tagNovels and NovellasDangerous Affair Ch. 02

Dangerous Affair Ch. 02


Rebecca got up the next day ready to set her plan into motion, she did not know how much it would take to get her son to walk the straight and narrow. After her normal morning routine of taking care of the baby, working out and breakfast was done she had to make a couple of calls. She called the nanny service and asked them to not send Christine over anymore, she explained she would rather have someone older than the young woman.

The other call she had to make was to a private investigation service her husband uses at his law firm. She told them that her son was suspended from school for the month and she wanted them to keep tabs on his activities outside the house. She would send an e-mail later with recent pictures of him she had on her computer.

Rebecca nursed the baby and took her upstairs for her afternoon nap, it was now after noon and her son was still sleeping. Once she got the baby situated in her crib she went down the hall and knocked on her son's door. She waited a moment or two for an answer and gave out a loud sigh when she got none. She knocked again only this time a little bit harder than the first. Still she only got silence from her son's room in return, so she decided to enter.

The room was dark with the blind drawn to keep out the sunlight; Rebecca went over to the window and opened the blinds to let the light in. She let out a loud gasp when she turned around seeing her son's naked form laid out on the bed. His young muscular body and his flaccid large cock stopped her dead in her tracks as she stared at him. Once the light hit him he began to stir snapping Rebecca out of her stare.

"What the hell mom." He moaned aloud.

"It is after noon, time to get up and come downstairs for some lunch." She said walking for the door.

"What did your maid make for lunch today?" he said making her stop in the door way.

"Susan made up a couple of sandwiches for you, if you don't like them you can figure out something yourself." She explained trying to keep a firm tone with him.

"Humph." He snorted. "Too bad I can't have what Amanda had for lunch today?"

The questions caught her totally off guard making his mother stop and think for a moment why her son would ask such a thing.

"You are not a baby anymore. Now get dressed and I will see you in the kitchen for lunch." She said leaving the door way.

The kitchen had a nice little nook for breakfast or for a nice lunch, a lot of times they would even eat supper in the nook. Rebecca loved the nook because it had a beautiful view of the wooded hills outback of the house.

About a half hour later James made it to the kitchen dressed in a muscle shirt and an old faded ripped pair of jeans. He grabbed the plate that had the two hams and cheese sandwiches, chips and a pickle from the counter and sat down at the small table with his mother.

He sat eating his sandwiches and staring at his mother who woke him from his slumber for this. Deep down inside he knew he still loved his mother, it was just the fact he resented she remarried. Not only remarrying but to a man who was more successful than his father, he resented how she had become swept in the money and lifestyle Alex provided her.

He was also jealous of his new baby sister; he would never do anything to harm the baby. It was just the fact that she consumed the time he used to have with his mother and it hurt him that they did not spend time together the way they used too.

Unbeknownst to Rebecca, James too had a plan for her during this next month he would be home from school. He was going to punish her for all the betrayal he felt that he was suffering from.

"So mom what do you have planned?" he asked.

"Planned?" she said sounding surprised.

"Yeah I got a whole month off from school and I think this time you have something up your sleeve." He explained.

"Just going to try and spend some time with you, try and find out why you have become so withdrawn." She replied.

"Whatever mom." He laughed. "When is Christine coming today?

"I let her go this morning, I'm going to look for someone with more experience than her." His mother explained.

"Damn I will miss her experience." He laughed again.

"I'm sure you will." His mother said trying not to let on she knew about yesterday.

Rebecca got up to leave the kitchen and go send the e-mail to the private investigators. James watched his pretty mother get up; he had to admit his mom was still hot. Her thirty eight dd breasts swayed in her blouse as she got up from her chair and headed towards the door that would lead to the family room. The young man watched as she turned and admired the way her tight jeans hugged her ass as well as they did.

James pulled his cell phone out of his jeans pocket and scrolled through the numbers in his contacts list. He found the one he was looking for and dialed the number; the phone rang a few times until the contact picked up.

"Hey it's me, drop off a bag and some meth" he said. "I will come down and pay you later. Cool sees you later tonight."

James decided to go upstairs and listen to some Godsmack until his mother was going to bother him again. He must have jammed for a couple hours and still no sign of his mother. He left his room and strolled down to his sister's nursery, his sister was out of the crib.

He went downstairs and he found his mother sitting in the living room nursing the baby. She had one of those beautiful large breasts out for the baby to feed off of, James stood in the door way watching quietly, after a moment or two he went in and sat down on the couch.

"Wow that sure looks like it could be a yummy snack." He said seeing his mother shift uncomfortably.

"James what has gotten into you today?" she asked disgustedly.

"Stop the prude act mom, I know you saw Christine sucking my dick yesterday." He said again watching her reaction.

"She won't be back." His mother said sharply.

"Did you like what you saw yesterday Mom?" he asked snidely.

"What kind of mother would I be if I did." Came her reply. "Alex and I were talking about your situation at school last night."

"Yeah and what does he want you to do?" asked her son.

"We both decided to give you one month to straighten up or you're going to have to leave the house, get a job and your own place." She explained.

"Why waits a month?" he asked sarcastically.

"Because we love you and want to give you a chance." She said. "James you're having sex at a young age, you're doing drugs and drinking, I'm going to take this month to get you to stop ruining your life."

She put the baby down in the infant carrier that sat on the floor by the chair she was sitting in. She forgot her breast was now fully exposed to her leering son, he watched as she gracefully put it back in the nursing bra.

James got up before she had a chance to button her bra; he got right up in his mothers face and stared her in the eye. This lasted for a long uncomfortable minute as he continued to stare at her; she felt his hand lower itself to her midsection that was still exposed.

"I'll make a deal with you Mom; one month is all you have to convince me this place is worth staying in. I could not give two shits about Alex and his money or his law practice; I could care less about having maids or living in this big fancy house. I'll give you one month to do what ever is necessary to convince me all of this is worth not doing drugs, partying and fucking as much pussy as I can."

Rebecca was now shocked that he had just turned the tables on her, while he was upstairs listening to music, she was searching the web. She found all kinds of local rehabilitation programs to get him off the drugs and booze. She found programs at the local church that taught abstinence from sex.

The tension was now broken by the door bell; James stepped away from his mother knowing it was for him. He went back into the living room to rejoin his mother, she buttoned up her blouse while he was gone hiding her beautiful tits from him.

"In this bag I have some weed and some crystal meth, for your information, the only drugs I do is smoke weed from time to time. The meth is something I resell at school for extra dough, kids are too scared to find a dealer downtown." He explained.

"I do not want drugs in this house." She said firmly.

"I tell you what Mom do something to convince me to flush them." He said.

"What?" she asked not knowing what he wanted?

"The baby only suckled on one of your breasts, I want to suck on the other one." He said boldly.

"James I can't let you do that." She replied.

"Fine I'll be up in my room smoking a bowl." He said leaving the living room.

A couple of hours later the baby had fell asleep while playing with her jungle gym, so Rebecca put her down for another nap. She walked to her son's room and knocked on the door, to her surprise he yelled for her to come in.

"Did you smoke your dope yet?" she asked softly.

"Not yet." He said watching her.

She stood in front of his bed and began to unbutton her shirt; James now sat up interested in what seemed to be transpiring. His mother took the shirt off and let it drop onto the floor of the room. She then reached up and took out one of her breasts that were still full of milk.

Not saying a word she sat down on the bed, James sat up now amazed at the sight of his mom's big tit. He could see that she did not want to make eye contact with him so he leaned towards her taking the tit in his hand. She shivered at the touch of her son's hand upon the sensitive flesh of her tit.

Without saying anything he leaned in and started to suckle on the nipple, it took him a few tries to get the milk to flow out. Once he got it to come out he was amazed at the taste, maybe it was instinct that he liked it. Rebecca tried hard to lay back and relax while her son molested her breast.

James felt his mother relax and he pushed her back on his bed so she was laying flat, on her back. He could feel that the flow of milk was slowing down from the breast, so he began to try and stimulate her with his mouth sexually. Rebecca too could feel the flow of milk slow down to a trickle, now she could feel her son tease, lick, suck and squeeze her breast like a lover.

She found her self actually enjoying the sensations of her son's mouth and decided to let him have a little fun. James brought his other hand up and freed the other tit from the nursing bra. He was now ravishing both breasts; Rebecca was also getting caught up in the moment and inadvertently spread her legs to give him better access to her tits.

Her son was now dry humping her while he sucked on her big tits, she could feel his massive hard on through his jeans. Her pussy was getting wet as it too could feel her son's hard cock push against her crotch

"Rebecca I'm home." A shout came from downstairs.

"Oh my god." She exclaimed trying to get out from under her son. "Coming right down after I use the bathroom dear."

James watched as his mother scurried out of his room, the moment he knew she was gone and he freed his large cock. He jerked off until his cum shot out so powerfully that it landed on his chest. He knew that his mom was both horny and desperate to straighten out her son; he knew now he could use her anyway he wanted to. At least for a whole month he would be able to use her.

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