tagLoving WivesDance With My Wife?

Dance With My Wife?


My wife is an amateur musician, and she plays in a small ensemble that performs early music. This isn't my cup of tea, but I can tolerate her practicing recorders and other old instruments.

As you might imagine, the small group of musicians are mostly of the geek variety. Good players but not mainstream types. One of them is John who is a biology teacher by day and is married to a lovely exotic woman named Carol.

Carol is also a teacher. She is tall, slim and expressive with long hair and one hellofa sexy smile. She and John don't seem to fit, but she has some loopy habits that sort of make their marriage logical.

On the other hand, John is getting toward late middle age, thickening around the middle, balding and can't carry on a conversation for any length of time without boring everyone to tears.

Oh well, takes all kinds.

I'd been to John and Carol's home a few times and always enjoyed watching her and dreaming what she looked like naked – one of my favorite pastimes!

Recently, things took a turn. We were all together at an event where there was dancing and a large roomful of people. My wife and I aren't much at dancing and were just watching. John stood with us, watching others enjoy the music and dancing. His wife was in rapt conversation with another group.

John asked my wife to dance. I was a bit surprised, but it would certainly be OK by me. She declined and said she's a better observer than a dancer.

I decided to act. I walked up to John and nodded, then I whispered to him, "You can dance with my wife if I can fuck your wife."

He just stood there. Frozen. Maybe he was in shock that I would say something like that to him. Or maybe he was considering the possibility. After a few seconds passed in silence, John just nodded and silently left us.

My wife didn't hear what I'd said to John and wished him goodbye as he walked away toward his wife's table. He was pensive the rest of the night, and I enjoyed watching him slink around the room, not doubt with his head buzzing about what I'd said.

I saw him head to the punch bowl and made a point to speak to him again, privately. "Carol must be a great fuck. Has she ever had a really large cock?"

John turned beet red and said nothing and moved away as fast as possible. I was banking that he would be so shook up by my words that he wouldn't say anything to my wife. To keep their music group together, he knew he couldn't outright say anything.

For the rest of the evening, I made a point of talking to Carol and being sure that John saw me talking to his wife. He stayed clear of me even though he could see us together. Of course, I said nothing like those words to her. She and I just made small talk, but I often looked over to John and waved, then turned to oogle his lovely wife.

John never went back to ask my wife to dance.

I was just having fun with him. At the next performance of the ensemble, I sat on the front row beside Carol and listened. John looked a little bothered by that, but what could he do?

Not long afterward, I ran into Carol at the shopping mall. We greeted each other and stopped to talk for a minute. I couldn't resist. I asked her, "Say, did John ever tell you what we were talking about?"

I thought if he wanted to deny what I'd said to him, he could. Or, if he wanted secretly to see his wife fucked, he just might cave in and tell her what I said. This way, it would be up to him to decide.

About a week later I received a letter in the mail. It was a long hand written letter from John. He told me that Carol had asked him about what I'd said, and he was disturbed and told her it was nothing. She dropped it.

But John wrote the letter because, as he told me, ever since I whispered to him about fucking his wife, he had been in a constant state of arousal. He said that night at the dance he got a hardon that surprised even Carol when they got home.

Ever since, the thought to seeing her fucked by another man had occupied his thinking. Bottom line? He wanted to know if I was serious. And he wanted to know what I meant by "a really large cock."

Well, now I was the one with the can't-stop erection problem!

John said that if I was serious and not kidding that we should meet to talk. I immediately picked up the phone and called his house. Carol answered. "Hi Carol, this is Hank. How are you?" After a few seconds, I asked, "May I speak with John?"

I heard Carol shout out, "John, phone for you." "It's Hank, can you pick up?" John's voice came on the line, "Got it, you can hang up now."

Unknown to us, Carol didn't hang up. I guess she was curious about my comment to her in the mall and decided to listen in.

"John, I got your wonderful letter, and I'm calling to let you know I was and am serious about fucking your wife." I decided to use bold words since apparently they had got him aroused before.

"Not so loud!" John replied. "You startled me when you mentioned this, but it was interested from the start." "I just didn't know if you were serious." "Tell me now, what in the world do you have in mind?"

"Well, John," I said, "why don't we meet and talk about it?"

"That might be hard for me to get out of the house," John answered.

"OK, then let's talk about it now, if you can."

"I don't know where to start," said Jim. "I'm still in shock about the whole idea. But like I wrote in the letter, the idea of doing this makes me.... Well, I can hardly think about anything else ever since you mentioned it."

"Does Carol know?" I asked.

"Oh god, no," he answered.

"Are you gonna tell her?"

"I dunno." "It seems so strange." "How would I bring it up?"

I told him, "You could ask her if she ever had a fantasy about other men."

"Yeah, maybe, but what if she hates it and accuses me of being a pervert?"

"Risky, ain't it?" I replied to John.

"What do you think?" "And what did you mean about that "big" thing?"

I drew a long breath and decided to try to take over. "John, I've done this many times. In fact, over the years, my greatest fun is to fuck other men's wives. There are dozens of ways to go about it by coaxing or trickery or some of both."

"To answer your second question, my cock is eleven inches long and very thick." "In fact, that's been my best calling card."

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Then, "Did you say 'eleven?'"

We agreed to think about it and talk again soon. Click, click. We hung up. What neither of us knew was that Carol was lingering on the phone the whole time.

That night I was stiff as a board and leaking like crazy until I emptied myself into my wife's pussy. That calmed me down enough to sleep, but in the morning I was ready to go again.

I work at home while I wife is away at her job. About noon the phone rang.

It was Carol.

"Hello Carol," I said. "What's up?"

"Hank, I've been so puzzled about what you said to me in the mall, something about talking with John. He said it was nothing. Now I'm all giddy thinking that maybe you two are up to something."

Gulp. What to say? "Oh, it was nothing, Carol."

"Are you sure?" she replied. "Well, anyway, can you come over to my house on Thursday? John will be out of town, and we have a deliver that I need some help with."

"Oh, sure, I could do that. What time?"

For some reason, I decided not to tell John about this. I had no idea what was up, if anything. But it seemed best to keep it quiet and see what Carol might really want.

On Thursday, I knocked at Carol and John's door. She answered and looked terrific. Her high waist and long slender legs looked great in shorts. "Come in," she invited me.

I had no idea that Carol listened to that phone conversation, but evidently it had excited her, too. Here's what happened next.

"Hank, the delivery came yesterday actually, but while John's out of town I wanted to get your opinion of what I ordered." "Before John gets back tomorrow, can I show you what I ordered?"

"Sure, Carol," I said, "I'm glad to help out with anything."

With that, she disappeared into her bedroom and told me, through the closed door, to make myself comfortable in the living room.

Five minutes later, she came out dressed to the nines in the most beautiful black evening dress with all the bells and whistles. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "Carol, you look more beautiful than ever."

"Thanks, Hank, that's just want I wanted to know." "I thought it looked good, but I wanted another man's opinion."

The dress was form fitting and showed off her figure, modest but nice bust line, very huggable waist, and flaring hips that taper to legs to die for, then black heels. Her legs were covered in black nylons, and she even had long white gloves. Kind of a throwback to the Audrey Hepburn look.

"But wait, Hank, that's not all I want to you see." She walked to the kitchen and poured us two drinks. "Wait here and I'll be back in a jiffy."

Another five minutes later and her bedroom door opened. Out she came but this time in just her lingerie, lingerie specially matched to her dress. She was all in black.

We'd seen each other in bathing suits before, so this wasn't more revealing than her bathing suits. But lingerie! That was special. My ole boner was starting to stir.

"What do you think?" "Is it too over the top?"

"Are you kidding?" I said. "It's excellent!"

"I'm glad you think so, Hank," she told me. "Does it make you want to fuck me?"

Holy shit, I was taken aback! "What?"

"Hank, who do you think you're dealing with here?" "I was listening to you and John on the phone call the other night."

"You were?"

"You bet your big ole cock I was!"

"You don't need to work through John to fuck me. Just ask." And at that moment she started to unhook her bra and let her full breasts come into view. "Like that, don't you, Hank?"

I was the one in shock now. But what a good kind of shock it was.

"If you're wondering, no, John and I have never done anything like this before. But he was so turned on after you talked with him that I couldn't keep his little peter out of my pussy." "You do want to see my pussy, don't you Hank?"

I gulped. "Oh please, yes."

"First, I want to see you dick. I wanna know if it's as big as you say it is. Cause I've never seen one even half that size."

Now I was on the spot to show her my dick. No problem. In seconds I was stripped down and my dong was swaying from side to side, gaining altitude as I let her look at it.

"Make hard," Carol commanded. She paraded in front of me in her panties and stockings and heels while I let nature take its course. I put my hands behind my back and said, "Look, Ma, no hands!" as my pecker pumped up larger and larger. Cum drips began to ooze from my pee hole pucker.

"Maybe I can help," said Carol as she sat on the sofa and spread her legs. She touched herself and laughed as my cock jerked and leaked.

"Why don't you take my panties off?"

With that offer, I leapt to her and inched them down. What I saw was a perfect pussy with jet black hair trimmed perfectly. Her pussy lips were puffy and clearly visible with little bits of pink inner lips exposed.

In no time we were fucking in her bedroom and across the floor and on the patio. Finally exhausted, we relaxed and started planning for John's return.

Carole said, "Why don't we surprise John?" "You now, let's pretend this never happened. I won't let on that I heard your phone call. You make plans with him to fuck me. Whatever he suggests, I'll play along innocently."

"Sure, that sounds like a plan," I said.

"But, here's the catch," Carol said, "John's clearly into this because he is intrigued by your big cock."

"Oh, you think so?" I answered.

"I know so," she replied. "I've suspected that secretly he'd like to suck a dick." '

"Nothing wrong with that," I said smiling.

"Nope, not at all. But he can't admit it. So let's plan an evening he won't forget."

Weeks passed. John and I talked on and off about plans. And in between, Carol and I fucked every chance we got.

Finally we settled on an idea. John had talked to Carol and got her to agree to think about a threesome. Supposedly I wouldn't know about it, and they would invite me over for drinks so Carol could test her feelings to see if she could go through with it. At least that's what John thought was going on. Carol and I had made different plans.

The night we met, John was super nervous, and Carol pretended to be shy. I took the initiative and said suggestive things about how pretty Carol looked and how great she looked in bathing suits.

I looked at John and said, "When I saw Carol in the mall that time she was buying new bathing suits. Could we ask her to model them for us?"

John's eyes widened. He looked at her. Carol said, "Well, I guess so." "I may need to do a little, you know, trimming 'down there' first."

With that comment, Carol lifted her skirt right here in front of us to let us see her panties. "Do you two think I should trim first?"

John was a goner. I could see him drift almost out of consciousness to see his wife behave like this in front of me. He thought this would just be an exploratory evening for Carol to test her feelings. Evidently, she was ready for step two.

I looked carefully at her panties and said, "Carol, I think you look lovely. Your pussy hair isn't too out of control."

John was becoming a pool of blubber. If he tried to talk, he would have sounded like Porky Pig.

I looked directly at John and said, "I trim my wife for her bathing suits. I'd be glad to give Carol a little shave." Then I looked at Carol.

Carol didn't wait, "OK, I'll get the things we need." In two shakes she returned with a razor and shaving cream. She settled back on the sofa between her husband and me and raised up her skirt all the way. "What do I do now?"

"Carol, you're just fine," I said. "Hold up that skirt while I take care of you."

With that she spread her legs apart and gave me full access to the work area. I applied a thin layer of lather to her few pubes that were outside of her panty zone and bent over for a close look.

Meanwhile, Carol looked at her husband and said, "Isn't Hank nice to do this for me?" Poor John was almost shivering with anticipation as he watched another man touch his wife's legs and pry them farther apart.

I gently removed the stray black hairs and asked as I shaved her, "Carol, have you ever shaved your entire pussy area before?"

"Golly no, Hank," she answered, "do women do that?"

"Oh sure, I sometimes do it for my wife, and I've done if for quite a few wives of other men before."

"You're kidding," Carol said.

"No, not at all. It's quite popular with some couples. Personally, I prefer not to shave a woman entirely. It's all up to you."

Carol looked over at John and said, "What do you think, honey, should we let Hank have my pussy?"

I swear that John was drooling by now. I could even see the wet spot in his pants. He must have been dripping a little river of cum.

Carol saw that John was in no condition to answer. "Gee, Hank, if we were to let you shave me, I guess that means you'd get to see my pussy?"

"I'm afraid I would insist," I told her. Then I too looked at John, "With your permission, I am going to remove your wife's panties." "And then I'm going to remove all the hair from her pussy." "With your permission."

We were playing poor John like a fiddle!

Carol pleaded, "John, tell the man what you want him to do." "Say, 'Hank, I want you to take off my wife's panties and then I want you to shave her pussy bare." "He won't do it unless you tell him to." "Come on Hank, tell the man what you want him to do to my pussy."

I added, "Yes, John, it's up to you. I can stop and go home or you can watch me take off Carol's panties." "Wouldn't you like to watch while I take them off?" "Wouldn't you like another man to see your wife's pussy?"

John was nodding yes furiously but he wasn't making a sound. "Tell me, John, tell me what you want me to do."

Carol smiled at me and gave me a knowing look.

Finally John spurted out, "For god's sake, take off my wife's panties and shave her pussy!"

"Oh John, I'm so glad you're here. I'd never let a man do that without you here to protect me," said Carol. "Sit over there in the arm chair and watch us, won't you?"

With difficulty, John stood to walk over to the chair.

"First," Carol called out, "John, why don't you get comfortable?" "You know...." And John unbuckled his trousers, stepped out of them, and the lowered his boxers to reveal a shriveled sorry excuse for a man dick. It was already hard at about four inches, skinny and very wet with his own cum.

When he sat in the chair to watch us, Carol got up and said, "John, I've been thinking about all we talked about this week, and I think I'm more excited than I had thought I would be. Would you let me tie you to the chair so you'll have to watch us?"

She didn't even wait for him to think and reply. Carol reached under the chair where she had hidden several lengths of rope and started winding them around his chest and arms and legs, taking a moment to stoke his stiffy. John just moaned and sat there calmly with his pecker sticking straight up in the air.

"Oh, John, I think you're excited about this!" Carol was being understated. "Hank, I think I'm ready."

I settled Carol on the sofa so that John would have a good view, then I looked back at John and asked, "With your approval, mister tied up husband?" He nodded eagerly and I began to lower his wife's panties.

Her cunt was magnificent, and by now after all the evening's excitement her pussy lips were full and pouting. I already knew her pussy quite well, but John didn't know that, and his eyes were bulging as he watched me enjoy what he though was my first view of his wife's naked charms.

First the scissors removed the larger part of Carol's pussy hair, and then the razor carefully changed her cunt mound into a smooth hill that emphasized the look of her protruding pussy lips.

"Carol, go over and let John see how you look now," I said. "John, do you like what I did to your wife?" He was speechless and licked his lips. Then Carol leaned down and tugged on his willie a few times, still stiff as a popsicle stick.

"Carol, did John tell you about my cock?" I said. She turned to look at me as I lowered my trousers and boxers. There was my dangling dick, hanging down as long as it gets before it starts to rise up. Probably eight or nine thick inches bobbing in front of her and John.

Carol pretended to be surprised and pressed her hands to her cheeks, "Oh, my goodness!" "John, do you think I can take that?"

Poor John. He couldn't touch his pecker and his wife was teasing him. But I could tell he was loving it.

"Hubby," she said to John, "I just don't think I should let Hank fuck me." "He's so large, and it might not fit inside me." "Besides, it's not hard yet."

Then she surprised me, "Hank, I bet that John would like to suck on your dick to make it get bigger." "Why don't you go over there and make him suck your cock?"

I was puzzled, but I was willing to do whatever she asked. She sat back on the sofa, laid back and relaxed, and watched me edge close to her tied up husband.

"Go on, John, get him hard for me." "If you get him really hard, I might let Hank put it into me." "And I know you'd like that."

John opened his mouth and I slid my rubbery dick in. Then I felt a little tugging as he sucked on me. Then I felt his tongue surround my big cock head. In a few moments he was going full steam ahead gobbling my dick like he was an expert.

Carol just laid back and watched us. It was then I began to wonder, who was fooling whom? Was this all a set up just to get me to let John suck my cock? Had Carol fucked me just to distract me? Had she listened to the phone call on purpose? Had John told her on that first night what I told him about fucking his wife? Maybe I was the sucker. Only one way to find out.

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