tagMind ControlDangerous Obsession Ch. 02

Dangerous Obsession Ch. 02


He was fucking Doris in the morning when I entered with his breakfast tray. Setting it down I looked for a bed table we had bought when Doris was sick. Then knowing my duties as his servant I brought a towel and stood holding it over my arm like a waiter in an upscale restaurant. When they were finished and after I had cleaned their genitals I propped up some pillows for him and then set the table and tray over his lap. Doris began to feed him like a baby but when I turned to leave he stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going, Cooper?"

"Well I..."

"Well nothing, did I give you permission to leave?"

"I'm sorry sir, I forgot. May I be excused now sir?"

"No, certainly not, I want to watch you fuck the slut here. Get up whore and bend over the bed." Doris got her beautiful ass into position and I didn't have to be told twice. My cock came to life like I was a teenager and I shoved it deep into her well-lubricated hole. He began to eat as he watched me fucking her, making comments such as, "move your ass slut" or "let me hear some moaning bitch." She followed his instructions to the letter and I blew my load far too quickly. I then performed my duties with the towel and pulled up my pajama bottoms, taking up my waiter's posture again.

"Will there be anything else sir?" Doris had taken her seat again on the edge of the bed again, feeding him and he didn't answer me until he was finished.

"In the future, Cooper," speaking in his best snooty voice, while Doris wiped his face with a napkin. "In the future I will let you know when you can leave; don't ever ask me again, you only speak when spoken too, is that clearly understood servant?"

"Yes Sir I'm very sorry sir."

"That's better; you can go now and get ready to drive me to school at the usual time. And oh, one more thing; you will be more respectful and bow when addressing me or are excused."

"Yes sir, and thank you sir," I said bowing deeply. May I take the tray now?" He nodded and I bowed again before leaving the room.

It was strange what the lure of sex could do to a man. I had become a lackey to a teenager, who was for the first time in my life providing me with regular sex. He knew exactly that and was taking full advantage, treating me like a menial servant in return for letting me have sex with my own wife. Twenty-five years of two maybe three times a month at the most, with a woman who considered sex a wife's occasional chore. I had become as insane as my wife and I wondered how long it could last.

While we were driving to school he ordered me to go home and move his computer into his master bedroom and to move my clothing and things out before picking him up at noon.

That afternoon when I picked him up, he sat in the back and then told me to drive into the garage when we got home. I did as he asked using the remote to open and close the door.

"Cooper, from now on when we park in the garage you will open the door for me and salute when I get in or out." I got out and saluted smartly. "Bring my books Cooper; I shouldn't have to remind you of that." I just realized he had been calling me Cooper not Sandy since yesterday, I wondered why, though I do remember some sitcoms where the butler was spoken to by his family name.

"I'm sorry sir I won't forget that again." I brought the books and caught up with him at the door where he waited for me to open it. I saluted again and he nodded royally. Doris greeted him wearing a skimpy apron over her baby-doll in the kitchen. He was allowing that one additional piece in the kitchen only. She removed the apron, handing it to me; then embracing and kissed him warmly they walked into the living room her arm around his shoulder, bending down to kiss him every few steps, as his one hand clutched her ass cheek and the other one of her tits.

After taking his books to his master bedroom, I worked in the kitchen finishing the meal and then set the table in the dining room. The dining room was an ell-shape part of the living room and I noticed that Doris had already undressed him and they were now hugging and kissing as he sat watching TV. Next time I walked in she was on her knees blowing him, his favorite way of having sex now.

After she finished I did my duty with the towel and then informed him that supper was ready.

"Very well," he said in his new snooty tone. Doris fitted a robe on him, after which he took her arm and led her to the table. "What is this Cooper are we having a guest?" I immediately caught on; a servant could not sit at his master's table.

"I apologize sir, please forgive me."

"Well, just see to it that it doesn't happen again." He then looked at me and at Doris's chair; "the madams' chair Cooper!" I held the chair for her and then his. During all this Doris gazed at him with that adoring glazed over expression. I, for all the world, existed only as a fixture.

"I'm sorry sir," I said. "Will there be anything else sir? I was then ordered to fill their plates from the bowls and to sprinkle salt and pepper to their liking. He then pointed at a spot behind him, where I was to stand and wait.

In the days that followed Doris insisted that I call her madam and serve her even when the boy was at school or working at the grocery store. She would do most of the cooking – because the boy had to be fed properly - but more and more housework became my responsibility. After a few days there were no more sex for me during the time he was in school. It seemed that he enjoyed watching us doing it and the twice-daily sessions he allowed me, were usually in the morning, noon or night.

One morning around ten he called and talked to Doris. She listened for a while and said yes Trevor, exactly as you wish. She put down the phone and looked at me in the overbearing manner she had assumed since becoming the madam. "Come Cooper to the master bedroom."

"Yes Doris," Surprise by his change of plans I answered 'yes Doris' forgetting my station for a minute.

"I beg you pardon Cooper!" She stared at me absolutely outraged.

"Oh madam, I'm so sorry, please forgive me forgetting my station madam, I meant no disrespect?"

"Very well, see that is never happens again!" I followed her to the bedroom and she told me to dress her in street clothes. She was in the baby doll even if the boy wasn't here – he would want it that way - I found the items she asked for, thinking we were going out and dressed hers her.. "Cooper, the master wishes to reward you for being a loyal servant, undresses me now." I was confused but obeyed

"Yes madam, as you wish." I was even more confused and soon had her naked again, returning each item where I'd found it. When I was done she ordered me to lie across the bed on my back. This confused me even more. She crawled on top of me in the opposite position and began sucking on my cock spreading her thighs around my head.

"Perform cunnilingus on your madam Cooper; it's the master's orders."

"Yes madam," I grasped her ass cheeks and slobbered away bringing her to a climax twice. For some reason I had trouble reaching a climax."

"Cooper I order you to ejaculate, now get on with it I don't have all day!" This of course was Trevor's order; she had to make me climax so not to disappoint him. She increased her efforts and that seemed to do it for me, the feeling came on and I filled her mouth. She sucked me clean as if Trevor was there and rolled off me pointing at my mouth. She had kept as much as she could in her mouth and then spat it in mine with out making contact, ordering me to swallow. We went to the bathroom where I sponged her body while she gargled. When done she informed me that, master Trevor was not coming home for lunch and that I had to pick him up in the afternoon at two o'clock.

I picked him up on time and he got in the back as usual. "Well Cooper, tell me about your day; was everything satisfactory?"

"Yes Sir it was delightful, and thank you very much sir you're so kind."

"Oh well Cooper you're a capable servant and I think it is only proper to reward you."

"Oh thank you very much sir, it's very kind of you." At this point I seldom thought much about how absurd my situation had become. I was talking to this boy as if he really were my boss. I was the butler the valet, the chauffeur and my wife's servant stud on the insistence of her pretend husband. That's what he'd become since he was the one sleeping with her, while I effectively slept in the servant quarters. I shook my head to clear those thoughts.

"Something wrong Cooper old boy?" He was still trying to affect a British accent.

"Ah no sir, just thinking of how lucky I am to be serving my master and madam; it's like a dream sir." Somehow from a sexual point of view I meant that and he knew exactly what I meant.

"Yes my lady is a good woman; I'm proud of her, very proud."

"Just one thing sir, I didn't think you allowed us doing it face to face like that."

"Oh well Cooper it wasn't really face to face was it?" He laughed. "You didn't touch her breasts did you?"

"Oh no sir I know my place." He never used four letter words or dirty names when we were alone like he did in Doris's company. With me of course it didn't have the same shock value. I wondered what he would come up with next.

That evening, as soon as he got comfortable in the living room he informed Doris that he wanted to make some changes to her use of language. She had undressed him already and was on her knees fondling his genitals getting ready to blow him. "For example what is this Doris?" he said pointing at his penis?

"Why Trevor my dear, it's you penis of course," she answered looking at him a bit confused.

"No it's not you slut. It's my cock!"

"Oh but Trevor dear, a lady does not talk like that." He looked at her with anger in his eyes and grasped her by the shoulders shaking her.

"It's my cock you whore, now say cock! Say it!"

"Oh Trevor, oh Trevor please don't yell at me. It's ... it's your ... cock." The word came out at a bare whisper.

"Louder slut, say it out loud! She said the word fairly loud in a tearful voice. "That better, now what does that make you when you suck me off?"

"I'm a cock-sucker Trevor. I'm you slut cock sucking whore." The words came out clear and sincere while her facial expression changed to her usual devoted: I understand what you need Trevor, look.

"That's much better Doris," he said smiling sweetly and then grasping her head he kissed her warmly. Now get across my lap. There was a look of total confusion on her face but she assumed the position he demanded. He groped her large ass cheeks for a few minutes without speaking. Then suddenly he smacked her hard ten times on alternate cheeks. "From now on Doris when I tell you use a certain word you'll do it instantly. You can thank me now for correcting you bad manners."

"Thank you Trevor I'll be good from now on, I promise."

"What did I just do Doris?"

"Spank my behind Trevor."

"Behind? What kind of word is that? You want another spanking?"

"Ass, Trevor you spanked my ass. I'm sorry Trevor." He ordered her back down on her knees and grasped her head kissing her sweetly.

"That's a good girl, Doris. Now what are you going to do for me?'

"Suck your cock Trevor and swallow your cum."

"Which makes you a what, Doris?"

"A cock sucking slutty whore Trevor; I love sucking your cock." He leaned back in the couch and motioned for her to begin. He looked my way, as I stood with the towel at the ready, giving me a snooty 'very good Cooper' nod and then closed his eyes enjoying his blowjob.

He had now changed his tactics; it was no longer necessary for him to use the headache routine. He was in full control of Doris and by extension me. The spanking scene had for some reason turned me on and a bulge developed in my pants, which wouldn't go away. I used my towel after she was done to clean him and also her face and then stood awaiting further orders.

"Ah I see you are turned old man. You're a good servant so I'm going to get you some relief." He ordered Doris up on the couch next to him and me on my knees on the floor. He made her bring her knees way up and then told her to ask me to do what to her.

She raised her nose in the air, using her madam tone. "Cooper eat my cunt and fuck-and-well get my rocks off or else!" She turned her head towards her young master for approval, and he kissed her as I buried my face in to her vagina. I could sense his head near me, watching my licking closely. Then I could hear them kissing and him whispering to her for a while. Then she started to moan and talk. "Ooh you cunt-eating bastard. Ooh fuck I love getting my cunt licked Trevor. Cooper is such a good cunt-eating servant, isn't he Trevor? Oooh, do you want me to reward him and suck his cock after Trevor? Ooooh" Her thighs at this point wrapped around my head and then spread again repeatedly while she moaned her climax. Up to this point he did not perform oral sex on her leaving that part to me.

They were kissing passionately as I toweled her vagina. He finally looked at me at me as I stood up and then whispered in Doris's ear.

"Drop you pants Cooper," she said then in her snobby tone. "I want to see your cock." I did as ordered and waited while they kissed again. "I'm insulted Cooper," she said looking at me again. "Here I'm naked and you cock is only semi hard. Jerk the fucking thing and get it hard. I'm not sucking on a limp cock!" Hearing my wife talk like that brought my cock to attention in just a few strokes. They kissed again and after a minute or so she eyed me again. "That's more like it Cooper, come here then so I can suck the fucking-thing.

She moved to the edge of the couch and proceeded to suck me off. I didn't take long before I began to groan. I blew my load in her mouth as she moved back while jerking my cock with her hand splattering her face and neck. Some then poured out of her mouth falling on her tits. She then swallowed my knob again sucking the remainder and let it pour out of her mouth, while he watched intensely. I picked up the towel and prepared to clean of her face when he interrupted me.

"Cooper," he said in a deliberate tone. "Lick her face neck and tits clean. Be very careful to swallow every drop Cooper." I knelt again licking and eating my own semen. He checked her over carefully making sure that all the gobs were gone. "Now open your mouth wide Cooper" She brought her lips to mine and then spit in my mouth several times. I was then told to make swallowing motions. After I used the towel to dry her off, he dismissed me as he reached for the remote. I pulled up my pants and bowed, turning to leave.

"Oh Cooper, Doris said in her overbearing manner. "You may start supper; you'll see the meat on the counter thawing."

"Yes madam," I said bowing deeply to my - effectively now – x wife.

The following day the titles changed; I was now to address him as milord and Doris as milady. Not only that but they began to refer to each other as husband and wife. I was informed that my marriage had never existed and that they were man and wife. I was certain that Doris had lost it completely and I recalled now that several of her family members including her mother had ended up in mental institutions. I questioned my own sanity but didn't see any way out of it and who would believe me?

I began to think again that he was some kind of alien not only because of the power he held over Doris and through her me. There was also his stamina; he climaxed usually about fifteen times a day ejecting gobs and gobs of the stuff. Sometimes on her face, which she was usually required to swallow unless he decided that I should lick it off. There were also the amounts leaking out of her vagina when I cleaned it. I had never read up on such things, so maybe it was normal with a few exceptional men. I used to read up on flying saucers many years ago but eventually figured that it was all fiction done to make money from writing those books. Now I began to wonder about it again.

He began spanking her every time they had sex, whether or not she had done anything wrong. She seemed to thrive on it, presenting her rear end to him willingly and after a while because he enjoyed it, began begging him to be spanked.

My sessions increased after a few more days to three times a day and then to four. That for me was at my limit, which he soon sensed and used me accordingly for his voyeur pleasures. I assumed it had come from his watching porn on the net. There was no end to the positions he would try when fucking Doris, some of them very demanding for a woman of her age. She never complained however, taking up every position asked of her with the same adoring understanding expression.

The most surprising result of all of this was Doris having orgasms, starting the first time he made me eat her out. Not only that, incredibly she seemed to be multi orgasmic now, unless she was faking it for his benefit. She had always been straight as a die though, deceit was foreign to her nature and there had never been an actress in her personality. So I concluded that my wife had been a closet nymph all her life, with her true nature suppressed by her by now, former fundamentalist religious beliefs.

In the next few months his sexual desires became more bizarre by the day. He ordered me to buy various items at a sex shop, such as a vibrator, handcuffs and some restraining devices. An empty room in the basement next to my workshop was turned into a dungeon. He would tell me what he wanted and I worked sometimes for days building a pillory for example. That item had to be made to measure so when Doris was bent over and clamped in he could stand and have her blow him. He would keep Doris sometimes for an hour or more bent over in the pillory for example and then have me eat or fuck her while she blew him; she would then be left alone in total darkness for maybe an hour before he would order me to release her.

Doris never wavered in her devotion to him no matter how he treated her physically or with coarse language. She was totally devoted to his desires and I no longer believed that it had anything to do with saving him from self-abuse. She was purely and simply infatuated.

This lasted four months. One day he called from school and told her that he would get someone to take him home that day, he had something to do.

He didn't come home that night but he did call the next day. She cried on the phone I don't know what he told her but she kept saying how much she loved him and that she couldn't live without him.

After about ten minutes on the phone she suddenly ordered me on my knees as she brought hers up. She was in the baby-dolls with no panties because she was sure he would be back. She then ordered me to eat her out holding the phone to my ear.

"Let me hear you slobber in her cunt old man," he said and I began slurping loudly in her cunt as she began to moan.

He called three more times that day and each time I would eat her out or she would blow me with exaggerated sound effects. The next day he called maybe eight times demanding to hear oral sex or doggie style with her holding the phone near her cunt. On the third day he called three times and then said he was coming home.

To be continued


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