Dani Teases


My wife, Dani, has always a tease in front of my friends, especially when she's had a few drinks.

Whenever my buddies come to the house for drinks and cards, Dani invariably, somehow, ends up running around in her panties and a t-shirt, claiming that it's too warm in the house or that she wants to "get comfortable."

Of course my friends don't mind. Dani's hot. In fact, she's a blonde, bombshell-knockout with a heart of pure gold...which is one reason I married her.

I don't mind either.

In fact, the looks on my friend's faces are pricless; there's no hiding the pure lust in their eyes when Dani swaggers around the house braless, in panties...showing off her long tanned legs...and a t-shirt or tank top stretched tight across her magnificent breasts.

Her teasing really turns me on.

I love knowing that my friends want her so badly, but she chooses to be with me.

Dani had never gone beyond her panties and shirt in front of my friends...although I've always wanted her to.

It's always been my secret fantasy to see my hot, blonde wife walk around totally naked in front of a group of my friends, acting like a total slut.

I actually told her about my fantasy several times, hoping she'd like the idea. But she never took me up on it, so I didn't push it...preferring instead to be happy with what I had...a hot wife, who didn't mind wearing just a shirt and panties in front of my friends.

I knew that was a lot more than many men had anyway.

The rest of it would just have to remain a masturbatory fantasy.

Then, one night, all of that changed.

My two of my friends, Rick and David were over for beer and cards.

The four of us sat around the table as always...Dani across from me, next to Rick, and Dave at the end.

We'd been drinking pretty heavily that evening and Dani...already complaining of being too warm, had stripped off to her panties as usual.

Only, to my delight, I noticed that she was wearing my favorite...a wispy, low cut pair of panties that stopped just above her shaved mound in the front.

The back was really just a small triangle that left most of her luscious butt cheeks bare. The panties were pretty much indecent.

She also wore a deeply low cut, tight, tank top that showed off her gorgeous cleavage. My cock was hard in my jeans as soon as she stripped off...stating that she was more comfortable.

As the drinks flowed on, I could see my wife was really loosening up.

Rick and Dave's eyes were glued to her huge tits beneath her tank top more often than not, and I secretly marveled at how lucky I was to have such a hot, uninhibited wife.

Then it happened.

Leaning forward, Dani rested her chin in her hands, elbows on the table.

Her huge breasts rested on the table in front of her, and her gorgeous, dirty-blonde hair fell to either side of her.

We could see right down her shirt.

"Guess what guys?" she said half-drunkenly...teasing as always.

"Uhm..what?" Dave answered, laying his cards down to gawk at her cleavage.

"Well," she went on batting her blue eyes as if she were about to reveal a secret "my husband has this fantasy..."

We all fell silent, staring at her, as she paused for effect, taking stock of our faces.

My heart sped up a bit in my chest.

"Fantasy?" Rick said, as if he'd heard nothing but that.

Glancing sideways at me, Rick grinned, then leaned forward for a better look at my wife's half-naked tits on the table, "what fantasy?"

Turning her head, still in her hands, Dani smirked, somewhat wickedly at me and winked.

"Tell them babe..."

"Yah," Dave joined in. Both of my friends looked at me expectantly over the table, "tell us."

I sat, sort of shocked, with my cards in my hand.

"I uh, well..." I started, not quite knowing how to respond. I never really figured that Dani would bring it up like that.

"He wants to see me naked in front of you guys," my wife interjected, smiling at my dilemma.

Another moment of silence passed as Dave and Rick both processed the information. I could see them picturing it their brains, and wondered if their cocks were as hard as mine at that second.

Smiling, Dani released her chin from hands. "So I've been thinking about it..." said, making small circles on the table with her index finger.

We all leaned forward this time.

"Well, Rick," she turned to him, "you're always staring at my tits." Rick suddenly turned a dark shade of red, looking away.

She turned to Dave...he was next.

"Dave," she smiled, "I know you like my legs."

"So," she announced to the three of us, "I've decided to do it."

"Unless of course, you've changed your mind babe," she teased at me.

My cock throbbed in the front of my jeans at the idea that my gorgeous, big-titted wife was offering to actually live out my fantasy by stripping totally naked in front of my two friends.

Watching her run around in a t-shirt and panties in front of them made me horny as hell as it was...but the thought of seeing her live out my fantasy, completely naked in front of them made it difficult to breathe.

At that moment, it seemed that "uhm" and "well, ah," were the only words in my vocabulary.

Smiling at my situation my wife again came to my rescue.

"I didn't think so," she said, giggling.

"Ready boys?" she said in Rick and Dave's direction.

They just nodded.

Getting our her chair, Dani moved around the table, and stood in front of it, giving us all a perfect, close-up view of her gorgeous body. Her huge tits rose and fell under her tank top, and she smiled at me.

I could tell she was excited.

"Guys," she said towards Dave and Rick, placing her hands on her hips, "what should I take off first, shirt or panties?"

"Shirt! Panties!" they said together, making it sound like "Shanties..."

Dani chuckled, making her tits jiggle beneath her tank top.

"I know," she said, "flip a coin...the winner decides," with another naughty wink at me.

"Awesome!" Dave said excited, digging a quarter from his pocket.

"Heads or tails," he asked Rick.


Watching my wife, I could hardly believe she was actually doing this. It made my cock hurt.

Resting the quarter on his thumb, Dave flicked it high in the air and caught it in his palm, flipping it over onto the back of his hand and covering it with the other.

"Here we go..." he said, sounding like a boy in a candy store.

Uncovering the quarter slightly, he peeked under his hand.

"Damn," he said in mock disappointment, "it's tails."

"YES!" Rick pumped a fist in the air. "Shirt!" he said, excited.

Smiling, Dani nodded. "Shirt it is then..."

Grasping the hem of her tank top, she rolled it, slowly, underneath itself, raising it above her belly button, revealing her smooth, bare midsection.

All three of us leaned forward in our chairs.

Continuing the tease, she rolled the bottom up, stopping at the lower curves of her breasts.

With her tank top rolled completely up to her huge tits, she turned around and showed us her naked back, and delicious nearly-bare butt cheeks, hardly covered by the thin triangle of her panties.

"Woa," Dave said low.

My cock hurt so badly that I had to adjust the crotch of my jeans.

Both of my friends were silent, transfixed on my almost naked wife.

Spreading her feet apart, she bent over, sticking her pantied ass in the air, and smiled over her shoulder at us.

Her breasts hung heavily in front of her in the rolled up tank top, and we could see the undersides of them.

"Like what you see so far?" she teased, wiggling her ass a bit.

"Oh god yes," Dave said nodding quickly.

"Yes, yes, very much so," Rick added.

Standing straight with her back still towards us, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and stretched the material way from the sides her body, before slowly pulling it over just the tops of her beautiful butt cheeks...then stopped.

"Oops," she giggled at us over her shoulder, "shirt first, right? I forgot."

Crossing her arms in front of her, she took hold of the rolled up hem of her tank top and pulled it straight up, over her head, taking some of her beautiful hair upwards with it. Then she pulled it off, tossing it to the floor.

Naked, save for her thin panties, Dani covered her enormous, bare breasts with her hands and turned, slowly, facing us.

Nobody said a word.

Glancing at my friends to gauge their reactions, I saw Rick's shoulder moving slightly as he gobbled my hot wife with his eyes. His hand was beneath the table across from me.

Dave sat open-legged, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, chin in his hands...glued to Dani's next to naked body.

My incredible wife stood in front of us in her panties, holding her large, naked tits in her hands, covering her nipples...but we could plainly see the outer-most edges of her swollen, pink, dollar-sized aureole peeking through her fingers.

A small, wet spot formed at the front of her panties.

It was clear that stripping naked in front of my friends was turning her on...something that I'd only been able to fantasize about up to this point.

Rick was still obviously rubbing himself under the table...while Dave seemed kind of in a daze, fucking my Dani with his mind.

"Uh oh..." Dani teased, smiling, as a wisp of blonde hair fell across her eyes.

"Looks like I have a little problem," she said, giggling.

"What's babe?" I asked, finally finding my voice.

"Well," she said, looking down at herself, "I only have two hands. As you can see, I have a tit in each one of them."

We all nodded in agreement.

Smiling, she continued. "If I drop my hands to take off my panties, then you'll see my tits naked."

We were silent, assessing the delicious possibility.

"Unless of course," she giggled again, "you really do want to see my tits naked."

"Do you want to see my naked tits, Ricky?" she asked innocently, pushing her bottom lip out.

"Yes...Dani..." Rick said. He seemed to be breathing a bit heavily. His arm was still moving under the table.

"What about you Dave?"

Dave swallowed visibly hard, and nodded.

"Babe?" my wife turned to me. "Do you want me to show them my titties, all naked?"

Like Dave, I could only nod.

I'd never seen my wife tease this hard; she was making me crazy for her.

My hand found its way to the outside of the front of my jeans. I rested it there, on top of my throbbing cock. Dropping her eyes to my crotch, Dani smiled.

"Well I can't get really get my panties off without showing you guys my tits can I?" she asked, smiling sweetly at the group.

"Uh uh" Rick said.

"Nope." Dave shook his head.

"Here goes," she said, exhaling, removing her hands.

Her big, naked tits dropped into full view, swaying slightly. Her aureole was swollen with excitement, and her thick nipples stood out, pointy and hard, away from her. Her breath came shorter.

With her hands at her sides, Dani displayed her totally naked breasts for the first time to both of my friends.

"My...god..." Dave said slowly, sounding like he was having trouble believing what he was seeing.

What sounded like a small moan escaped Rick.

Running her hands up and over her naked belly, my wife cupped her large, bare breasts, lifting them. She bounced them lightly in her hands and squeezed.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

My wife was playing with her bare tits in front of Dave and Rick.

She took a nipple between the fingers of each hand, rolling them, and pulled them straight out, stretching her huge breasts out in front of her.

"Fuck..." Dave whispered.

Finally, satisfied that her nipples were swollen and hard enough, she smiled at us.

"Now, you guys wanna see my pussy, right?" she was teasing us mercilessly.

"Please..." Dave said shakily.

"Oh hell yes..." from Rick.

I rubbed the front of my crotch.

Turning around, Dani grasped the waistline of her panties again, and pulled, slowly exposing her bare ass cheeks.

She continued pulling them to her knees...then let them fall to her ankles.

Stepping out of them, one foot at a time, she kicked them away.

Dani stood totally naked with her back to us.

My cock threatened to explode, and I longed to release it.

"Jeezus fuck..." Rick said...his voice trailing off.

Dave was unconsciously rubbing the front of his jeans.

Turning to face us, my wife revealed her fully naked front.

I saw that that the lips of her shaved pussy were swollen and engorged. Her excitement seeped from her, wetting her inner thighs.

Dani was totally naked in front of Dave and Rick and her pussy dripped from it. She was hot and excited...her nipples were hard as rocks.

"Suh-weet jeesus fuck Dani," Dave said, lustily, under his breath.

Leaning her head back, my naked wife closed her eyes, snaking a hand down her bare belly...to her bald mound.

Opening her eyes again, she stood, wide-legged with her fingers lightly playing at her outer lips...eyeing each of us in turn.

Slowly, she raised one foot slightly, standing on the ball of it, reaching under herself.

Straightening two fingers, she aimed them at her wet cunt.

Suddenly, she looked up at us and smiled.

"Just teasing..." she said, dropping her leg.

Walking back around the table again, she took her seat next to Rick.

The three of us sat, stunned, staring at my naked wife.

"Well..." she said, smiling around the table..."that was fun...whose deal is it?"

"Oh, uh...mine," I stammered, at what seemed like a full minute later, picking up the deck with shaky hands.

For the next hour or so, we played cards and drank, while my wife sat naked in her chair, her huge tits lolling on the table in front of Rick and Dave...and I couldn't think straight...and I suspected Dave and Rick were having the same problem.

Finally, it was late and my friends rose to leave.

Dani walked them to the door, hugging each, Dave first, then Rick, pressing her huge, soft, naked boobs into each, before pecking each of them on the cheek.

Needless to say, that night, Dani and I had the best sex of our lives...and I hoped with all of my heart that she would do it again.

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