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Dangerous Liaison


I knew I shouldn't think of her in that way. She was barely eighteen and I was more than twice that, but that wasn't the reason. I've known her since she was seven, but it wasn't that. It was the fact that her dad is one of my best friends, and was capable of breaking me in half. However, every once in a while the thoughts, the desire crept back.

I called in to see my pal, but she answered the door, saying he was out all day. She was wearing a fairly short dress which hugged the contours of her lithe young body. She flashed me a smile and asked me in for a coffee. The smile coupled with the dress re-awoke those thoughts once more. As she made the coffee we talked, inconsequential talk about nothing much. As she bent over to get the milk from the fridge I realised she was deliberately trying to tempt me.

"You're teasing me, I should spank you." I said reproachfully.

Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Oh, yes please." She licked her lips as she spoke.

The sudden panic must have shown in my eyes, as she silently reached out and took my hand, leading me toward the stairs. Meekly I followed, shaking my head in disbelief, my eyes focused squarely on her swaying backside. At the foot of the stairs I stopped.

"No." I said hoarsely. "I can't, at least not here."

She shrugged and pulled me toward the door.

"C'mon then."


"Your place of course."She smiled again and I felt the balance tip.

Even in the short drive over I'd begun to waver once more. She seemed to sense it and began to tease me as we arrived.

"If wriggling my bottom gets me spanked, what does this get me?" She said, pushing her hand into the back pocket of my jeans, pulling out my door keys and opening my front door. She led me into the study room and motioned me to sit down on the desk-chair. Curious, I did so. She put her handbag down after removing something, and moved behind me. I let her guide my arms behind my back. There was a click as the cuffs shut around my wrists. She spun the chair around so I was facing her. Silently at first, she began to move her hands over her body, dancing to a tune inside her head. She carefully removed her white panties and pushed them into my mouth, cutting short the protesting. Then she slipped off the top of her dress, sliding it down onto her hips then leaving it there. Her hands glided over her skin as she continued her strip. Her bra came off next, revealing her pert young breasts. Finally she slipped the dress from her hips, revealing her body in all its naked glory. I squirmed as she came towards me, hands on hips, a young woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She bent over and whispered in my ear, "Now I'm going to be really naughty."As she unzipped my trousers, I shook my head desperately, and then moaned through her panties as she lowered her mouth down onto my straining member, teasing with her tongue and teeth. The excitement was too much for me as her lips slid down my rod, and I shot my load into the back of her throat. She almost choked, but managed to swallow. Wiping her mouth she stood and moved behind me. "Now bad girls must be spanked." She said, releasing my hands.

I bent her over the backrest of the chair, hands on the seat, feet together. Then tentatively at first, I brought my hand down on one buttock then the other, building up a rhythm, until they glowed red.

"You are a wicked girl." I said, as I helped her up to her feet.

She grinned.

"I know, and I'm not finished yet." She took my now semi-erect dick in her hand. "I want this up my ass." She toyed with my balls until I was rigid again, and then rubbed KY jelly onto my cock and up her arse crack. She motioned me to sit once more, and then lowered herself onto me, holding her cheeks apart as I guided myself into the puckered hole. As she rocked back and forth, lifting herself up and down on my cock, I reached around and cupped her baby titties. She groaned as I rolled the young rosebuds between thumb and forefinger. Still coupled, we stood. She grasped the edge of the desk as I took up the stroke, faster and faster until finally I could hold back no more. I came all over her beautiful back. She rubbed her hand in the gathering pool of liquid, then put her fingers to her mouth and licked each one clean. "Thank you. I enjoyed that." She said, stepping away from the chair and picking up her clothes. "We must do it again sometime." I looked up into her face expecting to see some sort of sarcastic smirk, but all I saw was honest lust.

"We'll have to see about that." I said, reaching for her reddened ass. "You don't have to go yet you know."

She reached down and took my cock in her hand once more.

"I don't think you're up to it." However, my dick stirred in her hand at that point. Shrugging, she knelt before me once more, her velvet lips enveloping my now reanimated member once again. This time I was more in control, but not for long. Her tongue and teeth teased my cock, whilst her hands toyed with my balls. I stood up, placed my hands either side of her head and began to fuck her throat. Her hands went around behind me and gripped my ass, pulling me toward her in perfect harmony with thrusts. I felt the orgasm coming and pulled out of her mouth, loosing my load into her face. Now spent totally, I slumped back down in the chair and watched as she licked her lips, running her fingers through the milky spunk and licking them too, almost purring like a cat. I must have been more tired than I thought, because I dozed off. When I awoke she had gone, leaving a note saying 'See you sometime'.

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