tagIncest/TabooDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 01

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 01


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With her two sons out for the rest of the Sunday evening, Danielle Kent settled herself down on the couch to watch her favourite porno. That she was the star of it was certainly the main reason she liked it so much. At 36, she didn't look old enough to have twin eighteen year old sons, but that was because she'd gotten pregnant while at university, a fact which had quickly got her expelled. Only her sister Tanya had stuck by her and, in order to make ends meet, when the twins were old enough, she'd started modelling. With her good looks, long blonde hair, tiny waist, long legs and heart shaped ass, she'd been a natural, but her best feature were her huge tits, each as big as her head and still firm and shapely. Topless modelling had quickly led to porn films and, for six years, she'd spent most of the time fucking on film. With the money she'd made, she'd been able to retire early and look after her boys Jack and Billy full time. For the last eight years, her only outlet for her large sexual appetite had been watching her old videos.

She groaned as she heard the front door slam, and quickly stopped the tape, looking up as Jack walked in and slumped angrily on the sofa next to her.

"I thought you were spending the evening with Traci?" Danielle said, referring to Jack's new girlfriend.

"Yeah, me too." He said, obviously pissed off.

"So what happened, honey?"

"She turned out to be a real fucking tease, mom." Jack said. "Said we were gonna do it cos her folks were away, then took one look at me and told me to fuck off."

"What do you mean, took one look at you?"

"You know . . . She saw my dick and that was the end of that."

Danielle was confused. "Why, honey? What's wrong with it?"

"She said . . . said it was too big."

Before she even thought about it, Danielle looked at her son's crotch and for the first time noticed the sizeable bulge in his shorts. Already aroused with the thoughts of reliving her porno days, she couldn't help feeling her pussy moisten.

"How . . . how big is it?" she asked.

Jack looked at his mom in surprise. They'd always been fairly relaxed about the whole sexual issue – although she'd never told either of her sons about her past – but even this was a little unusual. He was surprised to see her nipples clearly poking through the thin, tight T-shirt she was wearing and the way she was staring at his crotch made him wonder where this was heading. He'd often fantasized about his mom – with her looks and figure it would be a wonder if he hadn't – and staring at her tits now made his cock swell again.

"I'm not sure." He lied. He knew it was a full twelve inches long and thick as well. "Would you . . . I mean . . . could you check to see if . . . you know . . . if it is too big?" He held his breath, wondering if he'd pushed his luck too far.

Danielle looked at him. "Okay." She said quietly. He stood and walked around in front of her as she moved to the edge of the sofa. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and underwear, she slowly pulled down. His cock sprang free and slapped her in the face making her move back in surprise.

"Is it too big, mom?" Jack asked.

"Oh honey." Danielle sighed. "It's huge." Not really believing this was happening, she reached up and took hold of her son's cock. "It's so fucking big." She whispered.

Jack stared down at her as she slowly started stroking his dick. "It . . . it hurts, mom. I need to . . . "

"You need to cum, don't you?" Danielle asked, looking him in the eye. "That little slut gave you blue balls, didn't she? Do . . . do you want mommy to make you cum?"

"Oh fuck yeah." Jack gasped as his mom started jerking him off.

"You like that, honey?" Danielle asked. "You like mommy wanking you?" Jack could do nothing except moan in pleasure and watch as his busty mom stroked him. "You know it's been years since I saw a man's cock . . . felt one . . . tasted one."

With a moan, Danielle moved forward and took her son's huge cock in her mouth, licking and sucking at it as she continued wanking what she couldn't fit between her lips.

"Fuck, mom . . . you suck cock so damn good." Jack said watching her head bob up and down on his dick. That he was actually getting a blow job of his own mother was too much for him. "Mom . . . I'm gonna . . . cum soon." He gasped.

Danielle moved off him and for one second Jack thought she'd decided enough was enough.

"I want you to cum, honey." She said. "I want you to jerk that big cock off, all over my face."

Jack thought about warning her for a moment about the amount he came, but then thought he'd never get another chance so to hell with it. He grabbed hold of his cock and started wanking, Danielle staring at his dick and licking her lips.

"Come on, honey." She said. "Give me a shot on the face. I want to feel you cum all over me. Cum on mommy's face."

That was all it took for Jack. A second later and he groaned, shooting a huge wad of spunk on to his mom's cheek, followed by another and another and another. He always came a large amount and couldn't help grinning as Danielle's face was quickly covered in puddles of jism that slid down her neck and on to her T-shirt, turning the light blue cotton dark. He pointed his cock down and aimed a few full blasts at her huge tits, wishing he'd asked her to take it off.

"Oh fuck!" Danielle gasped. "Fuck me!" She licked her lips, lapping up as much of her son's spunk as she could. "Oh Jack . . . do you always . . . cum this much?" she asked, scraping some out of her eyes so she was able to look at him while she licked her fingers clean.

"Yeah." He said, the last thick strand of cum dropping on to her tits. "Some girls are turned off by it."

"Then they're assholes." Danielle said, taking his still hard cock and using it to push his cum off her face and into her mouth, sucking on his big cockhead as she did. "I love it."

"Really, mom?"

"The more the better. I noticed you came on my tits, too. You like 'em?"

"Fuck, yeah! Big tits really turn me on and yours are huge!"

"Then next time you get to fuck them." Danielle smiled up at her son.

"Next time!?" Jack couldn't believe his ears or his luck.

The phone rang, cutting into their conversation, but they had no intention of answering. The ansaphone switched on, though, and Billy – Danielle's other son and Jack's brother – could be heard.

"Mom? I'm . . . I'm in the county jail. Can you come and get me? Please?"

Then the phone went dead.

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