tagBDSMDante's Peek

Dante's Peek


Dante laid his dark hair upon the pillow. His eyelashes fluttered to a close over crystalline eyes. He lay perfectly still under the covers that enveloped his naked form. She was there. He could smell the musky scent that always seemed to accompany her visits there with him. The ginger haired temptress began to undress. Dante could hear the rustling of her clothes, but to look and watch was to disobey. In his mind, he envisioned her hands slowly unfastening the zipper at the back of her dress. He pictured the material gently falling to form a ring at her feet. The languid way in which she would caress each breast before releasing the clasp of her bra. Each strap would have slipped to stroke the soft porcelain of her willowy arms. Her hands would toy with the garter belt, gently unclasping the straps, and then sliding the silk stocking down over her trim thighs and her slender calves. The rest of her undergarments would be left for him to remove if he was a good boy, and how Dante wanted to be a good boy…to make her feel good.

Mia watched as Dante's cock rose to attention under the covers. He kept his eyes closed tightly, but his brow furrowed and she sat down on the end of the bed.

"Dante," her voice was husky and dripping with sex, "Dante are you going to be good tonight?"

He made no move to answer and Mia smirked. "I see you have already chosen your course for the evening." Dante slowly opened his eyes to see the goddess with red flowing hair, high breasts, and round hips. As soon as they had opened, they were quickly shut. "Dante, I saw you look." She ran a hand leisurely up his leg, up his thigh. "You have already been very naughty Dante." The hand traveled higher as the goddess reached out for his nipple. "This is for not answering when you were spoken to." Those slender hands sent a bolt of pleasure and pain through his flesh as she pinched his nipple brutally. "And this is for peeking." He braced himself for the exquisite pain, and when it didn't come, a sort of pout graced his lips. "Sit up!" She demanded, and he complied. He felt the silk cover his eyes, and he rejoiced in the sound of the knot being tied at the back of his head. "You will learn to look only when I say you can." She smacked the back of his head, "Now lay down!"

Dante obeyed and with a sigh he laid his body back down upon the bed. His skin ached for her caress, for her touch, for anything and everything she was willing to give. Mia's hands began to travel over his flesh; gentle caresses that set fire to his skin. She marveled at the porcelain of her hand against Dante's warm tan flesh. Her touch sent trails of fire through his taut form. "Dante," she whispered only inches from his ear, "do you want me?"

"Yes," he felt his blood stirring, and his breath quickening with every torturous stroke. He moaned when the flowerlike mouth encompassed his own, her pink tongue darting out to tease his bottom lip. Her tongue moved over him, encircling his nipple, her teeth giving him a pinprick of pleasurable pain. Lower and lower her mouth moved, her hands dragging slowly over his skin. The cool rush of air that accompanied the sheet's removal caused him to gasp, and he exulted in the tiny laugh she gave, and the movement of her breath over his pelvis. "Cold, Dante?" He could hear the joy in her voice, even though he could not see the grin upon her face. "Shall I put the sheet back?"

"No," he was quick to answer. "No, I'm fine."

"Good" her slender fingers encircled his cock, and her tongue flicked at the head, before she at last took his cock in her mouth. She moaned and sucked him in, tenderly wrapping him in between her lips. He bucked slightly when her hand cupped his balls. She ceased her ministrations, "Don't move Dante or I'll stop." He concentrated as her lips enclosed him once more, and he squirmed when she actually took one of his balls into her mouth, her tongue rolling over it.

"Very well Dante." She was pleased by his reaction, "You have once again made your choice. So now you must be punished."

He felt her take his hands, bring them together over his head, and then secure them with rope to the bed. She tied them tightly and the rope cut into his flesh.

"Too tight?" she asked as she straddled his chest, her knees pinning his shoulders to the mattress.

"No Ma'am," Dante breathed in the scent of her and longed to run his hands over her thighs, and to remove the thin barrier of lace from her slick cunt. Mia ran her hands over her breasts and then brought her finger to Dante's mouth, she pushed at his lips until he opened and sucked her finger into his mouth. Once she was satisfied, she withdrew her finger from his lips. She moaned as her hand glided over her belly and under the lace of her panties. More than ever Dante wanted to see. He wanted to watch as Mia flicked at her clit, and inserted her finger within herself, but he could hear it and feel it, as she kept him pinned to the mattress.

"I'll let you see if you are a good boy," she whispered as she stuck her slick fingers to his lips. Dante sucked greedily at her fingertips. "Will you be a good boy?"

He nodded his affirmation, and blinked when she pushed the blindfold up and over his head. He drank in the sight of her, her thighs spread in their effort to hold him down. Her slickness was nearly soaking through the thin lace that guarded her from his sight. She tossed her hair to one side and brought her lips to his. He struggled against the bonds, wanting to taste more of her. She leaned back away from him and slid her hand over her stomach and into her panties. Her mouth opened in delight as she fingered her clit. She closed her eyes. Her breasts bounced when the waves of ecstasy began to pass through her as her body rocked against him. "Dante!" she cried, her body going limp atop him. He could feel her breath at his forehead, her breasts heaving over his face.

"I think I can free you now." She smiled and teasingly brushed her soft breasts against his face. Dante did not move. He waited patiently for Mia to release him from his bonds. Once freed, Mia let him up and lay beside him. With one single finger, Dante traced over each of her breasts, and ran his finger down to the band of her undergarments. He slid the thin lace material down over her thighs, over her tight calves, and at last over her beautiful feet. He gazed longingly at her body as he took her foot in between his hands, massaging the arch. He was waiting for permission.

"Dante," she smiled and crooked her finger at him. "I want you inside of me." Mia tossed her hair and lay down upon the pillow as Dante crawled towards her. He kissed her breasts, her neck, and then he sought out her mouth. She opened to him and his cock slid into her wetness, causing Mia to gasp. He rocked against her, slowly pulling himself in and out of her tight little cunt. Her fingernails dug into his back as she climaxed, but Dante was still far from cumming. He kept his steady rhythm slowly pushing his cock in and out of her warmth. Each time she was shaken by the waves of ecstasy, her cunt would hug Dante's cock as if she would never let him go. He nuzzled his face in between her breasts, breathing her in. His mouth sought out her pert nipple and suckled her gently into his mouth. She moaned beneath him, her body shivering in rapture.

"Dante," she whispered. "Please cum for me. Please." Her pleas went unanswered for some time before Dante felt himself finally drawing near. "Please Dante, please cum for me." She cried out as the walls of her wet cunt squeezed his cock into submission. Dante drank of Mia's lips, for he knew she would leave as quickly as she came, but his goddess would be back. After all, Dante was a very good boy.

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