Dance Of Delight


Her flesh burned hot beneath his hungry gaze, and her soft pink nipples turned hard and dark with the slightest touch of his fingers. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he explored them, touching and caressing every soft curve and swell that stood proudly before him. Licking his finger, he moistened her precious points, blowing over them and making them ache with desire. Taking them in the palms of his hands, cupping them, he nursed them tenderly, bowing his head to kiss and nibble the newly exposed flesh before him. His hunger grew as need and lust began to pulse through his veins. Her nipples were a delicacy he yearned for and meant to consume with all the ferocity of a hungry child. Lifting her right breast, he sucked it into his mouth, taking as much between his lips as was humanly possible, releasing it slowly until he could feel her tender point on his tongue, and then, with controlled pressure, he used his teeth to stretch the sensitive flesh.

Shikira cried out at the pain and pleasure she was experiencing... such a delicious blend... such a demanding experience. Satisfied that he had tortured her right breast long enough, he turned his oral attentions to her left, massaging and soothing her right in his strong hand. Her head fell back as long, soft moan escaped her lips. As his lips and teeth teased and tormented her left breast, his thumb found the point of her right and pressed hard against it, grinding her nipple hard against her chest. Her fingers clung to his hair, torn between wanting to rip his mouth from her body, to end the sweet torment, and wanting to force it harder against her at the same moment.

Suddenly, he released her breasts, sweeping her up into his arms and carrying her to the bed at the other end of the room. He lay her on the bed with tremendous care, as though he were setting down a delicate china doll, and then once again set his hungry mouth loose on her sweet flesh. Squeezing both breasts, pinching her nipples hard between his fore finger and thumb, he kissed and nibbled his way over the uncharted reign of her stomach. Shikira stretched her arms up over her head, stretching her entire body out beneath him, a smorgasbord of passion demanding to be devoured. His hands moved over her thighs, stroking them through the thin fabrics of her skirts, feeling the slender formation of well toned legs. He wanted those legs. Wanted what they concealed from him. Wanted them embracing him. He could wait no longer. Sliding his hands beneath her, he pulled away the only thing that now lay between him, and her divinity. The fabric fell to the floor in a heap, but he hardly noticed, his gaze transfixed on her smooth shaven mound.

Shaving was something that had become a trademark with Mohammad's harem girls, and they took much pride in helping one another obtain perfect smoothness, an exercise that often led to an night of warm oils, soft massages, and a mass of naked, wet women entwined in wondrous pleasures. Shikira had always taken pleasure in shaving, and being shaven, but never had she felt so proud of her naked womanhood as she did at that moment. The look of wonder in Hudson's eyes was more then enough to touch her heart. He reached out with his fingertips and touched her with the softest of strokes, sending a stream of expectant shudders racing through her body. It was as if he had never seen anything more beautiful, more alluring, or more enchanting then what lay before him now. In truth, he never had.

Lowering his head, he kissed her softly, lingering a moment to breath in her feminine odor. Her legs opened a little, as if with a will all their own; they were inviting him to come closer. It was an offer he could not refuse. Tenderly, he kissed up and down the insides of her thighs, and it was all that Shikira could do not to dig her fingers into his hair and pull his face hard against her. His lingering was torture to her senses, but it was a sweet agony that she would never wish stopped. He leaned in closer, brushing his face against her smoothness, feeling the moisture that glistened on her lips against his cheek. The smell of her tore at his will until he could linger no more. Reaching out with his tongue, he took to her with renewed hunger.

Encasing her sensitive clitoral bead in his mouth, he sucked, drawing it out on his tongue, stretching it between his lips, and then releasing is with a quickness that threatened her sensitive flesh with a sting. Shikira began to fear the power he was commanding over her body. She feared it, yet longed for it. This beautiful, young harem slave yearned to see where it would take her and what dangers lay beyond. Digging her fingers hard into the soft covers of the bed, it was all she could do to maintain a measure of control and still allow him to take her on the journey of her life.

Her mind spun and her senses reeled when his fingers discovered her soft, pink opening, searching and probing, discovering every inch of her womanly delights. Her legs spread wide, held there now by the weight of his body, as she began to wiggle and writhe beneath him. He found her delicious, a delicate morsel to be savored and enjoyed to the last. As his tongue and lips conquered her clitoral majesty, so did his fingers discover and invade her inner realms. She was so smooth, so warm and wet, and so very ready.

With three fingers, he stroked her, filling her and then making her empty again. Each time he withdrew his fingers, she arched her back, her sweet pussy seeking him out and demanding he fill her again. He would not deny her, could not deny her. Bringing her to such pleasure brought him a sense of fulfillment he had never know before. She was so strong, so proud, and yet so innocent and untamed. He had no desire to tame Shikira; to do so would be a horrid waste. Rather, he longed to teach her the freedom of her own spirit, how to spread her wings and fly like the angel she was.

He knew, however, that the devil within himself could not be contained much longer. He stripped quickly, yet without pausing for a moment in his task of teasing and enticing her beautiful body. Never had he seen a woman respond to his touches so fully, so completely, without fears or inhibitions. Watching her body move and answer his ever-quizzical touch was an almost humbling experience, and it drove him in his desire to please her even more.

Leaning over her, he placed the head of his cock against her clit, rubbing slowly and gently over the area, making her body beg him to surrender it into the warmth of her love cavern. He could not stand to make her beg a moment longer. Rising above her, he place the head of his cock close to her opening, and with a sudden thrust, he entered her, filling her completely with his first, very solid, stroke.

Shikira cried out, her fingers digging deep into the flesh of his upper arms, the pain of her grip driving him on. Pulling himself all of the way out, he drove into her again and again. She lifted her hips, moving and rocking to meet his every thrust, joining with him in this dance of souls, until at last, she felt something she had never experienced before. Surrender. Complete surrender. Her head thrust back, her mouth open wide, she gasped for breath as orgasm swept through her, illuminating ever cell in her body.

His thrusting slowed as she rode the waves of her passion, waiting for the right moment, and then increased in speed once again. She cried out again and again, shaking her head from side to side, wishing she could beg him to stop, but knowing it was beyond her power to do so. Tears streaked her cheeks, and short bursts of giggles exploded from her lips; he was taking her places she had never even known existed.

Sweat dripped from Hudson’s forehead and down onto her chest, mingling with her own perspiration. His body ached with the effort it took to control his passion, but he could control it no longer. Throwing back his head and emanating a low growl, Lieutenant Hudson thrust into her one last time, his body pumping every last ounce of his strength into his cock as he emptied his seed deep with in her. He convulsed and shuddered a little, spilling the last drops of his passion, and then lowered his body onto hers, her arms embracing him and holding him close.

As she held him there, she could feel the beating of his heart, the slowing of his breath, the slight quiver in his spent muscles, and she knew that the gift he had just given her was something she would always remember him for, and curse him for as well. Now she knew the power of real passion, and she would never be able to settle for anything less.

Hudson rolled off her, but didn’t lose any of the closeness. His trembling fingers reached out and brushed away a few sweat soaked strands of hair from her face, embraced her chin and turned her to face him. He traced the lines on her lips, her cheeks, her nose, marveling at the pure perfection of her. As his fingers moved across her lips, she kissed them softly, enticing them to linger before moving on. The intimacy between them was magical, and more powerful then either of them could have imagined.

Far off in the eastern sky, the sun made its first fiery mark on the horizon, and Shikira finally drifted off into an exhausted, contented slumber. It was close to noon before she woke, and opened her eyes to find Lieutenant Hudson still beside her, watching her as she slept. This was another new experience for Shikira, and one that touched her deeply. He kissed her softly, pulling her into his arms and holding her close, being more then content just to have her in his embrace.

With her head resting on his chest, Hudson stroked her hair and placed little kisses on her forehead. “Shikira. I am leaving this afternoon, and returning to London.” She jolted upright, looking into his eyes with mixed emotions. This was not something she had thought of while she had enjoyed his pleasures, the possibility of him leaving, but before she could say a word, he pressed a finger to her lips. “I want you to come with me, Shikira. I want to give you your freedom and show you just how big and wonderful the world is. Will you, sweet dancer? Will you come with me?”

Shikira was at a loss for words. She wanted to go with him, with all of her heart, to accept all that he offered, but what of her family here, and her master? She sat back on her haunches and thought for a moment, her hand in his as he kissed each of her fingers in turn.

“Go with him Shikira. I grant you your freedom, and give you my blessing.” Sheik Mohammad stood at the end of the bed, having silently walked up while Shikira was numb with shock. She turned to look at her former master, and could see the sadness in his eyes at what he had just done, at what he knew he had to do. She had never truly been his, not born to the harem. Rescued by it, adopted into it, but she had never truly belonged to the blood. She was a woman that had much to give, and deserved the right to receive all she desired in return. It was time for her to go home.

As Shikira stepped into the carriage that would take her from the only home she had ever known, she reached out her hand and looked into the eyes of the only man she would ever love. Hudson pulled her into his arms, kissing her softly, and whispered words she never thought she’d hear. “Let’s go home, Shikira.”

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