tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDangers of Drinking

Dangers of Drinking


I had been married for almost eleven years before I ever cheated on my husband, Alex. It all started with two friends at work, Tessa and Marie, who were forever after me to hang out with them one night. I was always busy with Alex and our two children, between family and work I honestly never had time for much more. Marie and Tessa eventually wore me down and I was able to coerce Alex into staying home and watching our two sons one Friday night.

I followed Tessa to her apartment afterward and we quickly got started getting ready for the night...which involved lots of drinking! I normally never drank, usually letting Alex get wasted and being the responsible driver, but the girls got me giggling and having such a good time, before I knew it I was drunk!

I had only brought one outfit and when I pulled it out both girls burst out laughing, saying I simply couldn't wear anything that made me seem so old. I was a little embarrassed and it didn't take much more of their teasing to let them dress me up in a mix-match of their own clothes. I would never had agreed to anything like that sober, and I knew Alex would kill me if he saw what they had assembled for me.

I worked out at my local gym religiously, and had a quite firm body at 5'4'' 125lbs. I was barely a C cup but the lack of size had been kind in that they barely sagged at all, even after 36 years! I was most proud of my ass and had always gotten compliments on it, both girls had giggled when they'd seen my lacy thong while I was dressing. Marie especially gave me a hard time, saying she had no ass and would gladly trade me a cup size from her ample chest for just an inch off my bottom. This was the same bottom that they'd barely covered with a small black skirt that had me constantly tugging on the back, struggling to keep my ass concealed.

After we all finally chose our outfits and got our makeup complete, it was well after 1 before we all staggered into the club. As soon as we hit the dance floor I remembered how much I missed it, feeling the music..the bodies around me, I had always got into moving my body, secretly loving the attention I'd always gotten. One of the things that had always attracted me to Alex was how hot he used to move when we danced...he would grind on me and we'd always end up back at his college apartment going at each other.

Before we'd gotten into the second song Marie was handing me shots some guys had bought us. I tried not to be shocked at how young they look, briefly thinking that they must at least be 21 to even be in here. It was dark and really smoky, and I was already very drunk, stumbling just a little in the heels the girls had made me wear. Some really tall, well built guy had began dancing with Tessa, much to her delight. His friends got brave from his advance I suppose, and immediately surrounded Marie and I. None were especially impressive, but they were all young and cute...especially under the influence of so much liquor. I wasn't sure about Marie, but I was just loving the attention!

It was dark enough that I let myself go some, shaking my ass up against whichever guy was near, feeling myself blush a little as one of the shorter guys grabbed my hips from behind. Hi, I'm Marty! he yelled into my ear, slowly moving closer behind me and pressing his body into mine. Feeling the slightest pang of guilt, I felt myself bending over, steadying myself on my knees as I bent over, bouncing my ass up and down against him.

When I stood back up he was again at my ear, asking what I wanted to drink. I could feel the heat of Marie and Tessa's looks as they giggled at how I'd been dancing with Marty. He made his way back with my shot in record time, taking my hand and leading me away from my friends without even asking. I could feel his hands all over my hips as I took the shot, feeling really flirtatious. I turned around and once again pressed my ass up to him, moving it to the music. He was getting more and more brave, moving his hands up and down my thighs, getting closer and closer to my ass. I heard one of the other guys shout at Marty and run over, but couldn't make out their conversation. Marty pulled me close and apologized, saying he had to go, that his ex-girlfriend was there and would surely cause a scene.

I couldn't help but pout, feeling cheated out of being able to tease this young guy some more. He must have noticed because he took a deep breath and asked if I wanted to leave for awhile. I hesitated but he kept assuring me that he'd have me back in time to meet my friends before the club closed. I had really stared to feel all the shots, my head was spinning and I was beginning to sweat...something that I hardly ever do. My head was starting to spin so after he took my arm I just let him lead me outside.

I was grateful for the air and only would nod at his conversation as he opened the door to a big SUV. I got up in the back and could feel my head resting back against the seat as we waited for his friend with the keys. I must have closed my eyes because before I knew it three other guys were in the car, each laughing loud and teasing Marty. The tall built guy kept saying how he wished he'd danced with me, making me blush but I was too drunk to really respond. Next thing I knew I could feel Marty next to me, slowly licking on my neck. Being so drunk I really wasn't thinking...I forgot what was going on and where I was, quickly reverting back to a normal, sober married woman. I slapped Marty so hard that the truck got immediately silent. The other guys began to roar with laughter, but Marty was silent and looked furious. I quickly tried to tell him I was sorry, he kept saying it was okay but was really distant.

We finally got to their apartment and I reluctantly followed them up. Even though I didn't want it and defiantly didn't need it, I took the drink that Marty awkwardly offered me. I could hear the other guys drunkenly romping around the rest of the apartment, but it was just Marty and I in the living room area. He sat down and I did after waiting a weird minute for him to offer, which he never did. I moved a little closer as he turned on the TV but didn't speak. I slowly touched his face, softly telling him I was sorry again. He closed his eyes and stupidly I leaned over and kissed where I'd slapped him.

Before I knew it he had me pulled close, putting his mouth over mine. I shoved him away, feeling stupid as I saw the anger and frustration flash in his eyes. I leaned forward before he could speak and kissed him. He resisted for just a second before leaning over me, pressing me down against the couch. I let him kiss me, trying to let him get some of his lust out then quickly get out of there. I was thinking of how to best let this horny kid off without pissing him off any further.

Before I could stop him he roughly pushed me all the way down, quickly getting on top of me and resuming his kissing. I started to whisper No to him, doing my best to keep my skirt down as he struggled to spread my legs and lay between them. No..no sweetie wait, I remember telling him, getting louder as he got more frantic. I pushed him off enough so I could turn over, but he grabbed me and roughly shoved me face down, making me bite my lip.

It was like it was happening to someone else and I was just watching I remember thinking as he reached under my skirt and yanked my panties down. I cried out in pain as he tore at them, giving me several deep and nasty bruises as he twisted them and ripped them off me. All I could feel was shock as he shoved a finger inside me from behind, making my eyes water in fear and shame.

He had my skirt up completely over my ass and was bunched up around my waist. He had one hand on my ass while the other was busy moving in and out of me, trying to get me wet. To my horror, this sweet baby-faced young man started talking dirty, telling me how sweet my ass was and how much he wanted my pussy. I was muttering No to him, he just pushed my head against the couch from behind and told me that it was getting old and was keeping him from getting hard.

Turns out he was a liar because just minutes later he let go of my ass long enough to pull his khaki pants down and right away I could feel his hard member pressing against me. He reached around me and started to rub my clit, slowly gyrating his cock against my ass. He pulled one of my legs up telling me how hot my asshole was as he pinned me awkwardly against the couch.

He had me down and slowly reached towards my mouth telling me to spit. He had to ask twice before I did it, acting like a robot and trying not to think of the nasty mouthful of spit I was putting in his hand. I could only shudder in disgust as he rubbed that same spit over my pussy, using the rest to cover his dick. He held my leg at an impossible angle, telling me to hold still as he rubbed his spit covered dick up and down.

I could only bury my face into the nappy fabric of the couch as he slowly pushed himself inside my pussy. He moaned a little as he slowly inserted all of his dick in me, telling me I was just fine as he started to move his hips. The spit had worked enough to get his dick in me, and now that it was I couldn't stop my body from responding.

I could feel myself getting wet as he started to get more and more into a rhythm. I felt so dirty, so violated...and yet as the first dick other than my hubbies in a decade slid in and out of me, the more I could begin to feel that familiar tingling inside me.

His body began to slap into mine, making that clapping sound as he pounded into me from behind, hard enough to slowly begin to slide the couch backwards from his thrusts. I was moaning out No with every stroke, feeling so dirty, my pussy quivering and gripping this alien dick. I was sweating hard enough for my black hair to begin sticking to me, knowing my bra must be soaked. My legs were quivering and made me lose what little balance I had.

Marty cursed and got on his knees on the floor, pulling my ass up so I was on my hands and knees. He shoved himself back inside me, roughly assaulting my body again. Damn bitch, he said as he once again started to clap his body into mine, you are so fucking hot! I could only cry out, louder than I had before as he fucked me, driving me on my knees against the carpet, which later led to the worst rug burn my knees ever saw.

My body began to shake as I came, Marty began to fuck me even harder when he realized it, sticking a finger in my ass and fucking it in rhythm with my pussy. It was then that I looked up and could just make out the tall guy from the club in the darkness of the kitchen, staring at us. If it was possible it only made me feel that much dirtier and as much as I hate to admit it, I was so low that if he'd wanted me I would have probably let him have some too.

All thoughts of the tall guy left as I felt Marty speed up and start to tug at my hair, pulling it harder the faster he went. He yanked my hair enough to jerk my head back before I felt him explode, making me shiver in disgust as another mans sperm filled me up.

It wasn't until he had slowed down and I could feel his dick slowly shrinking did I even think of a condom. I lay there with my knees burning trying to catch my breath, my ass sore from the finger fucking he'd given me.

Damn that was good, he muttered, sitting back up on the couch. I was able to make it to my feet and shakily made my way to the bathroom. I caught my breath on the toilet, feeling his cum slowly leaking out of me. My thigh high pantyhose had been ruined and my knees were raw and almost bloody. I took them off and made myself as presentable as I could considering what had happened and how drunk I was.

When I got up the courage to go back out Marty was gone. My peeping tom was there, eyeing me like I was as dirty, cheap, and slutty as I felt. Guess you need a ride, was all he said, telling me to C'mon as we went back downstairs to his SUV.

The worst thing was Marie and Tessa had already left. I had to wait there for them while he leered at me, I could feel how much of a whore he thought I was. Tessa bitched and finally showed up, telling me I should be more responsible and how Alex was too good for this. I was really shocked beyond words, but kept my venom to myself until she dropped me off at my car.

I drunkenly wove my way home, still stung by her remarks. I stumbled inside, never having recovered my panties, took off my heels and stumbled my way to the bedroom as quietly as I could. I had planned to shower but was too drunk to do much more than strip and put on one of Alex's old shirts. I lay down beside him, telling him to go back to sleep and trying not to let him get too close. I fell asleep still feeling the hot, sticky cum leaking out of me onto the mattress below.

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