tagTransgender & CrossdressersDaniel, Dani, Dana Ch. 02

Daniel, Dani, Dana Ch. 02


This is Sissy Gay Porn. If you should not view then leave now! Everyone here is above 18 years old.


"Not until I go down there and get a taste of what I am going to get first Dana! I want to see if that little boy pussy is as pretty and tasty as I have imagined" I hear him say. He let go of my hands and began kissing down my back side. Then I felt his hands grip the cheeks of my little ass and spread them open with his big thumbs. The pink thong was still in place but that didn't stop his tongue from probing to the lips of my virgin boy pussy. I squealed like a dog when he pressed that tongue into the lips of my boi pussy. He lapped and probed my ass as I could only moan and wiggle around on that huge bed. Pressing with a finger I felt my pussy being probed by Uncle Lee. I started wiggling my hips to rock on his finger it felt so damn good.

The feel of his huge hand smack me across my ass cheeks set them on fire. "You know you deserve that one young lady" Uncle Lee says as he smacked me again.

The next time he slapped the other cheek and I just whined like a little bitch. "Uncle Lee that hurts! And no I don't know what I did to deserve it" I tell him.

He jammed his finger deeper and harder into my ass pussy. I gripped the pillow hard and held on tightly. I could feel his finger leave me and Uncle Lee reached under the comforter and pulled out a tube of lube. Leaning over slowly he then licked my pussy one last time before he filled it with lube. He put a huge pillow under my belly and spread me from behind. He put another pillow under me to get my body up higher for him.

Teasing me Uncle Lee rubbed his hard cock back and forth over my little virgin pussy. Pressing it each time the head went by. Then I felt his cock pressing against the lips as he whispers to me "Just relax Baby and we will both enjoy this!"

Maybe winning a gold medal or something feels good but I can't imagine it beating the feel of his cock pressing into my boi pussy. I gasped for air and moaned and panted really hard when that cock's head entered me. I literally began shaking all over feeling my pussy being opened. My eyes are closed and a sudden weakness came over me. Uncle Lee knew exactly what he was doing with his cock.

Slowly in and out with just a couple inches of that hard cock and I became a girl at that moment. I knew that all I wanted was to be this submissive to a real man. I was wanting nothing more right now than satisfying the man who had gotten me here. Maybe it was for his own kicks but I am glad of that.

Uncle Lee grabs my mid section with his huge hands, pressing me down hard into the pillow. With that his cock started finding it's way deeper into my pussy. Longer and quicker lunges had my body begging for more and more of him.

"Yes Uncle Jim, please don't stop. I love your cock inside of me. I want you to do whatever you want to me!" I scream.

"You have wanted to be a little slut, so now I am going to do my best to make you a prefect little slut. I will be using this little boy pussy everyday from here on out. You have seen the last of you being anything thing but all girl! You are to have this pussy clean and ready for me anytime I want you to be. For me or whoever I decide to let have you. How do u like that you little Bitch?" Uncle Lee tells me out loud.

All I can say is "Yes, Yes, Yes!" as he pounded my little hole.

Uncle Lee rolled over onto his back beside me and said, "Climb over here on top of this cock and let me see if you know how to ride one. You always claim in role play chat that you have a dildo you like to ride while we play online Kelly!"

I realize at that instant that the man I had been getting kinky with on the computer was my Uncle Lee. "Oh shit! How did you? I should have recognized the cock picture" I say to him laughing loudly. "My uncle has been my kinky chat partner online!"

Uncle Lee made me straddle his cock with me facing away from him. I set his cock in place and lowered my pussy to get enough inside to keep it in me. Placing my hands on his knees, I felt his huge hands grab my hips and pulling me down farther.

"We are going to play out every scene we ever did you little cock slut. I found your Yahoo ID months ago and I have been dreaming of this very day ever since. Now ride that cock like you make out online you can Kelly. But your name is Dana around here Bitch!" Uncle Lee instructs me.

I was told this was the reverse cowboy position and it was one of his favorites. It surely was feeling really damn good to me I know.

"Fuck me Uncle Lee. All I want right now is to make sure that I can try to thank you for all you have done to get me here. I love your hard cock inside of me taking my cherry. From now on I know I have you to take care of me and I am going to do the same for you" I tell Uncle Lee.

His huge hands easily maneuver my little body up and down off and on that cock. I knew I was getting fucked by a man and not a boy. The little clit (or nuisance) I have is flapping up and down as we fuck. Moaning and breathing hard are all I can do mostly. Sweating as the fucking gets harder and harder. Uncle Lee reached up and pushed me down to where my head is at his feet. Each time my pussy went down on that cock he would slap my ass cheeks.

"OW OW OW!" I screamed as he kept spanking me. Some tears well up in my eyes. I know there has to be red hand prints on my little ass. But he keeps pumping me full of cock.

"Roll off of me so I can bust a nut in that pussy Dana! This is what I have been waiting for so long to do baby!" Uncle Lee says as he pushes me up to the pillows with me on my backside. I raised my feet up in the air and reached down to touch my little rosebud. It was a little sore but felt wonderful and happy too. Uncle Lee grabbed both my feet as he came up to where I was and jus let his cock dangle to my pussy. I reached down gladly and guided him back to his place.

I screamed as he drove that cock back deep in me to where our hips met. My hands reached up to try to hold him back a little until I was ready as I screamed again.

"Damn give me a second there before you do that!" I said laughing and gasping for air.

"Fucking you like this is what makes you my little Bitch Dana. You may as well get used to a whole lot of fucking for a while baby!" Uncle Lee says to me.

"I am going to bust my nut all over that pretty face of yours Dana. That will also be part of my mark on you. You are to be the ready cunt for me anytime I want it, understand?" I am told.

"Yes sir was all I knew to say." I said. Uncle Lee ground his cock in and out of me for several minutes it seemed. My pussy wanted more and more as he seemed to revving up more speed.

He quickly pushed my legs down and came to straddle my chest. Uncle Lee Grabbed his cock with one hand and my head with the other. He pulled my face to his cock so I instinctively opened my mouth wide. He jerked it about four times to begin squirting a massive load on my face and mouth. Plenty of it makes it into my mouth as I taste cock juice from one I had the pleasure of servicing. I felt some of it running down my chin and face.

My face could only smile as he shot his thankfulness to me. Uncle Lee's body shook and jerked as his last drop of cum came out of his dick. He opened his eyes to see my shot up cum face and the rest of it on my tongue, just before I swallowed it down.

"You were amazing Dana! I have waited to do that for you so long!" he said smiling.

"You did that for me?" I say laughing out loud. "It seems that I wasn't the only one who had fun tonight!" I say wiping cum from my chin. Uncle Lee leaned down and kissed me on the lips very sweetly.

"You were amazing like I said Dana. Thank you very much for everything. You are beautiful, pretty, sexy and anything you want to be. And I love you just like you are right now. I know you want to change some things and maybe we can see what life has in store for you tomorrow morning." Uncle Lee said very sweetly.

All I could do was smile and kissed him back. He led me to go with him to the bathroom and we took a shower to clean up for bedtime. The hot water and soap felt really good as we washed each other's naked bodies. Uncle Lee made sure he cleaned between my lil ass cheeks and so did I for his cock and balls. The soft white towels were hanging in the bathroom so we dried each other off.

I sprayed a little perfume and slipped back to my bathroom quickly laughing as I ran from the bathroom. "Hey where are you going Dana?" Uncle Lee asks.

"I have got to do a little cleaning of my own baby. I will be right back! Hold your horse down mister!" I say laughing. I went into my bathroom and cleaned my pussy real good before bedtime.

I went back to his bedroom and climbed into bed with Uncle Lee. He slid up behind me as I could tell he was naked under the covers.

"Wow, are glad to see me Uncle Lee? I think you are!" I say laughing as his cock is against my backside once again. It did feel really good to be in bed with a man like his woman or girl though.

"Dana I want to fuck you one more time before we go to sleep. I want to put my seed in that pussy for you to feel. It will make you feel more like a real woman baby!" Uncle Lee says as he pulls one of my legs over his. I felt his cock somehow find my pussy entrance somehow under the covers with no guidance. He is so hard that wherever he points it, there would be no problem getting in. He wrapped his huge arms around me pulling me hard to him. He used short quick pushes into my pussy as he fucked me a lot faster than anytime during our first fuck. It felt like a machine going in and out of me as quick as he did. Squealing like a little girl is all I could do and I think that is part of what drove him to cum so fast.

"Fuck me Uncle Lee! Please don't stop fucking me! I do want your cock everyday inside of me like this!" I scream out loud.

Uncle Lee pushed me over onto my belly and jammed his cock deep into my pussy as he could. Straddling my cheeks I felt him shoot a load deep into my guts. Jamming hard and holding it inside I felt his cock spasm with each shot of cum.

My pussy was so happy right then to be his pussy. After he ground it in really good he rolled us both back over onto our sides. My pussy missed him when pulled out and that told me I was where I needed to be right now.

Uncle Lee leaned over and we kissed very passionately. I slipped my tongue to him and he did the same for me.

"Does that cum feel good in your pussy Dana?" he asked me.

"Yes sir it does feel good. Because I know it is yours and you wanted me to have your seed inside of me.

I kissed him softly on the lips and thanked him again for everything he had done. I fell asleep that night being cuddled by my best friend in the whole world. And my Lover!!

I heard Uncle Lee snoring almost before I even got comfortable in bed. It felt good right then to be someone who was desired. I had made a man feel very happy. I could not believe how far I had come since coming to the beach. So many things were running through my mind. What the hell was I going to tell Monica? My uncle and I have been playing kinky sex role play on the computer for several months. What the hell is Mom going to say when I don't come home? Or should I go home and let her see Dana?

Next Day.................

I awoke to the sun coming through the blinds in that bright white room. My belly and head was pretty damn fuzzy from all the alcohol and partying the night before. I could not stop the thoughts of the night before. How I gave my pussy to the sweetest man I knew in the whole world. I felt a little used feeling around my little boi prize hole. I reached down to touch myself when I jumped to go to the showers. When I toyed with my pussy I felt a little liquid on my fingers so I looked and it was part of Uncle Lee's load from the night before. I was shocked at how much there was inside of me. "WOW!" and I laugh in the shower.

I toweled off on the way to my room. I could hear the TV on downstairs as I got ready. Looking through the closet I grabbed a pink shorts and top outfit. I only used a little makeup on my face and let my hair down as it dried. I did put in a kind of big pair of pink earrings that Monica had bought me the day before. Then I slipped on some pink 2" heels and headed downstairs.

I felt special today! As I walked down the stairs into the kitchen he looked up to me and smiled really big. "Good Morning!" I say smiling from ear to ear. Uncle Lee stood up and gave me a soft kiss on the lips as he pulled out a chair for me to sit. He grabbed the coffee and poured me a cup.

"I sure hope that you were looking forward to this morning as much as I was Dana! You look beautiful and I hope you feel just as good too!" Uncle Lee greets me real nicely. He is kind of loud in the mornings for me but it is good to see him so happy.

"Yes I do feel mighty good this morning and it is all thanks to you, Uncle Lee! You have made the last few days a dream come true for me in so many ways. And now I love you in a way like I have never loved anyone before. You have to be the best Uncle in history." I say as I leaned to hug him softly.

I looked into his eyes and saw a man that loved me right then as much as I love him. His hand slid a white box with a red bow on top of it to me. I looked down and just smiled wondering what it was next from Uncle Lee. Picking up the box I could hear something rattling around inside when I shook them. A really huge grin came across my face when he told me to open them.

There was a ring box inside and two credit cards with my name on them. A debit card and a Platinum Visa credit card. "Those are ready to use right now sweetie if you want too! For anything your little heart desires! Don't tell your mom!" and he laughs.

"I don't think I can tell her anything about this weekend. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her will it?" I say. I hold the credit cards up like a prize for winning something. "Yay, yay a girl's best friend. I have got me some plastic money!" I say laughing happily.

"No I think the next one is what they call a girl's best friend Dana! Go ahead and open it for me. I guessed at your size on the next one so I hope I was right. And of course I hope you like it sweetie." Uncle Lee says.

I am nervous as I opened the box to see a beautiful sterling silver diamond ring. I see a very nice rock with three diamonds on each side. "It's beautiful Uncle Lee! You are giving me a diamond ring? Oh wow!" I say out loud.

"I thought it would match your beauty and I hoped you would wear it Dana. You don't owe me anything but I really want you to hang around and let me take good care of you, Sweetie! I can only hope that I can make you the happiest girl in the world or at least Myrtle Beach." I hear him say.

I hugged him really hard after I slipped the ring on my finger. "It is perfect Uncle Lee and I love it! I don't know what to say! Oh wow! Who am I going to tell that you gave me a ring? Oh Monica, I can tell her! Can I tell her about this Uncle Lee?" I say acting like a ten yr old girl. Jumping up and down on the kitchen floor he looked at me like I was on drugs, laughing.

"Yes you can tell Monica anything you want to tell her Sweetie! It is all yours to do with whatever you wish. I am sure she is going to want to hear details, so be sure to tell her everything baby if you tell her anything at all." Uncle Lee says with a huge grin on his face.

"I have to do something really nice for you this evening Uncle Lee. You have been so sweet to me and now this! I am looking forward to going out and preparing myself for you this evening Uncle Lee!" I say smiling looking into his eyes.

The next sound I hear is my cell phone ringing on the table and it is Monica. I laughed out loud as I answered the phone with Uncle Lee right next to me. "Did you call to ask me to dance with you again Monica?" I say laughingly.

"Well you sure do seem to be sounding happy this morning you little whore!" she said in return. I told her that I was as happy as anyone could possibly be anywhere. We chatted for a few minutes and made plans for her to come by and pick me up to go out shopping. I closed the conversation by telling her I had a surprise for her when she came over.

Uncle Lee and I chatted for while as I sipped a little coffee still acting rather giddy over my new ring. He told me there was a folder on the counter and handed it to me to open. It was from some doctor's office in town that specialized obviously in female hormone treatments. I knew from research that these treatments are very expensive if you get the good ones. Stapled to the folder was an appointment card for today at twelve o'clock.

"If you want to show up for the appointment you can. I know you have talked about doing that and I set it up this morning. The office is in one of my buildings near here Dana." He says as he sits his coffee cup down and heads up the stairs.

I pondered the idea of hair extensions so I called Monica and asked her to call and see if she can get me in at two thirty with her friend. She asked me what brought that on and I said I would tell her later.

"What are you doing until then and why two thirty?" she asked.

"Now aren't you being nosy as hell little lady?" I reply. "The doctor is in at twelve and I have to be there promptly." I say laughing.

"Are you going to check into getting those 34C titties you want slut?" she adds leading me to answer her.

"No not yet, hurry on over!" and I hung up the cell phone.

I heard her loud mouth when she opened the front door and yelled for me. "Up here trash mouth!"

Monica came into my room as I was finishing my makeup as best as I could. She told me that I needed to lay off the blue eye shadow a little next time. "I do have a really big question though Dana, you little slut! Why is Lee's bed all thrown to hell and yours is made perfectly this morning. Your room hasn't been touched since yesterday it looks like." Monica says.

Sitting on the stool in front of the mirror I spin and tell her that I was moving all of my stuff to the master bedroom today when I get home. "Seems I should since that is where I will be sleeping from now on. And by the way that is our bed now baby!" I inform her of the new arrangements.

"Dana! No you didn't did you? You and Lee? Was it good or what? How many times did you.. oh shit you're not a virgin anymore! Congratulations sweetie!" Monica rambles on and on.

"One yes I did do it. Two, yes it was Lee and I. Three it was the most wonderful evening of my entire life. Four, we did it two or three times depending on who is counting. Five, no I am not a virgin anymore!" I say summing up the last 24 hours for her.

We both laugh and giggle over me telling her everything about what had happened the night before. Monica put her finger to my lips to hush me and said "You have been deflowered young lady and I am so happy to hear it for you. Enjoy yourself right now and do exactly whatever you want too honey!"

"So what do you think I should do about this?" as I show her the diamond ring on my little finger.

"Damn girl you have a couple of thousand dollars on that finger. You must have been a freak for him last night for him to do this baby. What should you do? Buy yourself the damn matching bracelet. He has the damn money. I saw those two brand new credit cards on the kitchen counter with your name on them "Dana!"" Monica told me.

"I told Lee I was going to tell you everything when he left this morning and he just smiled. With all these gifts and money I told him that I wanted to do something special for him tonight when he got home, just the two of us here. He has become my dream come true in the flesh Monica!" I carry on.

She asked about my doctor's appointment and I explained that I was going to start female hormones today probably. It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time and had read up on them from the internet. I knew all of the possible side effects and costs. These are promised to be pure and a 100% better than others. But these are very expensive and the changes are designed to appear quicker. By new years I could have a budding set of titties if I started now. Yes, I had thought about it a little bit.

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