tagBDSMDangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons


She had felt a little self-conscious at first, convinced everyone knew, but each time she thought of what was to come she couldn't help the little tingle that coursed through her.

His instructions had been specific, she was to get the train to London, she was to dress in her smart business suit, wearing the silk blouse he had bought her, but, and this was where he was insistent, she was to wear no underwear. Although slightly uncomfortable with being in public, in a short skirt with out any panties, it was the next bit that had tested her resolve. In with the blouse, had been a small egg shaped vibrator with a wire running from it to a control switch. She was to insert it, feeding the wire through her pocket lining. She unconsciously felt in her pocket as she thought back to the gift, yeah, the switch was nestled comfortably, waiting her command. The last item in the package had been a pair of delicate nipple rings which she was instructed to slip on under the silk blouse. The whole effect was becoming almost unbearable and the vibrator wasn't even on yet.

Now here she was, staring out of the window at the swiftly passing landscape, her thoughts on the rest of the weekend. It had all started as a little harmless fun, she was bored and had discovered the joys of Internet chatting. She had, over the months spoken to Pete at length, sharing her darkest fantasies with a complete stranger, until he had suggested this weekend. Now she wondered what she had let herself in for.

She was suddenly startled by the ringing of her mobile, Pete.

"Hi babe, how you feeling? Follow all the instructions?"

"Of course" she smiled "I was always good at carrying out orders."

"Good, 'cos I have some more for you"

"Go ahead" anticipation in her voice

"Put your hand in your pocket, and switch on my little present, only to low, mind, don't want you suddenly scaring the other passengers" mock sterness in his voice.

"What? now?" Her eyes darting round the packed carriage.

"Are you questioning my orders, 'cos you know what happens to bad girls besides you know you want to you horny little bitch"

She reached into her pocket, blushing furiously as she switched on the device. She listened hard, convinced some tell tale buzzing sound would suddenly emanate from her vicinity and then everyone would know. But true to the description, it was silent. She tensed her thighs as the soothing vibrations began to flow through her body.

"Still, there babe, or is it all too much already?" He teased

"No, fine" She replied hearing the tremor in her voice.

"So, wasn't too hard was it? Now, I just want you to sit back, relax and read the documents I gave you. Phone me when you're finished" and with that he hung up before she could utter another word.

She reached into her brief case and pulled out the file he had sent her, curious as to its contents. She started to read the first page, then blushed again as she realised the subject of the story she was holding. The whole file contained a collection of erotic stories, covering a wide subject matter, some of which she hadn't even heard about and she thought she was quite liberated.

The more she read, the hotter she became. She could feel her erect nipples brushing the silk, a soft breeze had found its way between her legs to her naked sex and was assisting the gentle rhythmic pulsating of the vibrator. By the time she had finished the file, she was silently screaming for release.

He answered his phone after what seemed like an age.

"Enjoy the reading material? Oh I can tell you did, I can hear it in your breathing and bet by now your soaking wet, those delicious juices sliding down those beautiful soft inner thighs."

He breathing was becoming a problem.

"So" he continued, "lets see how controlled you can be then shall we? I think it's time you turned that wonderful machine up a notch don't you"

"But..Pete I.."

"No arguments sweetness or there will be some severe punishments later"

She reached into the pocket and flicked the control switch once and nearly gasped out loud as the rhythm intensified

"Now listen to the rest of the instructions"

She could hardly concentrate on his voice as she desperately tried to keep her body under control. At the end of the conversation, he instructed her to switch the device off and told her in no uncertain terms was she to even consider finishing the job off herself in the privacy of the toilet cubicle, he would know and reprimand would follow.

By the time the train pulled into her station, 15 minutes later, she felt like she could fuck the first half-decent man she encountered. Picking up her small case, she made her way to the exit not convinced her trembling legs would support her. He had given her directions to the hotel and instructed her to ask reception to phone his room when she arrived, further orders would follow..

She reached the hotel in time, checking the address he had given her twice as she saw the imposing façade and the uniformed doorman. Well he certainly liked to do it in style.

The foyer was imposing with vast expanses of marble floor with islands of plush deep carpet dotted with comfortable chairs. She approached the huge reception desk, feeling out of place in such obviously expensive surroundings.

"Can I help you?" an immaculate receptionist enquired

"Yes, could you phone through to Mr Johnson's room, to let him know I'm here?"

"Oh, you must be Miss Farrell" She smiled, "He's expecting you." As she waited for the call to go through she added "We told him we provide our own in house PA and secretarial support for visiting businessmen, but he insisted you were the best for the job. I'm impressed, Mr Johnson is a very demanding man to work for I believe." Giving her a wink.

All she could do was smile, or was she really just being paranoid, imagining the subtle message hidden in the conversation that said I know what you're doing here.

When she turned back to the receptionist, the phone was just being put down.

"Mr Johnson says to go straight up, room 1056, floor twelve, and he asked me to give you this" The receptionist handed her a plain white envelope, her name neatly hand-written on the front.

"Thanks" she stammered

"Don't let him work you too hard" The receptionist called after her

She just smiled and nodded, heading in the general direction of what she hoped were the lifts, desperate to escape from what now felt like knowing eyes.

Waiting for the lift to descend, she tore open the envelope.

"Time for hidden pleasure babe, switch it back on, this time to maximum"

Without thinking she immediately when to the switch in her pocket, the unexpected violent vibrations left her gasping. With relief she saw the lift doors open and almost stumbled inside. Luckily she had the lift to herself and thankfully leant back against the wall letting waves of pleasure throb through her still soaking cunt. As she reached the twelfth floor she could feel the familiar spasms rising through her. Not wanting to lose control she hurried down the long corridor searching for his room.

He opened the door as soon as she knocked, pulling her through the door. Immediately his hand went to her pocket and the device was switched off.

She sagged against him.

"You bastard, you utter bastard" she panted

"Didn't want you to peak too soon babe, and hello to you too" he said gently kissing her "Get all hot and steamy on the journey did we?" he said teasingly, as he guided her into the room. He let her sink on to the bed as he removed the case from her grip.

She gratefully took the glass of water he offered, then grinned.

"It was an interesting journey" she conceded "But you're a bastard for not letting me cum!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but there is so much more to follow, and patience my sweet, patience."

She finally felt able to stand up and he helped her out of her jacket, noticing her taught nipple as she leant over to unpack the few items she had brought with her. Their conversation carried on as usual, even in the flesh he was so easy to talk to and she found herself turned on by the gentle ease with which they had become accustomed during their long distance chats. She was about to ask him about the receptionist's remarks but he spoke first.

"You questioned my orders a couple of times young lady, feel up to the punishment you deserve?"

Her body tingled with the implication, but she defiantly turned in reply

"You wouldn't dare"

Before she realised what had happened she found herself face down on the bed, her arms pinned behind her back. She tried to struggle, but she felt her arms secured tightly, the restraint gently biting into her wrists. She opened her mouth to protest, he was quicker. She suddenly felt the gag pushed into her mouth and secured behind her head. She felt a tremor go through her body as he pulled on her wrist restraints, turning her onto her back.

"Now that's how good girls should behave, seen but not heard" He joked. She just glared at him. "Now what should we do with you?"

She heard the silk tearing as he roughly pulled the blouse open, leaving her naked breasts exposed to his scrutiny, her nipples hardened further as she watched his yes roam her body. She cried out as he reached out and pinched one already sensitive nipple, her cries stifled by the gag.

"Now let's check you have followed my instructions.."

She felt his hands, slide up her legs until he suddenly pushed her skirt to her waist. His hands forced her legs wide, his hand brushed her aching pussy making her lift towards him, eager for more contact. She was rewarded, fingers caressed her clit, in small circular movements, making her squirm. She felt his fingers delve inside, checking the position of the vibrator. Without warning he withdrew, leaving her swearing behind the gag. He merely smiled down at her as he stood up.

He reached down behind her, grasping the restraints and pulled her to a standing position, holding her against him. She was then lead across the room. She had briefly noticed the solid, marble and wrought iron, rectangular coffee table when she entered the room, but hadn't given it much thought until she found herself taken a much closer look at it. He forced her down onto it until she was lying face down along its length, too high to kneel and too low to stand, her legs straddled its width. The marble felt cool under her skin as he continued, tying each ankle, tightly, to the table legs. She then felt him tug at her wrists, untying the bonds. She sighed as the blood rushed back to her hands, her wrists throbbing. Not for long, he stretched her arms out in front of her, attaching each one to the table legs at the opposite ends. The bonds were tightened, she could hardly move and her breasts pressed painfully into the unresisting marble.

Her breathing deepened as she realised just how exposed she was, helpless, relying totally on Pete's whim. He walked to stand in front of her so she could watch him remove the slim leather belt from his trousers.

"I told you I would punish disobedience, are you ready to take your punishment?" he asked

She could only mumble incoherent words, her mouth full of the gag. Her eyes widened though as she realised what he had in mind.

He moved out of her limited range of vision and she sensed him take up position at the foot of the table. She flinched as his hand caressed her exposed buttocks, stroking, gently kneading, the leather belt trailed between her legs. Lightly at first, the belt connected with her bare arse the sensation made her tingle and she surprised herself by wishing for more and harder.

She should have held that thought, suddenly "WHACK" the belt cracked, biting into her flesh. She gasped with the pain, the unexpectedness. Then he was caressing her again, oh so gently. The another one, stinging, making her cry out some more.

10 lashes she endured, each one more stinging, harder than the last, yet in between, that gentle caress. She was close to tears, not sure she could take any more, yet her body screamed at her, she wanted to be fucked and god did she want it hard. The crack of the last lash faded away as the tears started to well, she tensed expecting another, but nothing. She couldn't even be sure where Pete was, she was so disorientated. Suddenly, the little vibrator she had forgotten about leapt into life, on full setting. At the same time her hot, reddened, buttocks were suddenly on fire. It took a while for her senses to catch up. Ice, ice was being delicately drawn across her skin its fast melting liquid trickling down her inner thigh to her cunt. God, she felt good, so alive.

She felt the orgasm building, stronger than anything she had experienced before. She tried to control it, thinking he would stop it if he noticed her distress. It became too much, but this time he let her finish. Screaming into the gag she came, her body in spasm with the intensity.

As her body became still, her breathing still ragged, he spoke.

"And just remember, my little horny plaything, the teaching has just begun, you have a lot to learn"

Even I her exhaustion, her body betrayed her, sending a visible shudder down her spine.

To be continued...

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