tagLoving WivesDangerous Guest: Trust Betrayed

Dangerous Guest: Trust Betrayed


I had been looking for a job for almost a year. I was almost finished with my Ph.D., but things didn't look too good. Then out of nowhere I heard about a small college that needed someone just like me. I applied, and they offered me an interview. I had another graduate student cover the class I taught, and I arranged with my professors for notes for the classes I would miss, and off I flew.

I had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend, and I was more than a little pissed off at the opposite sex, The prospect of finding a good job during times when people in my field weren't getting many cheered me up, but only a little. I knew that my department would allow me to delay finishing my degree for another year so that I could keep searching (while they payed me to teach undergraduates), but I hoped it wouldn't come to that.

I had to fly most of the way across the country, and it took most of Tuesday. I had to stay until Saturday morning because the college hadn't been able to set up all the requisite interviews on the same day. I also had to pay my own travel expenses. I'm sure that's partly why John, one of my potential departmental colleagues, invited me to stay in his home in their guest room and eat several meals at their house. This certainly saved me the expense of three nights in a hotel as well as saving me the cost of most meals. I quickly accepted his invitation, even though I had never met John or his wife.

I arrived after 5:00 Tuesday afternoon. John picked me up at the airport, and drove me to his home, located only a couple of blocks from the campus. His wife Laura greeted me at the door, and John mixed us some drinks. Laura declined, stating that she was nursing their six-month-old daughter Lacy, and she didn't want too much alcohol to reach the baby via her milk. I had noticed Laura's large breasts and slightly puffy look, and the recent baby explained everything. Actually, I thought she looked terrific, although a little big in the boobs. Well, that's what nursing often does to a woman!

John explained my interview schedule. The next afternoon I would meet with the department, then meet with some of their student majors, then present a talk to everyone. On Thursday afternoon I would interview with the Dean and President, and then if I hadn't already had one, I'd get a tour of the campus. After staying overnight with John and Laura, Laura would take me to the airport to catch my afternoon flight back to the university where I was completing my degree.

John and I talked about the department and the school for about an hour, then Laura called us to dinner. We shared portions of our life histories. I learned that John and Laura had been high-school sweethearts, and that they had gone steady beginning in tenth grade. They had gone to the same university and majored in the same subject. They did the same thing in graduate school. During their sophomore year they briefly dated others, but quickly got back together, got engaged, and were married when they graduated. They both had graduate degrees. John had been hired two years earlier, and they had decided it was time to start their family.

It sounded like the American dream, but they were so much alike I wondered about them. Three times I heard the phrase "wonderful marriage" used by one or the other, and each time they would look at each other and smile. I gathered they knew each other extremely well, but had never gotten close to anyone else. I found it a little strange, but what the heck? It was their life.

A few minutes later I heard a baby crying, and Laura brought Lacy out to show me. She was a pretty little girl, but she didn't want attention from anyone except Laura. Laura blushed and said that Lacy wanted to nurse. After covering her breasts with a thin towel, Laura discretely unfastened her clothing and I could hear - although not see - Lacy slurping away. It was all very . . . wonderful, just like their marriage..

Lacy feel asleep after about a half hour, and Laura carried her out of the room. She returned a few minutes later, smiling, her cheeks rosy. Motherhood made her really beautiful.

Laura served us a late dessert, and we watched a couple of TV shows, talking during the commercials. I began to yawn. "I'm sorry but those flights really took it out of me!" I explained. "I'll be playing catch-up with my sleep for a week!"

"We understand completely!" Laura said. "You can sleep in tomorrow morning as long as you like. I'll bang on your door if you're not up in time to get ready for your interviews."

"I've got to go in every day by 7:30 and can't leave until 3:30 or so." John added. "Laura's stuck at home with Lacy, and I'm sure she'll enjoy having someone to talk to during the day. But you don't have to get up if you need to rest!"

They were the perfect hosts - almost too perfect. Everything about them seemed to fit into choreographed little niches. My life just wasn't that stable, and I decided that I was feeling sorry for myself because of my recent breakup and that I was jealous of them because of their "wonderful marriage." They showed me to their study where I would sleep, gave me towels, pointed me to the bathroom in the hall, and we said good night. I stripped off my clothes, took a shower and cleaned my teeth, then fell quickly asleep before 9:30.


I heard John moving around at about 6:30 the next morning. My room was too warm, and during the night I had kicked off the top sheet and blanket. I was sleeping nude, as I've always preferred. .

It was about an hour later when I realized I needed to take a leak. I was lying on my back. My penis had its usual "time to take a morning piss" erection, and it was sticking straight up. I reached down and my balls were hanging loosely, so I knew I wasn't sexually aroused. But I was still a little sleepy, and I didn't feel like making the effort to put on some clothes in order to go to the bathroom. I dozed in and out of sleep for a few minutes.

I awoke when I heard Laura close a door somewhere. A few seconds later I heard her coming down the hall toward the room I was in. Her gentle footsteps stopped outside my door. She tapped gently on the door. "Don, are you awake?" She whispered, just loudly enough that I would answer if I were awake, but quiet enough that she would not wake me.

I felt like lying in bed a little longer, so I remained silent. I expected to hear her footsteps going away from the room, but there was complete silence. Then I heard a tiny metallic squeak from the door, and I looked in that direction. Laura was slowly turning the doorknob.

I felt a moment of panic. Should I call out to her? Should I try to grab the sheet to cover myself? Before I could act, I saw the door slowly opening. Ah shit! "I'll just pretend to be sleeping, she'll see me, and since she will think I didn't know she had seen me naked, nobody will be hurt." I thought.

I closed my eyes, barely able to see between my eyelashes through narrow slits. I was still lying on my back with my face turned slightly toward the door. I let my mouth fall open, and I began to breathe slowly.

I caught a glimpse of one of her eyes, then the door opened wide enough that her entire face was framed between the door jamb and the open door. The hallway was much darker than the bedroom, and she was standing in a shadow, almost invisible. She was wearing some sort of light blue robe, held closed with a knotted belt at her waist.

Laura just stood motionless in the half-open doorway, staring at me. I could sense that she was trying to decide if I were really asleep. I kept my focus on the knot in her belt so that she wouldn't detect any movement of my pupils through the tiny open slits of my eyes. I forced my breathing to be slow and long, almost snoring as I exhaled. I kept thinking, "Close the door! Close the damned door!"

A couple of minutes passed, and still she stood there. Knowing she was looking at my body aroused me and I could feel my erection beginning to throb and move with my heartbeat. I felt my scrotum pulling my balls tighter. It was increasingly difficult to pretend to be asleep. Laura's eyes were big and dark, and she was standing motionless, staring at my penis.

I saw a brief movement, and then her right hand slipped slowly under the top of her robe, partially opening it. She began to rub her breasts under the robe. She reached down and across, pulling the bottom of her robe open, and slid her hand between her thighs. There was now a gap of several inches where her robe failed to cover her body below the belt, and I could see her pubic hair as she rubbed between her legs.

She opened her mouth and began to make audible gasping breaths. As she rubbed her breasts, the top of her robe gapped wider, and I could see most of her large breasts. Her nursing nipples were long and distended. Her robe opened even more as she continued rubbing her breasts and crotch. Her attention was obviously entirely on me and on her own stimulation.

The knot in the belt gave way, and her robe fell completely open. Laura made no attempt to cover herself. The sight of this nearly naked, aroused woman less than six feet from me defeated my attempt to pretend I was sleeping. I could no longer control my breathing, and I opened my eyes, expecting to embarrass Laura when she realized I was awake.

She was concentrating so intently on my erection that she didn't notice that I was aware of her presence. She was clearly finger-fucking herself with several fingers, and her gasps turned to grunts and drawn-out moans. She was so wet I could smell her.

All at once she closed her eyes and jammed the knuckles of her right hand into her mouth. She began to rub her crotch more vigorously. Her body started to tremble, and I could hear her starting to scream, even though the sound was mostly muffled by her hand. Her movements caused the top of her robe to fall from her shoulders, ending tangled around her elbows, leaving her completely bare from the waist up.

Laura closed her eyes and twisted herself back against the door jamb in the hall, no longer facing into the room. I could see spasms shaking her body, making her large breasts bounce. I heard her make a long moan against her fingers. "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNH!"

Her legs were shaking, and she slid down the wall, ending up in the hall sitting on the floor, with her back against the jamb. Her head slowly fell forward onto her breasts. She took her right hand out of her mouth and began to rub her breasts again. Her left hand remained in her crotch. She was taking fast, deep breaths.

I quickly slipped out the bed and stepped into the hall through the open door. Laura had her eyes closed, and she began rolling her head in slow circles, from down on her breasts to upright to back on her breasts. I squatted down in front of her and I could hear her moans of post-orgasmic pleasure and I could hear her quick short breaths. The smell of her pussy was overwhelmingly powerful.

I leaned forward and gently pulled her face to mine and kissed her on the lips. She immediately responded, kissed me, and said, "OH! John!" I continued kissing her, nibbling on her lips and probing her mouth with my tongue.

Abruptly she realized that she was not kissing her husband. Her eyes popped open and she tried to jerk away from me, striking the back of her head solidly against the jamb. I saw her eyes roll up, then she fell limply to the rug, her torso in my room and the rest of her body in the hall.

Laura lay on her back, her robe completely open and mostly off. I easily pulled her arms free from the sleeves, and she lay at my feet on the floor, completely naked. Her milk-swollen breasts were rising and falling, so I knew she was breathing steadily.

I reached under her and picked her up, then stood up carrying her, one arm under her knees, and one under her shoulders. I felt wetness against my chest, and I realized it was her milk. I carried her to my bed and laid her on top of the sheet. I checked the back of her head, and I could feel a bump forming.

Laura began to revive. I told her (probably pointlessly) that I was going to get some ice for her head. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, and ran back to my room. Laura was just coming around.

I gently lifted Laura's head and had her lie back against the frozen peas. She groaned. Her eyes remained closed, but she asked, "Do I need to go to the hospital? My head hurts!"

"Shhh!" I said. "Let the ice stop the swelling. Keep talking. I want you to stay awake!"

Laura's eyes flicked open, and she groaned and closed them again. "I have a terrible headache." She whispered. "I need to lie here for a few minutes."

I stared at Laura's body. Her breasts were bulging with milk, and I could see that her nipples were really large. There were streaks of drying milk running down her front. She had some obvious stretch marks on her abdomen, and she still had a little pot belly from the pregnancy. She was lying with her knees about two feet apart, and I could see every feature of her vulva. Her pubic thatch was thick and black, but I could see that the hair around her vagina had probably been shaved for the delivery and had not yet grown back fully,

My prick, which had lost its stiffness when Laura hit her head, popped up again. I resisted the overpowering temptation to bury either it or my face in her pussy.

I got my washcloth soaked with cold water, and I laid it gently over her eyes and forehead. Laura thanked me.

After about ten minutes, it was plain that she was going to be OK, so I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. As before, she responded, then realized I wasn't John, and pulled the washcloth off her eyes.

Laura propped herself up on her elbows, and finally realized that she was lying spread-eagled, naked on my bed, and that I was naked and standing next to her with a raging hard-on aimed at her face. "Oh no! This is so wrong! "She whispered. "So very wrong! We shouldn't be here like this!"

"What's so wrong about it?" I asked. "I was just giving you first aid!"

"In your bed . . . Naked . . . And what I did before . . . It's all wrong!" She had been grabbing for the other sheet, and when she didn't find it, she covered her breasts with one hand and covered her crotch with the other.

"And what did you do before, Laura?" I taunted. "Did you enjoy it?"

Laura opened her eyes wide open and stared at me. I saw her wince as her headache pounded. "You were awake!" She said. "You were watching me!"

"Yes, I was!" I replied. "And it made me wonder why a happily-married woman would masturbate in front of a houseguest."

"I didn't know you were awake!" Laura wailed. "And you just don't understand!"

"What don't I understand? That you aren't getting enough at home? That you're so turned on that the sight of a man's penis can cause you to lose control?"

Laura blushed. "It's not like that! I just . . . I felt . . . You don't understand!"

I just looked at her for another few minutes, and Laura turned darker and darker red. Clearly she was feeling better. "How's the head? Can you sit up now?"

I helped Laura sit up on the edge of the bed, and she said it didn't hurt so much. She kept the frozen peas clamped against the back of her head with one hand, and the other was futilely attempting to cover her breasts. She clamped her thighs together to hide her pussy.

I helped her to her feet. "I need my robe!" She said.

"Maybe later! I need to see your skin color to be certain you don't need medical attention." I lied. Would she buy it?

"All right. Please help me walk to the baby's room."

With one of Laura's arms around my waist, and with her other arm holding the frozen peas on her head, I wrapped my arms around her and we waddled together to the nursery at the end of the hall.

I helped her get settled in an armchair next to the crib. "I really don't like the two of us being naked!" She said. She was obviously recovering, and was starting to assert herself.

I stood close to her so that my throbbing erection was practically in her face. I waited. Finally she spoke. "Can't you cover up? You're scaring me!"

"A few minutes ago you masturbated yourself to a powerful orgasm while staring at it. It wasn't scary then! What's wrong with it now?"

"I made a mistake! I shouldn't have done that! I'm sorry! I'm a happily married woman and I shouldn't look at other men's penises!"

"Why not?" I challenged. "What's wrong with mine?"

"It's so much bigger . . ." Laura began, then blushed.

"Bigger than John's?"

Laura nodded, and blushed again. "And so thick!"

I stared at her. When she met my eyes, I asked, "When you fantasized that my penis was in you, how did it feel?"

"How did you . . . You arrogant monster! All I imagined was that I was holding it!" She clumsily lied.

I pulled her hand from her breasts and placed it against my penis. "This is no fantasy! How does it feel?"

Laura pulled her hand away, so I leaned closer and pressed my penis against her breasts. "Does it feel so different from John's?"

Her face got extremely red. "I want you to leave! Now! I want you out of this house! You're no longer welcome here!"

"I don't want to leave! I'm enjoying the view too much!"

Laura sneered at me. "John will throw you out when he gets home! Wait until I tell him what a monster you are! They won't even interview you!"

I stared at Laura's angry face until she averted her eyes. "Right, Laura. Let's begin by telling him how you masturbated while ogling my penis until you had such a hard orgasm you collapsed in the hall! Then let's tell him that we sat around naked for another hour before you told me to leave!"

Laura's defiant face quickly fell apart, and she pulled her legs up onto the chair, wrapped her arms around her knees, and began to cry. "Please don't! You can't tell him that! He'd never understand! This is all my fault!"

"I'm not sure I understand! You're acting like a schoolgirl who's never seen a naked man before, not like a married woman with a baby!"

Laura just clutched herself and continued crying. She turned her face away from me. I sat down on the floor, and stared at her pussy, clearly visible the way she was sitting.

"You have beautiful lips, Laura! I'd love to kiss them, particularly now that they're covered with your nectar!"

Laura turned her face toward mine, looking puzzled. Then she saw where I was staring, and she blushed. "Nobody has ever . . . " And she stopped.

"John hasn't ever kissed your pussy?"

Laura started to cry again and didn't say anything. She moved her hand down to cover her pussy and turned her face away again. I pressed her hand so that it pushed against her clitoris and she jumped. I began to rub her leg from her knee toward her groin. Laura grabbed my hand. I immediately leaned forward and blew gently on her labia.

She stiffened as if I had touched her with an ice cube. In a way I had, since her wet labia must have gotten chilled quickly when I blew. "You act like you haven't had sex for a month!" I said.

Laura shook her head, and said, "You just don't know. You think you're so sexy and in charge! You just don't understand!" I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

When she again averted her eyes, I gently asked, "Doesn't John want to have sex with you, Laura?" Her whole body began to shake with violent sobs.

When she settled back into simple crying, I probed further. "Laura, I know you want to have sex. I saw you. I smelled the aroused scent from your pussy. I can see your juices drying on your legs. You are desperate to have sex. What's going on?"

Laura just sat in her chair, crying. Her arms were folded across her breasts. Her legs were pulled up. I could still see her pussy. I continued to stare at it, feeling my own arousal growing.

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