Dance Lessons


"Oh no, I couldn't do that! We'd never get the scenes finished! Shit, if it'd been me grinding my bare ass into Kyle MacLachlan's crotch he'd still be smiling. And that pool scene? Darlin', that'd be so hot they'd have to add an extra 'X' to the rating. It'd be the first XXXX film!"

"Really! So you're saying that under the right conditions you might forget about the cameras and just go for it? Give some lucky costar the thrill of a lifetime? Tell the truth now, is Ashley Scott harboring a secret desire to cross over to the world of adult films?"

Laughing easily at that she responded "Oh that would be choice! Can you imagine it?..." Yes actually. More readily than she could possibly know. "... It would hafta be gonzo though. I couldn't do any of that feature crap. I mean, why bother?"

You have to like a girl who's into gonzo porn, "So it's Seymore Butts or Max Hardcore for you?"

"Definitely not Max Hardcore. That asshole ever laid a hand on me I'd kick his misogynistic ass! But I could get into Seymore. I'd make a great tushy girl don't you think?" At this point Ashley stood up and turned, giving me a great look at her denim-clad ass. She shook it in my face and I started to lean forward, just barely catching myself in time to stop my hand from reaching out to touch her. With a final shake of her cheeks she sat down with another laugh, saying "That's enough of that. You want more you're gonna hafta pay for it!"

Knock, knock, opportunity calling. I immediately reached for my wallet, "Okay. So how much for a lap dance?"

That caught her by surprise, her eyes going round, but only for a second and then they narrowed once more and she was giving me a shrewd look, "More than you've got, that's for sure!"

Damn. I guess that wasn't opportunity knocking after all. Oh well, it had been worth a try.

"But maybe I could be persuaded to do a table dance for ya. If you've got the cash for it."

Then again...

Of course there was still the possibility that Ms. Scott's idea of flirting might be slightly different than mine and this could just be Ashley at play, with no intention of actually taking things any further but willing to make it look like she was. Well, if Ashley was bluffing, she had definitely picked the wrong guy and the wrong hand. She might be holding all the cards, but even so I was prepared to call her on it. After all, what did I have to lose? If I was wrong I could still back off without having caused any real damage and the interview could go on. Or not. After more than an hour of conversation I was confident I already had enough material to work with. And if I was right... I opened my wallet, took out two twenties and laid them on the table. I was about to learn two very important things - first, if my instincts were right, and second, whether you could actually get a table dance for $40.

Ashley looked at the money on the table for a few moments then looked back up at me, her face expressionless. I suddenly had the feeling that maybe I had pushed things just a bit too far, but after 10, maybe 12 seconds she reached out and picked the bills up, stuffing them into the back pocket of her shorts.

"Help me."


"On the table. Help me get up on the table."

Oh. Darn. For a second there I thought I was being asked to help Ashley do her table dance.

I stood up and held out my hand to Ashley. Taking it, she stepped up onto the surface of the small round table in between our chairs. Once up there she motioned down to a remote control she had brought down with her when she had left the stage.

"Just point it thataway and press List then 2 and then Play."

I did as instructed and was instantly rewarded with the opening notes of a song I did not immediately recognize, but after a few seconds I was able to place the tune. 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The extended dance club mix. I was starting to realize that Ashley had a wicked sense of humor. Smart, sweet, sexy, killer bod and funny. My fall into head over heels lust continued apace.

As soon as the song started to play Ashley began to move on the tabletop, her body swaying in time to the synthesized beat. I could see she was trying her best to be titillating, but the tabletop was just too small for the kinds of moves she had demonstrated while on stage and after a few minutes of effort she suddenly stopped and hopped off.

"Screw this shit. C'mon, I've got a better idea." With one hand she grabbed the remote and with the other she took me by the arm, leading me over to a curve-backed chair in front of the stage and to the right of the catwalk, explaining as we went, "There's just not enough room on that tiny little table for a girl to strut her stuff. Why don't you take a seat over here and I'll give you a real show!"

Hey, if Ashley Scott wanted more room to strut, or do anything else to, her stuff, who was I to stand in her way? Things were actually progressing better than I had anticipated. There was no way of knowing just how this would play out now that Ashley was back onstage, but, with the promise of a "real show" still hanging in the air, I knew what I was hoping would happen. I took my seat eagerly. Perhaps a little too eagerly if the look the blue-eyed girl gave me was any indication.

She stood there watching me, a speculative look on her face that slowly gave way to a very sexy smile, and when she moved she walked up behind my chair and leaned over to speak directly in my ear, "Looks like I have an enthusiastic audience." A quick glance down to my crotch, "I like that. A woman likes to be appreciated. And there's no telling just how she might show her... gratitude for such admiration."

Now obviously Ashley's statement's could be taken a couple of different ways. It could be that Ashley was just getting into her part, taking on the persona of a stripper at work and telling me, in the role of the patron, what she thought I would like to hear. Or, and this would certainly be my first choice, Ashley was flirting with me again, except this time she was taking things up a notch. Or five. Since I didn't know the answer to that I chose to pretend that she was only getting into her part as a stripper while really believing the raven-haired sexpot was totally into me. Well if she was going to method then so could I. I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket once more. Both of Ashley's eyebrows headed towards her hairline but after only a second or two she recovered, giving me another sexy half-smile. I must have been getting my part in our little two-person production right.

Taking the remote, Ashley moved out from behind me and proceeded up onto the stage. She fiddled with the control for a few seconds, pressing a number of buttons to load some other play list onto the sound system. When she was satisfied with her selection she pointed the remote towards the stereo and pressed play then tossed the unit down to me. Ashley then moved over to the pole at the back of the stage, positioning herself to begin as music filled the room once more.

I had sort of expected Ashley to run through the same routine she had been doing when I first entered the club that morning, maybe with a few new moves mixed in or some shuffling of the sequence to keep it fresh, but the leggy brunette was better than that, and she set out to prove it right from the start. Her opening moves had her circling the pole with increasing speed until she practically launched herself up onto it, landing about halfway up and holding on with one hand and her right leg wrapped around the chrome shaft. She then shimmied up the pole until she could go no further and as I was thinking she would just slide down, fireman style, she let go of the pole with her hands and proceeded to lean back, still holding on with just her right leg. Back and back she went until she was horizontal to the ground, her head sticking out on one side of the pole and her left leg pointing out on the other. In a display of considerable strength she held that pose for a few seconds before breaking it, not to straighten up as I assumed she must, but to continue leaning slowly back until she was hanging upside down, her torso now resting against the pipe and her left foot up near the ceiling. Now how the hell was she was going to get out of that position?

No sooner had I finished the thought then Ashley showed me exactly how she was going to get down, loosening her grip on the pole with her leg and sliding down it. Still upside down. When she reached the floor she tucked her chin down to her chest and allowed her legs to come down to the ground as if she were coming out of a handstand, taking her weight on both hands until her feet hit the floor and ending up in a standing position facing the pole. Ashley turned to face me with a flourish and I began clapping wildly, thoroughly impressed with what I had just seen. Pausing briefly, the actress slash stripper gave me another bright smile in acknowledgment of my applause before starting the rest of her routine.

After Ashley's opening gymnastics the rest of her time on stage was less energetic, but it was far, far more erotic. And suggestive. She continued to dance by and around the pole occasionally, but she spent most of her time dancing up and down the short catwalk to my left or directly in front of my chair. I liked those times most of all, especially one time when she crawled over to me on hands and knees, looking for all the world like a cat. A jungle cat, with those piercing blue eyes locking onto mine and that tiny, half-smile on her lips, just begging me to make a break for it so she could pounce. And as much fun as that might have been I wasn't going anywhere, so completely captivated was I by the dark-haired beauty dancing in front of me.

I may have mentioned already that I am not exactly a seasoned pro when it comes to strippers and strip clubs. Going to strip clubs is something I do with my buddies when we're doing the bachelor party thing. I mean, you almost have to when a friend is getting married. I think it's a state law or something. Other than that it is not something I'm likely to do. Not that I think there's anything wrong with it, if a woman wants to remove her clothing for the enjoyment of an audience then so be it, it's just not my normal form of entertainment. Usually. Unless the woman happens to look and move like Ashley Scott. Now that I could get into. But, not being a regular at strip joints didn't mean that I didn't know how things worked. I might not have frequented clubs like that but I did own a TV and I subscribed to cable. So I knew the basic arrangement. Girl dances on stage for a while and when she stops in front of you and thrusts a leg in your general direction you're supposed to slip a dollar or two into the waistband of her thong or the top of her stocking or garter and then she moves on to the next guy. Simple. So when Ashley started to dance in front of me, reclining on her elbows near the edge of the stage with her legs in the air and bent at the knee as she swung them from side to side in time with the beat, I knew what to do.

The day had started with $112 in my wallet, but after giving Ashley $40 for my "table" dance I was already down to $72. Two twenties, two tens and twelve singles. That was good. I would need the singles to get through this next bit. I pulled two out of my wallet and waited for Ashley to notice them. When she did she stopped swinging her legs and cocked her right hip towards me. I leaned forward and slid the bills along her right leg, not making contact with my hand until I was nearly up to her waist and only then just briefly touching her denim shorts as I tucked the money into her hip pocket. I patted the cash through the material of her shorts and sat back down.

Ashley danced away from me after that, moving back to the pole for a few minutes until another two dollars appeared in my hand. She moved over to me and got down on her knee, presenting her left side to me. This time when I leaned forward I rested my left hand on her leg just above the knee and as I drew the bills upward I brushed the skin of her thigh with the backs of my knuckles. Man oh man, was her skin soft. Again I patted the dollars through her pocket after I had tucked them away.

Moving back toward the center of the stage, Ashley stayed away from me for a while, perhaps waiting to see if any more bills would be making an appearance. I let her wait a bit and then pulled out four dollars to draw her back over to me. When she was back in front of me she again sat down at the edge of the stage and started to swing her legs back and forth in time with the music, but she didn't always keep them together, sometimes letting one leg lead the other, spreading her legs in a wide V whenever that happened. Perfect. Even better than I had hoped for.

I waited until she had her legs at their widest point before touching one of the bills to her ankle. She froze in place and I started to move the single up her leg. But this time I held the dollar in between my middle and index fingers, away from her leg, and slid my right hand up the length of her limb, my palm rubbing against her skin, up along the calf and over the inside of her thigh, stopping only when my fingertips were just about to poke under the leg of her shorts. I left my hand where it was and used my free hand to take the bill and tuck it into Ashley's waistband. A few seconds later I removed my hand from her limb and she started to swing her legs again.

Now I don't really know if this is something you could get away with when dealing with a real stripper. I suppose it depends on a lot of things. The girl most of all, but probably also the club and the town where it's located or whether the local constabulary was cracking down. But, even if some towns/clubs/girls did let the customers get a little touchy-feely on occasion, it was important to remember that Ashley was not really a stripper. She was an actress who had played a stripper in a movie. So when she let me slide my hand all the way up her inner thigh, stopping when I was only a few scant inches away from something I'm sure not that many men have been privileged to touch, it was not because this was a normal part of the stripper/customer relationship. Did that mean it was because Ashley was as into me as I was to her and she was willing to fuck my brains out? No. Not necessarily. But it did mean that she didn't shoot me down the first time I touched her in what was in fact a pretty intimate way. And that was encouragement enough to go on in my book.

We repeated this step three more times, switching off so that my hands travelled up both her legs and my fingers probed just a little bit further underneath her cutoffs each time. On the fourth trip I stopped with my left hand almost all the way up and to the inside of Ashley's thigh and I was leaning so far out of my seat that my face was only inches from hers. If I had wanted to I could have closed the distance in an instant and kissed her, and under other circumstances I probably would have. But I didn't want to screw things up by pushing too fast, so after hanging there for a few seconds I sat back down and Ashley got to her feet and danced back towards the pole.

Okay. Things were moving along nicely. But it was time to raise the stakes a bit. Time to try to get Ashley to take something off. Preferably multiple somethings. It was risky, but I really felt that there was something going on between us, so the risk was minimal. So I hoped. I guess I was about to find out.

The second song in Ashley's set came to an end as I opened up my wallet and pulled out another twenty. I looked over to the raven-haired girl to see if maybe I had missed my chance but she was still by the pole moving gently to the beat as a third song began. Good. I hadn't blown it by waiting too long. I beckoned to her with the bill clasped between my fingers, looking for all the world like any other guy in any other club trying to get a stripper's interest. Of course I was at an advantage here, since I was without any competition for Ashley's attention, but I had to continue to play my part. For a little while longer anyway.

When Ashley was back in front of where I was sitting I motioned for her to bend down, bringing my mouth next to her ear to say "Take off your top."

That got me another shocked look as the dark-haired girl's eyebrows headed north again. I liked that. Liked that I was keeping up with, and maybe even a little in front of, my southern belle. I wouldn't like it so much if I got so far out in front of Ashley that I scared her off, but keeping her a little off balance, so that she didn't think she was in complete control, that was fun. Of course I still had to be careful not to push her too hard.

"Oh c'mon, This is a striptease after all. There's been plenty of tease, so where's the strip?"

Ashley's eyes narrowed and she glared at me for a second before grabbing for the twenty in my hand. I pulled it back out of her reach. Unh uh. Top first, money later. Another glare and for a second I was afraid that I'd lost her, that I had pushed her too far after all. I was just getting ready to start apologizing when Ashley stood up and started walking back towards the center of the stage. That didn't seem to me like something she would do if she was really angry. Ashley struck me as being the kind of person who gets very loud when she's angry. Something I silently swore right then and there I never ever wanted to make her. After a very short pause she started to move again, but not back to me as I feared, instead moving over to the chrome pole and spinning around it two or three times. As Ashley circled the post her hands moved to the knot in her shirt and she started to untie it. She was going to do it! She was really going to do it! When the knot was completely undone she left the pole and started to pirouette down the catwalk, somehow managing to take the shirt off as she spun. When she was still a couple of feet away from me she shot the shirt at me, managing to hit me in the chest and face with unerring accuracy. Okay, now that had to be pure luck. But it was impressive nonetheless. Almost as impressive as the bra-covered breasts that I was getting brief glimpses of. I held the twenty out where Ashley could reach it, assuming that she would come to a stop in front of me to collect her reward. I was half right. She did come to a stop in front of me, but she was facing away from me and she had her right ankle crossed over the left. I started to clap. Partly in appreciation for the skill that Ashley had just displayed and partly in appreciation for her incredible ass.

But Ashley wasn't finished.

Standing with her back to me her hands went to the waist of her denim shorts and she started to unbutton her fly. My claps trailed off at this point as I watched with wide eyes and open mouth as Ashley proceeded to undo her shorts and push them to the stage floor, bending over at the waist as she did this and giving me a perfect view of her thong-clad tush. Oh mama! As good as Ashley's butt looked covered in denim it was nothing compared to how it looked uncovered except for a tiny little thong.

Ashley stayed like that for almost twenty seconds before standing back up and looking at me over her right shoulder, a shit-eating grin planted on her face. She knew that she had surprised me. A lot. I had hoped that maybe somehow I could coax her out of her shorts, but I'd expected it to take a whole lot more than one simple taunt. If only I could convince her to take off the rest of her garments that easily. If there was a patron saint of perverts I would have gotten down on my knees in supplication right about then.

Still staring at me, but without saying a word, Ashley hooked her thumb in her thong and pulled the material away from her body a bit, obviously looking for me to pay up and deliver the twenty dollars. It wasn't strictly necessary, but I stood up to place the twenty under the tiny piece of cloth that functioned as a waistband on Ashley's thong, bringing my face closer to her butt in the process, before hesitating for just the briefest of moments. There was an opportunity here. Did I dare take it? Hmm. Why not. But let's test the waters a bit first, shall we?

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