tagMind ControlDangerous Obsession Ch. 03

Dangerous Obsession Ch. 03


He arrived by taxi an hour later but he wasn't alone.

He came in the door with a woman carrying a small suitcase and a tote bag. I took her to be about twenty-two. She was blonde with a whore's body, who seemed as much taken with the boy as Doris was. "This is Linda, our new maid" he said looking at Doris who had turned to the proverbial pillar of salt. "Linda, meet Doris your lady mistress and of course this is Cooper, our butler."

"Oh they are so cute, Sir Trevor. I heard you both on the phone sucking and blowing; I'm so happy to enter service here." She walked up to me and clutched my crotch. "I hear you've got quite a weapon there, Cooper."

"Linda, settle down; I give the orders here. Remember what I told you, no sexual activities without my explicit permission."

"Sorry milord, but he's so cute." I was now as speechless as Doris and waited for her to explode before throwing them both out of the house.

"How could you do this to me Trevor," Doris was in tears as she spoke. "You left me here all alone for three days. I thought I was going to die"

"Oh but my darling wife I was just gone to hire a maid; how do you like her?"

"Servants are of no account Trevor; you're my husband, I want you here with me." He threw his arms around her and kissed her passionately. Now I was the pillar of salt. Doris did not get it and actually believed that this young woman was a maid.

"I'm sorry darling I guess I should have done it differently. Can you forgive me? Please?"

"Oh Trevor of course I forgive you; could I please have a spanking now?" He kissed her warmly and reached around her whacking her ass a few times. "I need more than that Trevor. Please!"

He looked back at Linda,"undress me for the madam."

"Oh but Trevor," Doris said sweetly. "I always do that for you."

"Doris, such menial tasks are for servants, you're a lady remember. Why don't you order her to undress me?"

"Of course Trevor, how silly of me. Wench, undress his lordship, quickly now! Well don't just stand there you simple tart!"

"Yes milady," she moved quickly to remove his clothes placing them on a kitchen chair. They embraced and kissed while walking to the living room. Trevor stopped looking back at us.

"Cooper, take Linda's luggage upstairs and help her get settled in the spare room."

"Yes milord," that was the first words I had been able to speak. I picked up the luggage and she followed me upstairs carrying Trevor's clothing. I set the bags down and began to exit the room.

"Oh where do I put his lordships clothes Cooper?" I led her into the master suite and she hung each item on hangers in the walk-in. I showed her the hamper in the bathroom, for the underwear and socks. "Oh this is a beautiful home Cooper; you must be thrilled to serve here." No words would come out of my mouth and I just nodded. "Come help me unpack Cooper." I followed her and opened her suitcase, watching silently as she put everything away. She then began to undress. I turned around and left the room. "Cooper come back here I'm just gonna change."

Just then Doris's voice came over the intercom. "Cooper I'm waiting for a towel. What...are you doing? I grasped a towel and hurried downstairs to wipe their genitals. When finished I was ordered to undress. Before I could finish Linda arrived in a skimpy French maids outfit. She curtsied in front of Trevor and Doris.

"What are you wearing under the dress Linda?" Trevor asked her.

"Oh nothing milord as you ordered." She lifted her skirt displaying her shaven pussy.

"What do you think Darling," Trevor said to Doris. Should a maid be allowed to wear panties?

"You're the master of house Trevor darling it should be your decision but I find her shaven pussy offensive. Why is it shaven wench?"

"I'm so sorry your ladyship I'll never shave it again." In the meantime I had developed a semi and of course Trevor noticed it.

"What do you think darling should we order the servants to fuck." I looked at Doris horrified; she would definitely draw a line in the sand here.

"That could be fun darling."

"Linda present you ass to the butler; I want him to fuck you doggie style." She lifted her skimpy skirt and wiggled her shapely ass at me, smiling at him as she bent over the table. I was unable to move looking at Doris.

"Cooper, his lordship has given you an order. What is the matter with you? Fuck the wench! Now!"

"Yes milady, I'm very sorry milady." The shock however had deflated my erection.

"Linda, suck the butler a little, he seems to need help." Trevor laughed as he spoke and Doris shook her head. "Good help is hard to get," he said to Doris.

Linda by now was on her knees sucking my cock and soon got it hard. She bent over her table again and reached between her thighs guiding me home. I grasped her luscious young thighs and it finally struck me that I was fucking a beautiful young woman less than half my age. She was tight and hot as her ass churned on my cock. I exploded immediately groaning with pleasure.

"I'm disappointed," Trevor complained, "that wasn't much of a show. You came too quick Cooper."

"I'm sorry milord."

"Well," he grumbled. "Eat her out then, she didn't get her rocks off." He pointed at the coffee table and Linda got on it drawing up her knees. I got down and began to lick her pussy. He ordered her to straighten one leg and me to turn my head so they could watch my tongue. After she climaxed he ordered me to lie down on the floor and for her to squat on my face. "Open wide Cooper, and take your medicine," he chuckled. I swallowed several times, downing a concoction of her juices and my semen. When we got up Linda curtsied and thanked him. He then looked at me quizzically and I followed suit bowing and thanking him.

Doris didn't seem the least bit perturbed that I had just made love to another woman and a young one at that. In a past life -- before Trevor -- I would just have to look at a young female on the street and there would be hell to pay.

Later that evening, Linda and I were summoned to the master bedroom where Doris was washing Trevor in the shower. We stood watching until he came out and ordered Linda in the shower to wash Doris. He then ordered me to dry him. I was by now beyond being embarrassed about touching a man's body and dried him thoroughly. When Doris and Linda came out, Linda dried her. We were then told to enter and wash each other while they went to bed watching us from there. I got a very stiff hard on when she soaped my cock, it stayed hard as we dried each other and then walked in by the bed.

They were hugging and kissing and ignored us for a while. Then Trevor rolled away from Doris and sat up ordering her to lie on her back across the bed. "Linda," he then said sharply. "Have oral sex with her ladyship!" Linda quickly positioned herself on top of Doris and immediately began eating her pussy, while churning her ass over her face. Trevor sat close, looking into Doris's face. She was looking up at him with a desperate yet adoring expression. "I want you to lick her cunt Doris now get your tongue in gear!"

"But Trevor she's a common wench, a servant." He took her hands and clasped them on Linda's ass cheeks and then pushed down, forcing Linda's pussy on to her mouth.

"Now start kissing and licking you old whore and I want to hear slurping or else." I don't know what 'or else' would have meant but Doris began licking and was soon seemingly enjoying it. Homosexuality, her ultimate religious taboo had now been erased from her list of grave sins. My bone grew even harder watching the two women. Fortunately as soon as they were done he ordered them both on all fours near the edge of the bed. He looked at me gesturing at Doris's ass and I had my cock deep in her well-lubricated hole in a flash, banging away. He penetrated Linda and then ordered the two women who were shoulder to shoulder to neck. Linda being younger and more agile reached one arm around Doris and twisted her body enough so they could kiss. I came quickly and slowed down.

"You'll stop fucking her ladyship when I say so you Cooper," Trevor snapped and I continued to stroking her. The excitement of the two women making love and now kissing while being screwed regenerated my blood flow and I was almost ready to explode when he did and told me to stop. I grimace in disappointment and pulled my throbbing member out. "Oh well old boy finish it in here then." He pointed at Linda's dripping cunt. I moved over and rammed it home in a much tighter hole, ejaculating in less then ten strokes.

I was ordered on the floor immediately and sucked a triple mixture out of Linda's and then Doris's cunts, relishing every drop. I thought of the word libertine as I got up bowing to my lord and master, thanking him slavishly and wondered if that word fitted my lifestyle now. He pointed to his feet and I dropped to my knees kissing them with out being told. I had become a humble submissive, a docile obedient servant and was enjoying every moment of it.

I completed the cleaning of three genitalia and was then dismissed to my room across the hall, while my young lord and master crawled into bed with his two adoring females.

I got into bed still feeling a rush, while listening to assess being spanked in the master bedroom accompanied by moaning and groaning. I didn't get called to perform cleaning duties and I was wondered if he had reached fifteen ejaculations that day as I slipped into dreamland.

I peeked into their room in the morning on the way to the bathroom. Trevor and Doris were asleep while Linda was awake smiling at me. I hurried in to the bathroom to shave and just as I was rinsing the soap of my face Linda entered stark naked and hugged me from behind.

"Oh you're such a cute old guy," she said kissing the back of my neck. "I'm gona to blow you, right now." She dropped to her knees and pulled down my pajama bottoms as I turned around.

"You better not do that Linda without his lordship's permission." She grasped my rising cock and fingered my balls while looking up at me.

"Don't worry Sandy; I'm the senior servant here." She opened her mouth wide and swallowed while sucking hard until my cock reached its full size. She pulled back for a few seconds, frigging my shaft and then plied her tongue around my knob. She looked up at me again. "I don't need his permission to blow you old man, you can't fuck me though, with out him saying so. I just love sucking cock and he knows it." She began sucking while manipulating my balls, with one finger scratching near my asshole. She sucked even harder as I blew my load, swallowing everything I thought but as soon as she was done she got up, threw her arms around my neck and spit part of the load into my mouth. "There swallow that old man," she laughed and then kissed me again. I sucked hard on her mouth and even harder on her tongue as she stuck it out, while squeezing her firm shapely ass. You know Trevor insists on that don't you?"

I nodded and made exaggerated swallowing motions while feeling like a million dollars holding her luscious body. "I think you really like being his servant don't you?" I shrugged as she squeezed me.

"Well there are fringe benefits," I half laughed. She walked to the door and winked at me.

"You better get his breakfast ready or you might loose some benefits." I finished my toilet and headed for the kitchen.

When I arrived with his tray he was sitting up in bed watching Doris and Linda in the bathroom washing each other. I bowed and got his table ready setting it on his lap. "Feed me Sandy," he said in his high brow mode. I sat down on the edge of the bed and poured milk on his cereal, and then spoon feed him while he watched the women. "Heard you had a blow job this morning Sandy. Was it satisfactory?"

"Oh yes your lordships, very much so. Thank you very much your lordship."

"I believe in keeping my servants happy Sandy. It's important you know." I thanked him again as the women come in and stood next to the other side of the bed waiting for instructions. He ordered Doris to bend over next to the bed and turn her head towards him. Linda was ordered to hold on and spank her, counting five seconds groping and caressing the flesh between each whack. After the first few he ordered more muscles into it, until he was satisfied with the sound. "Watch them Sandy, isn't it wonderful to hear that sound and look at her ladyships tits the way they swing back and forth."

Yes your lordship it makes a wonderful picture." Doris gasped with each blow but continued to smile adoringly at her boy. I didn't count but it must have been fifteen or twenty before he ordered a role change. Linda must have received twice as many and twice as hard. Doris was a strong woman and seemed to relish disciplining her wench. Linda gasped with each blow, displaying the same adoring expression for her master. I fed him as we watched, keeping half an eye on the young flesh being smacked, wondering again whether he was an alien or maybe a gift from heaven.

After he stopped the discipline, he ordered me on the floor and Doris to squat on my face while Linda took over his feeding. When Doris was satisfied and got up I heard him groan as Linda was now feeding on his cock. That load was deposited in my mouth as Doris mounted him. Linda then replaced her mouth with her cunt and I munched on her delicious crack for a while. When she got up, Doris was ready to descend on my face having been ordered to hold two fingers in her vagina to ensure that nothing was spilled. I had become the depository for all genital fluids in the house and I relished it. He was now fucking Linda and Doris stayed on my open mouth, most likely on his orders until Linda was ready to make her deposit. When that was done I was dismissed and picked up the empty tray, bowing as I backed out of the room.

I walked down the stairs, shaking my head in admiration of his lordships stamina again, wondering how anybody could ejaculate three times in a row like that. When I got to the kitchen I shook my head again but this time because I was now actually thinking of him as his lordship, not as Trevor the star boarder or the boy.

I had to do some errands after I dropped him off at school and it was nine thirty before I got back. Linda was in the kitchen and told me to get undressed. Her ladyship wanted me in the living room immediately. She followed me in and after I bowed and Linda curtsied, she motioned for us to kiss her feet. I was then ordered to spank Linda at five-second intervals. Linda was told to bend over holding on to the coffee table and required to say thank you milady, after each slap and smile sweetly. I began groping her ass between each slap and I was told to stop that nonsense. After about twenty hard whacks Linda was ordered to eat out her ladyship, while I had to assume the waiter's position. I naturally got an erection during all this and was criticized for being presumptuous enough to think that I was allowed to become aroused without being ordered to do so.

When she was satisfied, Linda was ordered on the floor with her knees spread and drawn up until her anus was pointing at the ceiling. "You will now lick the wenches' anus Sandy," Doris said in her ladyship tone. That was a new one, not even Trevor had asked for that but maybe he'd left instructions. Linda squealed as my tongue played around her hole. "Shut up wench or I'll have you spanked again and hard this time. Now get your tongue in there Sandy." I played my tongue in and around her rose as Doris watched closely. This went on for probably five minutes, while Linda moaned and groaned her body twisting and jerking. Suddenly Doris said stop and I sat up waiting while Linda panted desperate for satisfaction.

"Jerk off on her anus Sandy," was the next order. Masturbation was now alright with my wife, maybe only as a demonstration act. I had an iron rod on by now and began stroking it, resulting in an almost immediate ejaculation. "Well Sandy, get at it." I licked my own cum out of Linda's beautiful crack. If anybody had told me a few months ago that my own wife would order me to lick my semen out of a beautiful young woman's ass I would have called for those men in the white coats. "Get up you two and face me." We got up and stood side by side looking at her ladyship. "Masturbate you hussy! And look at me lovingly."

Linda obeyed, fingering herself while moaning with pleasure. "Sandy! Spank her, two every ten seconds. You may fondle her buttocks while counting." I whacked each sphere hard and then relished caressing and digging my fingers into her nubile flesh. I counted ten, twelve times before she groaned her climax. I of course had to lick her fingers and then lie down to receive some liquid from her vagina. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could to make sure that every drop of honeydew was extracted.

That evening after supper, the scene changed to the dungeon again. Doris was installed bent over in the pillory and left in the dark for more than an hour while he watched TV in the living room. During this time he ordered Linda to suck him off while I fucked her doggie style. This of course was followed as usual by all resulting liquids being drained into my oral depository.

Once he was finished watching TV we followed him to the dungeon. He immediately shoved his cock into Doris's mouth and ordered Linda to use a riding crop on her ass. This was the first time he'd demanded anything more than a hand spanking. I winced at the sound almost feeling the pain myself. His face showed no emotion as Doris sucked on his cock while her ass was being striped for the first time. He stopped Linda after five whacks and told her to use her hand instead, complaining that he didn't like the sharp and loud sound of the crop.

After he came in her mouth I was of course ordered to have her spit in my mouth. There were tears in her eyes from the crop but she didn't complain. She was then left in the dark as we returned to the living room for an hour or so. When we returned he watched as Linda was told to give her ten by hand. He then ordered me to eat Doris's cunt as he fucked Linda doggie style so close to Doris's face wiht Linda's rocking hip rubbing against Doris's head.

After he came he showed his cock into Doris's mouth while Linda sat on my face for a minute or so. The three of us left again and it was another hour before he sent me down to release her. She was unsteady as we walked up the stairs but didn't say a word to me. She sat down with him on the couch and kissed his cheeks stroking his hair lovingly. "Oh Trevor," she whispered and kissed him again. "I love you so much. Are you satisfied with me as a wife?"

"Yes Doris, you satisfy my needs perfectly like a good wife should. Get up now I want to check you ass." Doris stood while he studied the stripes on her flesh, tracing them with a finger. "Does it hurt dear wife?"

"Don't be silly my darling. It's your way of loving me isn't it?

"I do enjoy decorating your beautiful ass dear; I'm so glad you understand."

As the days went by he decorated her ass with two or three stripes by the riding crop plus numerous hand spankings almost daily and incredibly she seemed to thrive on it even begging to be locked in the pillory for his loving discipline. One evening Linda dropped a priced china cup on the floor smashing it to bits. My wife had just returned from the dungeon and was in the middle of swallowing his load. She gulped it down and stared at him visibly upset.

"Surely...surely," she stopped talking choking and then finished swallowing, clearing a bit off her face, then licking her finger. "Surely my dear husband the slut needs to be disciplined for this infraction. I would think ten lashed in the pillory."

"My dear wife do you want me to honor a simple servant for having an accident. Only my darling wife 's ass deserve such loving." She kissed his knob and smiled at him sweetly.

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