Dance Partners


He is a stranger to her, new to the club that she frequents, probably new to the area, but he intrigues her. His hair is dark, really dark, it blends with the night as he enters through the open back door. The door opens on a dark alley, usually filled with the ruffians of the world. They never enter, just hang around outside waiting for some unsuspecting couple wondering outside for a little dark privacy. The door is normally kept closed and locked, yet this tall stranger had just walked in through it, looking as if he belonged there.

She sips her drink watching as he slips silently through the crowd on the dance floor. No one appears to notice him. He moves towards the bar and orders a drink, then he turns, casually surveying the room. He appears interested in everything happening around him, yet nothing piques his curiosity. She is sitting on the far side of the bar, which dominates the centre of the room, still watching him.

She takes her last sip and placing the empty glass on the glossy surface slides off the barstool. She walks along the bar towards him, her high heels making a soft clicking noise on the wooden floor, her skirt of soft suede caressing her thighs and buttocks. His head turns in her direction and he watches as she draws nearer, feels her brush lightly against his arm and turns to see her disappear into the narrow corridor leading to the toilets. He stands, placing his glass on the bar and follows her.

He is leaning against the wall outside the ladies when she comes out. She glances at him, taking in his casual stance and the way his eyes never leave her face. His eyes travel the length of her body as she walks back into the room. She's wearing a tight black top, with a zip closed to the point midway between her breasts. Her skirt barely covers her shapely buttocks, which sway as her long luscious legs carry her into the crowd.

He slips into the crowd moving to his left, to where stairs lead up to a balcony. His boots make no sound as he moves up the thick red-carpeted stairs. He follows the railing as it circles high above the heads of the dancers. Mid-way round he stops, leans against the railing and watches her dancing below him. His vantage point gives him a clear view of her soft, unrestrained cleavage. He doesn't watch it; his eyes traverse the room, checking every face and their companion. Eventually he seems to grow bored of this and directs his gaze to her dance partner. It's a new guy, not bad looking but a bit desperate and totally besotted with her. He can see the bulge in the guy's pants, watches as he tries to get closer and she keeps dancing away, just out of reach but still dancing with the guy.

It's getting late or early. He makes his way down the stairs and again slides into the crowd. He circles the room reaching a point along the wall behind her. He leans against it, watching her, waiting. She can feel his gaze on her, it makes her nervous but her movements become even more sensual, tantalizing him. She soon forgets about the guy she's dancing with. Her eyes close as dances towards him, never turning around to see if he's really there.

He can feel the bulge in his own pants as he watches her slow movements, the way she runs her hands over herself. He steps forward, allowing her to melt into him. His hands move to cover her hands as his body follows hers, his bulge hard against her buttocks.

She turns, allowing his warm manly scent to enfold her. They move together, feeling each other's heat, their eyes locked. Her hand moves between them unbuttoning his shirt. She runs her fingers over his hard chest and plays with the little patch of hair at the base of his neck. Her hand slips down over his muscled stomach, neatly unzipping her top. He pulls her close, feeling her breasts hot against his chest, her nipples pushing into his skin.

His hands explore her, moving through her hair, down her neck, brushing lightly over her exposed breasts and over her tight butt. He slips a hand in the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. She rests he cheek on his shoulder her arms tight around his neck. His other hand runs slowly over her butt and onto her naked thigh, then gently under the skirt. His fingers explore her naked pantiless butt, moving down between her thighs.

The tip of his finger reaches soft wet heat. He caresses it, enjoying her soft gasps, muffled by his shirt. He slips his finger into the depression of her hole, circling it. Then slowly, agonizingly, he slips the tip just inside her. She bites his neck, stifling a loud groan. His hand moves around between them leaving her skirt hiked up so that anyone who happened to look would have a tantalizing glimpse of naked buttock. He unzips his pants, freeing his massive cock from his restraining boxers. Hiking her skirt up at the front, he pushes his cock between the wet lips of her pussy, sliding ever so slightly backwards and forwards.

She can feel tiny droplets of pussy juice slipping down the inside of her thigh, but her will is focused completely on this man and the burning desire inside her. Lifting herself up on him she lets his cock slip into position at her opening. Moaning as she feels herself opening around him, she slides down. He buries his head in her hair, muffling his own noises. He can feel his cock buried deep inside her, can feel her heat burning him. They move against each other, dancing around the room. The crowd moves around them, unaware of the passion consuming the two dancers.

The slow movements of their dance, the friction between his chest and her breasts, his cock and her pussy, make them wild. They dance towards the bar, in his mind he sees himself lifting her onto the bar and making wild love in front of everyone. He smiles, thinking about the reactions they'd get. Instead he manoeuvres her onto a barstool and orders a drink while gently thrusting into her.

As she slides onto the seat, she feels her skirt lift up, the cold leather against her naked butt-cheeks. This makes her even hotter and she feels her pussy contract around his cock in the beginnings of orgasm. Feeling this he slips his hand down, massaging her clitoris, causing her to explode around him. Pussy juice floods out around him, drenching the seat. She falls against him, dizzy and satisfied.

They down their drinks and move back onto the dance floor, her skirt hiked up. But no one notices, they're too involved in themselves. He lifts her and she wraps her legs round his waist. He carries her into a dark corner and pushes her against the wall. His thrusts come fast and hard, each one seemingly deeper than the last. He comes quickly, filling her with his hot semen. They collapse exhausted, the floor cold beneath them.

After a minute she stands up and heads for the ladies room. She cleans up and heads out the club, a glance around confirms that he's gone. She can still feel him inside her, smell him on her skin, she smiles as she walks out the door.

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