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Dancing with Donna


My youngest son moved to Portland a few years ago, he is a scuba diver and does not seem to mind the icy water. I own my own small company that makes gages and I have a few customers in the Northwest, so at least once a year I bump a salesman to make sales calls and visit my son and his family. His hoard has grown to four beautiful daughters and granddad doesn't fit in their small house any more during visits.

Luckily the Greenway Inn is not far away and I stay there. For my first two stays, I did not know that once a week it is the premier hangout for older professional singles. I begged off Wednesday night's dinner at my son's house and went shopping in the bar of the motel.

Truthfully, I expected very little, I'm sixty, tall and in good shape but my age usually puts me out of the running. I don't dress to show I'm successful because I discovered I'm easily spotted by single moms who are behind on their debts. I nursed my Michelob Ultra in a bottle, not cool to drink out of the bottle, not a trendy microbrew or a more sophisticated wine, and watched the lovelies dance. One darling loved to dance so much she was on the dance floor a lot, with and without a partner. Oddly enough, never with the man she was sitting with. They both wore wedding rings. He did not like to dance but watched over her as she danced with every man who asked. She was older than most there, maybe forty. I decided to risk receiving her first putdown of the night. She said "Yes" and I got to indulge my greatest delight, to touch and talk with a lovely woman.

Within ten seconds she had me. Her body danced submissively, following without effort, reading my moves and needing no verbal comments. No wonder she had been dancing almost every dance.

Our second dance was a safe fast one that offered little time for talk but she lingered against my body as I twirled her into me at the end of the song.

"I know I am keeping you from your date and all of your other suitors but dance with me one more time and I will quit pestering you tonight."

A slow song, more my style, started, as if, on my queue. I held my breath for the first few bars. Her body was soft, feminine and her outrageous pheromones captured my desire. She asked about me this time. I had discovered that her table partner was indeed her non-dancing, reserved, shy husband of twenty years. Together they and four boys and she had recently begun to push to feel life, freedom and fun. She was a strong woman and had her own company. With family and work, passion and life seemed to be slipping away with each year. I told her I was a widower, staying in the Greenway and traveled to see my son a few times a year from the warmer San Diego climate. When I said I love the weather there because I'm a BAMBI weekend warrior and ride an old softail Harley, her body melted into mine and she confessed to having a bike of her own but no riding partner.

For the rest of the long song we laughed, spun and she pressed her softness into a part of me that was showing too much interest. I danced her to the opposite part of the floor from her husband. As the song ended, she looked at me and I tilted her head and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Her eyes closed. I like that.

"Thank you for dancing with me and making my evening special. I wish we could get away for a couple of hours to get to know each other more. Better yet, I wish we could take off on a sunny day and ride until we got lost and have a picnic by a stream in the forest."

"I enjoyed dancing with you and talking also."

When I returned her to her table, she introduced me to Harold. He was unassertive and only casually acknowledged our meeting.

"Harold, I enjoyed meeting you and cannot thank you enough for allowing your wife to dance with me. I don't think I have ever enjoyed three dances so much." My hand had been resting on Donna's neck and teasing under her ears. She pressed back into my palm as I left.

About nine I was deciding to finish my beer and call it a night when Donna came up behind me.

"Harold is going to go check on our boys. The youngest one seemed to be sick tonight when we left. He asked if you will watch over me for a couple of hours?"

I twirled my imaginary handle-bar moustache and replied, ""Of course I will watch over you and protect you," said the spider to the fly."

I guided her toward the dance floor and asked, "Will you dance with me again?"

Donna had warned me that she can be an alpha personality, especially at work. "Yes, but I have never seen the rooms in this place. Maybe we can order room service and dance more privately there."

I turned back to the bartender, told him what I wanted sent to my room and tipped him a twenty. Donna's body was warmer in my arms for one more dance in the bar. As we walked down the hall, I asked, "What is your bike?"

Her eyes twinkled, "Only a Sportster 883 but I love it."

"It has the Harley sounds and vibrations."

"Oh, yes it does."

The Greenway had done a good job and our champagne, desert and coffee thermos was on a wheeled cart inside and the lighting was soft in the room. We found the good dance music channel on the television. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and removed her shoes and then stood and removed mine and my socks.

"I like to dance barefooted."

The heat in my body and the discomfort in my pants increased ten-fold when she held up her stockinged foot, wiggled her toes and said, "So do I."

I knelt in front of her as she stood, trapped between me and the bed. I kissed her through her skirt just above her pussy as my hands slowly slid up the outside of her legs, over her thighs and hips, clasping the top of her panty hose and panties. I pulled and she moved just right for them both to slip smoothly over her ass and hips. I wanted this to take a while so I let my hands wander over the bare skin of her belly and around to the long crevice that separated her lovely cheeks. When my hand pulled slowly again at the rolled up slippery clothing, my thumbs rubbed ever so briefly over her ovaries, down into her closely cropped hair, spread her, rubbed lightly above her hood and continued to tug gently. My hands were in heaven, rubbing between her thighs and around her legs to assure her confinements did not bind and promised freedom in a minute or two.

I scooted back two feet when her wrappings came free in my hands. I brought them to my face and inhaled her. Her eyes were locked on my lips when I kissed at the dampness that had seeped from her. She continued to watch when I lifted one of her feet and sucked at the middle tender toe. Now it was time to disappoint her, slow her and torture myself.

I stood and pulled her up, held her close and we danced, letting our bodies learn to be as sensuous as they could be. I waited for her to thrust against my thigh before I ventured my first French kiss. Her body was ready. In fact I heard it say, "What took you so long."

For three more songs we danced, kissed and touched gently. Donna raised the ante. In our dance, I had pushed her body away from mine for a moment. She let her hand slip from holding my ass around to my hip and when I turned she let it hold my almost hard twisted cock. When I pulled her back to me, her hands went up under my shirt and rested in the hair on my chest. My male nipples were in the palms of her hands. She rubbed showing me how she would like the same.

"Kiss me again Donna."

Just as her lips touched mine, she gave me her tongue and I sucked it gently. My hands slipped under her sweater to the double hooks on the back of her bra. The hooks wanted to cooperate and opened easily. She pushed away from my chest so my hands would have room to circle back and cup her now free breasts.

Her voice rang of some complaint, "Your touch and your kisses are so tender."

"I am perfectly capable of taking what I want, if you are capable of matching me and being pleased."

Before her mind could catch up, I pushed her sweater and bra up over her head and pulled them down behind her twisting them, leaving her hands trapped. At first, her body tensed. My right hand was free to play with her left nipple, rub her neck and then nestle under her arm and pull her body to me so my lips could use her breast, suck, lick and kiss around the nub only to return to suckle. She began to relax again when I rose up to kiss her with all the skill and passion I knew. Her tongue pushed mine away and sought to explore. I released her bindings and she pulled her hands free, pushing my shirt over my head and allowing her hands to return to playing with the hair on my chest. Her head pushed mine away and she licked at my right nipple.

"You might get a hair that way."

"I like the hair on your chest."

While she played, my right hand pulled her skirt up and I slipped two fingers into her wet, welcoming slit. There was a little resistance. I waited; her opening stretched and I began to thrust gently and rub my thumb softly into the buried ridge over her hooded clit. Donna brought her lips back to mine, tilted her hips for me and accepted my fingers. When I curled them and pressed into her g-spot; she gasped and sucked my breath into her lungs.

"Suck my tongue like it was my dick while I play with you."

She sucked. Harder and harder she sucked. I tightened the muscles in my tongue as if she had made it hard. Her legs spread wider wanting more. My fetish had been denied too long. The two fingers from inside her steamed and strung with her wetness when I held them between us. I touched them to her lips and then closed mine on them too. We kissed between my fingers, she sucked at one and I sucked the other, then we traded fingers and licked at each others' tongues.

"I need to taste more of you. Remove your skirt and lie back on the bed. Open your knees to spread her for me."

By the time my slacks were off, she reached for me and guided my head. My fingers slipped in to press her spot while I began to suck each lip and lick at the tiny drops that clung just inside her. Her taste, her smell were heaven and I needed more, so much more. She would cum for me this way. She would feed me a little of her womb's nectar but I wanted her to know what I expected from her.

"Spread your arms wide, Donna. Wrap them into the sheet. I want you to cum for me and let me enjoy the tastes from your body and then, even if you are sensitive, I want you to stay bound and spread. Suffer for me. I will put my cock deep into you, kiss you so you can taste yourself on my lips and I will fuck your sensitive pussy until it wants to cum again."

I wanted to dive back between her legs but slowly I kissed my way down her open thighs, nibbled at where her legs started and licked below her wonderful slit. This time I opened her with my thumbs. Still I had two fingers pressing her magic spot, pushing her clit out to tempt me. I licked until her juices were gone for the moment and began to thrust into her with my fingers, pulling back across her sponge and watching juice flow from her. Her hips began to churn and arch for me. She knew not to say a word but her sounds pleaded for my tongue and lips, to help her race toward climax. She had heard my speech and knew she would willingly suffer. But she also knew her taste had me struggling for control, hurting not to take her fast and hard so I could have my own release. Her body enjoyed the anguish it gave me.

For long teasing minutes, I varied everything, kissing, touching, thrusting my fingers, pressing and sucking. Her sounds were of frustration that I did not continue without change so she could cum. I did not tell her but this time I would give her what her body was asking me for. Slow even thrusts from my fingers pressed into her magic spot. The flat of my tongue pressed and licked her and my lips gently nursed her clit - all in perfect unchanging time. Her hips arched of the bed, effortless lifting me. Her belly and legs began to tremble and I could hear her breathing get more strained and ragged.

One quiet word was all she gave me to enjoy. "Yes," she said as I pressed my fingers tight into her g-spot, pulled them across and let them slip from her body. She squirted onto my neck and I frantically lowered my lips to drink from her fountain. My nose rubbed her clit until my tongue returned and she thrust, riding the last of her high. Her thighs clamped tight around my head. I licked one last time and felt her sensitive body recoil but still expect more.

Her hands were half way curled up, pulling hard at the sheets and her legs were tight still trembling holding me, hoping that I would leave her clit alone. For a moment she relaxed when I pushed her knees apart and lifted up.

"Guide my cock inside you."

Donna accidently rubbed the tight, hard, slippery head over her clit and moaned in sensitive pain. She relaxed with the soothing slide into her body that stretched her but stayed away from her clit until my cock's base settled against her. Already the sensitivity was leaving. I pulled back and thrust. Her body welcomed me and began to open even more.

My lips found hers and I pulled almost out of her and thrust in firmly, pressing into her.

She was proud that she could take me and how her body made me twist in pleasure. We kissed and my thrusts were met with little tilting rises from her hips. Her movement assured that my cock would slide across her no longer objecting clit.

One of her hands touched me. I grabbed each of her wrists and pinned them above her head. My knees spread her and pinned her while I continued to thrust and suck her tongue. Her mouth hung open slightly and my tongue explored between her lips and teeth. She started to swallow but I swallowed her wetness first. She was pinned, spread, being devoured and fucked smoothly. Being taken was new for her but I had not allowed her to come down from her first high. Her mind had not come back to tell her what her body should not enjoy. Her body began to betray her immediately. She moaned into my mouth and began to thrust up at me. I drove her back down each time she lifted.

Donna's lovely cunt began to suck at my cock and I struggled not to cum. I wanted her to play one more role for me. Her body could please mine a thousand ways but this might be our only time together. I wanted to watch her. In between kisses she began to talk, but I could not understand. I don't believe she did either but her body was tensing, telling me where it was.

She curled up toward me the best she could, reached for me with her lips and her cunt grabbed the base of my cock and pulled it like a milking machine. The whimper said her climax was starting. I brought my legs together, wrapped her arms around me and rolled, pulling her over straddling me, sitting her on top.

Her eyes popped open; they were full of lust and the start of pure pleasure.

"Drive her down hard. Take all of me into your body."

The last inch drove me into her cervix causing her a mix of pleasure and discomfort.

"Now you have all of me inside you. Take what you want. Use my body and my cock to cum as much as you want. Just make sure I cum too somewhere along the way."

She was slow to start. I reached down and began to massage her clit.

"Fuck me, Donna."

I wasn't ready for the launch of her body. It went from zero to wild in no seconds. I had worried about being rough with her but hips flew and she ground our pubic bones together twisting her clit. Her fingers grabbed at the skin on my chest and she used it to steady the long, maddening slides of my cock into her tight sucking sheath. Her hips moved like an elliptical exercise machine, rolling almost off me and then driving back. I had been so careful. Now she pushed wetness out around my cock when she came but never slowed going right into another higher orgasm.

This one was more difficult for her. Sweat beaded from her brow and she breathed with her mouth open. She got close again and growled her order, "Cum with me."

I was so happy to oblige. My balls tightened, my belly tightened and nothing mattered in the world except pumping into her while her face was contorted, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her pussy drained my body so easily.

Her wet sweaty body collapsed on mine. We were too hot to survive and did not have a complete breath between us. Still my cock lurched and her body milked at it. Neither of us could go on or could stop.

The strange time came. That time when first time lovers who really don't know each other, wind down and feel awkward. I did not want that for this woman, not for her memory or for mine.

"Donna, you have made my year and given me one of the most beautiful times to remember for a lifetime. It could only be better if we could put on our leathers and roar away."

"What a thought - escaping into freedom with a satisfied pussy vibrating on my Harley's seat."

"I like how your mind works. Let's have some champagne and you tell me about your best bike trip. Make one up if you want to."

I wrapped a towel around me and she pulled the comforter off the bed to wrap around her. We laughed and told stories for most of an hour when she said, "I need to get dressed."

"Come here first."

Donna stood nude in front of me.

"Open your legs."

Some of our combined juices flowed from her. I touched them and offered them to her. She grabbed my wrist and sucked my fingers. My cock grew rock hard. She noticed but played my fetish. Her own fingers squished deep between her bright red lips and she pushed them into my only slightly opened mouth. She thrust them against my tongue and rubbed them against the inside of my mouth, wet them again and pushed them deep across my tongue, into my throat.


Her fingers were dripping this time. I guided her hips over my cock and opened my mouth. She settled down on me in time with pushing her fingers into my sucking lips. I sucked and she thrust. I sucked, played with her breasts and she thrust. I kissed her lovely mouth and she thrust. I held her and she thrust, trembled and came. When she recovered, she lifted off my throbbing cock, knelt between my legs, lowered her head and began to suck me and bob her head up and down. Her fingers helped around the sensitive ridge. It was more sensitive pain than pleasure, so I grabbed the back of my chair and hoped that I would cum soon. She sucked another minute, my ass was an inch off the chair, trying to endure and my arms shook holding my weight. My balls tightened and her swallows matched the time of every pulse. Mercifully, her mouth was still and my body relaxed into the chair. I winced when her thumb squeezed tightly above my balls and pushed the tube under my cock to milk out the last drops. She kissed them off the tip when they appeared.

We sat and held each other for a few more minutes and then we got up, went to the bathroom, washed and began to dress. She started to say something but I held my finger to my lips,

"Let's don't say anything. You and your body were very special to me tonight. If I say anything, I will sound foolish and ask to see you again."

Hand-in-hand, Donna and I strutted down the hall smiling, satisfied and looking for her ever patient, Harold. It was a few minutes after twelve. The bar was nearly empty.

I'm too extraverted for my own good, "Harold, I hope you have not been waiting for us very long. How was your son?"

"Everything was fine. It looks like they want us to leave pretty soon."

We walked together to the front doors. I was still holding Donna's hand. "Harold, I want to thank you for letting me watch over Donna. You have a very special, passionate wife."

I reached out for his hand and put hers in his, reluctantly relinquishing my few hours of custody. My fetish flared one more time. I leaned toward her, pulled her head to mine and kissed her. I could still taste my cum.

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