

"Let's get these off," she said pulling his underwear and jeans down to his ankles. Leaving him to finish the job, she turned to David tugging his Izod shirt over his head and then, falling to her knees, unbuckled and pulled down his jeans and underwear, also.

When his engorged cocked popped in front of her face, Eve grabbed it and gave it a few soft strokes. On the last one, she tightened her grip at the base and slowly squeezed upwards. As her fingers neared the tip, a glistening drop of his juice appeared at the slit.

Looking David in the eye, Eve leaned forward, kissed the tip of his dick then pulled away, a strand of his sweet nectar trailing from her lips to his dick. From a few feet away Tony looked on, stunned.

"Get out of those clothes," Eve ordered both of them as she removed her own shoes and socks and in one motion slipped her jeans and panties off of her legs. David and Tony both looked on in wonder as their cute friend now stood naked before them.

"I'm not going to tell you again," she barked.

Quickly the guys finished disrobing and stood before her, not quite knowing what to do next.

Smiling at their uneasiness, "Hell, it wasn't like I've ever done this before either," she thought, Eve walked over and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Come here," she told them. Both men walked over and stood in front of her.

Eve reached out and took a dick in each hand, slowly stroking them up and down. She looked up and smiled at the expressions on their faces... of unease at the situation, yet... total ecstasy at what she was doing. When a drop of pre-cum appeared on the head of each penis, she leaned forward and, with her tongue, gathered the juice of each man on the tip before bringing it back in her mouth to mix the sweet juices of her two friends.

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