tagChain StoriesDance of Days Ch. 02

Dance of Days Ch. 02


Tuesday's child is full of grace.

Daria spun gracefully, her arms arched over her head with one leg bent and toe pointed at her knee before jumping forward and joining Alan in a long line of leaps across the stage. Coming together they pressed their hands together with one leg trailing behind them, walked in a circle and then pulled away before she stepped in front of him and he bent her backwards, lowering her arched body until her arm was draped onto the floor the same way her legs were. They held the pose for a moment before he pulled her up and she giggled as he held her close.

"The dance is over," she reminded him, playfully pushing him away.

"I know," he grinned at her, "But can you blame me for being... inspired?" Waggling his eyebrows at her lasciviously he ran his eyes over her slight body. Daria really was beautiful, and he loved to dance with her... and he'd really like to do so much more but he'd never known her to have any kind of relationship beyond friendship with one of her dance partners.

Flaunting her hips at him she started the steps to one of the more provocative parts of their routine, shimmying and twisting, her long legs gracefully leaping and spreading. Watching her expressive and flowing movements he could feel his groin tightening, and he had to fight the sensation... dancer's tights weren't really ideal for concealing a hard-on.

Throwing in a few moves of her own, she spun and leaped until she was in front of him and suddenly the back of her body was pressing against his, her head leaning back onto his shoulder as she rolled down. Raising her arms above her head she put them around the back of his neck and then dragged them down his shoulders and chest as she lowered herself, plie-ing until her head reached his belly and then raising herself up again. Alan stifled a groan as her body rubbed against his, her small but firm ass pressing against his partially hard dick... he kept his hands at his sides, not trusting himself . Turning to look up at him, Daria pursed her lips, "Come on Alan, how much more oobvious do I have to be?"

Completely dumbfounded he looked down at her pretty face, the serious and playful look that filled her dark eyes; they filled with laughter as he stared at her and she went up on tip toes to kiss him. Her lips caressed his and he pressed down against her, bringing his hand up to cup her face gently as the kiss deepened. Still unbelieving, he waited until she made the next move, her hands sliding under the tank top that he was wearing and pulling it over his head. As she began kissing down his chest he moaned and looked down at where her lips were teasing his nipple.

"I thought you didn't have relations with your dance partners," he said hoarsely, his dick was aching in its confinement, but he didn't want to do anything that would cause her to dislike him.

Coming back up to look at him in the face she told him, "I haven't before, but that doesn't mean I don't. And I've liked you for a really long time... but you never put the moves on me and someone told me you actually believed that I didn't date my partners."

"Well, no one's ever known you to do it before," he admitted, "So I thought it was just something you didn't do."

Smiling she kissed him lightly again, "I just haven't been interested in any of them before. I'm interested in you."

"Oh I am definitely interested in you," he breathed, and this time it was him who initiated the kiss and she smiled in delight as his lips lowered. Passionately they kissed, his hands sliding down her back and pulling her close to him.

"Would you like to go to my place?" she whispered, and his heart (and his dick) leapt in excitement. Daria glanced around the workout room with its hard wooden floors, the exercise bar and all the mirrors, "The mirrors here are nice, but it doesn't look to comfortable."

Alan laughed and they shouldered their bags, walking out holding hands.


When they reached Daria's house the first thing they did was hit the shower... caressing and kissing they undressed each other. His breath caught in his throat as he saw her naked for the first time, perfectly shaped with small but firm curves and a small patch of hair on her mound. Kissing from her belly to her nipples, her skin was salty against his tongue.

She moaned as he sucked on her nipple, taking his head in her hands and pulling him up for a kiss on the lips, saying, "Let's get clean before starting any of that."

It was the most sensuous shower he'd ever taken, they kissed and pressed against each other in the hot water, soaping their bodies and hair together. On the pretense of making sure all the soap was off, he ran his hands all over her slick body, squeezing gently whenever he found a particularly sensitive spot. Kissing as the water pounded down on them, she felt fantastic, sliding against his body in the most erotic way.

They got out of the shower, eager and dripping, toweling each other off and teasing... Alan even managed to slide his tongue along her wet slit as he toweled off her legs. Daria moaned and returned the favor by licking the head of his very hard dick, just enough to tease but not putting any real pressure on it. Kissing again they headed into the bedroom where she disengaged and went to leap on the bed, posing provocatively... even just crawling onto a bed she was incredibly elegant, every movement as graceful as when she danced.

Her long legs spread as he began kissing from her toes up to her hips, up to her breasts and finally at her lips; he was kneeling between her thighs, his hands caressing her breasts as their tongues twined. Running her own hands over his muscled shoulders, she pulled him further down on top of herself so that she could feel his dick pressing against her hip. Pushing him off of her for a moment she pulled her long legs up so that they were on either of his shoulders, her body bent nearly in half; he kissed her ankles, sliding his hands in a long caress down her thighs to her ass. Pulling her hips towards him he lined up his dick with her pussy hole, it was wet and slick and he felt his dick throb as he began to push in.

"Ohhhh... yes Alan!" she moaned as his dick began its erotic slide into her wet hole, her muscles clasped and massaged him as he pressed deeper, gasping at her tight slickness. As he buried himself inside her she wriggled underneath him and arched her back, pressing her breasts up into the air. Leaning forward he sucked one nipple into his mouth as he began to thrust, pumping in and out of her body while he suckled at her breast. Her own slim fingers reached down to toy with his little nipples, pinching them gently and he groaned as the sensations went straight to his aching dick.

It was incredibly hard not to just cum in that incredible velvet sheath, not to just lose control... he went slowly, carefully, making sure that he never reached the point of no return. Daria deserved better than that and he was going to give it to her. Grinding his hips against her, he would rest from his thrusts by rubbing his groin on hers, stimulating her clit and making her pussy clasp him even tighter. Her whole body was so amazingly muscled he probably shouldn't have been surprised at the elasticity of her pussy and the fantastic way it caressed him, but he was. Groaning, he tried to control himself as her pussy rippled around him, massaging his entire shaft.

Pulling his head down for a kiss Daria whispered to him, "You can go harder... I'm close..." and her lips locked with his as his hips began to thrust roughly, making her body shudder underneath his. Wrapping his arms under her shoulders he had her bent nearly in two as he pumped and grinded against her, ramming hard and fast until her mouth opened under his and she let out a cry.

Her pussy gripped him its hardest yet, convulsing around him in ecstacy and sucking him deeper into her body; with one final thrust he came, emptying himself into that fantastic pussy that milked him for all he was worth. They passed the finish line together, breathless and ecstatic, until he lay on top of her, her legs sliding down either side of them.

Tired, but content, Daria nuzzled his ear, "Wanna spend the night?"

"Only if I can make you breakfast tomorrow morning," he kissed her and her eyes lit up.

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