Daniella Defiled


'I was distracted,' she told him, her voice shallow. 'Sensory overload. And no joke, but if you keep that up I'm going to piss all over your throw-rug and nothing to be done.'

'Woops,' he said, raising his hand from her stomach. 'My bad. Let me help you - you've been very dutiful. So far.' The final words were as ominous as they were soft-spoken. She tried to hide her trembling as he dropped to his knees and began to untie her bound ankles, head between her thighs, breath flowing all over her splayed gash as he worked. Having completed the unfastening he leaned in - she watched in fascination as his carefully groomed head of dark hair homed in on her crotch - and clamped strong teeth about the base of the vibrator. Grasping her hips for leverage he drew the silver torpedo out; her pussy's residual moisture made it a comfortable reverse slide, but she thought she was going to pee herself nonetheless.

She managed to hold on and did not even tear her sweat-sodden paper wrist-bindings as she so easily could have done. That was for him to do, she understood these rules. Considerable was her surprise, though, when he arose with the vibe in hand and stowed it her mouth nearly choking her with her own flavour. 'Hold that while I get your wrists.' There was a casual roughness to his tone that pissed her off even as it drove her wild. Then with a rip she was free of all bonds, saving the printed one to which she had signed.

He leaned in behind her, hands encircling her slippery waist, his voice in her ear tender again. 'Now, anywhere you'd like to go?'

Arousal was overriding her suffering, she could feel her nipples resolve into hard points at his touch, at his breath on her face. 'Bathroom, please. Seriously. I can't hold it in...'

Eric was beguiled once more by the natural sensuality of this young woman, the way her back arched and her breasts thrust out searchingly as he caressed her. He strolled around the chair as casually as he could muster, slithered his hands about her waist and under her thighs and scooped her petite form easily up into his arms. She linked herself around his neck for support and gazed hazily into his eyes, as he carried her sweet nude form from the living-room. 'You...are a baaaad man,' she said breathily.

He stared back into those mesmerising dark eyes and felt he was actively resisting something in their allure. 'You have no idea, little girl.' It was a promise to himself as much as to her; he needed to make good on all yesterday's innuendo. The expectant sexual wonder on her face betrayed a hint of anger and disbelief as he conveyed her past the toilet and into the adjoining room. Her expression gratified him hugely.

'Why are you...' Carried into his capacious bathroom, his tread echoing on the polished-wood floor, she realised with a jump of her heart how literally he was taking her request. She clung to his neck as he tipped her back and laid her over the end of his huge antique bath, the one with the wrought-iron legs and the chrome shower attachment. The porcelain surface was cool on her hot skin. She found herself almost inverted, ass plumped against the curving wall, legs spread and hooked over the curved end of the bath, the intimacy of her swollen sex all on display for him.

'There you are,' he said lightly, as he disentangled himself from her grip. His hands went meandering over the wet slopes of her breasts, upwards to her stomach and thighs. He was enjoying this intensely, enjoying her body and her predicament. 'You asked for the bathroom. Now piss yourself. While I watch.'

She had to hand it to him, he had shocked her. The bastard was playing hardball from the start. A sense of mortified abasement was burning in the heart of her, she knew it was registering on her face as indignation. And for all the physical urgency to release, she felt her loins spontaneously tighten against it. But then he wanted her shock, didn't he? To overwhelm her with his wickedness, humble her in her submission. Maybe perversely he wanted her to give in early, prove she hadn't the courage of her big-talk the previous day. Well if that were the case she was equal to him. And, undeniably, there was something hot about this, something amazingly fucking hot. To be laid out and opened-up, as naked as could be. With his eyes all over her as he waited to see what she would do.

'Well?' His face hovering some way above the split between her legs. 'What are you waiting for? I can let you do it alone, but I'll tie you up after and leave you alone for the longest time...'

'No need.' Her face was hot and flushed, embarrassment vying with excitement. Then sudden resolve came upon her. She raised herself head and shoulders from the tub and her right arm shot up, hand latching itself to the back of his head, fingers clutching into his hair. Her upper body was taut as she clung to him for support, but her lower part thawed and gave itself up to its natural function. He thought he saw the faintest smile on her parted lips as the urine welled up from her urethra and began to river over her stomach, pooling in her belly button and then draining over her sides. He stroked her face as she gripped him, sharing his gaze between the sweet wellspring from which her piss fountained and that intense, unreadable look in her eyes. She released her hold on him, laid herself back onto the bath surface, allowed the pale gush of her water to roll across her belly, spilling around her breasts and channelling through their valley, splashing around her neck and precociously upturned chin. She closed her eyes, gave herself up to her release, embraced and enjoyed the moment, as he stared. The erection which had swelled strong inside his trousers was only part of how it moved him.

Then when she was all done and soaked in her own piss, she just stared languorously up at him. 'Did I do well?' There was a little-girl meekness to her voice that belied a whole lot else.

'You did,' he breathed, trying not to let show the strange awe that he felt. 'You were a very good girl.'

Daniella felt tired and weirdly pleased with herself. The smile on Eric's face was a softer one. She watched as he fetched the shower head from above and ran it first in the sink, testing to gain the required temperature. The water was lukewarm and comforting as he hosed down her body, starting with her displayed crotch. Her whole body undulated in sudden excitement as he directed the strong jets into her, allowed the water to filter into and spill from her spread pussy. Then he ran the head gently over the rest of her, till all her piss was thoroughly swilled away. She luxuriated in his attentions, more so when he removed his shirt, prelude to gathering together the long tresses of her dark hair and treating them with apple-scented shampoo. His fingers massaged the viscous fluid slowly and strongly into her scalp till it lathered, then he painstakingly washed her thick mane to its very tips, his face a picture of loving application to his task. He all but climbed into the tub with her as he drew her up to rinse. Her face was drawn close to his hard worked-out chest, he balanced on the bath's curved rim and gently grasping her head as he washed away the last of the suds.

'There,' he said, 'all done.' And he laid her back down again, flipped the cap on the shampoo once more and squirted the green gel all about her lower stomach.

She gasped a little as he began to spread it all around her smoothly waxed mound. 'Don't have any hair down there,' she pointed out breathlessly, while speech was still an option.

'Just making sure you're properly clean.' His voice was soft, his attentions careful and deliberate. He soaped with one hand, the circular movement slowing till his thumb rested on her clitoris. She gasped at the delicious sensation, her whole body bridling under his exquisite touch. Peering up she could see him working her intently, his fingertips moving in minute circles on her, while the hard bulge of his cock strained in response against his jeans. He reached with his other hand between the fork of her legs and she felt him strum back and forth for a moment over her sensitized cunt lips. Her body sang in response. Then two of his fingers plunged inside her and commenced to fuck briskly in and out and she was lost to all else.

The only thing she knew was Eric playing her and the erotic swell of his music throughout her being. Her eyes closed and she gave herself up to it, moments from earlier flashing across her consciousness: the firmness of his hands as he tied her to the chair, his words in her ear - 'everything he does to her...' - the writhing, thrilling torment in which he had left her. Only now with her clitoris able to bloom freely under his touch, her pussy responding and lubricating to the traction of his diligently thrusting fingers. She recalled the way he had denied her so cruelly in the recent past and feared he would inflict that agony again, but his touch only intensified and quickened, bringing her rapidly to a symphonic crescendo. She clasped her breast and squeezed till she was plucking hard at her nipples, her pelvis bucking upwards against her lover's busy hand.

'Oh God... Oh God...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!' Eric found himself cherishing the sight of Daniella's lovely young form squirming and humping under his attentions. He clutched her loins all the way through her orgasm, her cunt tightening urgently on his pumping fingers, her juice flowing all over his palm. His dick was squeezing against the zipper of his trousers as though trying to burst its way out. Naughty girl, naughty sexy little girl. She had played him even as she pissed herself, she had claimed that moment for herself, the cunning little bitch, and if he could recall a sexier moment in his life, well he was damned. She'd done it again, lulled him into tenderness. Well have your victory, sweetheart, and enjoy your reward, because it's all about to change. This was no longer about Eric and her father, this was all about Daniella. Proving to the sweet little darling how much she wanted him. How much she was willing to do for him. That's right, squirm for me, baby, wriggle and squirm under my touch, you little...you little... Oh shit, he really needed to fuck her...

She slumped back onto the porcelain, spasming just a little further from his hands on her. He reached across and drew her up with one hand to her upper back, the other still between her legs gently stroking the hot wet slash of her cunt. 'How did that feel?' He could hear the edge to his own voice, betrayer of his soaring lust. 'How did it make you feel? All of it?'

She stared at him as through a daze, temporarily rung out by her loins' climactic explosion. 'Open.' Her eyes fixed on him more firmly. 'And exposed. It made me feel exposed.'

'And did you like that?' he pursued with quiet relish.

'Yes. Yes I did.' Eric felt a surge as though of victory at her confession. Now he knew the route down which he wanted to take her.

'Good,' he said, and as his hand slid up and grasped her by the roots of her hair, he could see the disconcerted look return to her face. 'Well then you're going to have much more of what you like.' He rose from the bath's edge and with his cunt-smeared hand plucked at the front of his jeans, unfastening in a few swift moves. Both trousers and briefs he wrenched down, allowing his erection to spring stridently into view. 'Now get your mouth around that.'

Daniella felt the prompt of his clutching hand against her scalp, but after the sweetness of her orgasm she needed no urging to give the sexy shitheel what he wanted. Pushing all reservations aside as to his longer-term intent, she gobbled up the hard velvet of his bulging glans and sucked. She heard the snarl of pleasure in his throat and worked harder, feeling him resolve to steel in her mouth as she provided hard suction on his first few inches. Oh he liked this, the bastard liked what she could do to him, she had it in her power to...

His fingers tightened in her hair and he shoved her down onto him, his smooth thick pole surging to the back of her throat so she choked. He held her firmly in place for a moment, then retracted his cock and began to thrust repeatedly, fiercely into her gullet. She could hear the sound in her own throat as she gagged on him - gluk gluk gluk - straight out of the porn scene to which he had drawn her attention. She was the girl from the on-screen action now, the little facially-abused slut. He pulled right out, leaving her lips drooling before him.

'Remember the safe word?' His voice was a bass growl.

Daniella stared past his saliva-wet cock, straight into his eyes. 'Uh-huh.' She'd know when she'd had enough. For now, she stared and opened wide, inviting his renewed plunge. When it arrived it was at least as demanding as the first and she took it all the way down this time without flinching, swallowed him to the balls and let him fuck her face. She felt scared and exhilarated to feel his length filling up her mouth, attacking her throat, and to succeed in accommodating it all. He withdrew again and she let her mouth slobber freely, never breaking his gaze.

'You want more?' There was evil in his voice, as though he expected her to be cowed by his onslaught.

'Yeah, I like it,' she whispered, and found herself almost daring him.

He stalled for slightly, then set about ripping at his footwear, divesting himself completely of clothing in brief seconds. 'So come get.' He backed away, cock still erect and slick with saliva. 'Come on little girl, come and get it.' In a different circumstance she would have laughed at such a proposition, but she loved the game, loved every twist this ridiculous arrogant fuck was inventing. And yes, she did crave his cock back in her mouth. So dignity be damned, she climbed soaking over the side of the tub, clambered onto the floor and began to crawl after him, wondering how well he liked her lithe bare form pursuing him like this.

Well enough, it seemed, for as he paced in reverse to the bathroom door his voice was hoarse with enjoyment. 'That's it, baby, come to me, come get another taste...' She made a mad shuffling dash for him, mouth agape to take in his organ's bobbing head, but he caught her by the shoulder and held her off. 'Come on, suck me.' But as she struggled to capture him with her lips, he persisted in his restraint. 'That's it, show me how much you want it. Try and get your mouth around that cock.'

Fucker, she thought, even as she strived. You think so damn much of yourself. I'll show you if you give me a fucking chance... He did. He let her go and this time it was she who surged onto him, fitting her mouth and slotting herself forcefully to near the base in a single fluid motion. She was rather impressed by her own success.

Eric was truly taken aback to find his cock all but engulfed by Daniella's hot greedy mouth. Then her hands clapped to his upper thighs and he gasped deeper, as she hauled him tight to her, taking the last of him down herself. She held her face there, lips adhered to his trimmed pubic zone, her gaze homing in on his and holding the look. See how good I am? See how good this is? He could totally read her thoughts. And shit it was good. So deep and wet - that throat contracting so tight, that wicked little tongue, goddammit, flicking out to serve drool all over his balls. Feisty little bitch! So he did nothing till she let him go and pulled herself off him to suck in air.

He grabbed her by the hair, harder than before, so she yelped. 'Bad little girl,' he chided. 'And you were being so, so good. Keep your hands to yourself.'

'But you liked it, didn't you?' Eric recognised the mischief in her voice.

'We do this on my terms,' he said evenly, and hoped he had masked his admiration with sternness.

'Can't I improvise a little?'

She had nearly been smirking, so he crammed four fingers in her mouth to shut her up. Her eyes bulged at his assertive intrusion. 'You don't improvise at all,' he told her. 'You do what you're told. You speak when you're told. Apart from one word. And that word ends everything, okay?'

Daniella nodded, mouth still full with his fingers. Her heart was thumping from the sheer sport of it all. She had taken all he had given so far, taken it with aplomb, for all that she was a novice in these games. He thought he could shock her? Let him try.

'Now get your ass to the living-room,' he was saying as he withdrew his fingers, 'just as you are. And then you'll find out what's next.'

What's next... She had hardly absorbed the words when his hand splatted hard on her ass and she was squealing in excited terror, scrambling along the passageway to the living-room. Eric was in pursuit, swatting her bum cheeks with hearty swings of his arm. 'Ow - ow - owwwww!' That much she could scarcely refrain from saying.

Scurrying with sore knees into the apartment's open-plan reception rooms, she took his next command. 'Fetch the bag. The one I came in with.' Fetch? Did he say 'fetch'? She could feel her natural indignation rise once more as she shuffled her naked self to the sofa and made to grab the bag.

'In your teeth.' This time she actually froze, as understanding of at least certain of his intentions crystallised in her mind. Now might be a good time to use that safe-word. Thing was, her pussy was wet again, and just like at university she loved a challenge. So she brought him the bag clenched in her teeth and offered it to him like a good bitch. And when he reached in and produced a diamante-studded dog collar with accompanying leash she hardly flinched, however fast her heart was racing.

'You going to be a good little doggie?' He dangled the leash in front of her so that it brushed her nose.

'Yes,' she said, her loins tingling once more at his sheer gall. 'Master.' She resisted the urge to give a little pant, lest he spank her again on her already sore bottom. Instead she swallowed her irony, remained still and silent, as he looped the collar around her slim neck and buckled it, his cock raised like a suspension bridge just inches from her face.

Now that it happened, the experience was bizarrely comforting. The past eighteen months had been a hell of self-preservation, due to the financial strictures imposed by her father. College fees, subsistence, rent - she had paid for the lot, missing numerous lectures along the way as she worked her various jobs. She had made up her academic ground through on-line research, clawed her way to respectable grades in her end-of-year exams. It felt somehow luxurious to give up all struggle and allow this charming dangerous bastard control of her body. If only for a while.

'Master?' Eric's erection reasserted itself at the word and all its connotations. The sense of his own badness swelled him utterly hard. Christ, he wanted to stick himself inside her with a fucking vengeance, but that could wait. 'Yeah, I could get to like that.' He touched his hand briefly to her cheek. 'Wait here. Don't move. And close your eyes.' Once she had obeyed the final command he went to his bedroom, to the bottom drawer where he had stored those items he deemed appropriate prior to the weekend. He smiled on his cache. Time to bring them all into play. Show this spirited little hussy who was in charge. Mobile phone, he'd need that as well, if he were to up the exhibitionist factor. He fetched it from the bathroom.

'Eyes still closed?' he checked on returning to the living-room. 'Keep it that way.' He could smell her trepidation as he set down the various accoutrements on the floor next to the leash. She was disconcerted once more - good. The sleep mask first. 'Remember this old friend?' Her whole body tremored slightly as he slipped it in place over her eyes. 'We're going to play a little party game. Guessing game. You have to guess where things go...before I put them there. Okay?' It pleased him to hear the response dry in her throat, so she could only nod her agreement.

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