tagIncest/TabooDani's Surprise

Dani's Surprise


Author's note: The first part of this story is entitled: It's Good to be Wrong. As always, a big thanks to Danielle for the inspiration and help on this story arc. I hope everyone enjoys!

Danielle engulfs Kyle’s cock with her mouth and sucks her juices off. Four days ago she wouldn’t have dreamed that it was possible for her to take a huge cock, like Kyle’s, in her pussy (much less her mouth). She has given plenty of blowjobs since she became sexually active but no guy has been either as hung or talented as her brother so cock sucking had not been a favorite form of foreplay for her.

Kyle’s approving moans encourages her to continue. She removes his dick from her mouth and allows her tongue to travel down his long shaft. One of her hands proceeds to play with his balls while the other moves away from his very small, very erect nipples, down his flat stomach, through his small forest of pubic hair, and grasps his cock.

He tenses up and whimpers. Danielle giggles. That is his sign. Before cumming, she notices that he tenses up ( as most guys do ), but the whimper is his own. It is so cute and sexy, she thinks, and her already satisfied pussy begins to stir. It begins to need this long rod inside it but Danielle tells herself that three times this evening is enough for right now. Her pussy begins to calm down once more.

Danielle slows down her attention to his cock. She removes her tongue and is barely stroking him.

“Don’t sis,” Kyle begs. “Please, continue. I want to cum in your pretty mouth. I want you to swallow every drop.”

Picking up her pace, she finds herself looking into his blue eyes.

“Don’t worry, big boy. I will continue. I just don’t want this to end. Tomorrow, I go back to school and won’t be back until June, so I want to treasure each moment. Each sensation. Each pleasure.”

“June isn’t that far away,” he whispers as his rough hands find her short hair and begins to play with it.

“Like hell it isn’t,” she exclaims. “It’s two fucking months. How am I supposed to live, knowing that this thing….:

Danielle squeezes his cock.

“…this thing and it’s owner is over a thousand miles away?”

He laughs.

“I know, sis. I know. What about your birthday in May? Are you coming home?”

“No,” she answers as she stares at his dick. Her gaze follows the big vein that runs from the tip to its base. His cock feels so warm in her hands and she loves how it is pulsing with life.

“No…” she continues. “I have a school project that week. My final grade will depend on it. I can’t miss that.”

“I’ll miss you, Dani “ he whispers as she squeezes his cock once more. Jamie. Toni. All the other girls he has been with are nothing compared to his sister.

Electricity runs down her body as he uses her childhood name. He hasn’t called her by that in years, since she entered high school. She lowers her head once more.

“I’ll miss you too, “ she sadly says as she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks until he tenses up, whimpers, and covers the inside of her mouth with his hot liquid.

She swallows every drop.

One month later:

The project was finished earlier than expected and she is sure she will get an A on it, so Danielle sits at the computer and looks at websites for plane tickets home. Thoughts of Kyle entering her consumes her as she searches the listings. The past month has been hell. Steve, the guy she has been dating for the past year, has not been able to satisfy her and he is very good in bed. It’s not his fault, she tells herself, he is just not Kyle. Steve would be perfect for her to marry and she has thought she would however her world is not as easy as it once was.

She glances towards the cardboard box under her bed. She had to go to an adult store to buy the toy that has kept her sane for the past twenty eight days. The fake dick is as long as Kyle but not nearly as fun. Her friend , and occasional lover, Carol has used in on her but, again, it was not as satisfying as Kyle’s thick, warm, pulsing cock.

After thirty minutes of searching, she is not able to find anything in her price range so begins to disconnect from the internet.

Well, her birthday is tomorrow. Since she can’t have Kyle, maybe Carol will want to go out and then come back for some heavy duty fucking. “Or,” she thinks. “I might be able to call Kyle. Maybe a good phone sex session, with me using my new toy, will clear my mind up until the end of school.”

She discounts that idea quickly. It will be a Saturday night. Dad will be home. Mom will be up. Kyle will not have any real privacy.

The chime indicates new mail so she clicks the necessary icon for her mailbox to open. As she waits, she glances at the picture next to her monitor. The beach was so lovely that day and the whole trip was wonderful, she thinks as she looks at her, Kyle, and Jamie. Right after Kyle and she had first fucked, they had invited Jamie to the beach. Jamie had bought a tiny, red thong bikini while on the trip. It had barely covered her large tits and she was able to convince her to buy one. Kyle nearly came in his shorts when they emerged from the bathroom, showing him their purchase. She and Jamie had formed a plan before they emerged in the hotel’s living room. Jamie winked to her, walked sexily over to Kyle, and sat on his lap.

“I think someone likes our outfits,” she purred as she shifted her ass onto his growing bulge.

“Let’s see,” Danielle responded by walking to them, looked Kyle in the eyes, and reached into his shorts. He was already hard as she released his cock.

“Yes, I think you are right.”

Danielle knelt down and took Kyle’s cock into her mouth, sucking the first drop of pre cum off his tip. She then brought a hand over to Jamie’s wet bikini bottom, slid the thong down her friend’s tanned legs, and began stroking Jamie’s swollen clit.

Jamie’s moans caused her to stop sucking her brother. .

“Lie down,” she ordered Kyle and pushed him backwards onto the bed. Jamie, giggling also fell back but quickly stood over Kyle, pulling the thong completely off. Jamie turned her back to Kyle, and squatted over him with her pussy only inches above his erect cock.

Danielle remembers the feel of his cock in her hand, twitching in anticipation as she held it in place. Jamie began to descend. Danielle let go of Kyle’s rod, and watched as Jamie’s wet pussy slid down every inch. She grinned at the sight and leaned forward, taking Jamie’s naked clit in her mouth and gently biting down.

“Yes….” Jamie had moaned as Danielle began licking her pussy while she rode Kyle’s cock.

Danielle has masturbated over that memory many times. She watched her brother fuck another girl. She fucked him while he licked Jamie. Jamie licked her as Kyle pounded into her ass. The combinations were numerous and all were very satisfying. At some point they were all wore out and actually went to the beach for a short time and was able to get someone to take their picture. Of course, Jamie still hasn’t made a copy of the video she made of that weekend. Danielle finds that she cannot wait to see it.

Another tone alerts her that the mailbox is open. Her heart skips a beat and her pussy begins to dampen as she sees that it is a letter from Kyle. Actually one of his stories. For the past month he has sent her copies of his tales and has even wrote new ones, dedicating them to her. She was proud of him when he mentioned that he had submitted them to various sites on the internet and that they had been published. Just the thought of millions of people reading about her and Kyle only heightens her arousal.

- This story begins with his regular main characters. The brother is named Tom and the sister is Kris. They are both in their mid twenties and perfect twins for she and Kyle. As the story begins, Kris is upset over her fiancée’s decision to break off their engagement. She does not know what to do so she drives to her parents house, where Tom is temporarily staying while his apartment is remodeled. Through their incestuous relationship, they have grown closer and are more open with each other.

Her mother opens the door and lets her in, saying that Tom was called away by the station. Something about a robbery in progress and they needed back up. Kris sighs at the news and her mother can tell something was wrong. -

Danielle pauses in her reading, surprised at the twist. In his earlier stories, the only relatives involved were Tom and Kris. They had multiple partners who they shared their beds with, but nothing sexual was mentioned about Kathy and Mark, the sibling’s parents. Maybe this is a some set up for Tom and Kris, Danielle thinks as she resumes reading the story.

-Kris sits on the couch and tells her mother the news. Kathy sits across from her and stares at her daughter in a very loving way. She knows what it is like to have been dumped and Kris, because of her beauty and very open personality, will experience it again.

After Kris is done, Kathy smiles and tells her, in a very confident voice, that everything will be okay. Not all men are jerks, some are really nice. Kris asks will they be as nice as father and Kathy pauses. Mark has not always been a jerk. He is a very sweet and gentle man. However, his work had kept him away for long periods of time and the closeness between them was long gone. Sex between them had been wonderful. He would fuck her for hours and she would have numerous orgasms. She was glad to give him everything she had. However, that chemistry had faded also. Kris smiles but holds back her tears as Kathy continues her pep talk. Yes, Kathy tells her, she will find a good man like her father or Tom. Kris knows Tom would tell her the same thing. The only difference, however, is that he could actually make her feel better. The pain would still be there but, at least, she would be wrapped in his massive arms and made to feel special once more as his cock would enter her and he would fuck her slowly, at first.

Kathy notices the far off look in her daughter’s eyes, stands up, and asks if she would like a drink.

Kris nods and thanks her. She watches Kathy go into the kitchen and lies back on the couch, hoping Tom will be home soon. -

‘Wow,” thinks Danielle. “A definite twist in reality.”

While the physical description is the same: her long brown hair, petite with just a few extra pounds, a nice set of small but firm breasts, dark brown eyes…..Kris and Tom’s mother is completely different than theirs. A drink? Never in a million years would their mom ask to have, or offer someone, a drink. The strongest beverage she can recall seeing her mother drink was a beer.

Root beer.

And sex? Kris’ mother thinking about a sex life? When she was a teenager and first learned of sex, Danielle had a very hard time believing that her father and mother had sex. They are just not a very close couple. However, the proof of their union is there… her and Kyle.

Danielle gazes at the story some more. She has read enough of Kyle’s tales to know when he is leading up to sex between two people and it does look as though Kris and Kathy are heading in that direction. She wonders why he sent this story to her. Not once has she ever had a sexual thought about their parents. Of course, two months ago she never thought she would have sex with Kyle.

After a few minutes of analyzing ( probably over analyzing , she tells herself ) the story, she suddenly feels very stupid. She figures it out. Kyle knows she has no interest towards her mother, so he must have completely changed Kathy’s personality such that I would be interested in the story. If he wrote our mother like she is, I would probably not read the rest, she tells herself. This Kathy, however is quite interesting.

She continues.

- Kris is flipping through the television when Kathy reenters the living room. She apologizes for taking so long as she hands the small glass of liquor to Kris. She sits on the other end of the couch and Kris glances over, noticing that her mother has changed into an attractive silk robe. She has never seen her mom wear anything like that before and notices that it fits her well. She drinks the alcohol and enjoys the taste of the rum and coke flowing down her throat. She takes a few more swallows and continues to flip through the channels. Kathy tells her to stop and turn back two channels. Kris clicks back and looks at the clock. She wonders what is taking Tom so long as she feels the glass on her lips, and more rum in her mouth. She turns back to the television and watches two women, alone at a bar, complaining about their husbands. She looks at Kathy. Her mom has tucked her legs under her as she drinks and stares at the movie. Kris curses herself. She came here for comfort and her mother wants to watch some chic flic. She begins to stand, so that she can tell her mom good night and wait for Tom in her old room, when she stumbles.

Kris giggles. She cannot believe that a few drinks of Rum has gotten her drunk but the symptoms are there. Her knees are wobbly, she is giggling, and ( worse of all ) she is become hornier by the second. She collapses onto the couch and is unaware that her short skirt had ridden up and her mother now has a great view of her purple thong panties.-

The ringing of the phone interrupts her reading, and Danielle curses. She pulls her hand from her shorts and reaches for the phone. She hadn’t realized that she was playing with herself, she was that involved in the story.

“Hello,” she says annoyingly.


The deep voice flows through her body straight to the nerve centers in her pussy and she melts.

“Kyle. Hi.”

“How are you doing sis?”

“Terrific now, thanks.”

“Did you get the story?”

“Yes, I am still reading it.”

“Do you like it?”

Danielle stares at her fingers and looks at her juices that cover them.

“Oh, yes. Thanks.”

“Happy birthday, sis.”


There is a pause and Danielle doesn’t know what to say. She wants to tell him to get his ass here to see her. She wants to offer him anything in the world to get him here but she knows he can’t.

“Happy Birthday,” he offers.

“Thanks. I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, sis. Look, I better run. Dad needs to use the phone. Business.”

“Okay, thanks for calling. Um… how’s mom?”

There is a slight pause.

“You there,” she asks.

“Yeah, mom is great. She said she will wish you a happy birthday later.”

“Okay. Well, you take care, big boy. Only one month left.”

“Yes, sis. I reserved our beach cabin for the week you get back. It is much larger than the hotel room. Jamie is more than ready for your return. Since our trip, she has been horny 24/7. She said she will have your video in the mail next week.”

“Good, I can’t wait.”

“Well, goodnight sis. Hope you enjoy your birthday.”

“I hope so too. Nite.”

The click is very loud and she sits there holding the phone, staring at it, wishing that it would ring again. Maybe dad’s business call won’t take long. Maybe she will get to talk to Kyle when her mom calls. After a few minutes, she places the phone back on its’ base, glances at the beach picture and turns her attention back to the story.

- Kris knows she is drunk as she lies, sprawled out , on the sofa. She is giggling at everything. In the movie, the two women begin to get revenge on their husbands and starts killing them. It is obviously not a chic flic, Kris realizes. Kris finds it funny and laughs as one of the husbands gets his dick cut off before he is killed. She mentions that she would love to get a hold of her fiancée’s cock . That is what he deserves. She even has this nice set of knives that were given to them as a gift.

Kathy just laughs, she knows she shouldn’t but she is also drunk. The rum is a special blend from her and Mark’s trip to the Caribbean. The bartender told her that this shit would loosen anyone up. It had been in the house for several years but no one ever drank any. Mark is never home and so where is the fun to get all loosened up for your own fingers? Kris’ bad mood seemed like the perfect time to see if it works. It has. She finds herself so warm and loose that she keeps glancing over at Kris’ purple thong. She should tell her daughter to pull her skirt down and cover up but she cannot find the will power to do it. Kathy finds that she wants to look at her daughters nearly naked crotch. She can tell her daughter is shaven and the more she glances over, her pussy gets wetter. Kathy wonders what Kris would say if she knew that her mother is naked under the robe. She has always enjoyed the freedom of nudity and she had planned on lounging in the bedroom, naked, with a good porn movie. When Tom was called away she thought she would get the privacy. While she loves his company, she cannot wait for him to get his apartment back. Then Kris’ coming over looked as though she wouldn’t get an opportunity.

Before she brought Kris her drink, Kathy had drank some of hers and was already beginning to get a buzz before she left the kitchen. When she gets a buzz, Kathy gets sexual. She couldn’t stand the restrictive clothing of her sweats, panties, t-shirts, and bra that she had been wearing so she went and changed.

Kris continues to giggle and begins to flip through more channels. Her body feels like butter. She turns to thank her mother and is shocked to find Kathy staring in her direction. Kathy quickly turns away but Kris knows, no matter how drunk she may be, that her mother was staring at her crotch. She giggles, realizing that her skirt was up and her purple thong was facing in Kathy’s direction. Maybe Tom doesn’t have to help me, she thinks. She looks over her mother and notices the impression of Kathy’s erect nipples pushing against the robe. It is obvious she is horny but does she want me or dad? Knowing her mother would never make the first move, she decides to do it herself. She has to find out. -

Danielle strips down to her panties. She is very surprised to find that this is turning her on. Her breathing is heavier, her heart is beating very quickly, her pussy is screaming for attention, and her nipples are very erect. She places a comforter over the seat of her chair, pulls down her panties, unclasps her bra, and sits back down. Her hand quickly goes for her wet lips and she moans as she begins to play with herself.

- Kris mentions that the room is very hot and proceeds to strip down to her bra and panties. She relaxes against the back of the couch and hits the menu button on the cable remote. She finds a movie called Women in Heat IV and selects it. As she drink the last of their rum, they are presented with two busty women, kissing in a hot tub. She notices that her mother’s hand has slowly disappeared into her robe. Kris smiles.

Kathy watches the two women on screen. Occasionally she tries to glance over at Kris breasts which are larger than hers and barely contained in the small lacy bra. She discreetly places her hand under her robe and slowly begins to rub her naked slit. She had shaved her pubic hair in hopes that Mark would be more interested. He wasn’t. However, being bare had felt so good that she decided to keep it naked.

Kris glances at her glass, announces that she needs another drink, and stands up. She begins to head for the kitchen when she stops in front of her mother, stumbles and collapses onto Kathy. She begins to giggle and soon her mother is also laughing. Kris finds that Kathy’s robe has opened up slightly during the fall, and that she has a perfect angle to look in and stare at one of her mother’s stiff nipples.

Kathy does not protest as her daughter lies there, giggling. Kris has landed such that her crotch is resting on her naked leg and she can feel the heat radiating from her daughter’s groin. Kathy grins. If her robe was completely opened, Kris would experience a similar situation. Her pussy is on fire and, right now, it seems as though the only person that can quench it is the nearly naked girl, her baby, lying across her lap.

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