tagGroup SexDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 08

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 08


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Around the same time, Kayla's mom Tanya was visiting her friend, Lisa. Though she hadn't come prepared for a swim in the pool, Lisa had loaned Tanya one of her bikinis and the two women laid on the loungers beside the pool, soaking up the rays. Normally, Tanya wouldn't have been able to borrow a bikini off one of her friends, but thankfully Lisa was just as well endowed as herself.

"Listen, Lisa, I thought I ought to apologise for last night." Tanya said. "I don't normally drink that much. It's just . . . "

"What's up, honey?"

"You know after you picked me up last night and then we had to double back because I'd forgotten my purse?" Lisa nodded. "When I got back to the house, I was about to go inside when I saw Steve, my husband, on the couch. With another woman."

Lisa grinned. "Were they fucking?"

"Well, yeah."

"Don't worry about it, honey. My husband fucks around all the time, so do I."

"Really?" Tanya gasped.

"Hell yeah. Matter of fact, my hubby was fucking some young tart in the kitchen this morning when they thought I was asleep upstairs."

"What did you do?" Tanya asked.

"Slid a big fat dildo inside me and screwed myself while I listened to them fucking." Lisa said with a smile. "Soon as she'd left for work, Mark came upstairs and found me like that. I told him I'd heard everything which got him hard in seconds. As I still had my dildo inside me, he jumped on the bed and fucked me up the ass."

Tanya stared at her friend in disbelief. They'd known each other for only a few months and yet here Lisa was telling her the filthiest things about her and her husband. And despite herself, the thought of her big titted, blonde friend getting butt fucked while shoving a dildo in her pussy was really turning her on: her nipples were hard and her own pussy was practically sopping.

"How did you know the girl left for work?" she asked.

Lisa sat up on her lounger and leaned forward. Tanya's gaze briefly fell to her friend's big tits which squashed together between her upper arms and threatened to spill out of her bikini top. "The girl my husband was fucking?" she whispered. "It was our daughter, Tiffany."

"Fuck!" Tanya said. "That's too weird. The girl Steve was fucking last night?" she whispered back. "That was our daughter, Kayla."

"Incest is nothing to worry about in the right company, honey, and as long as it's between consenting adults. Hell, I've got three younger brothers. By the time they'd all reached eighteen, I was getting gangbanged by all three just about every night, one in each hole. When our father found out he wanted some too. Till I left home I spent most nights showering spunk off my tits and out of my hair." Lisa said with a smile.

"Nothing much has changed, has it?" a voice asked from behind them. They turned to see Lisa's husband, Captain Ellis, standing there, a big grin on his face. The shorts he was wearing were bulging out, clearly showing signs of his hard cock.

"Listening to us got you all worked up, honey?" Lisa asked. She reached out and grabbed his dick through his shorts, glancing over at Tanya and licking her lips. "You want us to take care of that for you?"

As Tanya watched, surprised but unable to look away, Lisa pulled her husband's shorts down and released his big cock. She stared at Tanya as she stroked it before leaning forward and sucking it, running her tongue up and down its length.

"Mmmm, Lisa gives good head." Ellis said. "How about you, Tanya?" He pulled his dick free of his wife's mouth and stepped over to Tanya, his cock bobbing in front of her face, slick with Lisa's spit.

"You know, I was a bit of a slut before I married Steve." She said, staring at Ellis's cock. "Since I married him, I've been completely faithful but every now and again, I wish I could still fuck around like I used to as a teenager. Now I know he's cheating on me with our own daughter – "

"Too much talking." Ellis said. He grabbed her hair and pulled her on to his cock, Tanya opening her mouth and taking his length between her lips. "That's it, suck my cock." He said, fucking her mouth. Lisa moved behind her friend, reached round her and pulled the small bikini away, freeing Tanya's tits to Ellis's gaze.

"Look at her big fucking tits, honey." Lisa said to Ellis, cupping Tanya's jugs in her hands. "You want to fuck them?" Ellis merely grinned, pulled his dick from Tanya's mouth and bent his knees, slipping his cock into her cleavage, Lisa pushing her friend's tits together. "Yeah, fuck her tits, baby! Fuck 'em!" Lisa moaned before turning her head and kissing Tanya, their tongues darting into each other's mouths.

"Get on your hands and knees." Ellis said, pulling his cock free of Tanya's big jugs. The two women moved, kneeling down beside each other, their asses pointing at Ellis. He pulled their thong bikini bottoms to one side before easing his cock into Tanya's pussy.

"Oh fucking hell!" Tanya cried as the first dick other than her husbands entered her since her marriage. "Oh fuck that feels good!"

Ellis gave her a few more strokes before pulling out and moving to his wife, slipping his cock into her sopping cunt. He moved back and fore between them, giving them a few thrusts before swapping until, moving back to Tanya, he caught her by surprise, pushing his dick into her asshole. "Oh God yes! Fuck me in the ass!" she cried as Ellis pushed more and more of his cock up her tight back door.

"You like it up the ass?" Lisa asked her, reaching under Tanya and sliding a couple of fingers into her pussy.

"Oh yeah! Feels so . . . fucking good!" Tanya moaned.

"Third one I've . . . fucked today!" Ellis boasted, cramming his cock into Tanya's butt. He fucked her hard and fast, watching her moan and shake as she came, her orgasm triggering his. He quickly pulled out of her ass and, as the two women kissed, jerked his cock in front of them. Shot after shot of thick cum spurted over their faces, Ellis coating them in ropes of jism, grinning as they licked each other clean. Lisa grabbed hold of his cock and sucked on it hungrily before she moved back and offered it to Tanya. She hesitated for only a moment before taking as much of it in her mouth as she could, sucking and licking it clean.

Finally, they moved apart. "So what you going to do about your husband and daughter?" Lisa asked her.

Tanya grinned.

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