tagIncest/TabooDancing with Mom

Dancing with Mom

byDecayed Angel©

The Christmas Party was a grand affair with what looked to be hundreds of guests, twenty to thirty waiters, four separate bars and two bands. It stretched throughout the country club spilling out over the pool and golf pro shop. Cars filled the parking lot and both sides of the long entrance drive to the country club. Valet's were running all over the place getting the cars parked for the late arrivers as well as returning cars for the very few who were leaving early.

Mark had made arrangements to help park the cars until the initial rush was over, then he was to slip into the locker room and change into the appropriate party attire and join his family at the party. None of the other staff members at the club were afforded such privileges, but Mark's parents were Legacy Members with over twenty years of club membership so Mark was not just any employee. As busy as the valet's were, Mark was finally able to pull away around eight-thirty, much later than everyone expected so he quickly hurried into the locker room, took a shower and then changed into his formal clothing.

When he finally made it into the party, he hurried over to the bar and ordered two Whiskey Sours and then headed to his parent's table located up at the front of the main dining room. By the time he made it to the table, he had finished one of the drinks and was nearly half finished with the second. Arriving at the table, he noticed that he was well behind everyone else, so he gulped the last of his second drink just before shaking his father's hand. His mom was really wasted and when he moved over to kiss her, she stood up and faced him, standing so close her breasts brushed against his chest.

"You made it finally, I'm so glad my love," she said kissing him on the cheek, but then turning her head as they pulled apart, brushing her lips across his. "I was getting worried about you."

"There were a lot of cars, so I couldn't get away as early as I wanted," he replied, moving around his mother to head to his chair, noticing her hand running down across his chest as he passed her. His father had waved down a waiter who brought Mark his dinner and took a drink order for two more Whiskey Sours. Mark had only recently turned twenty-one and enthusiastically embraced his family's enjoyment of social as well as some unsocial drinking.

He quickly began eating the crab legs and shrimp featured on the top level menu for the party. Partygoers had a choice between several different menu choices for the evening, with a price ranging from a modest thirty dollars a person up to two hundred per person, which included an unlimited bar tab, crab legs, shrimp and lobster. Of course Mark's parents opted for the most expensive and planned to get their money's worth from just the bar tab alone.

"Isn't this just a wonderful party?" his mother asked.

"Yeah, I only wish Erica could have made it," Mark replied.

"She's here somewhere working I'm sure," his father said, remembering the strings he pulled to get the club to hire a Hispanic girl for anything more than a maid or dishwasher's position at the club. It was something that caused quite a fight in their house.

"I don't know why you worry about that slut," his mother chimed in, ready to fight the fight all over again.

"Mom, she's a nice girl," Mark said, a bit agitated.

"All she's after is your money, our money and I know just what she's doing to get it."

"Now honey, they're both adults now, and besides, Mark isn't considering marrying her, he's just having a quick fling before heading off to grad school. Once he's there he'll find plenty of other women. Besides, he needs to learn something about sex, even the best raised women these days will appreciate a guy with some experience."

Mark's two additional whiskey sours had arrived and he quickly drained both, working hard to catch up to his parents. He ate his crab legs and shrimp and was about to flag down the waiter for another couple of drinks and the lobster when he noticed his mother looking at him oddly. She stood up, paused while she steadied herself holding the back of her chair and then walked over to him.

Leaning down, she moved her mouth close to his ear, letting her cheek brush against his as she asked, "Will you dance with me Mark?"

"But..." he started, about to complain that all he wanted was another drink and his lobster, but when she stepped back and pulled his hand he figured he'd go ahead and get this over with. "Okay, but just one mother, I want to finish my dinner."

Mark stood up and started to head for the dance floor there in the main dining area, but his mother tugged his hand leading him out of the main banquet room. He followed her out of the main building over near the pool where another band was set up on the patio there. A song was already playing so his mom quickly grabbed him and began dancing long before they got anywhere near the dance floor.

Following her lead, he placed one hand on her hip and took her other hand in his. He stood back from her a bit, but she wrenched her arm around him and pulled him tight against her. As they began to move he noticed her grinding her thigh against him and the feel of it oddly caused his cock to harden some. Wondering what was happening, he played along, figuring the song would be over soon.

It felt kind of good to Mark, so he continued dancing, letting her grind against his cock as they moved back into a small area of the patio surrounded by trees. The whiskey sours had dulled his senses enough so he really didn't notice that she had maneuvered them into a very private spot. It was then she began whispering into his ear.

"When you were little I wanted to teach you so much," she said, as if on the verge of tears.

"You did mother," he replied.

"But not enough."

"Mom, I could read before I went to kindergarten..."

"That's not what I meant," she said, reaching her hand down and grabbing his cock. "I wanted to teach you everything, but you let that girl..."

"Mom, I haven't done..."

"You and her haven't had sex?"

"Not all the way," he replied, feeling her hand sliding up and down on his cock now. He wanted to pull away, but something inside him stopped him. Feeling the sensation of his mother's hand he closed his eyes, enjoying the way she was jerking him off.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed she had kneeled down and was opening his pants. Again, his initial reaction was to pull away, but when she grabbed his cock, his token resistance melted and he watched his cock slip between his mother's lips. His girlfriend had given him several blowjobs before, but she never felt like this. Suddenly feeling jealous of his father, he leaned his hips forward, enjoying the feel of his mother's mouth as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

One of her hands moved to his balls while the other grabbed his shaft and began stroking it fast and hard. His mom wasn't slow and tentative, she was firm and resolved and obviously knew how to please a man. Erica had seemed afraid to get too intense, as if afraid she might hurt him, but his mom, oh god... his mom knew exactly what to do. Her tongue circled over his head while one hand stroked him hard as she squeezed his balls.

The intense pleasure slid up and down him as his mother's mouth moved back and forth and she sucking him hard. In just moments it was too much for him and he arched his back and came, spurting his cum into his mother's mouth. She stopped stroking and eased her head back to swallow and then gently sucked him while milking the last bit of cum from his cock.

When she finished he helped her stand up and then slipped his cock back into his pants as she smiled triumphantly at him. She just looked at him in silence for a few moments and then asked, "Well, has she done anything like that for you?"

"Well, she's done that, but it never felt so good," he admitted.

"You see, I can teach you things, things you will need to know. And I can teach you how to please a woman."

"But it's not right," he said.

"Neither is sex before marriage and yet everyone does it now. What is wrong with a mother teaching he son how to love?"

"But..." he was silenced when his mother's lips touched his and she pushed her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for the longest time and when they finally pulled apart, he looked at her and then reached a hand to her breast.

Smiling she let him touch her for a few moments and then the gently took his hand in hers pulling it away from her breast saying, "Now is not the place for anything more. We have time and we will find the place to continue soon. I promise."

He followed her back to the table and sat down, waving to the waiter to have him bring the lobster. While finishing his dinner he watched his mother and father move out to the dance floor. Feeling a twinge of jealousy he finally realized just how lucky his father was.

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