tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDancin' With the Devil

Dancin' With the Devil


While rooting through my closet for about the 50th time that night, I found myself distracted by (or maybe just more aware) the dampness that was rapidly gathering between my legs. Thinking about it for a moment was all that it took for me to smile and decide that I was really going to make the most of that night. Then I picked out a smokin' outfit and prepared to hit the dance club...solo.

This night was going to be "all about me " I figured it was not my choice to be all alone that weekend, so he didn't get a vote on what my social calendar would entail Saying it out loud a few times to the reflection in the mirror seemed to empower me a bit more and as I suited myself up for the festivities in my little black mini, peach blouse (that laces up the front & highlights the little bit of cleavage that I have), high heeled-black suede boots that come up to the knees & scream "FUCK ME", sheer black thigh high stockings w/a lacy garter belt and no panties (That's right...commando I thought what the hell...it wasn't like my forehead had a tattoo on it, right? No one would know that the frisky little blonde dancing in her seat all night didn't listen to her mother If I was in an accident & had to be taken to the hospital, the nurses wouldn't give a shit if my ass had "skivvies" on it or not ), I got friskier by the minute.

The anticipation turned to excitement and my pussy felt like it was stoking the hell-fires for Satan himself The moment was almost too much for me to handle and if I didn't have the good sense to sit down when I did, I probably would've fainted.

As I sat there on my red padded cedar chest trying to compose myself, I caught sight of my bare pussy in the mirror. Instantly it felt like an electrical storm was brewing from my soul, sending bolts of lightening directly to my engorged clit and running the full length of my labia...and then back again My glistening slit was twitching and I hadn't even touched it yet, so I spread my thighs nice & wide to get a better look at my shimmery pussy going into seizures right before my very eyes It took my breath away and for a moment I thought I'd cum before I even began The control it took for me to get a grip must have been a gift from the heavens, so I thanked God...and then I got a grip on my favorite little pocket rocket Somehow I was able to refrain from lodging an "all-out-assault" on my very sensitive pleasure zone. Teasing my clit lightly with my vibe & penetrating my twat with a finger (or 2)...(while watching myself) was such an erotic turn-on. At that moment I felt like I was the most sensual & sexual being on the planet and 10 minutes later I mustered up the strength to get my ass out the door and rolling down the road.

Living in a somewhat rural area can really suck if you're looking for something to do on a Friday night, if you let it. With proper planning you can guarantee yourself a night of limitless pleasure, safe from prosecution and harm...with the what (dancing), where (the bar near my boyfriends house & a reservation for the night at the motel across the street from there - so I don't have to drive to welcome him home in the morning...with a hangover) & when (IN 45 MINUTES - w/o traffic) out of the way, I hopped in my car and headed down the highway

About half of the way there I hit some light traffic. It was almost 5 full minutes after we'd started moving again, that I realized my fingers were probing, massaging & teasing my hot juicy twat...again Oh my...the feeling was incredible Before I knew it I was turning into the club parking lot. I found a spot to park near the back and turned off the ignition. After scanning the immediate area for people, I relaxed and set out to complete the "task-at-hand"...figuring it'd be better for me not to go inside all tensed up.

Starting with two fingers, I rubbed my clit in small circular motions until it was protruding proudly from the inner folds of my pussy lips & thumping out a drum beat comparable to the Beach Boys song "Wipe Out", finding words to describe the ecstasy I was wrapped in is virtually impossible to do accurately but I'll start by telling you that I was like a banshee in heat that's been chained down while all the souls in purgatory caress her naked body & then use a cigarette to try to satisfy her lust.

With three of my fingers wildly fucking my creamy cunt and my thumb rubbing my love button for what seemed to be an eternity of blissful desire, I realized that I was having a real difficulty bringing myself to an orgasm. Frustration possessed me in a nanosecond (or so it seemed) but remedying this lust-laden, newly crowned nymphomaniacs' need for a fix of "deep shaft drilling" was proving to be just out of my reach. At that point in time I'd have offered my right eye if I had to. I needed a hard cock filling my insides but I was going to have to make do with something else...but what?

That's when I felt something near my foot. I grabbed at it blindly a few times before I was able to grip it good. Raising it up slowly (almost fearfully) until it was right before my eyes, gave my brain time to catch up and I saw that it was a tube of tanning lotion...a rather large one at that Ripping into the glove box I found a wet-nap cloth, tore it open, wiped any dirt from my surrogate sex toy and jammed it as far up my fuck canal as it would go and quickly found the rhythm I needed. Furiously I fucked my pussy and rubbed my clit as if my life depended on it, finally I felt the orgasm beginning to build. The intensity was indescribable, brewing from the center of my being...like my entire body was participating in the release...the flood walls let loose I was going to cum & cumming is what I did for the next 15 minutes, solid. Writhing, jerking & twitching like an epileptic fit on steroids all alone in my car wasn't something I did often, so any thought or worry of being seen hadn't entered my mind. No thoughts about anything (other than satisfying my cunts need for a fill) even entered my mind for that matter. When my orgasmic ride finally came to a close, I used another moist wipe in a feeble attempt to tend to any tell-tale signs of kinky deviant perversion and headed into the bar.

Looking around the elbow-to-elbow crowd packed in there, I was sure that I'd be stuck standing for the rest of the night but luckily I focused in on 1 empty stool at the far corner of the bar. Making my way through the mix of drunks, I unexpectedly felt a cool breeze blow over my swollen pussy lips and I realized that the sweet flow of nectar from "juicy fruit" was not yet complete. With no chance of tending to myself discreetly, I had no choice but to hope that the river running down my legs wouldn't catch any ones attention and sit my horny ass down

The bartender appeared from nowhere, holding a drink out to me and said, "The gentleman said he saw your performance earlier and thought you'd be in need of a nice stiff drink. This is a Long Island Iced Tea but if you'd prefer another..." Before he could finish his sentence I grabbed the glass, chugged it all down in 2.2 seconds and handed the empty back to him. He cocked his head to the side, obviously shocked at my thirst quenching boldness and asked if I wanted the same. Before I answered the question I needed to know who sent the first but when my drink slinger looked around to point to him...he couldn't be found. Fuck it, I thought about it some more and told the bartender to bring me the same and keep them coming all night or until I passed out. "Sure thing sweetheart. Your adoring fan gave me a $100 bill to cover your drinks for the night...as soon as I see him again I'll try to show him to you" Then he was off to make me another drink.

He returned to me with a drink in each hand and after he put them down he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded napkin. As he handed it to me he smiled & said, "Yes this is from that same guy but he vanished again, sorry." I assured him that I was not disappointed with him at all and told him not to worry about it, as I was sure that there was at least one other patron that must be parched. He thanked me & walked away...once he was gone I opened the napkin. The note said, "Finish up this one & go shake that ass for me on the dance floor...I just may join you, in time." Deciding to play his game, at least for a little while, I downed my drink in a couple swigs and did a slide-sachet step onto the dance floor. Feeling sexy and powerful, I let go of my inhibitions and gave anyone who cared to watch the show of a lifetime. Gyrating my groove perfectly timed to the beat, I danced for "him" as if he were in front of me enjoying a private dance meant only for his eyes. The music took control and before I knew it there were 4 guys on the floor dancing all around me. I danced with them all through 5 songs before I had to excuse myself so I sit down for a rest & get another drink, letting them know that I was "waiting" for a friend and could not join any of them for a drink tonight.

Wanting to see the person who'd witnessed my "solo flight", I flagged the bartender down and when he gave me the fresh drink that was in his hand, he laughed and said, "This is driving you nuts, isn't it? What show are you in anyhow? You must be really good Are you the star of the production?" Unable to stifle the laugh inside of me, I could barely breath as I tried to answer. Finally I managed to state with state all of the sincerity I could muster that I performed alone in an "artistic musical-drama" that I wrote myself and was currently trying to find a producer. Surely this man must've viewed my performance earlier tonight but I hadn't had the chance to introduce myself to any of the people that my agent invited, I explained.

Before he walked off he handed me another napkin with a note on it, this one read:

"Very nice Why don't you spread your thighs wide for me while you're sitting down? I would love to see how wet your pussy right now...if you rub that clit for me right now you'll be rewarded very soon The only thing you should think about is how badly you want me to suck on that swollen nub when I finger-fuck your twat "

Knocking back that drink & another one right behind it was enough to have me pretty intoxicated and by the time the next note was delivered I surely was wasted. The message stated that I should find a spot at the far end of the dance floor, back by the game room where the bannister offered a place to set my drink down. Then I was to lean over the railing so that my ass peeked out from my skirt, just a bit...

That thought triggered my lust jones and had me wanting a real fuck...real bad. I stood just as he'd asked me to for more than 5 minutes, as my patience grew thin it must have shown on my face because right as I was getting ready to abandon this liaison I felt his presence behind me. When I tried to turn around to look at him, he stopped me cold & placed another note down next to my drink.

"No peeking, panting or moaning. If you can keep your eyes on the dance floor and do as you're told, I can promise you passion like you've never known. Nod your head if you want me to continue."

I nodded in agreement.

Then I felt him get close to me and our hips started to sway as one, in a sensuous grind, that heightened the effects of the alcohol I'd consumed and sent my head spinning bit. By the time I was able to focus again he'd managed to slip 2 fingers into my fiery fuck-hole and proceeded to slowly work them in & out until I started fucking back against his fingers. He leaned in & whispered in my ear, "More?" I nodded again, so he rewarded me by adding a third finger to the sex he was giving my pussy. Penetrating me deeper & harder now, he was close to sending me over the edge and he knew it...when he withdrew his hand without any warning my knees about buckled. He drew me close to him, I thought he was going to whisper in my ear again but he surprised me by shoving his hard, thick prick up my dripping cooz'...going balls deep in one smooth thrust. When he felt my wetness running down his balls he cooed, "Yeah baby You love my cock in you, stirring your juices up..." Deciding that he loved torturing me with this ecstasy, he abruptly pulled his dick out of the steaming ocean of desire he'd created said to be at my car in 2 minutes so we could finish this dance properly.

Once I was confidant that my legs would carry me to this heavenly encounter I was on my way

When I got halfway out the door it hit me...like a friggan tornado. Panic took over and I started thinking about how things had gotten this far before any thought of my love for my boyfriend and how it was now destroyed...totally & completely I'd ruined the best love I'd ever known. As I approached my car sobbing uncontrollably, I prepared to diffuse this thing any way that I could. While my brain was set on warp drive in a black hole, I began explaining things before I saw him. Apologizing pathetically as I rounded another truck, I looked up...and even though my head didn't explode instantaneously...I was positive that it was going to do just that because looking back at me with his bedroom blues was none-other than my baby.

Laughing as he began to talking he said, "If I didn't see that horrified look on your face I would've assumed that you knew it was me the whole time. You thought you'd gotten carried away with a perfect stranger...that's why you're crying & shaking like this. Oh honey, it's okay...really it is. I fed you enough alcohol tonight to blind a million owls. Didn't you wonder how your stranger knew that you loved Long Island Iced Tea's?"

With one move he spun me around, bending me over the back of my car. Then he shoved his 8" shaft into my pussy, fucking me deep & hard till my cunt was soaking his balls with cum and then said, "Getting you drunk was all part of my fantasy. You were going to need it to relax enough so this wouldn't hurt too much..." With that said, he pulled away just till his cock slipped from my slit & then gave it to me good...he slid his prick into my ass crack and then pushed his thick rod all the way into my ass. He was met with an enthusiasm that neither one of us expected. I felt no pain or inhibitions...I only felt the pure joy of my approaching orgasm. Almost as if we'd planned it, we both were cumming...the load he let loose up my ass was oozing a steady flow and my pussy was like the rush of Niagra Falls with multiple orgasms rocking me from the depths of my soul.

It took some time for the two of us to come back down to earth and when we did...we were greeting by the horns of 2 pick-up trucks honking, as they cheered us on.

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