Dance Lessons


With the twenty still caught between the fingers of my right hand I reached out and let my other hand close loosely on Ashley's left leg, to the outside and above the knee. I paused there for a second or three to see how, or if, she would react. When she didn't I began to move the hand with the money in it again, starting at just about the same place on her right leg, except this time I touched her on the back of the limb. I lingered there for another few seconds, brushing my knuckles against Ashley's skin, and then slowly started to move my hand up her leg and along her thigh, continuing until I reached the bottom of her cheek and then following the curve of her rump, on up until I reached the waistband of her thong. At this point I brought my left hand up and used my index finger to pull the elastic away from Ashley's waist just a few inches distant from where the raven-haired girl had her thumb. I then folded the twenty in half and slipped it over the material, letting Andrew Jackson have the thrill of pressing at least a part of his face to Ashley's flesh. For the moment, he was doing better than I was. But only for the moment.

When the bill was draped over Ashley's thong we let go of the elastic at the same time and the waistband snapped back into place. I could have pulled my hands away and retaken my seat, but I didn't, lingering instead as I let the fingertips of my right hand brush against Ashley's ass. She started to shift almost as soon as I did this and I pulled my hand back, thinking that was the reason for the movement, but it was only so she could turn to look at me from over her other shoulder, her thumb now hooked in the elastic by her left hip and pulling it away from her body. I looked from Ashley's face, down to her waist, and then back up to her face again where she now had one eyebrow cocked. Okay. She had earned it after all. I reached in my wallet and pulled out another twenty and slipped it into Ashley's thong with my left hand. Partly because it was just easier that way and partly because my right hand, impertinent thing that it was, was now fully cupping Ashley's right cheek. She let me keep it there just long enough to get the bill wrapped around her thong and then she spun away from me, playfully swatting at my hand as she backed off a couple of steps.

"Now darlin', you know you're not allowed to touch the dancers!"

I knew no such thing of course, but I didn't say that. I just gave her a grin that was every bit as saucy as the one she was giving me only minutes earlier. Ashley rolled her eyes and resumed dancing as the last minute or so of her third song played out.

Surprisingly, as soon as the third song ended a fourth began. I hadn't expected that at all. That would mean, by my calculations, that by the time this song ended Ashley would have been dancing for more than twenty minutes. That was a lot. Hell, ten minutes would have seemed like a lot to me. After all, she wasn't really a dancer! But she had said that Carson had taught her an entire routine. Three or four songs sounded about right for that. Still, this was a whole lot more than I had dreamed of when I pulled my wallet out for that table dance. But Ashley wasn't done yet.

Meaning she wasn't done surprising me yet. However, apparently she was done with any real dancing. For the time being at least. When I had resumed my seat she came back over to the edge of the stage and sat down again. I thought I was going to be treated to some more close-ups of those long legs of hers, with the added benefit of being able to ogle her breasts freely, but Ashley had something else in mind, and for that she needed to get off the stage.

As soon as her butt hit the boards Ashley lowered her feet to the floor and stood up, directly in front of my chair. I leaned back and she moved so that she was straddling my legs before sitting down facing me, her arms up so that her wrists were resting on my shoulders. She was sitting far enough back so that her rear was back by my knees, which was actually a good thing. Between the clothing that had come off and the thong and the just barely lacy-bra-contained breasts and the ass fondling I was a pretty happy guy. And I had a pretty happy guy's budding erection in my pants. So I didn't mind that Ashley wasn't pressing her crotch into mine just at that moment. Although, maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing for her to know that she had had quite the impact on me.

Without warning Ashley shifted forward, "Ooofff." Guess she was going to find that out after all.

Ashley ground her pussy against my swollen dick a few times while giving me a wicked grin, "Well, well. I don't know if I should be taking or giving the compliment right about here."

Knowing exactly what she meant, I returned her smile with a small leer of my own, "You should definitely take it as a compliment. And a very big compliment I might add."

"I don't know if I'd say very big." Mimicking her response from earlier I lifted one eyebrow while trying to keep from breaking into laughter. After a short time fighting the impulse herself the make-believe stripper finally relented, "Okay. I guess I could go with 'very'."

"That's better. So does this mean I'm going to get my lap dance after all?"

Giving me an appraising look, Ashley tried to appear as if she was undecided. Something that would have been far more convincing if she hadn't continued grinding her pelvis into my own while she pretended to consider it.

"I don't know. Do you think you have the cash for it?"

I reached for my wallet. Without even bothering to look I took out the remaining bills, then tucked them under the right strap of Ashley's bra, just above the cup. She reached down and removed the money, counting it quickly and then holding it up in front of me while she rubbed the bills in between her thumb and forefinger.


An eloquent shrug. What could I say? After all, I wasn't really buying a lap dance here. I mean, I was, but I wasn't, if you catch my drift. If Ashley was going to go through with this it sure as hell wasn't going to be because of any cash I gave her. The money was just a necessary part of the charade we had going on. So if I came up a little short... I waited patiently to find out if we were going to take things to the next level or if our flirting had reached its end. When Ashley gave me a shrug of her own, followed closely by yet another wink, I knew I was going to get my lap dance. And, if I'd been a good little boy, maybe even something more. Damn. Where was a saint when you needed one?

"Okay, I guess I can cut you a break... but there's not enough room down here. Let's put the chair on stage."

"Fine by me."

We moved onto the stage and I put the chair where Ashley pointed, dead center at the top of the "T" formed by the main portion of the stage and the catwalk. With the chair facing down the short runway, and out towards where most of the audience would be, the pole that the dark-haired girl had spent so much time swinging around was to my left, a half-dozen or so feet away. Ashley had taken the sound system remote with her and was loading another playlist while I waited for her to start.

When she was ready she came over to stand behind my chair and pressed play, the room filling with sound as she leaned over to speak directly in my ear, "Okay darlin'. Now sit back and relax. And I promise you'll have a good time."

Sitting back and having a good time I could manage. The other thing, well, that might prove to be a bit of a problem. I did not think I could possibly "relax". Not with Ashley Scott dancing around in front of me in a bra and a thong.

Starting off slowly, Ashley moved around my chair, enticing me with glimpses of her boobs and good long looks of her shapely ass. When she'd spent enough time teasing me the blue-eyed beauty started dancing right next to my chair, brushing against me while staying mostly to one side or the other, never in front. I didn't think this was exactly the norm for a lap dance. Even though I'd never had one before I knew there was a whole lot more touching involved, if only because it was called a "lap" dance. But I didn't mind the lack of contact at all. It was obvious that Ashley loved to dance and she really was quite good at it. Of course it really helped that she was wearing so little and I spent a good portion of the time thinking that there were just those two, very flimsy, pieces of cloth between me and a fully nude Ashley Scott. Which, in very short order, led to me imagining Ashley without the two, very flimsy, pieces of cloth. It didn't take long before that mental picture had me approaching full staff.

After a few minutes dancing by my side Ashley decided to move in back of me. As soon as she was directly behind me she pulled me back by the shoulders so that my head was pillowed against her breasts. Oooh. I liked that. It was nice. It would have been even nicer if I was facing the other way, but it was still nice. I spent a few happy moments imagining what it would be like if Ashley had been standing in front of me while smashing my head into her boobs. Then I combined that image with my previous one and imagined being face first in Ashley's cleavage but this time without the bra. My smile got wider as my dick got harder.

Then, just as I started to imagine my face being moved out of the valley between Ashley's breasts and over to one of the nearby pink tipped mountains, she pushed my head forward and spun away again. The tease. And she knew it too. I could see it in the big grin she gave me when she danced around my chair once more and for the first time came to a stop in front of me.

"That's enough of a warm-up I think. Wha'd'ya say we start the main event?"

The question was rhetorical obviously. What was I going to do, say no? Gee Ashley, I was really hoping you'd tease me some more. And while you're at it, could you put some clothes back on? I don't think so. And since words were unnecessary in response I settled for nodding my head in what I would like to pretend was a calm and cool manner but in reality was probably anything but. After all, how calm and cool can a guy appear to be when he's practically salivating in anticipation like one of Pavlov's dogs? Not very. Regardless, my answer was clear to Ashley and without another word she stepped forward and pushed my legs apart with her knees, then turned to face away from me and backed up until she was half sitting and half resting in my lap. The instant her butt made contact with my crotch she started to grind into me, turning and flashing me a big smile when she felt my new and improved erection rubbing against her mostly bare ass.

"Is that another compliment there darlin'?"

"Absolutely. And there's more where that came from."

Ashley's smile got even wider, "Is there? I'm impressed. And flattered. I'm gonna have to come up with something special to say thank you."

I could think of a few ways, "Ya know, I could probably help with that."

That got me a short laugh, "Hah! I'll just bet you could."

Ohhhh yeah. Could I ever. For the time being though, I would be perfectly content if Ashley continued to push her rump into my groin, massaging my dick with her ass and sending small waves of pleasure throughout my body. I cast about for a way to prolong the experience, deciding at last that the easiest way would be to keep her talking, the perfect topic coming to me in a flash of inspiration.

"I have a question. Strictly hypothetical of course, but if you were going to become a stripper, what would your stage name be?"

"What's the matter darlin', you don't think I could use Ashley?" Ashley turned to look over her shoulder at me as she spoke but she did continue to rub her butt on my dick, so my plan, such as it was, was working so far.

"I'm sure you could, but would you want to?" Oh fuck, that feels nice!

"Hmm. You have a point." Ashley considered the matter for a few seconds before coming up with an alternative nom de strip, "Bambi."

"Bambi? Your stage name would be Bambi?"

"What? Don't you think my eyes are doe-like darlin'?"

"Certainly. But Bambi was... unnhh... a boy." I was starting to push up a little as Ashley bore down, pressing my cock up just enough to enhance the contact, but not so much as to interrupt the flow.

"Spoil sport. I like the name Bambi." Uh oh. Better alter tack.

"Come to think of it, I had a dog named Bambi when I was a kid. She was a she."

"Oh yeah? What kind of dog?"

"A Rottweiler."

"You're twisted." Short pause, "I like twisted." Heh, heh. I could have predicted that. Plain vanilla was definitely not Ashley's type. Hopefully, horny journalist was.

Okay, it was time to take mental stock of the situation. I had a half-dressed woman, who wasn't really a stripper, giving me a lap dance and enthusiastically grinding her ass against the length of my erect cock, and I had just alluded to wanting even more when she brought up the topic of thanking me. And I didn't get smacked when I did it! Granted, Ashley's response didn't sound like the "Hot damn! Let's fuck!" I might have wished for, but it also wasn't the "In your dreams!" I could have gotten. However, it was completely in keeping with the flirtatious pas de deux we'd been doing almost since the moment I'd walked into the room. By now I had more than enough reason to feel safe in assuming that both Ashley and I knew what was going on, and that I wasn't the only one who wanted to take things further. How much further I still didn't know but just thinking about it was making me almost giddy with excitement. Of course I had at least one problem that still had to be addressed. For starters, how did I get there from here? That was something else I didn't know yet, but it really didn't matter. All I could do was take it one step at a time.

What was already an extremely pleasurable experience took a turn for the better just a minute or two later when Ashley shifted position again. She had been inclined forward with her rump thrust back and her hands on my knees for support. Now she leaned back, resting against my chest with her head on my left shoulder as my hands came up to gently grip her sides just above her hips. For a moment I almost forgot about the wonderful feeling of her ass as it continued to rub against my member, so blown away was I by the incredible softness of her skin. The muscles underneath were a completely different story however, being anything but soft, and I could feel them moving under my fingers as she ground her pelvis into mine. Toned and tight, Ashley was in amazing shape. I wouldn't have thought it was possible at this point, but I wanted her more than ever.

My hands didn't stay on her hips for long as I started to let them roam around her abdomen from just underneath her bra to just above her panties. Ashley didn't seem to mind this in the least, in fact she brought her right hand up to cup my cheek, turning my head so that we could gaze at each other while she continued to bump and grind and I continued to fondle. Once again I was tempted to kiss her, only this time I intended to go through with it, and I was just about to move the inch or so needed when she shifted one more time, turning around in my arms so that we were now chest to chest.

But the change didn't stop there. As soon as she was fully turned around Ashley started to slide down my body until she was kneeling on the floor in between my legs. She let her hands drag along my torso and even over my erection, squeezing it gently through the material of my pants, then reached up with her right hand to grasp my fingers, separating my index finger from the rest and bringing it to her mouth where she started to suck it. Hard. Meanwhile she traced the length of my penis with her other hand, lightly stroking me, timing each pass to coincide with the suction applied to my finger. Imagining that it was not my finger being sucked but rather some other part of my anatomy was not difficult at all.

Then, abruptly, she just stopped, "Well, I think that's enough of that." as she got up off her knees.

What the HELL!

"Huh? Wha? Wait! Wha'd'ya mean that's enough? What about the rest of my lap dance?"

"That was it darlin'."

"But... but... Kyle MacLachlan... still smiling..."

"As I recall, Kyle MacLachlan paid a couple hundred dollars in that movie darlin'. You paid 24. I'd say you got more than your money's worth."

Shit! Shit Shit Shit!! Had I been wrong after all?!? Could I have been that far off? No dammit!! That was ridiculous! I know when a woman is interested in me or not! And a woman who wasn't interested would have put a stop to the flirting ages ago. A woman who was not interested never would have taken this whole lap dance deal as far as Ashley had. She would not rub her ass against my obvious hard-on for as long as Ashley did and she never would have rubbed her pussy against me, let alone squeezed my dick through my pants. Unh uh, no way. No. Ashley wanted this all right. Probably as much as I did. She was just making me work for it. Okay. I could do that. I just had to figure out what the next move was.

Think dammit! I didn't have any more money and Ashley knew it. So, if she knew I didn't have any cash left, but she wasn't slamming the door on me, then there must still be some way I could get her to go through with this. But what? If not cash, then...

Not even stopping to think about it I blurted out the next thought that entered my mind, "My car!"

Which got me what had to be the most shocked look from Ashley of the day. My car? What the hell was I thinking of? From the expression on Ashley's face I could tell her thoughts were running along similar lines. This was not what she expected at all. She probably thought I would come up with something a little... less. Like say, oh I don't know, my fucking CREDIT CARD!! Sure, now I think of that! Not that she could have done anything with it, she's not Macy's after all, but all I had to do was give her a reason to keep up the pretense. And offering Ashley my car didn't strike me as the best way to do it. Fuck! Oh well, it was too late now. I'd just have to play it out and hope I hadn't screwed everything up.

" Did you say..."

"I'll give you my car." I reached into the front pocket of my pants and pulled out the key. "Brand new 2004 Mustang convertible with a 4.6 190 horsepower V8 and a 5-speed manual transmission, a keyless remote, power everything and a passive alarm system. Oh yeah, and a 5 CD changer." In case it wasn't already obvious, I really loved that car.

Ashley looked at the key and remote dangling on their ring from my finger then lifted her eyes to meet mine, "You're serious about this. Your car for continuing the lap dance?"

"I am." Well I was now. I could still have kicked myself but there was no way I could go back now. "But there's a condition..." Hell, if I was going to go down I might as well go down swinging for the fences, "You have to take your bra off."

And there it was. My heart was pounding and my breathing was fast and shallow, but at least I was still breathing. Ashley on the other hand was not. When she heard my stipulation her eyes went round once again but to my relief they returned to normal almost immediately. She stood in front of me, unmoving, contemplating the situation. Some might say I had crossed the last line with my "condition", but I knew it wasn't true. That line had been crossed miles back. And it was way too late to worry about it. It was out there now and all I could do was wait for Ashley's response. The fact that she had not yet responded, either with screaming or by throwing a chair at me, was surprisingly encouraging. She reached up and took the key out of my hand.

"You sure about this darlin'? You do realize if I take this I am gonna keep it, don't you?"

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