tagErotic CouplingsDanielle’s Weekend Ch. 01

Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 01


It was 5 AM and I was sitting at my computer, bringing up my hot mail account to see who had sent messages, and hoping that both Kevin and Rocky had been in the mood to write. I counted on hearing from those two, as well as my friends and family but Kevin always made me laugh, and once in a while blush, and Rocky, well Rocky made me think about things that only inflamed my desires.

There were e-mails that morning from both Kevin and Rocky and a few from family. I quickly read thru the family one, responding where necessary and the over a fresh cup of coffee I opened Kevin's note, wanting to save and be able to savor the note from Rocky. Kevin's e-mail made me laugh bring my spirits up enough to make today a good day, I would need to write back, but first I needed to open the one from Rocky.

Rocky was a man I'd met who has been very ill. In fact he may be terminal, and in talking to him, I was first impressed by his courage and later drawn to him as a man. I need to admit that I am married, perhaps not as happy as I could be, but my husband and I had three kids all under twelve and consequently happy or in love with my husband was not the critical factor, my children were. In fact they were the main reason I had not pursued Rocky, that and his seeming reluctance to commit to anything other then finding his health.

Rocky's e-mail that morning though spoke of good news on the health front. he had an appointment later that day with his team of physicians and it seems that the early word from them was good. He promised to e-mail me after his appointment and share whatever the news was. Even though it was not yet 6 am I felt that today would be a great day.

Busing myself with the kids, breakfast, preparations for school and all the other simple chores a mom did, it was almost 4 PM before I had a moment to check my e-mail for news from Rocky. I was about to sit at my computer when my phone rang. It was a woman, saying she was the regional representative from FUJI Film. I am almost a professional photographer. I say almost only because I can not devote myself full time to the art, so its more like a hobby that I do as often as I can, with the occasional paid shoot here and there. I do have a web site and a lot of my photos are posted, quite a few of my children, after all I am a good mom too.

At any rate Dianne, the representative said she had good news for me. It seems I had been selected from my area to attend Fugi's new products show in the Pocono's next month. I would be given a room and all my meals; attendance at the conferences and new product shows free all I would have to do is get to the Poconos on my own. I am not sure I even thought about the kids, the house or my husband before I accepted and promised to be there. If was a fabulous opportunity for the photographer in me as well as a welcome relief to life with my husband, granted it would only be part of Friday and back home again on Sunday. It was a weekend of photography and a weekend free of all the household chores.

I quickly lined up family to step in and watch the kids and house and let my husband know I would be gone that weekend. Today was already better then I had predicted, I was so involved with my upcoming trip she almost forgot the see if Rocky had any news.

I quickly logged on and waited for the screen to come up and as soon as I saw the e-mail from Rocky my enthusiasm soared again. I quickly read thru it and it was great news, his cancer was in remission, for how long they could not predict but for now at least he was out of the woods. He was also going to be able to get some of his normal life back. He could go where he wanted and not spend so much time in doctor's offices.

I sent him a note back expressing my joy at his news and shared my news with him. For the next few weeks up to my trip to the Poconos, we were exchanging happy thoughts and it was a wonderful few weeks. I also shared all the news with Kevin who was, as expected so supportive and happy for Danielle and for Rocky.

As I drove her Suburban thru Philadelphia on my way to the Fugi show, I allowed myself to relax and enjoy each moment, not only of the drive, but the time I would spend at the hotel. By doing so, I arrived at the hotel before I realized she was there. A bellhop came to retrieve my bags and park the car and I was escorted to the check in desk. I could not believe the treatment I received from everyone, it was a far cry from the Holiday Inns I and my family stayed when traveling. From the first moment there I felt like a queen, it was wonderful.

As soon as I got settled in my room I called home to check on the kids and give them the number of my room. I spoke with each of my children and my mom and left a message with for my husband who had yet to come home. I was too thrilled to be here to sit in my room so I decided that 5 PM was the right time for a glass of wine in the hotel bar.

As I walked into the bar I almost fell over. Rocky was waiting there holding a stool for me at the bar, a glass of wine waiting for me.

"What are you doing her?" I challenged.

"I thought I would surprise you, I hope you don't mind. I figured in and around the exhibitions and stuff you and I might share a meal or a drink!"

I realized I was a little angry with him. Heavens knows his being here was a good thing, but I needed to lose this feeling that I had lost this opportunity to be alone. I slowly counted to ten and reviewed the situation and then I smiled at Rocky, took the proffered seat at the bar and commenced to enjoy the time and the conversation.

At some time we decided to eat and continued out chat over dinner. As dinner ended, Rocky asked it I would like to take a walk outside. He mentioned that the hotel provided a secure walking path through the woods and into the mountains. He admitted he wasn't sure he could handle and steep trails but looked to me for my answer.

I answered him by getting up and grabbing his hand pulled him up and then led him to the rear door of the hotel. We walked and talked for a while and at one point he grabbed my hand to help me over a small log in the path. We continued to hold each other's hands as we strolled. When we came to a scenic spot we stopped and together we stared at the view and the evening sky. I do not know who went first but we were shortly kissing.

We were both tentative at first but as the kisses continued we each seem to find a hunger and the passion of our kisses soared. I was running my hands over his back and, pulling my fingers though his hair while our tongues battled each other in that area where our lips were joined. He too was using his hands to caress my back and he was heading lower and lower as our kisses and embrace became more and more passionate.

I was so turned on I do not think I even considered that I was a married woman, I just continued to take what I could from this man who had amazed me with his strength and humanity. I had not realized what I was doing when my hand grabbed his cock through his trouser and started to rub it.

Rocky bent to my ear and said, "Lets go to one of our rooms, Danielle!"

I did not think, I was not ready to think, I was ready to feel and experience and I said.

"Rocky, don't give me the time to think about all the reasons to say no, take me now, take me here!"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my hand went to attack his pants and free his cock. Rocky, perhaps stunned by my aggressive mood, froze for a few moments and then he reacted. His hands went to my blouse and began to unbutton it; he worked it off my shoulders and arms and discarded it on the ground. He quickly sought out the clasp to my bra and made quick work of that and freed my breasts in the night air. My nipples were rock hard and I felt, wetness, between my legs and I knew that I was on my way.

We managed to remove the rest of each other clothes and embraced each other mashing my breasts to his and my vagina against his cock. We kissed again and then Rocky gently laid me on the ground. He kissed my lips and moved to my neck leaving a trail of kisses beneath and behind my ears and in that hollow area at the base of my neck. He continued his adoration of my body planting several kisses on each of my breasts, taking a moment to comment on the tattoo on my right breast. He sucked on my nipples and used his hand on the other breast, kneading it and pulling on my nipples. He was driving me wild and as much as I wanted him to enter me, I wanted to feel his mouth all over me.

He slowly moved further down my heated body, kissing my navel and that area just above my clitoris, before allowing his lips and tongue to explore my hot wet vagina. I had already known that I was going to orgasm before he finished and came back to me, but I knew he would not stop without taking me there again and again. So I spread my legs further to allow him to go as deep into me as her could and enjoyed the sensation his tongue created.

When I came for the second time that night, he came back to me and brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply, his mouth flavored with my juices, only served to bring me back to the edge again. He seemed I no rush to take me completely and I needed to feel him and I brought my lips to his ear and said.

"Oh my god Rocky you have me on fire, I can't wait any longer I need to feel your hard cock in me, please Rocky make love to me?"

He looked at me and smiled as he raised himself a bit and brought his cock to the entrance to my overheated vagina. As he pushed his member into me, I came again. It was a mind-shattering climax and it made me bring my legs up and circle his waist, pulling him into me as far as he could cum. He began to slowly thrust into me and I whispered to him,

"No, I need you bad, please, please don't' go slow, take me, take me, fast and hard, please"

And with that Rocky began to slam in and out of me, quickly bringing me back to the brink, as I felt his cock jerk and spasm within me, I used the muscles of my vagina to milk his cock as I came for the fourth time that night. We were drained, literally. After we spent a few minutes resting we searched for our clothes and dressed. The walk back to the hotel was dreamlike and as we reached the elevator, Rocky asked me to spend the night in his room. I told him I would be more comfortable in my room, especially if my family needed me, and asked if he would come to me! He agreed to meet me in my room in twenty minute as he went to his to collect some toiletries.

I stripped off my clothes and took a quick shower, checking to make sure my legs were shaved and the hair surrounding my vagina was trimmed and neat. I finished and went to my bag and searched for something to wear, finding nothing appropriate, I decided to remain nude for him.

When he knocked at my door, I swung the door open exposing my self to the hallway, I did not care, and Rocky was the only person I had eyes for. He came in and embraced me and we kissed. He set his small bag down and came to kiss me again. I put my hand out and stopped him and said,

"Stay there"

I dropped to my knees in front of him and proceeded to undo his pants and free that cock that had just ravaged me in the woods. As it came free and Rocky stepped from his pants and boxers, I took him in my mouth. I was never very good at this, but tonight I wanted to be the best he has had. I used my tongue to caress the underside of his cock and my lips suck him deeper in my mouth. I must have been doing something right because his cock hardened in my mouth in minutes.

I felt his hands on my shoulder as he lifted me off his cock and pushed me onto the bed.

"Danielle, this time I need you, would you get on your hands and knees for me?"

I did as I was asked and was curious about this position. I had not experienced this much and had not thought much about it. His asking me to get this way turned my on even more and I could not wait to see what he would do now.

He climbed up behind me and I again felt the tip of his cock against my pussy, in a single thrust he buried his cock in me. Oh god, I could not believe how good this man's cock felt as it bottomed out inside me. His hands reached around and cupped both of my breasts as he once again pounded into me. His nimble fingers rolling and pulling on my nipples as his cock work away in my pussy. Like teenagers doing it for the first time we both came easily. This was a lot of sex for us in a single evening and we collapsed on the bed and passed out.

I was a nice feeling to awake to a hard cock in my pussy. Evidently Rocky had managed to enter me while I was asleep so that as I awoke, it was to the rhythm of his hard cock sliding in and out. This time he lasted a while and managed to make me cum twice before he spewed his hot white cum in me.

The rest of the day we spent I the room, fucking at time, making love at others. I snuck out a couple of times to attend the conference and bring back food, but it was like a perfect honeymoon and we played with each other, masturbated each other and had sex frequently. We also laughed and talked.

All too soon, it was Sunday morning and Rocky was leaving early. I would be staying for the new product shows before going home and that was good because I would need some time to rationalize this weekend.

I was awake early this morning and I quietly got up and took care of all those morning chores, brushing the hair and teeth etc. As I looked at Rocky laying there I decided to give him a farewell treat, something I generally do not do but today it felt right. I lifted the blanket and crawled under taking Rocky's flaccid cock in my mouth. I tried to do all those things you read about and I must have succeeded because in no time at all he was hard and I could hear him moaning above the sheets. I was enjoying the taste of this cock, and I was sucking it with wild abandon. Suddenly the sheet came off and peeked up to see Rocky smiling at me and nodding his head.

"Danielle, I do not know what you like but in a minute or so I am going to cum, so you might want to take me out"

I shook my head as best as I could to let him know I wanted all of this. Shortly after that he did cum and though I tried my best I could not swallow fast enough and some of his cum escaped the sides of my mouth. I let that be as I continued to suck him clean, his taste a bit salty but all in all I would gladly take it again.

I saw Rocky off and spent an hour lounging outside over some coffee before the new product show trying to analyze what if anything this weekend meant. I was not thinking about how Rocky was feeling I just wanted to sort my own feelings first. After some real thought I came to the realization that this weekend, for now, would just be a weekend. I was not ready for a full-blown affair and certainly not ready for a divorce. I had to admit that my infatuation, with Rocky might have just been that, only time would tell. I did know that I had exceeded my expectations for the weekend that all that sex was just the prescription for me.

I wandered into the new product show not really looking at anything in particular, my thoughts still on her weekend when a woman approached.

"I see by your name tag that you are the Danielle I talked to from New Jersey. I'm Dianne the region representative come to the booth I have something for you!"

She led me to the Fugi booth and produced a camera and a large manila envelope and asked me to come outside with her. Once out side Dianne said.

"First off I apologize for what's in that envelope, please don't look at it now. It is filled with pictures taken with this new low light Fugi digital camera, and I am giving you the camera too. All of the photos were taken with that camera and there is no record of them anywhere."

With that Dianne thanked me for coming and left. When I opened the envelope the first thing I saw was a picture of me and Rocky nude on the ground, as I flipped through the stack I began to get a bit excited, the site of me and Rocky in the woods Friday night was turning me on. When I realized my hand was between my legs rubbing my clit, I stopped, put the photos in the envelope and took them and the camera to my room and checked out. As I drove home I knew that these photos would provide a number of very nice solo evenings.

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