tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDangerous Liason

Dangerous Liason


It was the company's annual Summer Party. She was attending with her husband who worked as a manager for the firm. As always, she was completely bored by the mindless business and social chatter. The place was dripping with pretense from the guests who were shamelessly sucking up to the big bosses to the over the top glamour that the women flaunted. Janet was resigned to getting a bit tipsy and enduring this event one more time.

Chad's wife worked for the company too and he was equally bored by this celebration. He spotted Janet across the room wearing a sexy strapless cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that revealed her large, well formed breasts. Emerging from the knee length hem, he saw a fine pair of shapely legs encased in sheer black stockings. The four inch red stiletto heels matched the exact color of her hot looking dress and the open toes showed the red polish on each toe. She had walked to the bar to get another drink as he moved in beside her and asked if he could get her a cocktail. His wife was nowhere to be seen.

She looked up at him and was pleasantly surprised by his good looks. His eyes roamed her body from his close vantage point and took in the fullness of her half exposed breasts pouring over the top of the dress. They drank and talked for awhile as the night dragged on. Their spouses were playing their 'devoted employee' game with the top dogs of the company and paid them no attention at all.

"Have you seen the grounds here," he asked her as he ushered her through the French doors that lead out to the elevated patio. They took the steps down to the garden level as she told him her name was Janet. They began to walk slowly along the paved path. He told her that he loved her dress and she smiled and thanked him. But his comments went further and said he particularly enjoyed the way it accented and exposed her great beauty and physical assets. He was staring down at her lovely cleavage as he made this remark. She told him that she was married and her husband was just inside at this party and that his comment was inappropriate. But Janet continued to walk with him on this shrub lined path leading further away from the main house. It was a beautiful summer night and the flowers and plants were all perfectly manicured. The music played softly as they walked this path together.

His hand found her bare shoulder and she jumped from the sudden contact and moved slightly to get away from his touch.

"I think you need to be touched, Janet, and maybe a whole lot more than that," he said as his fingers dropped boldly to the top of her exposed cleavage, softly touching her exposed bare skin with is fingertips.

"Stop," she said as she pulled away from him but still stayed there on the hidden path in the shelter of the trees and garden. She had not turned to go back toward the house and the party. She felt her nipples harden from his caress. He saw her breathing become strained and get a bit ragged. Her chest rose and fell as he watched her reaction to his touch. He took both her hands in his and pulled her to him. His hips pressed to her as he pinned her arms behind her back and forced his mouth to hers. She struggled against the kiss, but his hold on her was very firm and she felt his semi-hard cock pressing into her lower belly as he continued. His tongue forced its way inside her mouth and kissed her deeply.

When the kiss finally broke, she protested again and told him how wrong this was and that she needed to go back to the party. She seemed confused and agitated but surprisingly not angry. As she turned from him, he grabbed her from behind and one hand reached around and took hold of a full breast. His other hand then dropped to her crotch and began rubbing her cunt through the silk material of her red dress.

"Please don't do this. We can't. Please let me go back," she pleaded as he pulled down the low cut top and exposed her full braless tits. His fingers took her hard nipples in his hands, pulling on them and rolling the firm aroused flesh between his fingertips.

Her hands reached up to grab his hands away from her. She suddenly felt the silk material of his tie on her wrists and then her hands were pulled back and tied behind her back. She began to tremble but did not call out for help.

"I know how much you need this Janet," he said as she felt the zipper in the back of her dress being pulled down and then the red silk cascaded around her feet. She wondered how this was happening so fast and was puzzled that she was not screaming or struggling or trying to run.

"Please don't," she whimpered softly as she felt the dress hit the ground. She stood there in just her thigh high black nylons, her red heels and panties as his hand found her cunt and felt her wetness against his fingers. Moving the panties aside, two fingers entered her and move deeply into her as his other hand took her hair and pulled her head back for a savage kiss that shook her to the core. As the kiss broke, a hand roughly took one nipple, pulling and pinching it as his mouth took the other hard nipple and sucked it into his mouth. She winced and moaned at the attack on her helpless body. His fingers were buried inside her and worked in and out of her wet pussy.

"You're such a wet slut, Janet. You want me to fuck you don't you?" he said directly into her face. She couldn't respond except with a deep moan that escaped her lips as he fingered her and teased her swollen clit. His forcefulness and dominance seemed to take control of her as well as the tie which help her wrists firmly behind her back. His course words ignited something deep inside her. No one had ever said those words to her and as shocked as she was by this filth, she was also incredibly aroused by this verbal abuse.

Moving her slowly backwards, he pushed her to a sitting position on a garden bench. He stood in front of her and unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard fat cock. It was in front of her face as she felt him take her hair in his fist and pull her forward.

"I know you want it, don't you, slut," he said as the cock pressed onto her full red lips.

"Your husband doesn't make you suck him like this does he? He doesn't take you hard like this and make your cunt wet and hot, does he? He doesn't know how much you need it like this, does he?"

"Suck my cock, Janet," he snarled down as she leaned forward and obeyed him and engulfed his dick. She took it deep and began to suck him like the slut he told her she was. Janet was in a frenzy as she went down on him and took all of his fat cock down her throat. He had released something hidden deep inside her. It was something she never had come to grips with but now she knew she wanted this. But beyond that, she also needed the humiliating language he used. The words ignited her. He was right. Her husband had never taken her hard and rough like she realized she craved. He always asked her permission and she knew that she just needed him to take her like this. She loved the feeling of his hand on her head, forcing his cock into her mouth and throat. Suddenly, she was pulled off him and yanked to her feet. She was panting and incredibly hot and aroused.

"Ask me to fuck you, bitch. Ask for it!" he demanded.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please put your cock in me and fuck me," she pleaded. The words flowed from her without thinking. She was on remote control from her lust and need. It had now taken over and consumed her.

She was pushed onto her knees on the soft cushion of the garden bench with her head forced down onto the surface. Without any preliminaries, his massive cock plunged deeply into her with a savage pressure. She cried out in both pleasure and discomfort as he brutalized her cunt from behind. His body was smacking against her ass with each hard stroke. This was sex as she has never known it. It was rough and hard and brutal and ignited her as nothing ever had done before. His hand came down between strokes to slap her upturned ass as he took her like an animal. This combination of the rough treatment and the incredibly hard fucking brought Janet to a fast and earth shattering climax. It is like no orgasm she had ever experienced or even thought possible. It held her and transported her to a world of feelings and release that she never dreamed possible. But he was not done and kept his constant deep strokes into her spasming cunt. She kept cumming like a dirty street whore, a cock craving nympho whose only need is for cock. All these thoughts and images were firing through her mind as these erotic sensations capture her totally. The overpowering feelings were new to her but she was a slave to them and to him.

He was finally ready as he pulled out and pulled her face around and shoved his wet cock into her mouth. He came hard between her red lips and bathed her tongue and throat with his hot cum until her had nothing left. Janet swallowed all his cum and seemed to want even more as she kept sucking him as he leaned forward and untied her hands. Immediately her freed hands took hold of the base of his cock as she continued to suck him.

After several minutes he pulled out of her mouth and helped her up off the bench. He retrieved her dress and helped her clean up a bit. Without saying a word, they started back up the path towards the house. As they approached the steps to the elevated patio, he took her arm and stopped her. Looking at her and placing his hands on her shoulders he smiled at Janet.

"I want your phone number, slut. I will call you. I will expect you to come to me when I do. I plan to use you hard just like you want to be used. Tell me, Janet, what you are," he asked her.

"A slut," she said almost immediately and in a trembling voice, yet with a bit of a proud feeling in that declaration. She wrote down her cell number on a piece of paper and handed it to him. Then, turning, she walked up the steps and back inside to the party to find her husband.

Janet knew that her life had changes. She knew she was embarking on a new course that was very dangerous, yet very exciting. She also knew that she had no choice. When he called her, she knew she would go. She would allow him to do whatever he wanted to do with her. She would revel in the sound of the vile names he chose to call her.

In spite of the amazing orgasm she had just experienced, Janet was still highly stimulated. She needed more. She decided that she would surprise her husband when they arrived home with the rare gift of a blow job. She could taste the other mans cum in her mouth and realized that she loved the taste. She wanted more cum. It was rare for her to swallow cum and before tonight she had never enjoyed it. But she felt the need for it now and she craved the taste. She hoped her husband would get carried away and pull her hair and get aggressive with her. She craved that feeling of being used and forced. This new desire had just happened with one short walk with a stranger down a secluded garden path. A stranger, she suddenly thought, who had never even told her his name.

She saw her husband leaving a small group of men and walked up to him. He smiled and looked at her as she approached and took his arm. She looked up at him and moved her lips close to his ear so no one could hear her whisper.

"Take me home now. When we get there I am going to take off this red dress and get on my knees and suck your cock. Then I'm going to drink your cum and swallow it like a dirty cum slut. Then I'm going to get you hard again so you can fuck me."

Almost in shock, his wide and unbelieving eyes looked at her and saw the seriousness and the need in her. Her lips quivered and her lower lip was trembling. Her sexual excitement was written all over her beautiful face.

"Let's go." He said.

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