Dance of Lust


I'd landed it. The hottest girl in school, Adelle, was dancing with me, the quiet, slightly-feminine-bodied guy nobody knows, at the school's Christmas Dance. But everyone would know now.

The last slow song had just played, and all the while I knew both of us were thinking the same thing: my place or yours?

"Come on," she said, "let's go to my apartment with Brenna." Brenna was the second hottest girl in school. You probably know what I was thinking.

We grabbed Brenna and quickly made our way to Adelle's apartment with anticipation and adrenaline coursing through my veins. Especially through a particular appendage between my legs.

We finally arrived at the door to her apartment, where she unlocked the door and made our way to the living room after the blinds were closed and the lights dimmed.

Soon enough I found myself kneeling on the floor in front of Adelle and Brenna, slowly taking off their sexy pumps and feeling their stockinged legs all the time.

"You want to make us happy, don't you...?" asked Brenna. I moaned in agreement as they felt my hard shaft through my trousers. I slowly took of my pants and shoes as they teased my cock with their warm tongues. When I looked back, I saw they were doing the same with their skirts and pantyhose - only instead of clits, what I found were two huge shafts protruding from their slender hips.

"What the f-" was all I could get out before Adelle shoved her cock in between my astonished lips. I tried to resist, but Brenna was straddling my body, holding my head in place while rubbing her own shaft up and down my back.

"Here's your opportunity," Adelle said as her thrusts down my throat became harder and faster. After just a few moments, I felt hot and sticky liquid being shot down my dry throat. By that time, I'd given up resisting, realizing there was no escape. I was trapped to be the two shemales' sex slave.

After Adelle had finished her job and Brenna had taken over, Adelle began whispering in my ear: "And there's more. After Brenna's finished fucking your mouth, we'll have a great big surprise for you." The two shemales giggled as I gagged and swallowed the cum flowing out of Brenna's hot dick.

I was then forced to the bathroom where the shemales stripped themselves and me completely and turned on the shower. I then had my hands tied to the ceiling and had every inch of bodily hair shaved - even between my ass cheeks. All the while one of the shemales was sucking my cock relentlessly. Whenever I asked what was going on and what they were going to happen to me, they just giggled and said, "You'll see..."

When that job was done, the shemales forced me into the bedroom where they had clothes laid out - female hosiery.

I finally realized what was going on. "No! I will n-"

"Shhh," Brenna said, "A good shemale does not scream and yell. You will accept your fate whether you like it or not. Besides, once we're done with you here, you'll be hotter as a girl than you ever were as a guy."

I couldn't continue protesting, for Adelle had clamped her hand over my mouth. Well, this can't be so bad, I thought. It'll likely be over before I know it. Besides, every teenage boy has fantasized about wearing those silky stockings and being dressed up by their sister, right? And this is even better than my sister: it's the two hottest girls - I mean, shemales - in school! If I'm being forced to, I might as well enjoy this fantasy come to life.

Of course, I didn't show my excitement, in order to keep what little dignity I had left.

That didn't last long, however. The shemales "forced" me to put on the panties, bra, and garter belt. I went especially slow as I pulled the smooth, opaque-white stockings over my hairless legs, enjoying every second of the sexual pleasure it gave me. All the while, the girls were applying lipstick, blush, and mascara to my face.

Next, the girls escaped to the walk-in closet, where they rummaged around and pulled out a very small red dress with fuzzy-white trimmings. "This will make you look just like Santa's Little Helper," Adelle cooed as Brenna giggled. The dress came on, along with red sequined pumps. Brenna reached inside the front of the dress and applied silicone breasts, which she - and I - fingered for a while before applying a blonde wig and a Santa hat. I finally gained access to a mirror to see the results.

Holy shit, I thought. If I would be seen like this, I would be the third hottest girl in school!

"Look pretty good, don't you, Hun?" Adelle replied to my gaping mouth. "Now let's see if you look just as good with all your holes filled."

I was quickly forced to the floor on all fours and had my silky panties pulled down to reveal my virgin ass and still-bulging shaft. Brenna quickly lubed my hole and her shaft with Vaseline while Adelle once again shoved her cock into my awaiting mouth. Brenna slowly worked her dick between my butt cheeks as I moaned from the pain of having that area suddenly enlarged. She quickly sped up and shoved her cock all the way to touch my prostate, at which I moaned again, but no sound escaped my mouth as Adelle fucked my mouth at the same speed, forcing her dick down my throat. I have no idea how many times they came in my holes or how long it took; nor do I care. I was being fucked in all possible areas by two beautiful shemales. This was my best night ever.

Just when I thought my mouth and ass could take no more of the constant thrusts, both Adelle and Brenna moved out of my holes and forced me to my feet, when Brenna moved into another room and Adelle moved to her knees in front of me. She grasped my excited cock, looked up, and said, "Now it's your turn."

She quickly enveloped my shaft between her red lips. I grasped the back of her head and steadily thrust her mouth back and forth on my now-purple cock. I must have come at least three times before she turned around onto her hands and knees, where I quickly fucked her ass as well.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time," Adelle said between grunts and moans. "Ever since I first met you, I've been planning this event. Your body was just so... perfect... I couldn't resist but make you my partner..."

"I'm certainly glad you did," I replied as I shot my second load down her beautiful ass. As I pulled out, Brenna came back in the room to suck me off as well. "Three cocks are certainly better than one..." I moaned as she deep-throated me. Meanwhile, Adelle moved behind Brenna to take her in the ass. Our chorus of grunts and moans went well into the night.

As we lay there on the floor, still lightly teasing each other's shafts with our tired tongues, I asked after my tenth orgasm, "What now? People will certainly start to wonder if I don't return to my dorm..."

Both Adelle and Brenna started giggling again. "Oh, silly," Adelle said, "Our love-fest was just the beginning of the night's events."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I realized what Brenna had gone to do in the other room.

No, this night was certainly not over. In fact, this was just the beginning.

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