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Dancing With The Dark


Thanks goes to N.K.S, without her editing my work wouldn't be complete.

Hello everyone, this is my 1st attempt with Erotic Horror Category. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

No portion of this story may be reproduced for profit without the express, written permission of the author. . . .

This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. . . .


The year is 2025, and the City of Detroit, once known as the motor city for its vast automotive industry, has now become the east coast version of Sin City "Vegas". With over 15 casinos now in the city, it's become a rest haven for sin and evil. As the night falls over the city, and the underworld awakes, a lone figure watches from the shadows. His presents are unmistakable, his appearance is rarely seen, and his skin tone, while dark appears Caramel in the light. At 6'2", 225lb, he has a lean build, with jet black, shoulder-length hair, and eyes that are like pure black glass. He's the most lethal killing machine known to mankind, and Detroit is his playground.

Women are drawn to him as if caught in an intoxicating state. His name: Sebastian, and despite looking not a day past 27, he was over 520 years old. Born in the early 1500's as a result of a forbidden love from parents of two different worlds; his mother was a lycanthrope (werewolf) his father a vampire. Yes, Sebastian is a hybrid with all the powers of both and virtually none of their weaknesses. The only thing that was a danger to Sebastian was the "Society" - a secret organization of highly trained hunters whom were controlled by the Vatican with the sole purpose to eradicate the world of both Werewolves and Vampires. This Society has recently descended on the city.


As the wind howls around the jagged edges of the carved-out mountain entrance, massive torches illuminate the chamber inside. Standing in a half-moon circle around a fire pit in the center of the chamber, 30 to 40 figures dressed in hooded black monk robes are chanting. In the fire pit, three branding irons are glowing blue-red. As the chanting increases from the group, a single figure dressed in a hooded white monk robe enters the chamber and stops in front of the fire pit.

As the chanting stops; a voice from the group breaks the silence, "Show yourself" The figure disrobes revealing a young woman of European and Asian descent standing there completely nude. Her beauty is unmistakable, her name is Jordan Chase. She is 5'8", 145lbs, with a 38-24-36 figure. She has hazel eyes, long black hair, a medium muscle tone, and an olive skin tone. While the voice from the group begins to speak in Latin, two hooded figures walk over to Jordan. Seeing this, Jordan kneels in front of the fire pit, One figure placed a scroll at her feet; the other removed the middle branding iron, which was now glowing solid blue, and began to burn the "Society" emblem into the small of her back. This sent an electricity of pain throughout her entire body. She knows her journey is just beginning; the scroll reads, "Detroit, Michigan, USA".


The old freight elevator comes to a stop on the 4th floor and the wooden cage door draws up reveling a vast open-floor loft with rustic wood flooring and wide cathedral single pane windows painted black, and enclosed by exposed brick walls. On the far end, there is a contemporary living area, and across from that, a storage area with different turn-of-the-century original art paintings. Then over in the far corner, to the right of the elevator, hangs a ceiling-to-floor aerial photo of the City of Detroit, with a sector grid shaded with different colors.

Stepping off the elevator is Brooklynn St. Clair - 5'5", 125lbs, with a 36-28-38 figure, dark blue eyes, and short blonde hair. "Hello, Sebastian."
"You're late" was the response from Sebastian's voice across the room.
"Sorry, I saw a transient on the way over, and I was hungry." A rush of air hits her face, Sebastian is now standing next to her.
"I started to think you weren't coming," Sebastian states as he runs his hands along her waist and around up to her breasts. Her nipples immediately get hard.
"Oh babe, I've missed you so much!" Brooklynn began pushing her ass into Sebastian's crotch, making his 10" of manhood come alive.

"Oh Sebastian, I can't wait!"
Brooklynn turns around, squats in front of him, and runs her finger along the imprint of his bulging manhood. Sebastian unzips his paints, releasing his dick into the night air. Brooklynn grabs his dick and softly begins to stroke it. As she kisses the mushroom head, Sebastian slowly pushes forward sliding his 10" dick into her mouth and down her throat. Brooklynn started contracting her throat and sucking, causing Sebastian to moan slightly. Sebastian reached down and pulled her shirt off, revealing her voluptuous 36C breasts.

As Brooklynn stood up, looking at Sebastian with her now jet black eyes, she screamed, "Fuck me!" With that, Sebastian turned her around, lifted her skirt revealing her firm tan ass, and pulled down her red lace thong. He pushed his dick between the outer lips of her wet, throbbing pussy. The sheer anticipation of Sebastian being deep inside her was too much to bear; Brooklynn slammed her hips back against Sebastian's raging manhood, forcing him deep inside her. The sensation was euphoric causing Brooklynn to moan, "Harder, fuck me harder!"

Sebastian began to slam in and out of Brooklynn with a pace no human could withstand. As Brooklynn began to scream, her mouth revealed she had 2" razor-sharp fangs. Brooklynn is a 200 year-old vampire, and she was created by Sebastian. With Brooklynn's vaginal walls squeezing Sebatian's cock like a vice grip, he moaned, "Brook, I'm Cumming." A rush of air hits his face, Brooklynn is now on her knees with Sebastian's dick deep down her throat, again she contracts her throat causing Sebastian's manhood to erupt in her mouth. Looking more like Brooklynn again, without those black eyes and fangs, she sucks Sebastian until the throbbing stops in her mouth. She looks at Sebastian with a wicked smile, as to say, "I got you this time." Then, as a rush of air hits her face, Brooklynn screams out in total ecstasy. Sebastian is fully erect again, and now has Brooklynn pinned against one of the steel support beans, slamming into her pussy with wreckless abandonment, causing multiple orgasms to hit Brooklynn at a feverous pass. "Ok! ok! You win! Please, Sebastian!" And with that, Sebastian slowed down his assault on her swollen, drenched pussy. Looking into his eyes, Brooklynn sees a look of concern. "What's wrong?" Sebastian questions.


As a black Range Rover pulls up to the G5 Gulfstream aircraft, Jordan steps out of the rear seat of the SUV. A gentlemen standing by the plane hands her a brief on the situation.

"Hello, Ms. Chase."

"Hello, Mr. Stone Any word on Brandon?"


"When was his last contact with Central?"

"More than 48 hours ago."

Jordan knew something was very wrong. Trackers are required to check-in every 24 hours, and Brandon is a skilled Tracker, so he should have reported back by now.

"What is our E.T.A to Detroit?"

"15 hours."


As the G5 roars down the runway and starts climbing into the sky, Jordan settles in for the flight. She opens the brief, and starts reviewing evidence collected from Brandon's apartment. His tracking log was one of the items recovered. Nothing was standing out to Jordan, then entry #43 – "Found large colony coordinates 51.6 2.48". Jordan entered the coordinates, and received a target location. She notified "central", the monitoring center for all trackers worldwide, to have a Rapid Recovery Team (R.R.T.) on stand-by.

The pilot announces, "We are 30 minutes out from Detroit, Ms. Chase." If Brandon was still alive, time was running out Jordan thought. Hang on Brandon hang on.

Old Chrysler Headquarters Complex, Highland Park (Waste Lands)

The sound of dripping water and the heavy smell of mildew, blood, and death were penetrating his nostrils. As his eyes attempt to focus on the figure standing across the room, Brandon tries to gather his thoughts; he realizes that his arms are suspended and secured above his head.

How did I end up here, who is the figure standing across from me? More importantly, what happened to my team?

As Brandon desperately tries to fill in the blanks inside his memory, the figure speaks.

"How did you find this location, Tracker? Are there anymore of you nearby?" Christian Vaughn's questioning of Brandon was going nowhere.

Christian was the alpha male of the wolf pack currently roaming the city of Detroit, with an insatiable thirst for sex, power and blood. His pack had killed a team of trackers trying to infiltrate the north entrance to the colony. One was spared for interrogation purposes. Christian knows the "Society" will send a rapid recovery team to recover their people, and when they do, Christian's pack will be waiting.


2:35 AM – As the G5 breaks through the clouds, coming in on its final approach, the squelching of the landing gear hitting the tarmac breaks the calm night air. As the aircraft comes to a rolling stop and the turbine jet engines wind down, Jordan exits the aircraft. Three black SUV's were waiting on the tarmac. A male dressed in full tactical gear exited the first SUV and approached Jordan.

"Hello, Ms. Chase. We've been able to lock in Brandon's last known location."

"Okay, let's go."

As the convoy of SUV's pulls onto the highway heading towards the waste lands, Jordan knows this recovery is going to be difficult. She checks her weapon, and then addresses the team via mobile radio. "Team we're looking for a tracker who went M.I.A over 63 hours ago; more than likely, he's dead, but we're going in to confirm. Anything that posses a clear and present danger...take it out."

Old Chrysler Headquarters Complex, Highland Park (Waste Lands)

The on-board GPS shows a convoy five minutes from the target. All headlights go black; the third SUV makes a hard right, heading east along the fence line to cover the perimeter. Radios squelch, "Team three, in position." The other two SUV's come to a stop, both 5-men teams exit their vehicles; they're 100 yards from their target. Team two begins to search and address any exterior threats when they immediately come across three enormously large black wolves. The wolves simultaneously turn in their direction and charge at them. "Three tangos 12 o'clock, standby!" The men begin firing high-velocity, liquid-silver rounds, hitting all three wolves in the head. The wolves dropped immediately. "Tangos neutralized."

Jordan and Team One start to descend down the underground stairwell; the smell of animal blood and death is strong as they get to the first landing. The foul smell is unbearable. As they search the floor, Jordan notices torn and blood-soaked "Society" uniforms tossed about. "I've got three bodies," Jordan states as she walks over to the other side of the landing. After confirming the identities through facial recognition, Jordan notifies Teams Two and Three other findings. As they get ready to descend to the next level, Jordan sees a shadow moving quickly; a werewolf comes from the other side of a wall and rushes one of the team members before they could react. The sheer power of his bite crushes the team member's collarbone causing massive blood loss. Jordan fires two rounds point-blank, dropping the beast. The team member is K.I.A

Jordan commanded, "Bag them, tag them, and keep moving."


Christian looking at Brandon, takes a deep breath while smelling the air. A sadistic grin comes over his face. "Yes. Yes, your friends have arrived." Again he smells the air with a confused look on his face. "What is this? A female tracker? How interesting!" Brandon knew there was only one, Jordan Chase. Christian turns to face Brandon; his eyes were now a ruby red.

"Welcome to the family, Brother."

With his canine teeth now showing, Christian bites into Brandon's shoulder, ripping through his muscle and tendons, the pain is overwhelming, causing Brandon to pass out. Christian then walks out to the inner courtyard and gives out an ear-piercing howl, calling his pack in to kill on site. Immediately both Team Two and Three are in a fight for their lives; rapid gun fire is heard in the distance followed by blood curdling screams, and then complete silence. Jordan and Team One have collectively killed 6 werewolves as they've descended five stories to the main chamber. As Team One begins to scan the area, a voice echoes throughout the chamber.

Christian demands, "Put your weapons on the ground!"

Jordan yells back, "That's not going to happen!"

"Tracker, I will not ask you again!"

"I said that's not going to happen!"

With angry laughter, Christian responds, "Very well, you've been warned."

Standing next to a member of Team One, a rush of air hits Jordan in her face, followed by a splash of warm liquid; Her eye starts to burn. As the liquid runs into her mouth, she realizes its blood! Trying to focus, Jordan sees that her team has been beheaded. She fires her weapon into the dark shadows of the chamber, hitting nothing. As she goes to reload, air hits her face and she begins to scream in pain as she drops to her knees realizing something is crushing her shooting hand, she drops her weapon as she feels bones in her hand pop.

Christian hissed, "You come to my home and kill members of my family. You will die slowly."

With that, Christian pulls Jordan up from her knees; the force rips her arm completely out of its socket, snapping her collarbone. As the ear-piercing scream of pain escapes Jordan's lungs, she tries to prevent herself from blacking out.

"Yes, show me how you scream tracker!"


Sebastian felt this female tracker's presence the moment she landed. Now he senses her pain in Christian's hands; he knows this isn't his fight.

Sebastian then says, "Nothing is wrong. Summon Von; have him come here immediately."

Brooklynn stammers, "But Sebastian!"

Air hits her face; he's gone.


As her 5'8" body frame slams against the concrete wall from being thrown by Christian with great force, Jordan immediately goes numb from the waist down. She can't move her legs. While she tries to catch her breath, she slowly fades in and out of consciousness.

While laughing, Christian says, "Wake up sweetheart. The fun has just begun."

As Christian starts to walk towards Jordan's motionless body so that he can continue to inflict pain on her, air hits his face. He knows that smell. "Sebastian...Sebastian, you've come to join the fun!"

Sebastian yells, "Stop! You have made your point, Christian. Look at her; she's at deaths door."

"Stop?! Who do you think you're talking too Hybrid?! I decide when she's had enough!"

"Christian Vaughn! Take one more step toward that woman, and the last thing you'll feel is me ripping out your spine!"

"Your idol threats mean nothing, Hybrid! This isn't over."

As Christian backs up from Jordan's still motionless body, Sebastian bends down next to her and picks her up. Even with her face swollen and bloody, her beauty is undeniable. Jordan's eyes open for just a minute, and she makes eye contact with Sebastian.

Sebastian states, "Either you're incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Let's see if we can patch you up." A rush of air blows through the chamber, and they're gone.


Von Moreland has studied medicine of all types, from all over the world. He received his M.D. in 1251. He's a vampire elder, and helped Sebastian through the centuries after his parents were killed by vampires of a bloodline cult in 1760. As Von examines Jordan, he's amazed she's still alive; she has a broken collarbone, crush right hand, collapsed lung, fractured hip, severed lower spinal cord, a concussion, and a lacerated spleen.

Von empathetically concludes, "She's going to die, Sebastian. I've never seen a human sustain these types of injuries and live."

Sebastian pleads, "She can't die! There must be something that can be done. I can give her my blood!"

"Sebastian, you're a hybrid. There is nothing in the scrolls on how your blood will react; she could burn up from the inside out."

"Then so be it. I have to try."

As Jordan feels her breathing becoming shallow while shivering uncontrollably from the shock, she knows her time on this earth is coming to an end. Sebastian walks over to Jordan's body; he hears the weakness of her heart as they make eye contact.

"I need you to drink some medicine. Can you do that?"

Sebastian asks. Jordan, ever so slightly, nods her head. Sebastian grabs a silver chalice, and raises his wrist to his mouth. His 3-inch fang pierces his wrist with ease, and blood begins to flows freely into the chalice.

Sebastian kneels next to Jordan's head, lifting her mouth to the rim of the chalice, and she begins to drink. As the warm thick pungent tasting liquid enters her throat, Jordan immediately feels her body heating up. FLASH! Burning hillside. FLASH! Man on his knees. FLASH! Nude woman lying on her side. These images begin to rapidly pass through Jordan's mind, like a freight train passing its stop. Jordan is sweating heavily, her organs feel like they're on fire.
Von informs Sebastian, "The next 24 hours are crucial; if she doesn't burn up from the high
temperature, she might have a chance."

Sebastian replies, "Thank you, Von."

"You know Christian won't let this go; he will kill her on sight."

"I know."

As Jordan's body temperature levels out, Brooklynn begins to remove Jordan's torn, blood-soaked clothing. Jordan is now lying totally nude; with the extent of damage her body sustained clearly present; deep purple and black marks cover over half of her body. While Brooklynn proceeds to wash Jordan's body, she is surprised to see those marks beginning to disappear. Sebastian's blood is working! Even though Jordan knows she is completely naked, she doesn't feel cold. As she forcibly opens her eyes, she can only make out the silhouette of a woman standing beside her, washing her body. Jordan also notices that her numbness from the waist down is gone; she can feel a slight breeze on her toes.


FLASH! Blood covered walls. FLASH! Men and Women screaming, Brandon opens his eyes to stop the rapid images jumping in and out of his mind. His body feels like it's on fire. His shoulder appears to be half-healed, and his 9" of manhood is so hard it feels like it's going to split open. As Brandon gathers his bearings, trying to focus, he smells the presence of a woman, not like perfume but that of her sex. This begins to send him into a sexual animalistic
frenzy; like a drug addict wanting their next fix, Brandon wants the sex he's smelling.

With his eyes finally focusing on his surrounding, Brandon notices he's inside a chamber with a completely nude female, chained by her left ankle to the far wall of the chamber, opposite Brandon. She appeared to be in her mid 20's with blue eyes and blond hair, standing 5'7" at135lbs with curvy hips and C-Cup breasts, wide areolas and thick pink nipples. As they both make eye contact, the animalistic need filled the chamber as they began approaching each other. Brandon realizes he, too, is also chained to the wall.

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