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Dance Floor Tease


Nia smiled as James changed seats and sat next to her. The rest of the table of co-workers and friends did not notice, and James continued to lean into the noisy conversation even as he pushed his leg against Nia's. Nia gave a little half smile. What was he playing at? All night, he'd been giving these half-ass come-ons, but nothing direct. Just these small touches, random comments about cuddling with her and staring at her breasts. Nia was more used to direct, even aggressive approaches from men, and these little incidences were somewhat refreshing. She felt like she had the power, and she also suspected that James had a thing for exhibitionism. Well, he was playing a dangerous game, she mused, as a smile crept across her face. Tonight, she felt like being a little bad.

She slipped her hand under the table and placed it deliberately on James' knee. From the side of her eye, she saw a small smirk appear on his handsome face. She then had the pleasure of seeing it wiped off as she slid her small hand up his thigh with a strong and steady grip. She laughed loudly at a joke someone around the table had made, as her hand came to rest right next to his crotch where she squeezed and rubbed a couple of times, tantalizingly next to where it mattered but not quite there. Now James had a startled look on his face, and struggled not to squirm a little in his chair.

There, Nia thought, giving one final squeeze before taking her hand away and standing up to walk over to the loo. That will teach him not to start something he can't finish. When she came back to the table, she saw that some of the group had gotten up to dance. James looked up at her, silently beckoning her to sit down next to him. She ignored him and walked over to the dance floor, and started to revel in the loud beats of the bar music. A while later, the rest of the group came up to dance, and James made a bee line for her. She quickly sidestepped him and started dancing with Harrison, a friendly loud Aussie guy who had just moved into town. She wound and moved her hips suggestively, knowing that James was behind her, watching. Harrison was a good dancer, and for a while Nia forgot about James, and enjoyed the Aussie's lanky body.

When Nia finally turned towards James, he was looking distinctly pouty. His hands were crossed defensively across his chest, revealing his toned forearms sprinkled of soft dark hair. Hmm, Nia thought. Let me throw him a bone. She danced over next to him and leaned in close, ostensibly to talk into his ear over the loud music blaring from the speakers. "I'm so hot - it's so hot in here," she said. She made sure to lean in so that her breasts brushed his chest and arms. "Aren't you hot?" She knew her top and bra were thin, so her nipples could clearly be felt against his skin.

"Yeah..." James faltered as his hands fell to his sides. Nia took the chance to step in even closer and put a hand on his back while making exaggerated fanning motions with her other hand. "What was that?" She pretended to lean in close to hear him better; pushing her curvy body against his tight toned one. He pushed back without even the pretence of a reply. Nia smiled inside. She then twisted around, so that her ample butt was pressed against his crotch. She leaned back into him and started dancing a little. His hands fell naturally on her waist, and she swayed with the music while giving him a little show. The rest of the group had paired off, and with the decreased scrutiny, Nia felt a little bold.

A Caribbean song was playing, and the smooth beats were made for suggestive dancing. She arched her back and wound her waist with the music, and she felt James' grip on her waist tighten as her ass rubbed into his crotch. After a while, she felt his hands started to roam across her body. She smiled, this was her chance. She felt bold and like she wanted to order someone around today. Here goes.

She stiffened abruptly and grabbed his hand. She spun around and looked him in the eye. He was only a couple of inches taller than her, so that made it easier to look intimidating. "What are you doing?" she asked curtly. "Did I say you could touch me?" She bit out.

A confused look passed over James' face. "But I thought..."

"Thought what?" Nia said. "That a little dancing gives you permission to maul me?" she asked, her actions belying her words as she leaned in again and pressed her body against his. "From now on..." she leaned forward and whispered into his ear, gripping his back firmly. "You keep your hands to yourself..." she slid her hand down to his butt, tight from his intense fitness regime and gave a healthy squeeze. "Unless I tell you otherwise." She leaned back and watched his jaw tighten as he looked at her, somewhat confused but undoubtedly aroused. "Got it?" she asked, punctuating the question with a smack to his behind. She could see the moment when he surrendered into the power play. He suppressed a small groan and nodded.

Nia felt a heady rush of excitement and power. This fit handsome dude was now hers to do with as she pleased. She continued dancing, becoming more and more suggestive, even as she kept him from touching her, although she knew he was dying to. She was getting wetter, and wanted to step it up. She surveyed the dance floor to make a note of where the rest of the group was, and then led James away from them into a shadowy corner of the bar, just beyond the edge of the dance floor.

She leaned her back against a wall and directed James so that he stood in front of her, his body mostly blocking her from view. They swayed and kept up the pretence of dancing but she had something else in mind. She reached for the edge of his t-shirt and ran a finger across the taut skin just above his belt. She made a note of the tantalizing v-shape of his defined pelvic muscles and edged his t-shirt up a little more.

She looked up into James eyes and slid her hand up under his t-shirt, caressing his tight stomach and chest. He was barely swaying and his eyes were hooded with arousal. He was looking at her like he wanted to fuck her right there and then. His hands came up towards her body. "Let me..." he started but Nia grabbed his hand before it could go any further.

"No." She said. "I haven't given you permission." She ran her hand across his nipples, pinching them as she went, revelling in his low moans. If she had her way, she would jump on his dick immediately, but this slow semi-public tease was also intensely arousing, and she wanted to see how far she could take it. She continued playing with his chest, and she smiled as she felt his bulge growing against her thigh. Then she had a naughty idea.

"Turn around," she ordered him. He looked at her in surprise but obeyed. Nia then pulled him close into her body, with one arm around him, in the way a guy would usually hold a girl. She felt powerful in this position, and revelled in knowing that James had obeyed, even though it was somewhat embarrassing to display his arousal to the rest of the bar. One hand held him and ran over his chest and stomach. With the other, she reached between their bodies and got a hold of his butt.

Nia had a thing for men's bottoms and James' was a fine specimen. She had watched it in the office many a time, and now she finally had a chance to play with it. She rubbed her hand across his jean-covered ass and squeezed his tight cheeks. She was so turned on. Something possessed her and she lifted the edge of his t-shirt and briefly ran her hand across his back. The then slipped her hand between into the back of his jeans and gripped his butt over his boxer briefs. She felt him stiffen in surprise and she held him firmly with her other hand and tip-toed up to whisper "Sshhh" into his ear.

She felt his hand go over her hand that now rested on his stomach. He gave her a reassuring squeeze to let her know that he was into whatever she was doing. Nia bit her lip, she was beyond aroused. She wantonly rubbed and caressed his ass cheeks, listening to James' heavy breathing, which turned into groans whenever Nia squeezed and gripped. Nia wanted more, she wanted skin. She slipped her hand into the boxer briefs and felt a gush of wetness when she felt the smooth warm skin of his tight ass. Before she could go much further, she felt James grip her hand with insane strength. He turned around and she despaired as she lost her hold on her treasure and looked up at James, curious as to why he had stopped.

What she saw in his eyes shook her. She had never seen such bare, raw desire in a man. His jaw was clenched and he looked like a man possessed. Yet he was standing still and communicating with his body what he wanted, but not making a move, letting her keep the lead.

Nia returned the grip on his hand and desperately looked around the bar for the nearest exit. She found one and bee lined for it dragging James behind her. It was the back entrance to the bar, and several people stood outside smoking. She spotted a small alleyway and headed there. There was no time for niceties. She was as desperate as he was. The alley was dark but a small amount of light still came through from the street. Neither of them had said a word yet.

She turned around, faced the brick wall and made a show of pulling up her short skirt, pulling down her panties and leaning over to present herself to him. "Fuck," she heard him curse as she bent over with her hands on the wall and showed him her bare, dripping pussy. She felt him grip her hips and shuddered, expecting him to stick his dick in immediately.

She was pleasantly surprised when she felt a tongue instead. But this was no gentle licking. He ate her furiously, pushing his face against her pussy and lapping up her juices. He stiffened his tongue and pressed against her clit, rubbing it furiously and intensely, until Nia, who was already on the edge, came with a cry. James groaned as Nia came, pushing his face back into her cunt to lap up her juices as they flowed out with her orgasm.

Nia's legs were shaking, and she was glad she had the support of the wall to lean against. James stood up and covered her body with his, hugging her from behind as she felt the last of her tremors. He'd taken his cock out, she felt, and she shuddered as he pressed it to her from behind. It was so hot and heavy, and Nia started moaning as he rubbed it up and down her pussy, coating it in her juices.

"Put it in, please," she panted. James chuckled and continued to tease her. Nia regained some of her former control. She twisted her head around to look at him. "I said, put it in." She commanded, "Now!"

James smile faded and he regained that animalistic look. He gripped her waist with one hand and with the other, guided his cock into her waiting pussy. The head was a bit big, and Nia revelled in the pain and the pleasure of feeling it work its way inside her. James pushed himself into her, mirroring her moans as his hot cock made its way inside her. He held himself inside her for a moment, seemingly waiting for his cue.

"Fuck me hard you bastard" Nia ordered, and James complied. He gripped her hips so hard that Nia was sure there'd be bruises there in the morning. Like a man possessed he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. He was hitting all the right spots and she was finding it hard to keep her moans at a quiet level. She felt herself quivering again, as another orgasm approached.

She again looked back to see James eyes closed in pleasure as he pounded her pussy. He felt her looking and opened his eyes and fixed them on her. In his eyes was arousal and vulnerability. He opened his mouth and said, "Tell me".

"Tell you what?" Nia pushed, using her kegel muscles to contract around his dick, and giving as much as she was getting.

"Tell me..." James ground out through the waves of pleasure. "Tell me what to do," he pleaded. Nia's head swam with excitement and more juice gushed out of her pussy. "What you need to do is to fuck me. Hard" She bit out. "Your dick is mine, you hear me?" His answer was a groan. "My pussy is a privilege you need to earn, fuck me like you mean it ." She didn't think that he could pound her any harder but he did. His whole body stiffened as he drove his cock harder and harder into her.

Nia's eyes started to roll back as another wave of pleasure washed over her. "You're mine, your dick is mine," she was hardly aware of what she was saying as her pussy contracted around his cock. James was groaning non-stop and driving harder. Nia let out a cry as she reached her high point. "Your cum is mine, I want your cum -- give it to me," she screamed. "Give me your cum," she ordered. James cried out and gave one final thrust. Nia felt him shudder as he came, his cock spitting his cum into her hot pussy. "Yes!" she cried out, "Give it to me", as she felt his cock pulse and contract as James leaned over her, using her body for support as he gave into ecstasy.

A few moments later, he slipped out of her and she turned around and James immediately pulled her into his arms. They stood there, holding each other for a long time, coming down from their high and reliving the experience already. Nia finally looked up at James fa ce, and he gave a sheepish smile.

"I don't know what that was," he said. "But it was amazing. Thank you," his voice cracked with emotion on the last two words and Nia leaned up to give him a hug and a kiss. They helped each other put their clothes back on, and stepped out onto the main street, where they were greeted by a round of applause by the smokers outside the bar. They grinned at each other and James led them in a bow while Nia did a little curtsy. He slipped his hand in hers and leaned down to whisper. "Let's do this again, soon." Nia couldn't agree more.

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