Dance Lab Fun


It was after hours at the University's student athletic facility. The facility staff had forgot to lock the front doors. Gail and Brian could see that the hallway lighting had been turned off.

"We could come back tomorrow, are you sure you want to do this now?" Brian asked with trepidation.

"You said that the new dance lab was really cool, and I want to see it." Gail said with more conviction than she actually felt.

Gail followed Brian through the doors, past reception, and down a stairwell to the right.

At fifty-foot intervals, the exit signs emitted a greenish glow that cast eerie shadows around them as they quietly walked down a hallway that was almost a city block long.

"Midway down the hallway he stopped in front of a door with signage on the upper left door jamb, "BL 225" and on the door," Dance Dept. Video Lab #2."

Brian stepped back and said, "It's all yours."

Gail boldly stepped forward and opened the door. The room was pitch black.

"OK., where's the light switch? She said over her shoulder in a normal tone of voice."

"Keep your voice down, I'm right behind you." Brian whispered as he placed a hand on her hip and tried to peak around her.

"Shit, how should I know? They're usually on the wall slightly above the handle just inside the door." He added anxiously.

Gail noted the anxiety in Brian's voice and swiped her hand up and down the inside of the door along the wall feeling for a switch plate. She found one with three switches in it. She flipped the switch closest to her.

"Wow!" She blurted, when five stove-pipe ceiling lights against the far wall simultaneously cast soft light straight down on a fixed ballet railing. The railing and a floor-to-ceiling mirror ran the full length of the wall.

Gail flipped the second switch and the ceiling lights buzzed for a moment before immersing the entire room in bright white florescent light.

"This is definitely a sophisticated dance practice room." She said, stating the obvious.

Gail panned the room. To her right against the adjacent wall there were two stacks of six chairs each and two folding-leg six-foot tables. To the left of the switch panel next to the door there was a stack of eight stair-steps and a stack of eight different colored individual one-inch exercise mats.

"Kill the bright lights." Brian said in a hushed tone.

They moved into the room and the door closed behind them. Gail flipped off the middle switch and flipped on the third switch. A bank of five spot lights positioned over their heads, instantly projected five perfectly spaced circles of light on the ballet rail.

"Gail laughed gleefully as she ran over into the center spot light to performed Dégagé front and side poses for Brian.

Brian silently watched as his girlfriend gently grabbed the railing with her right hand, pushed her chest out and stood tall. Her profile accented the long line of her neck, curve of her beautiful breasts, straight back, toned ass and fit legs. Gail extended her left arm to a position parallel with her shoulders and pointed her hand towards him.

In a move that had taken her hundreds of hours to perfect, she positioned her back-right foot flat and at an angle to her left toe. Her left toe was extended at a perfect forty-five-degree angle outward from the rail and barely touched the floor. Then with the fanfare of a prima-ballerina she gracefully lifted and pointed her left toe forward to rail level, paused for a three count, then swung it to the side perpendicular to the rail, towards him.

"That was awesome," he said with respect.

Then he teased, "Especially the part where you pushed your tits up and turned your pussy towards me."

"Why thank you Sir, but you can't see my pussy." She mockingly replied with a giggle.

"Wrong," He said with a proverbial, big shit eating grin.

Gail immediately dropped her pose, turned to the mirror and examined herself.

"Oh My God!" She gasped.

Back in her dorm room she had dressed quickly by pulling on a pair of grey leggings over a pair of thong panties. With the visual evidence confronting her in the mirror she realized that her thong had worked its way into her folds and created the classic look that every boy looked for.

She quickly pushed her leggings below her crotch and gave her butt a little wiggle for Brian. Then with fingers from both hands she expertly hooked her thong and performed a maneuver that all girls who wore thong underwear knew well.

"In less time than it took for Brian to say, "Fuck me and my big mouth." Gail had repositioned her thong, pulled up her leggings and successfully erased the camel toe.

Gail felt and saw in her reflection the warm red glow of a blush spreading from the vee of her breasts to her neck and then up to her cheeks and face. She wasn't embarrassed by exposing herself to Brian. He was already intimately familiar with her body. It was that the smirky bastard had got one up on her.

"Gotcha, didn't I?' Brian said in a tone that Gail thought was much to celebratory and obnoxious

Gail performed a few more ballet moves at the rail while she pondered her revenge. Like all seasoned ballet dancers, she knew the moves and poses that would automatically make his dick hard.


Jason was a twenty-three-year-old junior whose entire world was college football. He was a non-scholarship, wide receiver who was third on the depth chart. His coach had put a good word in for him and he landed a highly coveted janitorial position at the University's Athletic Activities Center. Coveted because it paid a real wage. It was ten dollars an hour over the state minimum wage.

As a student athlete he assumed that he had gotten preferential hiring treatment, but his supervisor treated him like any of the other part-time student employees. His hours were posted around his class and team schedules. Once every two weeks he'd get his work schedule and if he wanted to change it, it was his responsibility to find someone to swap shifts with him. For Jason, calling in sick was impossible, because his coaches knew the status of his health better than he did. He took pride in never having missed a shift.

Jason's major field of study was sports broadcasting with a minor in journalism. He knew that a career ending injury could happen in a heartbeat. To protect his future, he chose a major that would keep him in the industry he loved.

Jason was cleaning Video Lab One when he noticed the light flicker through the open control room door. He walked from Lab One into the control room and closed the door behind him.

Jason watched as the boy followed the girl into the room. Jason smiled as he quickly put on the headsets and flipped up the Lab #2 audio switch.

He heard the boy say, "Kill the bright lights."

Jason picked up a Digital Audio Tape cassette from the recycled DAT bin and inserted it into the Lab Two DAT recorder. He pressed the record button and flipped up the switches on all three video feeds.

The girl killed the room lighting and turned on the spots.

Jason couldn't believe his luck. The students didn't have a clue that the room was wired for sound and video or that the wall was a one-way mirror.

He carefully checked her out. She was pretty, and definitely had the body of a dancer. Her boobs were a little fuller than average, but she had a dancer's hips and ass. In the grey leggings he could see that her calves and thighs were all about strength. And the cleanly defined camel toe gave him cause to imagine that she was clean shaven.

The girl's boyfriend was slightly shorter than her. He looked fit in a clean fitting polo shirt and cargo shorts. Jason imagined that the boyfriend probably played racquet ball or tennis because while his calves were muscular his arms and thighs were not.

Jason thought that the couple looked good together.

He looked at his watch and noted the time. He knew if he continued to watch he would not finish his work before he had to clock out. He gave himself five more minutes before he'd have to leave. He would come back later and pick up the DAT.

He watched as the girl ran into the center spot light and executed a well-practiced ballet move. He listened to them talk and chuckled to himself as she pulled down her leggings and panties. Even though she was back lit, he could see clearly that his earlier assumption that she was clean shaven was correct.

Jason felt a stirring in his crotch, which always meant that an erection was on its way. He quietly murmured under his breath, "Please, video gods, let them have sex."

To Jason it was obvious these two students were into each other. However, her boyfriend couldn't see her face, but Jason could. The girl looked like she wasn't going to put up with his trash talk much longer.

Jason reluctantly got up with a smile on his face and went back to his duties.


Gail executed her standard ten-minute stretch routine. Many of the moves looked like spin offs from an advanced yoga routine. The primary difference was her use of the railing and her toe placement. Half way through the routine she stripped off her top and finished in only her bra and leggings.

"Gail, you really look hot." Brian said in awe. "I didn't know that you could do all of those moves."

"I haven't made any moves yet, Gail remarked casually. "I've only been doing warm up exercises."

Gail walked over to her sweatshirt that was on the floor and added her bra, tights, and thong to the pile. She stood facing the mirror in the center spotlight and examined herself. The red blush had been replaced by a slight sheen of moisture across her forehead, arms and thighs.

She turned to Brian and said, "Now you can actually see my pussy. Turn off the outside switch and kill the spots."

Brian did as he was told.

Gail in the soft glow of the stovepipe lighting began to dance. Arabesques and pirouettes, plié's and graceful arm movements.

Gail loved the freedom of dancing naked. During a pirouette she looked into the shadows and saw that Brian was also naked. On the next revolution she could see his cock was saluting her efforts.

She stopped and said, "I'm glad you decided to get in the spirit of things. Bring a step exercise bench over here. Brian reached to his left and grabbed a stair-step and approached Gail who was facing him and pointing her toe.

"Put it right there," She instructed. "Now stand on it."

Brian stepped up onto the four-inch high stair-step with his hands at his side and cock still at attention.

Gail said, "Perfect."

She twirled around, faced the mirror and backed her heals up against the step. With her head between her arms and her feet slightly spread apart, she pushed her ass up to Brian's patiently waiting cock.

After Gail turned around Brian knew in an instant what she was up to. Without further prompting he placed the head of his cock gently against the opening of her fully presented pussy and placed is hands on her hips.

In one steady controlled push she impaled herself on his nine-inch cock. When the head of his cock reached her cervix she paused, wiggled her butt to make sure he was in all the way to the hilt, and waited for him to make the next move.

"Oh my God, that is so nice, now it's your turn to work out." Gail moaned as she felt the lips of her pussy spread wide for his fully engorged cock.

Brian almost lost it when Gail pushed up firmly against him, stopped and wiggled her ass. But he hung on as he looked down and watched her pussy lips fold in and out on his steel hard cock.

"Work it, work it, work it,..." Gail repeated over and over. She was watching him in the mirror and coaching him like an aerobics instructor.

Brian looked up at the mirror and saw that Gail had a big shit eating grin on her face as she coached him.

When his eyes met hers, Gail contracted her vaginal muscles and said, "Gotcha!"

Brian could hear her admonishment, but his full attention had shifted to the vice grip on his cock. She had him. He doubted that he could have made a fist as tight as the grip her pussy had put on him.

"Aw Shit!," Brian moaned has he lost complete control of his load.

"No way, you're not getting off that easy." Gail chided.

She quickly pulled away, spun around and grabbed his failing erection. She began pumping his cum covered cock.

,"It's not dead, let Nurse Gail bring it back to life!" She said with more determination than an emergency room doctor.

Gail put his cock into her mouth and started humming and buzzing her lips. Brian had never had anyone give him a buzz job and he could feel his erection returning.

"Way to go, that was amazing!" Brian gushed in admiration.

Gail released his fully erect cock and said. "Sit down on the step, NOW!"

Brian dropped down and sat on the step. As soon as his butt was centered on the step she pushed him over onto his back. His erection almost went airborne. It was elevated and pointed straight at the ceiling. In less time than it took a calf-roper to tie off a calf, Gail had taken him from a standing blowjob to the cowgirl position.

"OK big man, keep that cock hard because I'm about to dance again for you." Gail said has she turned out her feet, spread both her arms out parallel to her shoulders and started doing pliés on his cock.

Brian watch in astonishment as Gail started to do ballet squats on his elevated cock. Her firm breasts had lifted with her arms and her perky nipples pointed majestically above him. He watched as her upper body rose and fell in complete unison. Head up, back straight and shoulders square.

Brian had his arms to his sides, shoulders flat and hips elevated. Brian's gaze shifted to Gail's amazingly smooth pussy. His view was breathtaking, and he pressed on the floor to help focus on keeping his erection up.

He watched as she controlled the piston speed of her squats. Down fast, up slow until the ridge of his circumcision peaked out of her inner lips, then down fast, up slow, repeat.

"Damn, where did you learn to do this?" Brian moaned.

Gail laughed and said, "What, do you think all the guys in our ballet classes were gay? A girl has to keep her legs in shape." She giggled

Gail stepped over Brian and quickly laid on the floor with her legs in the air.

"OK! It's time to finish me off." She said invitingly.

Brian scrambled between her legs and slammed his cock into her slick pussy. He grabbed her by the ankles, tucked them over his shoulders, leaned forward and showed her what real piston action was.

As he fucked her with reckless abandon his balls slapped loudly against her ass. He squeezed her breasts. He pulled and rolled her perky nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Gail started to moan yes, that's it, that is it,... You've got it..."

Brian could feel her orgasm and pumped right through it.

"Stay with me" He challenged, "You've got another one, I know it."

Gail redoubled her efforts by moving her hips and legs like she was riding a vertical bicycle. The new motion caused Brian's cock to rub sideways across her clit. It created a rotating piston motion that was causing her to mindlessly focus on her happy spot.

Neither of them gave a thought to the neck and ankle burns they'd have to deal with tomorrow.

Gail clenched her pussy and grinded away until she lost sight of the world around her and folded inward on herself.

Brian felt her imploding and curling inward just as he blew his load in one huge stroke. He was balls deep into her when he gently lowered her twitching legs to the floor.

Brian leaned over on one elbow, draped an arm across her left breast and cupped the other. He kissed her lovingly.

When she released him from the kiss, Gail whispered weakly, "I won!"


Jason entered the control room and looked out into the pitch black of Dance Lab Two. He moved his hand to the light slider switch that controlled the stovepipe lights. They gradually cast enough light for him to see that the room was vacant, and the equipment was still stacked properly. He returned the dance lab to darkness.

Jason flipped off the audio and video feeds and ejected the DAT. The DAT recorder indicated that it had been recording for three hours and twelve minutes. He took the DAT cartridge and turned off the recorder.

Jason looked at the DAT cartridge, pondered what he was going to do with it, and placed it on the degausser. He toggled the switch three times, activating the strong electro-magnets. He pitched the cartridge back into the recycled DAT bin and turned.

As he walked out of the control room he thought to himself, "When in the hell am I going to have three hours and twelve minutes to waste? I've got football practice in the morning."

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