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Danica Patrick, What a Woman


I had won a sweepstakes sponsored by Peak antifreeze and the grand prize was the chance to meet any professional racecar driver they sponsored at a local speedway, living in northern Illinois the closest track was in Chicago. I am a Nascar fan more then anything, but couldn't figure out which driver I wanted to meet. The prize featured a three days all access pass, visiting the garage area, being in the pits for qualifying, great tickets for the race and finally getting a 15 minute question session with the driver of my choice. The next race scheduled was an Indy car event in a couple weeks so I decided to choose that event. I read everything I could find out about Indy car and finally decided to meet Danica Patrick, the young and very beautiful new female driver. I had researched her career and found that she seemed like a very nice young lady with lots of good fortune ahead of her. I eagerly waited for the race weekend to arrive and my only hope was that she wouldn't be too put off by my being there, I know some drivers just hate when they have to 'baby sit' a fan, and do it only because their contract says they have to.

The race weekend arrived before I knew it and Thursday my all access pass began. The plan was to be at the raceway for three days, visiting the pits, attending qualifying and meeting Danica, then the race was Sunday and I had 4 tickets in the sponsors box. The first day went pretty uneventful and most of the race teams were just arriving as I was. I was able to watch them unload in the garage area and saw some famous driver, but Danica's team didn't arrive till later in the afternoon. I was told that my meeting with her would take place that day, but when the escort from Peak antifreeze approached her she waved them off, saying that she was too busy due to the team's late arrival. I didn't push it and hoped we would have time later for our question session. The rest of the day was pretty boring to tell the truth, I tried to stay occupied but found myself going by Danica's garage area often, she was a very pretty lady and I was very anxious to meet her. I finally left that evening after being told that Friday was qualifying and I would get to meet Danica then.

The next morning I arrived at the track early, hoping to get my meeting before qualifying began but was told that Danica didn't talk to anyone before qualifying. Disappointedly I took my place in the pits and watched the qualifying. Danica didn't make her qualifying run till about halfway though the afternoon, and for quite some time she was on the pole, but at the end she finished up qualified in 6th position. After qualifying was over it seemed all the race teams were more settled so once again my guide took me to Danica's garage area, this time she seemed more eager to talk and we moved off to the side and began talking. I explained that I was more of a Nascar fan but was really enjoying the weekend. She thanked me and surprised me by asking who my favorite driver was and our conversation continued very easily. I was really taken by her beauty; I was surprised to find out that she was only 5'2", her long dark hair made her appear taller. We continued to talk for almost a half hour, she was eager to answer all the questions I had and we talked more like friends then as a fan and racing star. The guide tried to pull me away after the half hour was up but Danica told them I was ok and could stay and talk a little longer, I thanked her and the guide walked off to talk to another driver. I told her that I thought she had the pole position wrapped up and was disappointed that she hadn't gotten it. She just smiled at me and winking replied that she loved being on the pole. I know I looked and sounded the fool as I blushed and stuttered trying to find a reply. Danica just looked at me and continued to smile and winked again.

I didn't know what to think but finally found my voice and asked her one final question. I made sure the guide was still talking away from me and asked her what she wore under her uniform. Danica smiled again and asked if I would like to see her trailer. Calming myself I responded that I would love to see what she calls home during to race season. She walked over to the guide and told him that he could leave, she would be happy to continue my tour herself. The guide looked over at me and smiled, saying he would see me again tomorrow and to enjoy myself. I thought to myself that I hoped so, but also knew not to expect anything, I was sure that Danica was just teasing me. Danica walked back over and asked if I was ready, I responded that I was and we began walking through the garage area toward where her bus was parked. We talked and continued to make eye contact as we walked toward the bus.

Finally we arrived at the bus and Danica reached out and pushed a hidden button causing the door to open and steps to pop out. We walked inside and she closed the door, hitting a switch after it closed. I asked about the switch and she told me it disabled the door, like a lock on a regular door. She offered me a seat and a drink. I replied that a beer sounded good and she walked into the kitchen area and returned with a beer for me and a juice for her. She sat beside me and we continued talking. I drank my beer quickly and with out asking Danica got up and returned with another. Sitting beside me again she reached out, grabbed a brush and began brushing her long hair. I just watched as she continued brushing and found myself getting more then a little turned on. She finished and noticed me staring at her and asked if I liked her hair. I had to respond that I thought she had beautiful hair and marveled at the length. She thanked me again and stood up saying she wanted to answer my question from before.

I sat back in the couch and Danica slowly unzipped her racing uniform, slipping it off her shoulders. She was wearing a thin tank top and my eyes followed her uniform as it continued dropping. She shimmied her hips slightly and it dropped to the floor, she then stepped out of her uniform and stood before me wearing only spandex shorts and the tank top. I could see her sports bra through the material of the top and she soon pulled the top over her head. She then pulled her spandex shorts down revealing sexy French cut panties. Danica stood before me wearing just the basics and asked it I liked what I saw. I nodded and she moved forward, straddling me. I looked her in the eyes and we shared a light kiss, then the kiss became more forceful and soon we were kissing deeply. We kissed for several minutes and Danica finally broke the kiss and asked me if I enjoyed what she wore beneath her racing uniform.

I nodded again and reached out and ran one hand along her tight ass and brought the other to her small tit and rubbed her nipple. Danica responded with a low moan and smiled. She stood again and pulled the bra over her head and her breasts were free, they were small, just an A cup, but very perky and firm with very hard nipples. I noticed a small wet spot beginning to appear through her panties and hooked my thumbs beneath the waistband, pulling them gently down. Danica stepped back and stepped out of her panties giving me a wonderful view of her tight, young and beautiful body. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she had only a thin line of hair just above her slit. I reached out to her and ran my hand along the inside of her leg. Danica moaned and spread her legs a little more, letting my hand go higher between her athletic thighs. I could feel the heat from her pussy and slowly rubbed her pussy lips. Her eyes were closed and she was swaying slightly as I continued to rub her pussy. She brought her hands to her own breasts and began to pull at her nipples, moaning louder. Danica shuddered slightly and I knew she had just had a small orgasm when she looked at me and smiled.

She sat down beside me and asked when I was going to join her. She didn't have to ask twice and I was standing in no time stripping before her. I removed my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans; Danica reached out and pulled them down, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. I stepped out of my jeans and Danica reached for my cock and began to rub it through the material. She then moved forward and mouthed my cock through my boxers. I was in heaven as she moved her mouth over my cock and began to thrust toward her mouth. Danica knew what I wanted and slid from the couch and knelt before me, pulling my boxers down and freeing my cock. My rock hard cock popped free and Danica quickly began sucking it. At first she sucked just the head then began to suck more and more of my cock into her warm mouth. In five minutes she was deep throating my cock like a pro. She continued to suck me for several minutes when I noticed her hand busily working between her thighs. With a little disappointment I stopped her and asked if there was a bed. Danica stood up and grabbed my hand and practically ran toward the back of the bus.

Danica fell back on the bed and I quickly moved on top of her. We kissed deeply and I felt her hand guiding my cock into her. I felt her wet pussy lips part and I sank my cock slowly into her. We made love slowly for five minutes, getting used to each other like long lost lovers. Danica begged me to fuck her harder and I rose up, changed the angle slightly and began to fuck her harder. Danica responded by moaning louder and her pussy tightened around my cock She again pulled at her own nipples as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy tightened around my cock again and she screamed in orgasm. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her; her pussy was so tight that I almost shot my load. I slowed my movements and regained my composure, continuing with slower, more controlled strokes. Danica's climax subsided and she reached up to kiss me.

We kissed deeply for some time and then Danica moved from below me. I rolled onto my back and she moved to straddle me. Danica looked me in the eye and as she lowered herself onto my hard cock, from there Danica took control, her hands were playing with my nipples as she continued to slide up and down my cock. Danica was small in stature but I had never had a more wanting lover. I moved my hands and was able to pick her up and lower her again onto my cock. I squeezed her ass and brought her hard down onto me. With my every thrust up I lowered her down again harder. Danica began moaning loudly and I knew she was close to another huge orgasm, her pussy was clamping tightly around my cock. In one final flurry of strokes I shot my load deep into her just as she screamed in orgasm. We held each other tightly as the sensation subsided and kissed lightly. Danica rolled off me and we snuggled in the spoon position and finally fell asleep, holding each other tightly.


I hope you all enjoyed this fantasy; Danica really is a sexy, beautiful lady. Interested in reading more? Let me know. Please vote and your comments are welcome. Thx.

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