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Dancing with the Stars


Maks lounged lazily on a hard bench in the mirror-clad practice room. His swarthy good looks, chiseled body and bad boy image had made him the object of lust for women viewers of the hugely popular TV show 'Dancing With the Stars'. The perpetual sneer that never seemed to leave his face was even more pronounced this day since he was here somewhat against his will. He did not like being told what to do.

His given name was Maksim Chmerkovskiy. That combination of jumbled vowels and consonants was fortuitously reduced to 'Maks'. He knew in the fast-paced media world it was good to have a short, memorable handle like Maks. Does one ever question who Cher or Madonna is after all?

Maks was living the quintessential American dream. His parents gave him the opportunity to attain stardom by emigrating from Russia to the United States when he was young. Maks did the rest himself by perfecting his dancing and parlaying his deadly handsome face and hard body into national attention.

'Dancing With the Stars' was the perfect illustration of being in the right place at the right time for Maks. The show debuted to a small viewer audience but grew rapidly over the next few seasons. Maks had been partnered with D-list stars in previous seasons, always saddled with women who seemed to have two left feet. Fortunately, Laila Ali entered his life in the 2006 season.

Although Ali was as strong and domineering as he was, she and Maks managed to forge a truce that led to the finals and the recognition he craved. From that moment on, his fan mail exploded. Many of his female fans included suggestive invitations and often, x-rated photos.

The 2007 season was shaping up to be his best ever. Maks felt he was paired with the hottest celebrity dancer ever to be on the show. Melanie Brown was Scary Spice from the hugely successful Spice Girls. Not only did she have goddess-like beauty but she exuded sex appeal with her voice and charm. The best part was that Melanie could freaking dance! Maks felt sure he was destined for the finals this year.

Because world-wide attention was so close to being his, Maks was pissed off for having to cool his heels in this nondescript dance studio. He should be practicing with Melanie but his agent called him and enticed him to show up at this time and at this out-of-the-way location. Additionally, he had to sign a mysterious non-disclosure agreement before coming.

The agreement was simple. Maks was to evaluate the dancing skills of an unnamed person. He was contractually bound to never reveal whom this person was or speak to the media about the dance session. The penalties were severe if the terms were ever violated. As annoyed as he was about this interruption of his schedule, he was also intrigued. Who was he going to evaluate? Probably an overweight has-been star with delusions of grandeur he thought to himself sourly.

Glancing at his new Breitling Airwolf watch (given to him by a grateful Laila Ali), he saw that his 'client' was 45 minutes late. Maks realized this might be the easiest money he ever made for doing nothing but sitting on a hard bench. He had been paid $25,000 for signing the agreement and showing up at the appointed hour.

A timid knock sounded on the studio door. The door slowly opened and a head peeked inside the room.

"Hello? Anyone here?" questioned the mystery person in a soft voice.

Maks' client entered the room wearing huge, black sunglasses and a grey trench coat designed to disguise whomever it was.

"Yes, yes, come in please", Maks stated in his distinctive Russian accent.

All of Maks' irritation dissolved when it finally dawned on him who was behind the disguise. His arrogant expression left his face momentarily when he realized that he was about to interact with one of the most recognized faces on the planet. Her gorgeous face was on the front page of nearly every gossip magazine in the supermarkets.

Jennifer Aniston pulled off her sunglasses and smiled shyly at Maks, revealing the endearing dimple that made her so famous in "Friends."

"Hello Maks. I'm Jennifer Aniston. I apologize for all the secrecy and I hope you will forgive me for keeping you waiting."

Maks stammered, "Um, no problem Ms. Aniston. I am very pleased to meet you. I have been a fan of yours for many years."

"Maks, I'm sure you are wondering what this secretive meeting is all about. I have been approached to be a celebrity dancer on "Dancing With the Stars" next year. As you well know, the show usually features celebrities that are past their prime, if you know what I mean."

"Ms. Aniston, I do know what you mean. I danced with Willa Ford one season after all," Maks grinned, regaining some of his composure.

"Well then, you probably appreciate how hesitant I am to expose myself to ridicule on national television. I know the judges can be brutal and cruel to celebrities who cannot dance to their standards," Jennifer stated as she evaluated Maks, who was now standing closer to her.

Maks edged closer to Jennifer and in his husky Russian accent stated, "Ms. Aniston, I can assure you I can teach you things that you never thought yourself capable of doing."

Jennifer looked a little startled at the double entendre statement and said, "Um, well, I'm sure you are a very good dance teacher, Maks. That is why I am here. What I need to find out is if I'm good enough to be on the show and not ruin my career."

She lowered her eyes and continued, "I have an admission to make. I absolutely adore dancing and the show. Do you know the saying, 'dance like no one is watching'? That's me. I dance alone in my home where no one is watching. I have no idea if I can dance with someone of your caliber in front of millions of people. I see you and the others on TV and can only dream of gliding so gracefully across the dance floor."

"Do you think I'm silly?" Jennifer questioned quietly.

Maks was stunned. Here was a beautiful, world-famous woman who could name her price for movies or appearances showing her vulnerability to him, a simple Russian immigrant who knew how to ballroom dance.

"Ms. Aniston, I can assure you I understand your love of dance. It is my life and I love to share my passion with people who desire to dance well. You've come to the right person to answer the questions in you mind," Maks stated fervently.

Jennifer sighed with relief. Her face lit up with a wide smile that made her eyes crinkle in her trademark style. She giggled, "I'm so excited I feel like a little girl going to my dance recital in 3rd grade!"

"Well, shall we begin Ms. Aniston?" asked Maks.

"Not until you drop the formality, Maks. I'm Jen to my friends and I want you to be my friend from the start," Jennifer stated firmly.

"Ok, um, Jen. If I forget, please don't hesitate to step on my toes," Maks said slyly as he peered at Jennifer through his sleepy, sensual eyes.

"Great! How do we start? What should I do first?" Jennifer asked with endearing perkiness.

"First, I would like you to take off your outer clothing. I assume you came dressed in some sort of dancing outfit?"

"I wasn't sure what to wear so I wore a dance leotard but I also brought a tango dress that I've been dying to wear," she gushed. Her honey blond hair was loosely bound in a pony-tail that swung back and forth as she spoke.

Jennifer went over to the bench Maks had lounged upon and set down her sunglasses. She then shrugged off the loose-fitting trench coat she was wearing. She was turned away from Maks at that moment and as she removed her coat Mats was treated to the delight of seeing her perfect bottom tightly encased in a scarlet leotard. She had matching warm-up socks hanging loosely around her ankles. Her spectacular legs were bare and confirmed why she was such a famous sex symbol.

Maks felt a stirring in his groin as he watched Jennifer shed her coat. He was one of the few heterosexual dancers on the show and knew a quality ass when he saw it. As Jennifer finished putting her coat down, she turned suddenly and caught Maks eyeing her body.

"Do I at least look like a dancer?" she asked Maks impishly.

"Ms. Aniston, um, I mean, Jen, if looks translated to ability you would win first place immediately," Maks said with ill-disguised admiration.

Jennifer lowered her head at the compliment and while her eyes were off him, Maks surveyed the front of her body. Her leotard was skin-tight and showed every delicious curve of her torso. Her breasts were small but appeared to be very firm and were obviously unsupported by a bra. Maks noticed that her nipples were standing erect and showed clearly through the Lycra fabric.

What astounded Maks the most was the cut of the bottom part of the leotard. She was wearing a 'pinch-front' design that barely covered the womanly treasure between her legs. Edyta was one of the few professional dancers could wear that style without looking ridiculous, much less a celebrity. Marie Osmond would look like a pig in a tutu wearing this particular dance outfit.

Maks' breath was taken away by what appeared to be one of the most desirable women in the world displaying to him a perfect camel toe. The stretchy material of her leotard was molded around her pussy lips and the gap between her upper thighs was easily the size of a full fist. As he gazed at the incredibly stirring sight, Jennifer casually reached down, hooked her fingers under the leotard, and adjusted it around her crotch.

Jennifer grinned playfully and said, "I hope this old thing be ok for our tryout."

Maks swallowed, finally looked up to her eyes and stuttered, "Oh, um, yes, I believe it will be perfect."

"Let's get down to business Jen," Maks said formally as he silently vowed to not be caught again leering at her outstanding body. 'Be professional', he scolded himself silently.

"Before we do any dancing, it is important to warm up but while we do that I can also evaluate your flexibility. Come over to this barre and let's do some simple stretches," he told Jennifer.

Maks led Jennifer over to the long ballet bar that was mounted on the mirrored wall.

"Watch me do these simple exercises and then you repeat them, yes?" he instructed Jennifer.

Maks gripped the barre with his strong hands, spread his knees nearly 180 degrees, slowly lowered himself nearly to the floor, and gracefully returned to his original position. For this special lesson Maks wore the customary outfit that made him famous on "Dancing"; a tight-fitting white, ribbed tank top that showed off his chiseled arms and six-pack abs and electric blue, Under Amour compression shorts that left no doubt that he was a man.

As he dipped down again he admired his rippling leg muscles in the mirror and knew his manhood was obvious. He intended to give Jennifer a good show even if it was not very professional. When he returned to the upright position, Maks lifted his right leg, pointed his toes straight and effortlessly placed his heel on the top of the barre.

Maks gracefully removed his leg and brought it down to the floor again. He looked at Jennifer without a smile and said, "Repeat those moves, Jen".

Jennifer was obviously nervous as she approached the barre. She glanced repeatedly at Maks while she gripped the practice bar. She awkwardly lowered herself down toward the floor, trying to spread her legs as he just did so easily. Jennifer rose up again very quickly when she noticed that her leotard had again pulled up into the folds of her womanly mound.

"Please continue, Jen," Maks barked when Jennifer made a move as if to adjust her leotard again. Jennifer jumped a little at his authoritative tone but did as she was told. She lowered herself again, spreading her legs wider and more gracefully the second time. Her flawless face flushed when she saw in the mirror that part of her vulva was nearly exposed.

Maks nearly choked when he saw in the mirror what was embarrassing Jennifer. One of her sweet pussy lips was partially showing and he was quick to notice that not a single pubic hair was showing. Jennifer Aniston apparently had a completely bald pussy he exulted to himself as he enjoyed his private show.

"Now try to put your leg up on the bar," he directed Jen, again with his arrogant tone.

Jennifer hesitantly began raising her leg, trying to not bend her knee. She stumbled slightly as she strained to keep her toes pointed. As she raised her leg, she was mortified to see in the mirror that her high-cut leotard had pulled completely off her bare pussy lip, exposing the inner pink of her labia. Jennifer jerked her leg down violently and put her hands over her face and sobbed, "I'm so embarrassed. I cannot do this!"

Maks rushed over and stood in back of her and quietly said, "Please don't be embarrassed, Jen. In dance, the human body should be on display. It is how we express ourselves to the world. You are so fortunate to have such an exquisite body. You must be proud of it and be willing show your inner self through dance movements."

Maks lightly caressed her bare shoulders and waited for her to stop weeping. Jennifer spoke in a strangled voice, "You may think I'm a typical, confident Hollywood star but I have to admit that I have many insecurities and one of them is how I view my body."

"You may know from reading about me in the tabloids and People Magazine that I've been unlucky in love. I have always felt that that Brad and the other men I have dated did not think I was not sexy enough for them. I am just the plain girl next door. Just look at that bitch Angelina. She might as well be fucking the camera when the paparazzi take her pictures."

Maks continued to stroke her shoulders and then slowly closed his arms around her. He very softly said, "Jen, I will help you realize your dancing dreams. You must trust me though. If you do two things will happen. One is that you will be comfortable with your body and your sexuality. Two, if you choose to participate in 'Dancing With the Stars', you will show Brad and Angelina what a beautiful, sensuous angel you are. It will be your ultimate revenge!"

Jennifer visibly relaxed in Maks arms as she listened to him. She turned around to face him and looked up at him with wet, pleading eyes and asked, "Are you sure you can help me?"

"Absolutely! You will be a 'stunning dancing vision of beauty and grace', as that little runt Bruno might say. I promise you," Maks vowed.

"Thank you so much, Maks. You cannot know how much better I feel hearing your words. I will try again," Jennifer whispered.

"Excellent!" Maks enthused, "I have an idea. You must trust me on this. It is something I learned a long time ago in a dance class."

"What is it?" Jennifer inquired, as she looked up with question in her startling blue eyes.

Maks stated in his most convincing voice, "You must shed you inhibitions to show your inner soul. One way I have trained to dance emotionally is to dance nude. Your skin is your leotard. It becomes so natural that when you dance publicly your dance outfit is only for the censors. Look at the skimpy outfits the women professionals wear. They might as well be naked."

"Will you take a chance and set aside your insecurities? I will be with you all the way," Maks concluded.

Conflict clouded Jennifer's perfect face. She looked into Maks' eyes and sought the sincerity of his words in his face. Finally, she relaxed and gave him the glowing smile that launched her career and made men fantasize about what it would be like to have that smile bestowed on them.

"Ok, I will. I am tired of being such a goody two-shoes anyway! Let's get naked before I chicken out!" she chirped.

With that statement Jennifer squirmed out of Maks' arms, reached up to her shoulder straps and skinned out of her body suit in one fluid motion. She stepped out of one leg and then with a quick flick of her foot, flung her leotard across the polished floor.

Jennifer stood in front of him breathing a little hard, her breasts rising and falling with each little gasp. Her nipples hardened visibly as she stood proudly in front of Maks. Her perfectly shaven mound was shiny in the overhead lighting, her slit slightly parted to show a sliver of her labia.

Her naked beauty stunned Maks. He saw in the mirror a rear view of her perfectly shaped ass. As he watched, she shifted her weight and spread her legs. The perfect globes of her ass met at the cleft of her sweet womanhood.

"Your turn, sweet talker," Jennifer purred.

Maks reached down, grabbed the hem of his wife-beater shirt, pulled it over his head, and tossed it near Jen's leotard. His muscular chest was rippling as he stripped. As he watched her eyes, he slowly lowered his dance shorts. Because he never wore any underwear when he danced, his manhood was released as soon as he pulled the shorts down past his crotch.

Jennifer broke eye contact as she watched him lower his tight pants. She gasped a little when she saw what emerged from his disrobing. His penis was not long but it had a shape and a texture that she had never seen, even when she ventured on the Internet to satisfy her lonely sexual desires.

His cock was very thick and had huge veins protruding all around its length. The head was circumcised and formed a helmet that was perfectly formed and was a dark crimson color. His heavy, globular balls were completely visible, as Maks had shaved nearly all his pubic hair except for a small soul patch directly above his swaying cock.

As Jennifer watched him finish stripping, Maks' cock twitched slightly and grew slightly longer. Her own reaction was a heated, glowing feeling between her legs. She had never been so aroused from a simple act of disrobing that just happened in front of her. Jennifer pinched her wrist to reassure herself that she was not dreaming.

Maks took Jennifer's angelic face in his hands and said, "Now let's start again." He turned her around and placed her hands firmly on the barre. His thick cock bumped up against her ass as he stood behind her.

"Lower yourself like before, Jen," he instructed.

Jennifer slowly squatted as she had before but more gracefully this time. "Watch yourself in the mirror, Jen. Love your body like I do. It's a perfect reflection of how beautiful you are inside."

As Jen reached the bottom of her dip, her legs were spread wide apart revealing her inner womanhood that was now glistening with her excitement. She held that pose longer than before and felt nothing of the former embarrassment. Jennifer smoothly rose and went up on her toes when she was upright.

Jennifer spread her legs again and lowered herself down; all the while watching her bald pussy lips spread open to expose her pink inner lips. This time she stayed down longer, as she marveled about how wet she had become so quickly. Jen wanted to touch herself but felt it would break the spell she was in. As she watched herself in the mirror she was awed by the sight of her hooded, pink clitoris emerging from the folds of her labia. It was swelling before her very eyes!

She had never been so sexually aroused before this moment. Her clit was literally throbbing with pleasure and she had not even touched herself. Jennifer saw a drop of wetness form on the end of her engorged clit. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

Jennifer's ecstasy was interrupted by a slight groan from Maks. She opened her eyes and looked up at the mirror. Her eyes widened at the sight of his fully erect and rigid cock. The veins she noticed earlier were more pronounced and seemed to be pulsing. The girth of his cock was even more than before but without getting much longer. Jen's breath caught as Maks' penis twitched and showed a clear drop of pre-cum on the tip.

Again, Jennifer rose to a standing position and clenched her legs together, squeezing her wet, throbbing clit. She almost had an orgasm with that stimulation. Watching Maks' eyes in the mirror, Jennifer slowly raised her right leg, pointed her toes straight out and placed her heel perfectly on the barre.

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