Danny to Danielle


It started out as a lark, my girlfriend told me I was too aggressive and needed therapy. I never figured it would turn me into the most wondrous version of myself.

One day I flew off the handle about something minor, the house needed vacuuming, and Sara said, “That’s IT! You go to the doctor I told you about or its over!”

Well not wanting it to be over I agreed and Sara made the appointment.

Two weeks later Sara and I met at Dr. Tina Johnson’s office.

“Come in Danny, Sara, sit down.” She motioned us to the 2 lounge chairs and began to fill us in on the therapy.

“I use a combination of relaxants and hypnotherapy to minimize the aggressive tendencies then after a few weeks we work on the basic psychological make up of the patient. It is unorthodox and radical but I have had GREAT success in helping men find that softer edge.”

“How often do I come in, I am unemployed at the moment and can’t afford a lot of expensive drugs and therapy.” I said with a bit of anger in my voice. I was pissed that Sara even thought this was needed.

“Oh don’t worry Danny,” Tina said, “Sara and I have it all worked out. Now it’s every few days at first then every week, in between each session you will have tasks to complete and Sara and I will meet to discuss them.”

I was thinking, “this is getting weirder by the minute,” but what the hell, I needed Sara.

“Now let’s get started, here take these pills and relax and listen to the music in these headphones, also put on these glasses they will help relax you and get you started quickly.”

Sara and Tina left the room and I did as told, I put the headset on, the glasses and downed the 2 pink pills. In seconds it seemed the world disappeared among flashing lights and a soft female voice telling me that all was all right and to relax. Next thing I knew I awoke to Tina and Sara in the room smiling at me and I felt wonderful and at peace. Tina handed me a list and told me to do all on it before our next session tomorrow, which I would be at alone.

On the way home Sara was asking how I felt, was I ok, and such as I looked the list over. Number 1, clean the house in the nude, Number 2 masturbate in front of Sara but don’t touch her, Number 3 watch a porn flick without touching Sara or myself.

“Shall we get a movie for tonight Danny?” she asked.

“Sure” I said shortly.

We stopped at an adult store and Sara told me to pick one out. I entered and picked a bi sexual movie, not sure what made me do it but I did without even really considering it.

Arriving home I stripped and started cleaning, I cleaned for 2 hours and enjoyed it, again out of character and somewhat in a trance.

Sara smiled and grabbed my hard cock and said, “ok Hun number 2,” and I quickly started jerking off until I came all over the floor, which I cleaned up with a rag quickly.

We had supper, me still nude, then a beer and sat down to watch the movie. At first I couldn’t look guys doing guys, girls and each other. But as it went along my cock got harder and harder and began to drip by the end, but never touched myself.

The next day at the Dr.’s office she again handed me the pink pills, the glasses and the headphones. This time I was aware of the voice telling me that cocks were good, being female was good, wearing female clothes was good and drifted off again. On waking I was given a list of tasks for tomorrow. Shop at a woman’s store, clean the house nude, and watch a video.

This went on for 2 weeks every day and I felt more relaxed, enjoyed watching men with each other and women. Found myself admiring what women were wearing right down to their shoes. I even found myself looking at men, I mean LOOKING, at their crotch, their chests, imagining them naked. I wondered what the hell was happening here. Sara just got nicer and nicer and at the same time pointing out men on the street.

Week 3 was different; I walked into Tina’s office and was told to strip before getting hypnotized. Doing as told without even thinking I sat in the chair and relaxed. This time she handed me 2 pink pills as usual but also a large purple pill. She handed me no tasks to do but told me to come back in 2 days.

Over the next day I felt odd, like I didn’t belong in these clothes and the hair, my god so much on my body. Sara had been leaving gay mags about and I found one that was unusual, it was females with dicks. Well my cock shot out and I jerked of 3 times looking at it.

On appointment day I arrived early to see Sara walking into a room with a male. I wasn’t jealous I thought he was cute, nice ass. Tina came around the corner and led me to the treatment room, gave me my pills and led me down the hall. Entering a strange, dark room I saw Sara and the man through a 1-way glass having hot sex. Again I only felt I wish it were me, but with him. Holy shit, did I really think that?

“Wonderful Danny, now its been 3 weeks of treatment have you noticed anything different about yourself?”

“No” I replied “I think I am the same just more aware.”

“Excellent” she replied.

I sat in the chair once more and let the lights and words dissolve into my brain. I made an appointment for 2 days later.

The next day I was in the tub and grabbed Sara’s razor and began shaving my legs, armpits and pubes. I didn’t stop until I was hairless and, I thought, attractive. Next I took an emery board to my nails and shaped them as I had not cut them in over 4 weeks now. A little eye makeup and I was done. When Sara got home she looked at me and smiled and said nothing. That night we watched a porn movie together and all I kept saying was wow wasn’t that a nice cock, nice ass, mm Sara wouldn’t you like that in you? The worst part was I meant it, every word and Sara was tickled and smiling and cuddly and that never got me hard, the cocks on the TV did.

Next day I arrived at Tina’s office with makeup, nails done and painted and in men’s clothes. In her office I stripped and sat in the chair, took my pills which now included 2 purple pills in addition to the 2 pink ones and readied for the session.

“Now today Danny there is going to be a double session. In between you will get together with a friend of Sara’s and mine, you remember that man she was with last week? Well he will be available for you. Now relax.”

Suddenly I couldn’t wait, I wanted him. After the first session Tina led me to the room where Sara had been and entered and sat down. Then Tom came in, nude, hard and oh so sexy. He came over to me and began rubbing my nipples and when I looked down I saw for the first time the changes that had come over my body. I was softer, thinner, more feminine and had puffy nipples over enlarged breasts. I moaned as he worked them, kissed them and suckled them. My cock hard and with wet pre-cum dripping from it. Then Tom stood and presented his huge cock to my lips, which I opened easily. I sucked him, tasting the cum oozing from it. Yearning for more and more of it, I took it deeply into my mouth and savored the taste and texture. I was loving it, wanting it and when Tom came I swallowed like the hungry slut I wanted him to believe I was. Just like Sara had done earlier.

Led back to the session room with cum covered lips I was feeling very good. Entering I saw Sara there smiling at me. I sat down in the chair and the glasses and tape were turned on. Waking I saw Tina and Sara holding some clothes, but not mine. There was a bra, panties, skirt and blouse, along with hose and heels in my size. I took them and dressed in them and felt wonderful in them.

“Come Danielle, let’s go home.” Was all Sara said.

This was but the transformation, the rest is about the adventure.

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