tagLesbian SexDanielle's Depravity Ch. 01

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 01


Inspired by a story I read LONG ago, and decided to try and elaborate upon with some continuing erotic adventures. Dedicated with many thanks to the authors I have read, and the people of past & present (equally lovable and depraved) who have inspired me richly and critiqued me...x


When Danielle moved out to Los Angeles, she was more than a bit dazed at the various differences her new city wore on its sleeve, and the way it did so quite unashamedly, brazenly, like one of its very own blockbuster movies.

This was light years from the life she had left behind her in Trenton, something Danielle frequently wondered at (and very happily so). This was a fantasy city, a melting pot, a twenty-four hour a day non-stop carnival whose characters lived up to all the cliches of shallowness she had heard of the place, and was what had drawn her. All the obsessed, those seeking fame, illusion, beauty, and the wantonness of that beauty, plastic tits, tans, paparazzi, Paris Hilton, celebrities, faux celebrities and more.

She had left several troubles behind her back east, and was learning that the lifestyle out here was very new, how the climate was a wonderful change and the people were a whole lot more diverse...

Danielle had blown a lot of her precious staring money on renting the smallest apartment in a typical L.A. complex: a building Spanish in style with three stories and balconies all clustered around a pool. The rent for her very small place was sucking most of her money, but she thought the pool was the very lap of luxury, not having had anything similar in Jersey. All in all, she was basically happy, if more just glad to be away from her previous life, even though there were certain old fiends she missed a lot.

Whilst she was slowly starting to get to know some people at her work, the pressure of the job and aloof nature of lots of people she encountered meant that Dani still felt quite alone in her new setting, knowing the stereotypes about L.A.'s potential loneliness trap. Given the disasterous relationship she had left behind, Dani was still feeling her way back into any kind of sex life to, and she had not had any partners since she had made her move west.

Dani had landed a job as a waitress in a chic West Hollywood restaurant, and whilst it was damn hard work by night, with late finishes and busy shifts, she often got the days to do what she liked with. With not a lot of disposable income, she spent a lot of time sunbathing. She still couldn't get over the fact that the glorious weather seemed to offer her body constant rays, and her apartment block with its facilities was the perfect location to indulge in that cheap little luxury of her's. Most of the people in her building were at work when she was off and so Dani usually had the pool area to enjoy all to herself.

One day in the second month after she had moved in, Danielle was soaking up the sun as she lay on her stomach, with her bikini top untied to avoid that tell-tale line in her bronzing. The bikini set was her stand-out favourite item, a sleek black Dolce & Gabanna number and she could always remember exactly how excited she'd been the day she had care-free splurged her cash and bought it. It fitted her delightfully, and each time she wore it now, she loved to admit to herself that she felt like a goddess in it.

As Dani lay there that day, her thoughts drifting as she absorbed the warmth, she presently heard the unmistakable click of high-heeled footfalls stepping sharply along the paved pool side and coming toward her. Idley, she turned her head to see a pair of legs standing actually very close to her.

From her low, prone position, Dani found herself staring at a pair of woman's shins and feet which were very tanned, and were in a pair of obviously expensive high-heeled sandals that looked very fashionable, and had a wonderfully graceful towering heel that must have been 5 inches high.

Her eyes travelled up from this view, and as they did so, she took in the longest and most shapely pair of legs she had ever seen, legs that finally ended in a tiny white string-bikini bottom that was wrapped briefly and tightly over her crotch. This woman was tan, real tan, not her New Jersey wanna-be and she had the flawless body of a model.

"Hello. You must be new here," the woman said after she had seemingly given Dani a couple of moments to study her. "I'm Bethany. Welcome."

Danielle still couldn't make out the woman's upper half, or any of her face as she squinted upward, since the stranger seemed to be deliberately standing right in the sun, her shadow falling over Dani's prone form.

"Um, thanks. I've been here for a couple of months now," Danielle replied to the figure in front of her, screwing up her eyes as she reached for her oversize black plastic sunglasses that were on the floor next to her discarded paperback.

"Have you been away?", Dani asked her, as she slipped the glasses on.

Just as the woman took a form before her tinted eyes, Dani watched her then move gracefully to perch herself down on the very edge of the lounger that was next to her own.

Aware that she was clearly following the woman's lead, Dani knew that she could remove her sunglasses now, and as Dani slowly pushed them up onto her forehead, she actually almost gasped a little. The woman there before her was fantastically beautiful, so much so that it physically struck Dani.

Now she was sat down, Dani could finally get a look at this "Bethany". Up from her lovely thin legs, the woman's stomach was flat, with perfect toning, and above her flawless abdomen was her hard-to-miss chest. Dani felt a slight pang of envy given that this new girl's breasts were quite bigger than her own, and also looked quite absolutely perfect in their full shape. Every bit of the wonderful appearance of these heavy breasts was quite apparent because the tiny white triangles of her matching bikini top barely covered her ample globes.

The woman was a honey blonde and her hair looked very sexy cut short-ish on her in a kind of bob that had bangs swinging down at the front to just below her jaw. The way she sat on the edge of the sun-lounger with her back straight, chest pushed out and neck swiveled to face Dani side-on made her look statuesque, and everything about her said maturity. Danielle realised she was feeling just a little embarassed in the woman's presence, even though Dani reckoned the woman must be close to her age, probably only two or three years more than her 25.

Bethany, who had pushed her own large, black sunglasses back onto the top of her head, showing off the Dior name quite evident down their thick arm as she did so, then produced some suntan oil and began rubbing it on her own arms and shoulders.

"Yes, I have been away for a little while. In Europe. I was....busy," she explained vaguely, a slightly far-away look coming over her face as she seemed to think back to it. Dani didn't feel like rudely prying.

"I love your bikini. Dolce right?" the Bethany woman added.

"Thank you, it is," replied Dani happily, wriggling a bit on her front still as she remembered uncomfortably that her top was untied. "You have an eye for fashion I see. I adore those shoes, and your costume is wonderful too, it really shows you off."

"It's a Chanel number. I love the classics," Bethany offered by way of a matter-of-fact explanation. "Would you like some of this oil? I actually just got it on my last trip to France," she said as she held the bottle out, and stared quite fixedly, but with a curiously blank expression at Dani.

Like her shoes, and glacier-white costume the lotion looked expensive, and from the way the woman carried herself, Danielle got the impression that this Bethany must be wealthy.

Danielle knew herself well enough to detect how excited she was by Bethany's beauty and her sudden arrival, and how she was already sure she wanted to know more about this woman, and possibly sleep with her. Dani admitted to herself that she was more than a little enthralled by the woman's mysterious, yet snooty attitude too, one that suggested she always knew exactly what she wanted. It was clear that at this very moment Bethany wanted to coat her, a total stranger, in sun cream, and Danielle knew she was being asked a very direct question.

Dani felt her heart happily race a little faster as she took the bold step of smiling and thanking the woman before she got herself comfortable on her front again, very happy to invite the beautiful Bethany to perform a courting ritual. Bethany smiled at her in turn which seemed to express so much understanding, and the blonde then rose quite gracefully off her lounger and knelt down next to Dani who felt as a few luxurious, fresh drops splashed onto her back.

"You'll like this." Dani heard Bethany say very softly and very close to her ear, the insistency enough to show that Bethany seemed pretty certain about this fact. Dani's response was to close her eyes...

As Bethany spread the oil over her supple back, Danielle found herself enjoying this stranger touching her. As a fairly liberal sensualist, Dani accepted all sorts of attentions in order to feel good, and returned them too. With both genders of course, but not people she had only just laid eyes on and didn't know from Adam (or Eve). Bethany's constant ministrations were making Dani think that she didn't need to know a lot else.

She felt as Bethany's hand gently kneaded her smooth, tight sun-warmed flesh and spread the slick liquid over her. Occasionally Danielle would detect as Bethany dipped her hands down the sides of her ribs, just to get some lotion onto her front. Each time, Beth's fingers would actually touch the sides of Dani's breasts and linger just a little longer than strictly necessary. This attention caused Danielle's nipples to harden at the caresses and she felt as she started to dew a little deep in her crotch as every touch had become electric for her now.

Bethany poured out more oil and then suddenly, swiftly, she went way down Danielle's spine, right the way to the top of her bikini bottoms.

"You have a quite lovely ass." Bethany announced like it was the most natural observation ever, saying it as she began going a little under Dani's suit with her fingers.

"Don't worry. This stuff won't stain. Or, we can always take your bottom off if you're afraid..."

Feeling afraid was the last of Danielle's emotions. The woman's hand had become more insistent and the heat of the sun together with the talented rubbing was generating sheer pleasure in her crotch and brain.

"That's okaaaay. Mmmmm, just keep touching me the way you are. " Dani murmured gently.

She could now unmistakably feel Bethany's middle finger under her bikin and rubbing gently in her ass crack. By now, there was no pretence of this being just a friendly oiling. Danielle's pussy was dripping with juice inside her bikini briefs, and she was breathing hard. The finger in her crack went lower and deeper as it seemed to be egged on by the signs of Dani's arousal.

Finally Dani felt the digit worm in to make contact with her asshole and she wriggled as Bethany teased her little ridge there before snatching her finger away just as quickly as it had arrived. Dani moaned out loud at this touch. And that was it.

"Maybe we should go inside and finish this?" Bethany then whispered to her.

"Oh, GOD. I do believe you're right." Dani heard herself reply in a husky voice that was crammed with lust.

Bethany then quickly tied the top of Danielle's bikini for her, pulling the strings so tight that it dug into her breasts, but this briefly cruel act only aroused Dani further still. She hurriedly gathered up her belongings into her bag.

Then Danielle had to ask her the timeless question: "Your place or mine?", flashing Bethany another searing look as she did so.

"Let's go to mine," Beth replied quietly, gazing hard back at her, "It's probably better...equipped."

This was the first time Beth had seen Danielle standing up and her eyes could now travel hungrily all over her stunning body, taking in her flawless skin, tight behind and wonderfully bountiful breasts with an appreciative look.

Bethany said that her apartment was on the top floor and as she went ahead, quite deliberately Dani suspected, Dani followed her up the stairs. All the while, her eyes were drawn to her new playmate's ass. It was absolutely perfect in its shape, movement and appeal, perched up high as it hovered right in front of Dani on the climb up the stairs. The cheeks were so round and firm, and all in that lovely all-over bronzed colour of her skin. Dani could see little blonde downy hairs covering the backs of her thighs and she excitedly knew that she would get to stroke them before this hot afternoon was going to be over.

When they got to her door Bethany suddenly turned and said, "You don't have to come in, you know...." leaving the sentence hanging perfectly.

"I want to." Danielle answered without hesitation, and she saw yet another very sexy kind of look spread across Bethany's face. Something incredibly powerful was drawing Dani to her, and she knew she just had to see where it was all going.

They got into the apartment and Bethany carelessly threw her own stuff on a beautiful hardwood table near the door.

Luxury, refinement and once again expense was written all over the flat, and Dani knew her rooms had a lot to be desired compared to this, guessing this apartment was actually two of the block's condos converted into one.

"What's your name?" the beautiful blonde said to her suddenly. The question startled Dani since she realised she hadn't actually mentioned it before.

"Danielle," she said, leaving her mouth open on the final vowel so Bethany could see her tongue and the little drop of spit that Dani had carefully made sure was there.

Bethany stared long into Danielle's eyes, holding them with her own deep, piercing, glare and then she stepped forwards so there was finally nothing betwen them any more. Putting her hands on her shoulders she pulled Dani close to her and kissed her.

Her tongue went straight into Dani's open mouth and swirled around in there like a whirlpool. Her kiss was hot and wet as she urgently explored every inch of Dani's mouth, running her tongue between the girl's cheeks and gums, showing her desire. After taking the initial oral onslaught, Dani recovered to kiss back like a banshee herself, thrusting her neck into it and then using her hands to hold Beth passionately round her jaw as their bodies pressed together so they were wrapped by each other's bodies and could detect the other's racing heartbeat.

They stood there locked like that for minutes as their tongues battled away furiously and deliciously. The two girls' bathing suits exposed a lot of flesh and they rubbed their smooth legs, flat stomachs, toned arms and magical breasts against each other's, unable to get enough of touching their mutually fabulous bodies together.

Bethany then reached behind Dani and undid the strings of her top. Her breasts, now with nipples of marble, fell out of the flimsy cloth as Beth then tossed the bikini to one side.

"Hey, that's my best top!" complained Danielle.

"Oh, baby," whispered Beth as she rubbed the palms of her hands over Dani's orbs, showing an experienced touch as she did so, "I'll buy you one hundred of those. Uuuuummmmmm.".

The sensations went right to Dani's pussy when Beth said that and touched her in her rampant way, and she felt the way she was sopping wet deep in her vee, the place which was fast becoming the centre of her universe. Dani wondered if the woman turning her on like nothing before could actually smell her keen arousal.

Bethany's handwork on her tits became stronger and rougher, kneading them and pulling them, then pushing them together in her hands. At one point Bethany had Dani's nipples touching and she bent over and sucked them both into her talented mouth, gazing up at Dani with big eyes as she did so. Up to now Beth had been the aggressor, but this act drove Dani crazy and she suddenly needed some of her new partner, and quickly.

Dani reached around Beth's back in turn and peeled her top, finally revealing her breasts which were somewhat larger than her own. Working on Beth's wonderful chest, Dani reciprocated the nipple sucks, using her tongue to wiggle the blonde's pointy tips as she squeezed them gently between her teeth. This worked wonders on Bethany, according to the moans she was making. Under her breath Dani could hear her desperately pleading "SUCKKK" and so that's just what she did, causing Beth to groan louder still.

Dropping to her knees in front of her conquest, Bethany then began licking Dani's toned and muscled stomach. With her hands she started to inch Dani's bikini bottoms down, covering each newly exposed area with rippling tongue-tip kisses. Dani knew that tongue would get to her pussy soon, so she was surprised when Bethany turned her around and began licking at her ass crack. The bikini still covered the bottom part of Danielle's pert cheeks, and she felt as Bethany pulled the rest of the cloth below her butt using only her teeth. Her tongue then made long uninhibited strokes up Dani''s crack, almost, but never quite touching her asshole.

When this was about to get too unbearable, Beth snatched Dani's bikini bottom to the floor and helped her step out of it.

"Lean forward on the table. Rest your hands on it so I can get your ass apart, darling." Beth told her, breathing urgent.

Dani quickly did what Bethany instructed her, figuring her asshole was in for a good time. She wasn't disappointed.

As she spread Dani's nubile cheeks with her hand, Bethany's tongue swiftly made contact right on top of Dani's anal ridge, the naughty little volcano that she shit from and which made her feel so good.

Next thing, Danielle felt her behind being further apart by one of Dani's hands, and shockingly but not unexpectedly as a slick finger darted right inside her butt. She gasped appreciatively, and then felt as this expert finger probed her, before it then hooked round and pulled on her ring muscle, working it with tugs. Only a few moments later, she then detected the glorious sensation of Bethany's warm, wet tongue as it burrowed inside her tight hole as well, and then when her girl-lover's nose press keenly in her groove! It was incredible.

The many little ass touches Beth had given her before had clearly been hints that Bethany would not be neglecting her backdoor, but they were nothing compared to this full lingual anal assault. Beth treated her soft insides to deep, longing swirls with her tongue and then she switched to practically machine-gunning her talented tongue inside Dani's asshole, moving it as fast as the most angry vibrator. It all felt simply divine to Danielle who still couldn't believe that the first act she had received from this gorgeous Bethany was to have her rectum invaded orally, dined on. 'What drove this

incredible woman?' she wondered to herself as she surrendered to the vivid thrills that began to overwhelm her.

When her face was far enough up Dani's butt that it wasn't about to come out, Bethany let go of the girl's ass cheeks and reached round to start caressing Dani's pussy with her hands, tickling her on either side of her finely trimmed bush. Her moistened fingertips then trailed purposefully down, slowly moving on to Dani's swollen pussy which ached for the attention that was still being lavished on her anus.

Along with that naughty joy that Dani felt building deep in her rear, Bethany was soon driving her crazy with her tremendous pussy skills as well and Danielle gladly surrendered to the rising pleasure tide. The dual stimulation she was receiveing was the most intense she had ever undergone, all the wild factors of the surprise occasion serving to increase her pleasure and stretch her body's lust-nerves. With one hand Bethany held open Dani's soft pussy lips, whilst with the other she beat a tattoo of friction on her acutely sensitised clit, her talented manipulation aided by the flowing juices.

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