tagMind ControlDangerous Paths Ch. 01

Dangerous Paths Ch. 01


"Come back to bed,Trinity."

She turned to look at her lover laying in bed waiting on her. Something wasn't right she could feel it. She just didn't know what it was. Spencer looked back to the shore line watching the waves hit the rocks. She could almost relate to how those rocks feel.

"Come on I have to hurry tonight."

"Then go." Was Trinity's quiet reply,"I didn't ask you over here anyways."

"Look you little cock teasing ice queen, your job is to please me whenever I want your cunt. So either come over here and spread your legs or I'll come other there and spread them for you."

"Rob please not tonight. Besides you said you were in a hurry. We can fuck later when you come back."

"I didn't come all the way over here for nothing. I could have stayed home if I wanted to beg to have sex." He advanced on Trinity, but she wasn't afraid she has been through this many times in the past. She knew that she should just get undressed and be ready when he calls to says he coming over to see her. But today she just can't help thinking that something bad is going to happen.

Rob grabbed hold of her arm and swung her around so that she had her back to him. She could feel his cock already hard pressing up against her.

"I know what you're up to, you little bitch. You love it rough. The very thought makes you wet. I'll be rough then." He bent her forward over the table by where she was standing. He bunched her gown up around her hips and ripped off her lacy panties and unmercifully rammed his meat inside her.

Trinity couldn't deny that she loved to be taken like this and Rob was the best at taking her. His hard, forceful thrusts making her cry out almost bringing her to orgasm.

"Come on whore cum for me. Cum for your master!" He took his cock out long enough to slam her back against the wall and wrap her legs around him. Rob wasn't a very fit man, but he was one of the most powerful men in New York. no one dared to cross him and lived to tell about it.

Trinity has been Rob's mistress for three years. No kids. Rob refused to let her get pregnant. He didn't want any "bastard" kids running around. They had met three years ago at a night club opening she was there with her boyfriend, Curtis. Rob had walked up to Trinity and told her to met him at a hotel. He had given her the address and told her not to be late. She remembered the chills that went up and down her spine when she first knocked on that door. He didn't say anything to her. He just opened the door pulled her inside and started undressing her. She knew there was nothing she could do. He's Robert Santiago she kept telling herself over and over as he pushed her to her knees and she gave him his first blow job. Later after he had finished using her body he gave her 500 dollars and told her she was his whore for as long as he wanted her. Trinity had never been a prostitute and she didn't consider herself one now. She liked to think of Rob as her sugar daddy, not her pimp. and besides NOONE crossed Rob. He wanted her so she had no choice but to fuck him whenever he wanted her too. Each time leaving her money and jewelry. Curtis stopped asking questions after the first few times she had come home with the things from Rob. If Curtis knew that she was sleeping around on him he would go insane. Of course when he found out that it was with Robert Santiago he would just run and hide.

Trinity has even had to spend the night at Rob's house with his wife just down the hall. They fucked and he made sure she knew about it. He was louder that night then he had ever been before. Then the morning after they started fighting and he ended up beating her and making her watch as he fucked Trinity and made his wife clean him up with her mouth, once he got done with Trinity. After that,Trinity went home and cried. She tried to break it off with Rob, but he wont let her. He just keeps coming back and she either fucks him or gets beaten and then fucked anyways.

Rob finally finished cumming on her pussy and wiped himself clean on the inside of her thigh."I gotta go, babe. As always that was great." He got dressed and left.

Trinity wiped some of his semen up with her gown and went to shower. Anymore she felt nothing but dirty after Rob fucked her. But at least he says she's the only one besides his wife that he fucks. She didn't believe him. Too many times he has come to Trinity smelling and even tasting like other woman. As horrid as it sounds she knows what his wife tastes like. He fucks his wife when he feels like it, or whenever he wants to punish her. When he's done, he usually comes to Trinity without taking a shower first and makes her clean him. That's how he shows his women their place. Trinity knows her place, but she doesn't like it.

"How can I get away from you?" She asked aloud. "How can I escape you?"

She knew she couldn't leave the state, or even the city. Trinity took care of her elderly mother on a daily basis. Her mother was all Trinity had left. Both of her brothers died early from gang related activity. That's one of the reasons she stayed with Rob. He could protect her from all of that. Protect her mother as well. The gangs that killed her brothers tried to come for them as well. Drug money was missing and they thought Trinity and her mother had it. She was already involved with Rob and just one call and the gang disappeared. Trinity didn't know what happened to them, she didn't want to. She just knew that her mother was safe and if it cost Trinity her body, then that's the cost she'd have to pay to keep her mother protected.

Chapter 2

"Trin? You here?"

"Curtis! What are you doing here at this hour?"

"I got lonely and only you can fix that." He gathered Trinity into his arms. He looked around the bedroom. He could smell the sex that had taken place not long ago. He noted the table with everything knocked off. "What happened to your arms?"

Trinity looked down at her upper arms where Rob had grabbed her bluish marks were visible. Any fool could tell they were finger marks. " Curtis please don't ask me that. I can't answer you." She walked away from him and back to the open window. The waves were still crashing against the rocks. Some how the sight comforted her.

"Do you need money? Is that why you're doing this?"

"Doing this? Doing what?!" She asked getting aggravated at the direction this conversation was taking.

"Selling your body. Prostituting."

"You think I'm a prostitute?" She laughed an empty laugh.

"Aren't you? I just want the truth." He turned her to face him," I love you and because I love you, I haven't pushed. Tonight seeing the look of defeat in your eyes, the bruises, the things from the table knocked down, I have to ask. Why are you doing this?"

"Curtis some things in life you just can't understand. What is going on in my life are things you shouldn't question. You can help me this way. I have to figure this out on my own. Besides you know nothing."

"Nothing?? You call this nothing?" He bent over where the things from the table were on the floor. A music box he had given her two years ago was broken mixed with the other wreckage. " He fucked you right here, didn't he???!"

"Please don't do this."

" I have to. What about the plans we made? After I got out off school we were going to leave this place. Get married, have kids. Start a new life, a better life. Now I don't know."

"What don't you know, Curtis? If you really want to stay with me? The truth is ugly. It's better that you believe I'm a prostitute than you know the truth." She looked him in the eyes," The person I have become is not a person you would approve off. The things I have done you wouldn't like. I'm trapped. I'm trapped in this hell that I helped create. I've looked for an escape. There isn't one. Not if I want to live."

"There's always an escape. You haven't looked hard enough. Apparently I'm not important enough in your life for you to find one."

"You are important to me and I do love you. Just I have to do this. You don't know the circumstances. Please don't ask me to tell you. I can't. I wont. I may tell you someday, if you're still around." She pushed her robe from her body," Please Curtis, I need you to make love to me."

There was no way Curtis could fight it. He has loved Trinity for more than half his life. He went to her and kissed her, caressed her. He mouth left hers to kiss down her neck, to her breasts, where he gently took a nipple in his mouth while massaging the other breast. He could sense the urgency in her. He complied and laid her on the plush carpeting. He entered her swift, but gentle. Causing a moan to escape from deep in her throat. Curtis knew she was only trying to escape for whatever horrible things has been happening in her life. Things he couldn't help her with, unless she let him in. Thrusting himself deep inside her he noticed the tears coming from her eyes. She continued to cry through the entire love making, even during her orgasm. His released his seed into her, gave her a soft kiss on her lips and left. He knew she was lost to him in this world she has created in her mind. The place he watched her retreat to while they were making love.

"Goodbye Curtis." She whispered knowing she couldn't see him again. Knowing the love of her life had just walked out of her life and she let him. Tonight was the last time they would ever make love again. She hated herself right now. Hated her life. If it wasn't for the fact that her mother needed her she would end it all right now. Being Rob's whore was slowly costing her everything she held dear. It just cost her Curtis. He was getting too close asking questions again. Questions that were hitting too close to home. To protect him, she had to leave him.

Chapter 3

Three days since her confrontation with Curtis passed. It's been a long three days. Rob was out of town for a family reunion so she has some time to herself. She stepped inside a boutique deciding to go ahead and spend some money. Be frivolous for once in her life. She had a feeling someone was watching her. She turned, but didn't see anyone. Her sixth sense told her she was being followed, but she ignored it. She was determined to have a good day.

Two hours and four dresses later she emerged from the boutique. She felt his eyes on her before he spoke.

"Miss Holloway. Trinity Holloway?"

"You know me, now who might you be?" A tingle going up her spine.

" Mark Rutherford. Could we go some place quiet and maybe get some coffee. We really need to talk."

"I really don't have time. I'm on my way to visit my mother."

"You need to make time." He pulled out photographs of her with Rob.

"What is it you want? To tell me you know about me having as affair with a married man? Save your breath, even his wife knows that."

"As well as the FBI."

She stopped and looked at the man beside her," I beg your pardon? When did having an affair become a federal offense?"

"Please we need to go somewhere private. You don't want his people seeing you talk to me do you?"

She followed him to a car and got inside. Her nerves were balled up tight and her breathing shallow. "Would you care to tell me now why you have approached me?'

It took a second for her question to register. Trinity was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Her long auburn hair cascading down her back. Her hair looked so soft and shiny you just wanted to reach out and touch it. Her eyes were a strange color of lavender with gold specs they looked almost like tiger eyes. The light turning them a gold color he had never seen before. He wondered if they were contacts. Her lips full and not painted on like he expected them to be. Honestly nothing about Trinity was what he expected. She wasn't the cheap looker hooker he was expecting to question today,instead she took his breath away.

"She is a hooker though." He reminded himself silently and shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"Why am I here?" Trinity asked again.

"Sorry I haven't had much sleep," He told her," Miss Holloway are you a hooker?"

"A what??!!"

"A hooker, a street walker, a prostitute?"

"You had me follow you into your car to ask me that??!! NO I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE!" She reached for the door handle.

"But you are sleeping with Robert Santiago?"

" My private life is not up for discussion. I haven't broken any laws by sleeping with the man. So I find that this conversation is over. Goodbye Mark Rutherford." This time she opened the door and left the car.

"Damn!" Mark hit the steering wheel of his car as he drove away. He pulled into his parking spot in front of the 155th police precinct and went inside the building to his desk to go back over what he knew about this case and more importantly about Trinity Holloway.

"What did you come up with?" His partner, Travis, asked as Mark sat down.

"Pretty much what we knew five days ago, except I don't think that Trinity is a prostitute. I met her today and if she's a prostitute I'm in the wrong business."

"What makes you say that she isn't?"

"A hunch, I guess. My hunches are usually right." He looked down at the pictures of Trinity on his desk," These pictures certainly don't do her justice. I can tell you that right now."

Travis laughed, "A hunch or are you blinded by a pretty face?"

"Maybe both."

Later that night Mark was still on the trail of Trinity. He felt drawn to her and didn't know why. He was sitting in his car watching when she walked over to the window. His car couldn't be seen where he was parked from her window, but he had a clear view of her. So clear that he could see the tears glistening on her cheeks. She starred out the window and just cried. The whole time Mark was fighting with himself to not go and try to talk to her, try to help her. A few minutes later she disappeared from her window only to go down to the beach behind her house. Mark watched as she kicked off her shoes and walked through the shallow water. She looked around, Mark held his breath as she slowly let the sheer nightgown fall from her body. She looked like a sea goddess. He couldn't tear his eyed away from her. He felt the part of a peeping Tom as he raised his binoculars to his eyes to get a closer look at the treasures her body presented. Unable to stop himself he unzipped and reached into his pants and started jerking off.

"Shit!" He cursed himself as he looked down at the mess he had made. Getting an old paper towel to wipe off he continued to watch her house. Even though he had just made himself cum, he still felt restless. "Just fucking looking at her nude body made me cream my pants like a school kid!" Finally Trinity's lights went out and Mark had to leave. He needed to visit an old friend. One he kept on the side for just these types of occasions. His fuck buddy, basically. She would fix this restless feeling, he hoped!

Trinity laid in the darkness of her room, or her prison as she thought of it. Rob was supposed to come back tomorrow and she wished he wasn't. She has enjoyed her time alone to think and sort things out. But what she couldn't seem to sort out was Mark Rutherford.

"What did he want with me and why was he asking me questions about Rob?" She asked the quiet room. She was nervous. She didn't like not knowing what was going on. She could tell he was a cop. That fact made her more nervous than anything."Had Rob done something and they traced it back to him? Did someone rat him out?"

She sat up straight in bed,"Oh shit what if he thinks it was me who ratted him out. What did the cop mean when he said you don't want Rob's people to see me talking to him. If he thinks I went to the police I'm as good as dead." She decided that when she seen him next she would tell him of her visit with the cop to try and cover her ass, hoping the damage hadn't already been done!

Chapter 4

"Good morning Trinity." Rob came over and slapped her ass,"Get up girl! I haven't had a good fuck in three days I need to fuck you."

"Nice to see you, too." She replied.

He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head of the pillow,"You being a smart ass? You know I don't like a smart ass woman."

"I'm..I'm sorry, Rob, I just get cranky when I first wake up. You know that baby." She took his hand out of her hair and placed it on her breast.

"That's my good whore." He told her as he took off his clothes.

Trinity cringed as he called her a whore. She remembered when Mark Rutherford asked her if she was a prostitute. She didn't like feeling like a man's whore. But she wasn't a prostitute! She was just Robert Santiago's whore. Rob pulled her out of the bed and to her knees.

"Suck me!" He commanded as he was pulling her clothes off.

She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. As with recent times when she sucks him off she can't watch herself. It makes her sick when she watches his fat stubby cock going in and out of her mouth. Her grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face.

"Yeah that's it baby, suck my cock. Yeah swallow that big cock." He moaned.

She hoped he would want to just fuck her soon so he would leave. She wasn't in the mood for his bullshit today. She remembered about the cop and decided she better tell him after they got finished fucking or he would turn into an animal and hurt her.

"Yeah baby make daddy come!" He was grunting and sweating like a pig. "Yeah swallow my cum!" He started shooting cum down Trinity's throat.

She had to swallow it. The last time she tried to spit it out she got slapped and he made her suck off some off his men in charge of his operation. Ever since that fiasco she had always swallowed every drop of his cum. She didn't like being loaned out . She's been lucky though that's the only time she was ever loaned out, and he stayed in the room for the entire two hours it took to get all the men off. He didn't want anyone to touch her anywhere else but her head and hair. One man tried to grab her tits and Rob broke the man's hands the next day.

"That was great baby. So what did you do while I was gone?"

"Nothing really." She had the feeling he already knew about the cop.

"Nothing you sure? Because Fingers told me he seen you getting in the car with some guy, only to get out a few minutes later!" He pulled her up from her knees to make her look him in the eye.

"That guy was just some cop asking questions is my guess. He wanted to know if I was a prostitute. I guess he had a hard on or something. Your name didn't even come up."

"Well why did he approach you? Were you dressed like a tramp? Were you acting like a prostitute?" Rob was getting enraged just as Trinity was scared he would do.

"No I wasn't! I wasn't doing anything I swear!"

"Did you give him a blowjob in his car? Is that why you were only in there for a few minutes? Did you fuck him?" He pushed her across the bed.

"No you know I only fuck you and Curtis! I don't even fuck Cutis anymore. We broke up."

"Good you only need me to fill that cunt of yours. I don't even know why I let you keep fucking him. You are mine you understand me?"

"Yes, Rob, I understand you."

"I fucking own you. You are my whore!" He straddled her on the bed," Say it! I want to hear you say it!"

"I'm your whore." She whispered.

"Louder so everyone can fucking hear you!"

"I AM YOUR FUCKING WHORE!!" She exclaimed loud enough to be heard outside.

Trinity knew what this was doing to him. She could feel the proof of it poking her stomach. Next thing she knew he was thrusting inside her like a crazy man. She knew her place. It was to keep her legs spread and her mouth shut, unless he wanted to shot down her throat. But of course he had put on his rubber. No bastard kids would be running around.

"Turn over."

Trinity thought he wanted to do it doggy style, but she was wrong. As soon as she turned over she got the surprise of her life as for the first time he shoved his cock in her asshole.

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