tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDanielle's First Time Ch. 02

Danielle's First Time Ch. 02


Danielle's Lust

Chapter 1

After having experienced sex for the first time with a man as a woman in a threesome with Danielle's best friend Brad and his girlfriend Jessica, Danielle discovered that she really loves having sex with men more than women, but this confuses her greatly because Danielle is attracted to women, the aesthetics of a man doesn't do anything for her - Danielle will see a sexy woman is be sexually turned on by her, but when it comes to masturbation, even though it was the appearance of a sexy woman that initially turned her on a lust comes over her and the image of the sexy woman is pushed from her mind, and all she can think of is getting fucked by a man.

Danielle also discovered that she loves getting semen squirted deep inside of her, she loves it so much that she began to worry about it becoming an addiction, so Danielle began to research sex and addictions, and Danielle found an article that pointed out how some women become crabby or bitchy but as soon as a man has sex with her her mood almost immediately improves - the article explained that it isn't the act of sex that's improving the women's mood, but it's the men's semen. There are chemicals in semen that act as an antidepressant and it's addictive, but it's only addictive when absorbed vaginally or anally because when ingested the stomach acids destroy the chemical before it can be absorbed by the body, but when the semen is ejaculated into the vagina or into the anus it is absorbed by the body, and according to that article when a woman or a bisexual / gay man is bitchy and sex ends up immediately improving that person's mood it's because that person is addicted to semen and had become bitchy from semen withdraws, like any addict going through any other drug withdraws. So by letting Brad cum in her ass, Danielle has become addicted to semen, but unfortunately Brad and Jessica live too far away for Danielle to get her semen fix anytime she feels that she needs it, and Jessica has also been avoiding Danielle because of the threesome experience. When Jessica had to leave the room to answer the phone, Brad and Danielle had continued fucking and when Jessica had returned she was put back by the look on Brad's face, seeing how much Brad was enjoying fucking Danielle's ass. It was too much for Jessica to take, so whenever Danielle would call them, Jessica would see that it was Danielle on the caller ID and send the call straight to voice-mail, which Jessica had never set up, so Danielle would hear, "the person you are trying to reach has a voice-mail which has not been setup yet, please try back later."

It was never Danielle's intent to come between Brad and Jessica, so Danielle decided that whenever they get together again, no matter how much she wants to have sex with them, even if they offer first, Danielle will decline because she loves and respects them too much to put anymore strain on Brad and Jessica's relationship, so Danielle sets up some profiles on various dating sites and begins to hang out on several chat rooms.

One night Danielle goes on a virtual chat site, a site where the members have customizable 3-D avatars which can interact with one another in virtual 3-D environments. Danielle types into the search bar, "tg ts transgender transsexual," and a list of multiple pages of virtual room listings populates her screen, rooms such as "Tranny Hut," "Futa Lovers," "Futa YIFFs," and etc.

Danielle had no idea what some of these room titles mean, so she'd go in and chat with the people in the rooms to find out when they are all about.

Danielle enters Futa Lovers, "Hi all," Danielle types.

"Hi, and welcome to Futa Lovers," replies the room moderator.

"I'm a transsexual, I'd searched the room listings for 'ts,' and this room showed up in the list, but I don't know what 'futa' means, could you please explain?"

"Sure. 'Futa,' is short for the Japanese word 'futanari,' which is a specific type of hermaphrodite, a hermaphrodite who looks completely female, but who has both a penis and a vagina."

"Okay, thank you for the information, but that's definitely not me."

"That's okay, chances are most of the people who come in here who do claim to be futa aren't really futa, that birth defect is too rare for there to be as many people who come in here claiming to be futa as there are, but that's okay, this room is for futa fantasy, so if someone wants to pretend to be a futa, or if she really is a futa, either way, she's helping someone else's fantasy."

"Thanks again, I think I'll go check some other rooms. Have a great day."

"You're very welcome, come back anytime."

Danielle closes out that virtual room and clicks on and room called "YIFF" which has, "ts," and "tg" in the room description.

"Welcome to YIFF. Please be respectful to everyone in here. No touching without asking permission first. And you must have a furry avatar to stay in this room," the room moderator greets.

"Okay, what's a furry?" Danielle replies.

"A furry is like the other 5 avatars in here." Explains the moderator. The other five avatars are various human-animal hybrids.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'll be back as soon as I have a furry outfit."

"tyt (take you time)."

Danielle closes the room and loads the avatar shop and searches for "furry," and a long list of hundreds of pages of "furry" products loads. Danielle browses for several minutes when she sees the cutest "furry" outfit, a cute and sexy looking purple and pink cat outfit. "That's just too cute, I have to buy that one," Danielle says to herself. Danielle clicks, "buy" and goes into her avatar inventory and puts on the cute furry cat outfit, then she re-enters the "YIFF" room.

"Hi again, all." Danielle greets.

"wb (welcome back)," everyone else greets.

"Wow, that's got to be the sexiest furry I've ever seen, could you send me the link to that outfit?" asks one of the avatars in the room.

"Sorry, I like to keep my avatar unique. If everyone had the same cute and sexy avatar then it wouldn't be as cute and sexy." Danielle explains.

"You're right. No problem, but that is a very cute and sexy avatar :)"

"tyvm (thank you very much)."

"I'm not new to this site, but I am new to furries, what's YIFF mean?" Danielle inquires.

"YIFF = Young Innocent Fuckable Furry," explained the room moderator.

"tyvm," Danielle thanks the moderator. "Looking at my avatar I'd have to say that's definitely me. lol (laughs out loud)."

"Sure is. lol. Why don't you join us on the cuddle pile?"

"Oh, I just came in to find out what YIFF means. I'm searching for 'ts' rooms."

"You're a 'ts' or looking for a 'ts?'"

"I am a 'ts.'"

"You're a 'ts' in rl (real life)?"


"Pre-op or post-op?"


"That's hot. Are you a top or a bottom?"

"What do you mean, I've never heard those terms before?"

"A 'top' is the gay man who does the fucking, the 'bottom' is the gay man who get's fucked."


"You don't have sex?"

"Yes I have sex, but I'm not a gay man."

"But you just said you're a 'pre-op tranny'. Pre-op tranny = gay man."

"Yes, I'm a pre-op transsexual, and a pre-op transsexual isn't necessarily a gay man. Gender identity isn't linked to sexual orientation. If you think about it, if gender identity were linked to sexual orientation then there would be no such thing as homosexuals. About 2/3 of male-to-female transsexuals, even after HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) end up being lesbians, and about 2/3 of the female-to-male transsexuals end up being gay men." Danielle explains and continues, "let me guess, you're one of those guys who in real life is a deep-in-the-closet bi/gay curious men who feels that it would be less 'gay' to get fucked in the ass by a tranny because she looks like a woman.?"

"Yes I am curious, but you're wrong. Trannies are gay men."

"No, drag queens are gay men, transsexuals are people who are born with a biological condition where they literally have the brain that is the opposite sex from their body. I don't have the link on me, but check out the New Scientists website and search for transsexual, there are several articles that explain how transsexuals' gender identity issues are cause by a biological condition, that in over 300 autopsies where some deceased transsexuals didn't previously test as having both male and female chromosomes in his/her blood, did prove to have both male and female chromosomes present in the brain - that's 100% of all 300+ transsexuals in that study were in fact 'intersexed.'

"What's 'intersexed?'"

"Intersexed is the condition that causes people to be hermaphrodites, but the person is only a hermaphrodite if he/she has both male and female sex organs, but he/she has both male and female chromosomes but only has sex organs of either male or female but not the other then that person is 'intersexed.'"

"Whatever, I don't care, you're still a gay man to me, so are you a top or a bottom?"

"I already told you that I'm neither, the 'gay man' thing aside your description of 'top' and 'bottom' is nothing I would want. You said that a 'top' does the fucking and that the 'bottom' gets fucked. That sounds horrible. The straight world has a similar term for what your description is of a 'bottom,' the straight world calls that a 'dead fuck' - someone who just lays there and lets you fuck the shit out of them. That's fucking boring. That's why it's a 'dead fuck' because you might as well be masturbating, you'd get more satisfaction that way. So that's what it means when I've seen chat rooms entitled, 'top for bottoms'? Gay men just looking for other gay men who will just lay there and take it?"

"No, it's not like that. The 'top' is the one who's in control, the 'bottom' is the submissive. The 'bottom' submits to the 'top' and the 'top' fucks the 'bottom's' ass."

"That's dumb too. You can still be dominant and be fucked in the ass. Have you ever seen any straight BDSM porn? A dominant woman ties a man up to the bed and she takes control of his cock, fucking herself on his cock, she's the dominant one and she's getting penetrated."

The avatar that Danielle was chatting with grew intensely frustrated and left the room. With that closing thought, Danielle had never done anything with BDSM and didn't know much about it other than there is usually a submissive person and a dominant person. Danielle having been born with male parts and having previously only ever experienced straight sex as a man, until recently, where she had to assume the role of a "man" when she made love to her past girlfriends, where she had been expected to be dominant at times but didn't like doing that. Danielle never liked the idea of being someone's submissive either, she wants a relationship that is fifty-fifty, not switching or alternating submissive/dominant roles, she wants a relationship where both partners are equals, but Danielle doesn't know much about BDSM and being that she's exploring her own sexuality as a woman Danielle decides to go into one of the BDSM rooms that's listed as being "trans-friendly."

Danielle enters a room that shows just a room moderator in it. The status of the room moderator shows that the room moderator is a 60 year old woman.

"Welcome to Sexual Pleasures Dungeon, Danielle." The room moderator greets as Danielle enters the room.

"Thank you very much." Danielle replies.

"Danielle, are you a Dom, Sub, Master, Slave, or Switch?"

"None of the above, at least not yet. I know of BDSM, but I don't know enough about it to answer that question, or to even know if it's something I'd be into.

"Okay, so you're curious and just here to learn more about the life style?"


"Well, my name is Lydia. I'm a Switch, that means that sometimes I'm Dominant (Dom) and sometimes I'm Submissive (Sub)." Lydia explains.

"That's cool. I didn't know there were Switches, I just assumed that people were always either Dom or Sub."

"No, there are some people who aren't comfortable with being on just one side of the lifestyle. So which do you think you'd be into, Sub or Dom?"

"Well I'm new to being transsexual, yes, I'm a rl (real-life) transsexual, not a pretend-to-be one like you see a lot of on here. Being that I'm new to being transsexual, or new too admitting to myself that's what I've always been, I'm very confused about what I want."

"What do you mean?"

"Before recently I've only ever had sex with women as a straight man, the women who I've been with tend to want me to dominate them which I was never comfortable with, but I can't really see myself being submissive either, at least until I'd had my first experience with a man as a woman."

"I understand. So tell me about some of your fantasies."

"Well, one of my fantasies is too dangerous for rl."

"Oh. What would that be?"

"I fantasize about taking on a room full of horny men and being completely filled in both ends with semen."

"That's a very common fantasy, actually, and yes it can be very dangerous if you're not careful, but if that's what you think you'd like why not try it?"

"As I said, it's too dangerous. The risk of disease."

"If you're careful, that wouldn't be a great risk."

"There are other risks besides disease."

"Like what?"

"Well I feel really dirty even thinking about it, but the amount of semen, from what I've heard the amount of semen that I fantasize about would be dangerous."

"How is that?"

"Haven't you heard about Rod Stewart, about the story of him having to get his stomach pumped from ingesting semen after having sucked off every man at some party he'd gone to?"

"Yes, that's story's not entirely true. For one thing the way those big record producers work, they tell you to do something and you do it or you end up without a career. His career was threatened if he didn't fellate those people at that party. But as far as him having to get his stomach pumped from swallowing too much cum, I personally have a hard time believing that because I've been in this lifestyle for a long time and I've seen people swallow A LOT of cum and have never known any of them to need to get their stomachs pumped from any 'semen poisoning.'"

[Note to the reader: This story is for entertainment purposes only, it is in part based on my real life experiences, but the claim above that swallowing a lot of semen wouldn't be as dangerous as originally believed is from a real conversation that I've had, but keep in mind it's from a chat site where FANTASY is the emphasis, not fact.]

"That's interesting, I really had no idea."

Looking around the virtual 3-D environment there are a lot of various bondage furniture pieces in the room. The furniture piece that catches Danielle's eyes looks like the frame of a teepee with chains and ropes. Danielle goes over to the furniture piece and gets on it. Danielle's ankles are shackled to the table top on two corners of the teepee-like frame, ropes are tied around her knee joints and connect to the teepee-like frame in front of her. Her arms are tied to the frame behind her and she is bent over with her ass at the edge of the table and her head at the other edge at what would be dick level if there were men at her mouth and ass.

"Wow, this is a pretty hot bondage spot you have." Danielle comments.

"Oh yes. I'd love to see you tied up like that, getting used at both ends until everyone in the room has had 3 or 4 turns with each end of you." Lydia encourages. "Watching men rub their dicks all over you and cramming them inside of you, and watching the women force their pussies in your face too, watching you get covered from head to toe in both male and female cum."

"Damn, Lydia, now you've got me horny as hell!" Danielle exclaims.

"That's how I like to keep my dirty little sluts." "* Pulls out a 10 inch strap-on and straps it around herself." "* Walks up to Danielle's head and thrusts the strap-on against her face. 'Suck it bitch.'"

"* Moans like a whore as she takes the fake cock into her mouth, twirling her tongue around the crown of the phallic shape."

"* Reaches under Danielle and teases her nipples with my fingers."

"Mmmm." "* Relaxes my throat and attempts to deepthroat the strap-on."

"That's what I like to see, an eager slut:)" "* Pulls the strap-on out of her mouth and walks behind her." "Tell me what you want, slut."

"I want you to fuck me."

"You don't convince me, slut, beg for it."

"Please fuck my cock hungry ass. My hungry ass needs to be filled SO badly."

"That's better, slut." "*Presses the lubed strap-on against your hole firmly until your tranny pussy begins to open up to my toy."

"BRB (be right back), getting my dildo in rl."

"TYT (take your time)."

Danielle gets her 12 inch double-ended dildo from her dresser drawer, lubes it up and returns to the computer by her bed. Danielle squeezes some lube onto her fingers and reaches behind herself and rubs it up and down her butt crack and pushes some into her ass with her fingers. She sits on the bed and leans to the side so that her left butt cheek is off of the bed and Danielle eases her toy into her ass. Danielle's ass is never used to the size of her toy right away and always needs to warm herself up to taking its girth. She finally gets the dildo into her horny fuck-hole and sits up in front of the computer, grinding her ass on the toy.

"Back." Danielle types.

"WB (Welcome Back)." Lydia greets.

"* Grinding my ass back against your strap-on, trying to take it deeper and deeper into myself."

"You dirty little slut, you do like getting fucked in your ass, don't you?"

"Yes, I love having my ass filled. I cum so hard from it."

"* Pulls your hair as I fuck your ass deep and hard."

"Oh god, I'm cumming."

"Wow, how could you cum so fast, you're typing too fast to be jerking off?"

"I can cum from anal stimulation alone, I'm riding my 12 inch double-end dildo as I'm typing."

Danielle feels too uncomfortable with the dildo in her ass after her orgasm, so she removes it and lets it rest on the bed beside her.

"What do you like? I know you said you're a switch, so after that incredible orgasm you just gave me I'll take any role you want to help you cum." Danielle asks.

"You said you weren't comfortable with being dominant, so I'm okay with you being submissive or neutral. Just type and I'll go along with it."

"Okay." "* Gazes into your eyes and gently places my right hand on your cheek." "* Nuzzles your neck and inhales deeply taking in your scent as I press my body firmly against your's and with my left hand I pinch my nipple together with your nipple and twist them together.


"* I rake the fingernails of my right hand gently down your left side, and I reach between our bodies and firmly press my index finger and middle finger on either side of your clit over your pubic bone and oscillates my hand, grinding over your clit against your pubic bone. As I continue rubbing your clit over your pubic bone I clasp my lips onto your bottom lip and gently tugs on your lip with mine as I moan passionately. I kiss your cheek, kiss under your jaw, kiss your neck, kiss under your ear, and nibble gently on your ear lobe."

"* Moaning passionately as I succumb to your touch."

"* I kiss, lick, and nibble teasingly down your neck and onto your chest and slowly work my kisses, licks, and nibbles teasingly around your breasts. I firmly clasps your nipple between my lips and flick it repeatedly with my tongue and caressing your breast with my free hand I take your nipple into my hot wet mouth and suck firmly and it, kneading your breast in my hand."

"Oh god."

"* I continue kissing, licking, and nibbling down the front of you, over your tummy, past your belly button, working my way lower and lower and lower, and kissing, and licking over you mound and licking in long sensuous licks up and down the crease between your pussy and your thighs. I kiss, lick and nibble further down your leg to your knee and slowly, teasingly work my way back up your thigh higher and higher and higher and just as my cheek is about to brush up against your vaginal folds I reverse direction."

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