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Dancing Dalaran Beefsteak


Again and again Geme cast her line into the Dalaran fountain. She had been doing it for hours, and it wanly occured to her she'd be doing it for hours more. She was past tedium, merely a mild irritation that she still hadn't caught the last coin for her set. Now and then she'd idly gaze up at the clear, frigid sky above Dalaran - its pleasant deep blue hue a shade lighter than her own skin - and gaze back down at the water, wanly observing the ripples in the fountain from each cast of her line. The bobber would bounce and she would haul it in. A relaxing if soporific activity unbroken by any sudden change in her surroundings until...

She smelled something funky. And she felt something big moving vigorously behind her. Slowly, warily, the sapphire-skinned draenei turned. Her eyes went wide.

A great inebriated Tauren, his white-and-brown hunk nude save for a loincloth, was dancing vigorously, not a meter behind her back. Her eyes met his and he hooted and cheered and went on dancing, shuffling side to side, flexing and pumping his fists in the air. He was thick with the smell of strong rum and male Tauren body odor. Passerbys pretended to not see him, continuing on their way, their pace unbroken. Loitering mages continued their petty hobnobbing. But Geme's mind went blank. She backpedaled slowly, still holding her brilliantly tricked-out fishing pole, then dashed down the street, past a row of shops and mageworks, finally diving into a pet store.

Geme glanced idly about the store, peering into the massive fishtank full of crabs and pufferfish, at the cages of all sorts of insects and small animals, the shelves of accessories - collars and brushes and such. Slowly it occured to her - why did the sight of that Tauren drive her into such a panic? He was ever so huggably cute-

Her eyes turned to one of the displays. Upon the brilliant golden straw stood the Tauren - as before, dancing in his loincloth, and as she turned to him he again cheered, hooted, and chanted something in Taurahe: "Bo parr mahne! Bo parr mahne! Bo parr mahne!"

Again Geme was overwhelmed by panic and fled out the door. Down the sewers to the Underbelly Tavern. She had been there only once years ago but somehow now seemeed the moment for another visit. She dashed, one delicate hoof in front of the other, her generous blue bust bouncing beneath the low hem of her reinforced shaman's robe, fleshy tail wagging with excitement, down the sewer pipe, right at the second junction, she saw the ornery blood elf waitress walk by with a platter of drinks and appetizers. She came to a stop at the front desk of the bar and...

...was once more face-to-face with the dancing Tauren. She just noticed for the first time that his white splotches, especially that one across his snout, stretched in the funniest, cutest way whenever he flexed his tough arms. This guy works as hard as he parties...Geme already saw how this had to end but... The human proprietor and blood elf waitress both glared at her. They didn't seem to mind the Tauren, or even notice he was there. Probably a regular. Geme dashed back down the sewer pipe, past discarded vials and putrid offal and everything else that flowed through Dalaran's sewers. One pipe, to her left, led up to the surface, but Geme decided to take the right pipe. She was in an adventurous mood.

She found herself looking out the overflow pipe that drained into Lake Wintergrasp. Out the pipe lay the stunning vista of the frozen landscape, yet the sewer itself lay within the magical aura of warmth that enveloped the city. She turned away and as she glanced back into the city she already knew what her eyes would meet with, and she was not the least bit surprised this time to see...her friend, the dancing tauren, with his off-white chest and forearms and splotches of light brown everywhere else. He hooted and pumped his fist at Geme again.

Her feelings of panic and reservation were gone. She knew what she wanted.

With two motions of her delicate, nimble blue fingers Geme undid the front clasp of her reinforced leather robe and let it fall to the ground. The magical convection of warmth that ran through the city pulsed over her brilliant sapphire curves, over her bust and shoulders and butt and arms and thighs, the occasional crosswinds of chill just slightly tantalizing. She turned her exposed butt to the Tauren and waggled it back and forth hard a few times before giving her butt a resounding slap, like a fleshy blue bass drum. Geme did a spectacular Shattrathi pole dance, waggling and shaking her way towards the still-dancing Tauren, his mirth now compounded by palpable excitement, rubbing up against his white-and-brown flanks and increasingly protruding loincloth. She tugged at one side of her thong, then the other, then the former, pulling it down with sharp tugs to each side, like a stripper. It caught for a moment on her engorged vuvla, blue, silver and lavender beneath its silk folds; a sharper tug left the undergarment empty at her hooves.

The Tauren was still very much drunk and full of mirth but Geme could see his cute, dark bovine eyes widen with excitement. She could smell the sweat of his arousal. Her naked butt still rubbing against his thigh, occasionally teasing her vulva, she reached behind her and pulled down his loincloth. The tips of her fingers stroked his manhood, hinting at its proportions...she turned and gasped with desire at the sight of the thing.

To be sure, the Tauren did not circumcise. The manhood, off-white with cute blotches of brown like the rest of his body, was a long, wide, conical chunk of beefy flesh (and Geme was amused at the irony), his abundant scrotum a mass of virile folds. The entire organ heaved with his desire. Geme was beyond herself. She knelt and- well, not so much knelt as dove in, taking its enormity into her mouth. His manhood was delightfully warm and fleshy, sweat made it slightly salty, it exuded an intoxicating male scent. She licked it up and down with her small grey ciliated tongue. Geme was aware draenei tongues were a bit rougher than those of most races, and apparently the Tauren found the uncommon tingling irresistable. With her tongue and palate she felt the manhood throb and throb with mad desire. Giving it one last squeeze with both her long-fingered blue fists and a last deep kiss, she pulled it out from her mouth and turned her back to him again, bracing herself against the damp, lichen-covered stone walls of the sewer pipe, guiding the massive organ into her love canal.

The warm bliss of gratification too long denied filled her. Geme's passage was tight with disuse and overexcitement but wet with desire. The Tauren pushed a bit with his torso and Geme pushed back with her hooves and hips. She grunted with passion and the Tauren grunted back. She grunted again, louder. The Tauren grunted again, louder. His manhood was now ten inches in her and her passage had adjusted itself for comfort. Their grunts now became quick, shallow, involuntary, passionate, all their energy focused on pumping each other again and again. Geme felt her own wetness trickle down her legs. The Tauren gripped her hips tighter. Just as the draenei thought it couldn't get any better, he pulled her tail - hard - eliciting an excited squeal. This was too much for Geme - her love canal tightened and her luminous sky-blue eyes flashed brilliant white and rolled upwards.

It was at this point that a raven-haired human female paladin, having heard the sonorous echos of coos, grunts and moans echoing down through the sewers to the pier where she sat fishing and bounded down the pipe to check out the action, discreetly peeked around the pipe junction. Too horrified to look on but too fascinated to look away, she cupped both hands over her mouth and ducked back around the corner - then looked on again, finally she stared on, moon-eyed with bedazzlement. The lovers were far too engrossed in their passionate congress to take any notice of the human, and would not have cared even if they had. It occured to the human to check her engineering toolbox to see if she had brought...yes, there it was...

With a bellowing "MOOOO!!!" the Tauren came to a finish within Geme. Through her body she felt waves of passion course as warm emmision filled her in abundance - joined her own fluids in trickling down her leg. She savored the sensation, waggling her blue butt and tail side to side for a moment.

I want to ride the bull... With a sweep of her long, gracefully double-joined leg she took down the Tauren and in an instant he was on his back. She spread her legs and mounted his still-erect brown-and-offwhite prominence, took the mound of flesh and foreskin still damp and guided it in her relaxed passage.

Oooohh~! MOOOO Oooohh~! MOOOO!!! The Tauren was entirely in Geme's power (she suddenly realized, she still didn't know his name nor even if they mutually understood any language) and she began to pump him hard with her hips, rocking back and forth, her toned, broad, smooth deep blue thighs slapping loudly against his light-brown flanks. Her tail teased his massive scrotum and below that his fine massive butt as she pounded up and down, her firm round blue breasts bouncing free up and down with her body. Her oil-black hair streamed behind her, shiny and wet with sweat like the rest of her body. The Tauren lay completely prone, his disproportionately short but rippled arms at his side, jerking hard with his mighty chest and thighs into Geme - but she did most of the work. From the sewer junction, the paladin continued to voyeur, her engineering device now activated.

Geme was first surprised then pleased to find that Tauren - this one, at least - were capable of climaxing more than once in a short period. She felt his manhood swelling, eagerly throbbing within her. But she wanted to see, to taste, to have his manliness all over her face and breasts and body. She dismounted him, knelt before his still-prone form, and again serviced his speckled manhood, its glorious fleshy folds, its conical virility, with her hands and mouth. Eagerly demanded it recognize her womanly passion.

And so the Tauren made his emission. In abundance. His emission sloshed forth in torrents upon Geme's blue cheeks, her delicate nose and blue-ridged forehead. Too much for her face, the musky white wave, like water from a hose, swept down onto her breasts and abdomen and thighs. Geme blinked through the filthy delicious mess that now covered her fair features, smiled and opened her eyes wide - only to be greeted by another wave of ejaculate, briefer and more forceful than the first but still exceeding in abundance. Finally his conical manhood drooped - the hose exhausted.

Geme was overawed with sheer sensation, the afterglow of amazing sex. Sweat and male emission lay in slicks up and down her voluptuous blue curves. She knelt forward and cuddled the Tauren for what seemed like an eternity. A big giant cute Tauren doll. The human fiddled with her engineering device.

Finally the Tauren rose, waved a silent 'goodbye!', pulled up his discarded loincloth and backpedaled away from the satiated draenei girl...back and back and back straight out the pipe flowing out into Lake Wintergrasp two hundred meters below. Geme gasped - her eyes went wide - she dashed to the edge of the pipe and looked down - her erstwhile lover was nowhere to be seen.

And she was still naked, and covered in sweat and emission.

The human knew it was time for her to make a getaway. Thoughtfully, ever compassionate, she let fall some scraps of cloth she had in her bags and made sure to give the pipe a loud thump before running away as fast as she could. As she did, her engineering device gave off a loud beep. Its recording cartridge was full.

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