Danger Ch. 17


Chapter 17: The Star Treatment

"Encore! Encore!" the roaring of the crowd was almost deafening as they urged Britney Spears back on stage. The nubile, young star had already done three encores and her voice was starting to crack so she was calling quits after almost three hours on stage. Everybody got the hint when the house lights started to fill the arena with light. Then the announcer's voice boomed over the loudspeakers announcing the ticket numbers of two lucky fans who had just won a backstage meeting with the eighteen year old star. The numbers announced were 345763 and 265859. Danger fished his ticket stub out of his pocket and looked for the ticket number. 265859. Danger calmly started walking toward the nearest event staff member, already plotting ways to get the hot, young star out of her clothes.

The staff member escorted Danger to the backstage area and left him outside Britney's dressing room with one of her public relations people. The other winner was also there and she was introduced as Leanne. She was almost as tall as Danger with long, straight, dirty blonde hair. She was quite skinny with a rather small chest, but the dark red denim shirt she was wearing displayed it nicely. She was also wearing a pair of tight, dark blue jeans. Her blue eyes and pouty lips were set in a face which could only be described a pouty, but very cute. Danger was now thinking of how to include her in his plans.

After a few minutes the door to Britney's dressing room opened and another public relations woman came out and said that they could go in. So Danger followed Leanne into the dressing room watching her ass wiggle as she went. Britney was in the bathroom so they seated themselves on a couch and began chatting about the concert. Then the bathroom door opened and out came Britney Spears. She was even more stunning in person. She was wearing the brown tank top and pants outfit that she wore for the cover shoot of her "Oops, I Did It Again" CD. Danger's eyes roved from her face to her still slightly heaving chest to her deep belly button set in her smooth, toned stomach.

"Hi guys, I'm Britney as you can probably guess," she started before looking at Danger and asking what his name was. He told her and then she asked Leanne who answered almost before Britney had finished asking. The tall, skinny blonde was definitely excited about meeting one of her favorite singers. When Britney shook Danger's hand, she let her index finger trail along his palm and she winked at him as she pulled her hand away. When she shook Leanne's hand, Leanne made a comment about how smooth Britney's skin was.

Danger and Leanne returned to couch and Britney sank into a chair nearby and they started chatting about the concert, the music industry, and the Napster case. When the conversation hit a lull, Britney remembered the comment Leanne had made about her skin being smooth and asked if she wanted to try the lotion she used. Leanne almost jumped out of her chair accepting and the two girls excused themselves and went off to another room behind the main dressing room.

"I use this stuff all over my body," Britney said picking up a bottle of skin lotion. "You've got to try being massaged with it. Take your top and bra off and I'll do your back if you'd like." Leanne started to go for her the buttons of her shirt, but then hesitated a bit. Then Britney said that she would let Leanne massage her afterwards. The chance of massaging Britney was too much for Leanne to resist and she began fumbling with her buttons but eventually managed to get them undone and slide the denim shirt down her arms and toss it into a nearby chair. She then reached back and nervously undid the clasp of her white bra and pulled the straps off her shoulders and tossed it aside exposing her small, but firm tits with their quickly hardening nipples.

"You have beautiful breasts," Britney began. "Now lay on your belly on the table." Leanne quickly climbed up onto the table and Britney began rubbing the lotion into her soft, creamy skin.

"Hmmm, that does feel good, really good," Leanne purred as Britney ran her hands all over her back. "It smells really nice too," the blonde added. Leanne's breath caught in her throat when Britney plunged her hands right down to the small of her back and to the top of her jeans. Britney then pushed her hands up along Leanne's side tickling her slightly until the tips of her fingers brushed against the side of her tits causing Leanne to start a bit, but Britney just kept rubbing her back as if it hadn't happened.

"There that should do it. Now it's my turn," Britney said. Leanne sat up on the table in time to see Britney pull her suede tank top over her head revealing her impressive cleavage bound in her black strapless bra. She then undid the clasp of the bra which sat right between her tits and tossed the small bra aside releasing her beautiful tits with a slight jiggle. Leanne didn't know whether the rumours of Britney's breast enhancement were true or not, but she was sure that Britney's tits were gorgeous. Britney then laid on the table allowing Leanne to massage her.

"How about that Danger, he's a real hottie, don't you think?" Britney asked after a few silent moments.

"Uh, yeah, I guess he's not too bad," Leanne replied hesitantly, a little surprised that Britney had said that.

"I think we should get him naked and entertain ourselves. I entertained him all night now it's my turn. You want to join us? You don't have a boyfriend or anything do you?"

Leanne was thinking she should probably say no, but the sight of Britney Spears topless had her too mesmerized to think straight. "No, I don't have a boyfriend. I guess it could be fun."

"Of course it'll be fun. And you'll get to tell your friends you had a threesome with Britney Spears," the now horny, young star urged the older girl.

Once Leanne agreed Britney jumped off the table and told Leanne to walk out still topless and stand beside her with her hands on her hips in front of Danger. The two girls then left the small room and marched over in front of the couch where Danger was sitting and stood in front of him. Leanne with her small, firm tits with small, pink nipples and Britney with her larger, tanned tits with slightly bigger nipples that were just as hard as Leanne's.

"I presume you know what to do with two gorgeous women you want to ride you all night," Britney asked Danger. Danger stood up and walked around behind the two girls and stood very close to them. Suddenly he reached his arms around the outside of them and grabbed their crotches, pushing his fingers against their protected clits. Leanne could still feel the pressure against her magic button through her jeans and panties. Britney's pants were thinner than Leanne's and she could definitely feel Danger's finger against her. Leanne started moaning and grinding her crotch into Danger's hand, distracting him long enough to allow Britney to skip away towards the couch. She pushed her pants down off her curvaceous hips and let them fall to the floor leaving her only in a black thong, giving Danger a wonderful view of her tight ass cheeks. Danger then took the hand that was on Britney's crotch and started fondling one of Leanne's hard nipples. Leanne's eyes were now closed as she moaned even louder at the added sensations. Out of the corner of his eye Danger saw Britney hook her thumbs in the waistband of her thong and push the skimpy garment down her long, slender legs leaving her closely trimmed brown bush on display. As he watched Britney finish stripping he let up a bit on Leanne giving her a chance to recover enough to open her eyes and see the same thing. Then, uncontrollably, she broke away from Danger's grip and went over to Britney and pushed her down onto the couch. She then got to her knees and put Britney's legs over her shoulders and dove into her teenage cunt.

"Oh God, yes," Britney moaned as Leanne's tongue began working its way between her wet pussy lips. She then looked at Danger and called out, "Get your clothes off and bring me your cock." Danger quickly stripped off giving Britney her first look at his nine-inch rod. Britney was licking her lips as he came towards her and straddled Leanne who was still munching away at Britney's cunt. Britney quickly grabbed Danger's thick cock around the base with one hand and slowly started stroking it with the other. When it started leaking precum, she moved her head nearer, opened her mouth, and took the large prick into her warm mouth. She licked away the salty precum from the head before plunging it deep into her mouth until his pubic hair was in her teeth. Danger could quickly feel his balls stirring up a load of cum to deposit into Britney's mouth. Britney then began bucking underneath him as Leanne was bringing to orgasm.

"Fuck, where did you get that tongue?" Britney gasped as she pulled Danger's cock out of her mouth and wrapped her legs around Leanne's head squeezing it between her soft thighs. Britney's orgasm hit in waves each stronger than the one before. She let go of Danger's shaft and fell back against the back of the couch grabbing for the arms. Her back arched and her hips bucked as she came all over Leanne's face. Once her orgasm began to subside she continued stroking Danger's cock until he was ready to cum. She still had her thighs around Leanne's head who continued lightly kissing her clit.

"You just hang on to that for a moment," Britney instructed Danger as she unwrapped her legs from around Leanne's head and got to her feet. "You stay where you are for a second," she said to Leanne as came around and knelt behind her. Britney then reached around Leanne's hips and grabbed the button of her jeans, popped it open, and pulled down the zipper. "I wanna watch you two fuck like rabbits," she said as she grabbed the waist of Leanne's jeans and panties and tugged them over her hips and down her creamy, white thighs. Leanne then lifted her knees allowing Britney to pull her pants the rest of the way off along with her socks and shoes. Britney then pushed Leanne's knees apart spreading her tight, round ass cheeks and displaying her swollen pussy lips.

"Come on back," Britney ordered Danger as she started rubbing her fingers up and Leanne's slit causing the thin blonde to gasp and buck her hips. As Danger moved to get behind her, Leanne got her first look at his raging hard on and was a little apprehensive about him trying to cram his large cock into her tight cunt. But Britney's hand rubbing her mound was keeping her from thinking clearly enough to object before Danger had positioned his head at the entrance to her moist slit. Leanne's breath caught in her throat as Danger grabbed her hips and began parting her swollen lips with the head of his great cock. As it popped inside and his shaft started to be devoured by her hungry cunt, she managed to let out a low moan and she felt her insides stretch to accommodate the intruder. As soon as Danger was comfortably inside Leanne, Britney retreated back to the couch. She sat at the end at stretched one leg along the back and she threw the other over the arm leaving in her legs lewdly spread open. Her fingers immediately began probing and exploring between her legs. Her left hand began massaging her protruding clit while her right hand was rubbing up and down her pussy mound until two of her fingers slipped between her rubbery lips and into the warmth of her sex.

"Fuck, I can't believe your cock is so big. I'm completely full," Leanne exclaimed as Danger continued humping her wet pussy. His attention was divided between fucking the gorgeous blonde kneeling before him and the sultry brunette masturbating herself on the couch. Leanne was clutching the couch cushions so hard her hands had practically turned white. She lifted her head as she felt the first wave of orgasm wash over her body, only to see Britney fingering herself just inches away. Leanne's nostrils were filled with Britney's musky aroma and she suddenly craved for the taste of the teenager's sweet pussy once again.

"Come on Danger, ride her hard and make her cum," Britney urged as she watched Danger slam his his cock into the petite blonde over and over again. She could feel her own pussy beginning to contract as the work being done by her fingers between her legs was starting to pay off. Britney's encouragement increased Danger's pace and Leanne was screaming in orgasm within seconds. Her tight cunt squeezed his cock as it exploded shooting jets of hot cum deep inside her body. Britney was biting her bottom lip as her own orgasm set in. As soon as Danger had pulled himself out of Leanne's cunt, the skinny blonde had her head between Britney's legs again lapping up her sweet girl juice. Britney used her hands this time to push Leanne's face deeper between her legs.

"I think it's my turn to have a look down there," Danger said as knelt beside Leanne who was lifting her head up from between Britney's legs. Britney hooked her arms under her knees and spread her legs even wider for Danger. He took a few lazy licks of her slit tasting her young sex before clamping his lips hard around her clit and pushing on it with his tongue as hard as her could. Britney's legs cam free of her arms and wrapped around his head as she threw her head back and released an orgasmic scream at the sudden, unexpected sensation. The sudden, intense orgasms arced through her body and a film of sweat broke out all over her naked, young flesh. Then a gush of Britney's cream spurted out all over Danger's chest causing him to release his grip on her magic button. As he straightened up Leanne saw Britney's juice on him and immediately pushed him onto his back and began licking it off hungrily.

Britney remained on the couch with her head slung back coming down form the unbelievable high of her last orgasm. No one had ever made her body feel the way did right now. When she raised her head she saw Leanne had Danger flat on his back cleaning off his chest and face. Britney also saw Leanne's ass poking straight up at her and the petite blonde's swollen pussy lips just seemed to be calling Britney's name. The sultry starlet got to her knees and then lay down on her back with her face right below Leanne's snatch. She lifted a hand to feel her warm cunt and the short, scratchy hair of her light, brown bush. Britney then put her hands on Leanne's smooth hips and pulled her crotch down to her face as she lifted her head. When they met Britney immediately jabbed her tongue between Leanne's labia and into her gooey cunt. Leanne moaned aloud and began grinding her crotch on Britney's face causing her clit to bump against Britney's nose which made her grind even harder. Britney was weathering the storm, she moved her tongue up to Leanne's clit and brought one hand down to Leanne's cunt and quickly had two fingers pumping in and out of the tight blonde.

Leanne quickly reached the brink of orgasm and Britney could feel her shudder on top of her. When Britney pulled herself out from underneath Leanne, the blonde quickly cleaned her own juice off of Britney's face. Danger was now kneeling right beside Britney and he raised a hand to fondle her right tit. Britney moaned slightly at his touch and her moans grew louder as his finger roamed over her erect nipple. He then began rolling the nipple between his finger and thumb as he began fondling her other tit. Her skin felt electrified as Danger's hands played over her smooth, firm tits.

"Wanna fuck them?" Britney asked bluntly with an evil grin on her lips.

"Oh yeah," Danger eagerly replied. Britney took him by the hand and led him over to the couch. She sat on the very edge and stuck her nubile, young chest out towards his cock. Danger slapped his cock right into her cleavage and Britney squeezed her tits around his shaft with her hands. Danger then began sliding his long cock up and down between her tits. Britney moaned quietly as she reached around and began fondling her nipples. Leanne was now sitting at the other end of the couch with her legs spread wide and her hands busy masturbating. She had two finger pumping her pussy while the other hand worked busily on her clit.

Danger was quickly approaching orgasm between Britney's tits and she opened her mouth and placed it over his head so when his cock finally started shooting its streams of cum she was able to catch most of it. the bit that dribbled onto her chest she wiped off with her fingers and greedily devoured it. She then stood up and entered into a passionate kiss with Danger. Their tongues were exploring and probing each others mouths as Britney was mashing her nubile body against Danger. When the kiss broke she put her hand on his shoulders and turned him around and pushed him down onto the couch. She then knelt on the couch straddling him, the head of his stiff prick just inches from her moist, hungry cunt. Britney reached a hand down to guide the long monster into her cunt.

"Fuck, you're huge! Oh yeah, I'm gonna love ridin' you," Britney moaned as she felt Danger's cock stretch her tight cunt. As her body came to rest at the base of his shaft, Danger was happy to discover that her teenage cunt was still teenage tight. Slowly she started to raise herself up and he savoured the feel of the smooth flesh gliding along his long, rigid pole. As her body adjusted to the intrusion her pace quickened. She put her hands on the back of the couch and began rapidly impaling herself on Danger's cock. He could hear her ass slapping against his thighs as she plunged herself down, driving his cock deep into her body and driving herself close to orgasm. Danger sat focusing for a moment on the thought that he was actually fucking Britney Spears and she was having the time of her life.

"Oh fuck!!! I'm cumming!!!" Britney shouted as Danger started bucking his hips upward to meet her body causing her clit to press against his pelvis. he could feel her body shudder as wave after wave of her orgasm rippled through her teenage body. Britney now put her hands behind her ass on Danger's thighs and continued jackhammering her pussy down on his cock as a second orgasm took hold. Danger's hands left her round ass and went back to her perky tits and began pinching and tweaking her rock hard nipples.

When the final and most intense orgasm hit, Britney threw her head back, arched her back and shouted as loud as she could, "FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! Oh my God!!! Bone my pussy!!!" Her cunt was like a vice on Danger's cock as she came over and over again. He then released what was easily the biggest load of cum he had ever shot in his life. Her tight, young box milked the cum straight from his balls and into her nubile body. When the final orgasm released her body she slumped forward into Danger's arms. he held her close caressing her unbelievably smooth skin as his cock softened and fell form her sopped pussy. Within a few moments Britney had drifted off to sleep.

Danger gently slid from under her naked body and laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket. Leanne had already pulled her panties back on while Britney and Danger had been fucking. There was now a large wet patch growing from between her legs as a result, through which her bush and swollen lips were clearly visible. She was starting to pull on her pants when Danger spoke.

"Why leave now?" he asked. "Just because Britney fell asleep doesn't mean we can't keep going. I doubt if anybody will just barge into Britney's dressing room so we should have some privacy." Danger was now standing close enough to Leanne that his slowly re-hardening cock was poking against the crotch of her panties. Leanne's head was swimming, she knew she should probably leave, but the thought of having Danger's cock in her again was making her hesitate and the feel of its head poking at her clit left her with little choice. She dropped her jeans back to the floor which Danger took as a sign of her acceptance. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her low cut panties and knelt in front of her, dragging them down her smooth thighs. Her gently kissed between her legs which caused to her moan and instinctively open her legs allowing him to get his tongue onto her clit. Danger then sticking his tongue into her pussy and then drawing it forward to her clit. Leanne now had her hands on his hand pushing his face between her legs.

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