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Dancing in Zero G


Captain Michael Korvalis and I had been avoiding each other as much as is possible on an Akira class starship since I arrived on board three months ago. The U.S.S. Olympus was a long range science vessel exploring the far reaches of the milky way galaxy. My duties as assistant to the Chief of Engineering kept me very busy and thankfully away from the bridge. Michael and I had a long on again off again romantic history and why he requested me to be a member of his crew was a little confusing to me. Neither of us could move on, not that I really wanted to, but we were married to our careers. I tried to forget that one erotic encounter last month in the turbolift since it was apparent Michael didn't want to make a commitment. He seemed to be avoiding me since then. What we had was over long ago. What happened in that turbolift was a fluke, just two lonely people satisfying a primitive urge. I made a promise to myself to not let that happen again. It was just too hard.

I was lost in my personal reverie doing a repair on a burned out power conduit when Chief O'Malley approached me.

"Lt. Madison.....Lieutenant......T'sonia!" That finally got my attention.

"Sorry Chief, did you say something?" I brushed a strand of red hair out of my eyes and tucked it behind my ear.

"The Captain reported having a problem with the artificial gravity on his yacht when he took it out yesterday. He sent down a request that we do a full diagnostic on it to make sure all systems are running at peak parameters. He specifically requested you. I want you to get to work on that immediately." Chief O'Malley saw the look on my face and cocked his head to the side. "Is there a problem Lt.?"

"Oh no sir, I was just thinking how I'd like to finish this project you gave me first. Couldn't Ens. Alvarez do it, sir?" I preferred to stay far away from anything that would remind me of him.

"Not this time, lieutenant. The Captain has requested your assistance. That's what you get for graduating at the top of your class, my dear, the Captain has faith in your abilities. Don't let me or him down." He walked off.

Sure, I thought, but just which of my abilities did the Captain really have in mind. I got my equipment and headed to the special docking port where the captain's yacht was berthed on the underside of the primary hull. After entering the code the doors opened and I stepped aboard. I was amazed at the luxury of this type of vehicle, the size, the separate sleeping quarters, the rich wood decor. It was obvious that no expense was spared to see to the comforts of the lucky person who achieved captaincy of a starship. I planned to run the diagnostic first, make any necessary repairs, and hoped that would be enough. I didn't want to have to take it out on a test run.

I ran every test I could think of on primary systems, back-up systems, etc. Except for one minor malalignment, I couldn't find anything to fix. I gave the ship a "tune-up" as I liked to call it, and was putting away my tools, when the door swished open.

"Have you figured out what's wrong with my ship, Lt.?" Captain Michael Korvalis stood there with his hands on his hips looking for all the world like he just stepped out of a Greek mythology book. A god in mortal form....

After I pushed that thought aside with a lot of effort I managed to say "I didn't see much wrong, sir, but I gave her a thorough level 2 diagnostic and made sure the artificial-grav unit specs were right where they should be. I don't think you'll have any more problem, Captain." I picked up my tools and waited to be dismissed, trying to look calm and professional, avoiding his gaze.

"Still, I think I want to take her out for a spin just to be sure. Have a seat Lt." He pointed to the copilot seat, sitting down in the pilot's seat and starting preparations for undocking. I had no choice but to obey, feeling my pulse quicken. Being this close to him was like subtle torture. My body seemed intent on becoming annoyingly excited and a battle for self control raged on silently as I sat there. Michael glanced over at me and smiled his eyes twinkling. "There's something I want to show you so relax and enjoy the ride."

"Aye, sir." Oh God, I thought to myself, I know that look. I experienced a premonition that I'd be tending to that primitive urge again soon.

He took us out about a half light year from the U.S.S. Olympus at Warp 4 to where a beautiful orange and purple gaseous cloud about 70,000 kilometers in diameter was slowly rotating. There was a pulsar in its center that the sensors picked up as a rhythmic drumbeat. Michael set the ship to face it and turned on the autopilot. We sat there in silence a few moments enjoying it, listening to the heartbeat of that beautiful cloud. "Pretty isn't it? I discovered it yesterday and wanted to share it with you, T'sonia. I know how you appreciate a rare cosmic display."

"It takes my breath away! And that thrumming of the pulsar is almost hypnotic!" I smiled sideways at him. "You never had any trouble with the ship did you?"

"No, not really, do you forgive me?" He took my hand and kissed it lightly on the inside of my wrist, his touch sending little goose bumps up my arm.

"Only if you feed me. I was heading to lunch when you kidnaped me."

"It would be my pleasure to satiate your hunger." He said with a smile and a wink, getting up and moving to the galley.

Michael and I sat in the lounging area and ate some delicious pasta, a Greek salad with feta, and a glass of red wine. The wine helped take away some of my nervousness so when he finally rose and looked down at me, pulled me up and kissed me, I passionately responded. He told me he'd been trying to think of a way for us to be together since last month and apologized for being so busy and neglecting me. When he led me to the sleeping quarters, my mind yelled "RESIST! Then another voice in my head said "why the hell would I want to do that?" "Because you will regret it, mark my words." "Oh shut up and let me have some fun for a change!"(the voices continued their little argument so I ignored them).

The double bunk had a beautiful quilt on it with a winged white stallion pulling a chariot towards the sun with a figure that looked amazingly like you know who. I laughed softly when I saw the image. Michael noticed me looking at it and asked "You like it? It was made especially for me by the vestal virgins in my home town in Greece." Virgins indeed, with him around I doubt if they remained that way for long!

I murmured something about my suspicions being confirmed about him being a demi-god.

Michael laughed softly and came up behind me pressing my body to his. He pulled my long hair to one side and kissed the back of my neck moving up to my ear as he unzipped my uniform. His strong hands gently stripped me of my clothes. The argument in my mind was gone leaving unbearable anticipation in its wake. He undid my bra and let it fall to the floor then hooked two fingers in my black satin panties. He slowly pulled them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. He kissed my neck once more and slid his hands appreciatively down my body and over my hips before moving away. Michael made me stand there, exposed and trembling, while he slowly removed his uniform staying just out of reach. He was in perfect shape, tanned and leanly muscled. I could see his beautiful cock bulging inside his briefs, and I started to reach out to him. "No, No....not yet my love...I have a surprise."

He told me to lay face down on the double bunk and put my wrists through a satin rope with a loop which he attached to the built in headboard. I started to protest but he hushed me saying "Trust me, you are going to love this!" He went to the access panel and keyed in a few commands and I felt myself slowly float up from the bed. Michael had switched the artificial gravity off and we were floating in zero G. I held onto the satin rope which kept me in place a few feet above the bed. He commanded the computer to play some romantic music then floated over to me. I felt his hands on my ankles and he turned me slowly around, spreading my legs so he could bury his face in my moist pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he licked me and sucked my clit till it was hard and quivering. Michael knew me well and just before the impending orgasm he stopped, gazing into my eyes. He told me to slip my hands out of the rope and pull both knees up to my chest as he rotated me 180 degrees, coming up behind me. Like a sensual docking procedure he settled me down onto his erection in one smooth motion til he was all the way inside. Then he held me by the hips and thrust slowly in and out, in and out, sometimes rotating me a quarter turn one way and then the other creating the most delicious sensations. It was an erotic floating dance of love like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I moaned in response.... ohhhh god how I moaned. When he eventually came I too exploded in an orgasm that sent shudders of pleasure down my inner thighs and up into my belly. A few suspended drops of cum floated around after it leaked out of my overflowing pussy. With his still hard cock inside, he rotated me to face him and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We floated there for several minutes kissing deep while the music drifted along with us.

Then Michael reluctantly "undocked" and turned the grav unit back on and protected me as we fell the small distance down to the bunk. We lay there for a while, naked, smelling of sex, limbs entwined, enjoying the moment. The lightness of zero gravity slowly dissipated as we readjusted to normal gravity. He traced around my left nipple with his forefinger caressing it and making it hard again. He lowered his lips to it and sucked for a long delicious moment before giving the same attention to my other nipple getting me wet again. I ran my fingers through his thick black hair whimpering appreciatively.

Then Michael whispered "You're my little Imzadi and you always will be". I was a little surprised that he felt the same way I did about him. Imzadi...that alien word that meant the same as soulmate in Terran English. I kissed his lips once more. Stolen hours were all we could hope for, our duties always coming first before our pleasure. Yet, it was enough, hell it was more than enough! Only my sexy Michael would think of taking me "dancing" in zero G. I pulled him to me and we danced again, this time the old fashioned way.

The End

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