tagBDSMDanya's Bitch Ch. 05

Danya's Bitch Ch. 05


Danya returned an hour later and released me of me bonds. After what seemed like an eternity I was allowed some freedom for the rest of the night.

The following day was uneventful. Danya and myself were preoccupied with the events that our school had planned and didn't even see each other. I was relieved to get a break from her torments, but in another perverse way, I was almost disappointed.

The following day, I wasn't so lucky. Similar to the other day, I got a call at 7:00 A.M. from Danya demanding her morning breakfast. Our M.U.N. group was scheduled to leave the next day, so the teachers decided to give us some free time today.

I knocked on Danya's hotel room door with her hot breakfast tray in my hands. To my surprise Stephanie, her roommate, answered the door.

"Can I help you?" Steph asked, in manner that assumed we had never met.

"Umm... yea. Can you give this to Danya?" I asked, trying to peak over her shoulder to see if Danya was inside, half naked as well.

Glaring at me, she violently grabbed the tray from hands and walked inside, leaving me a front row view of her magnificent ass. 'Why was she so pissed? She knew I was just following Danya's orders.' I thought to myself.

I started to shut the door and walk away when Danya's voice stopped me. "Jeff, you gonna get your ass in here or what?"

I strolled in and saw Danya sitting at the small table next to the window enjoying her bacon and eggs. She looked up at me, then over to Steph who was rummaging through her suitcase to find some clothes for the day.

"Shouldn't you be at the gym or something? It sure as hell looks like you could lose a few pounds."

Steph looked up, evidently stung by Danya's remark. In reality she was absolutely perfect the way she was, but being a self-conscious teenage girl a comment like that had a lasting impact.

She opened her mouth to spit back an insult at Danya, but all that came out was a pitiful fuck you. Looking over at Danya, it was understandable why Steph had nothing to say. There was nothing wrong with Danya, everything about her figure was absolutely perfect. Her luscious, yet firm tits, her well toned legs, her nose even had the perfect curvature.

As usual, Danya got what she wanted, and Steph stormed out of the room in a huff. I now understood what had generated so much hate in Steph towards her once best friend.

"I guess that just leaves you and me now, doesn't it?" Danya stated in between bites.

"Yes ma'am." I responded sarcastically. It had been only 48 hours since we last encountered each other, and I had already forgotten how dominant she was.

"You know, I like that. Ma'am. How about from now on, you always address me like that Mr. Wise Ass?"

"Oh come on. I was just kidding." I now regretted acting in my comfort zone around this girl.

"You sure were, but I'm not. Anyhow, I think its time we took our 'relationship' to the next level." She lingered on the word relationship emphasize its importance. "You see, in between all these conferences we have had during our M.U.N. trip, I don't always get a chance to release my pent up stress."

"And that's where I come in....?"

"You got it. Fortunately for you, I got you transferred so we can be close to each other for the rest of the trip. You're now my personal assistant."

"WHAT?" I shouted. "You... You had me changed from Secretary to a personal assistant? That's a huge demotion! It took me 2 years to become Secretary! Two god damn years!" I was absolutely furious. Despite its belittling name, being secretary was actually somewhat of a prestigious role as you had a variety of important responsibilities.

"Chill out Jeff. It's only for the remainder of the trip. You'll get your role back in a few days when we return back to school."

I sat there in silence. I was still outraged. Now, I would pretty much have to follow her around for the rest of the trip, recording everything she says, and doing anything else she requires. Not only that, but I would have to forge some explanation for why I got demoted to this role to all my friends. No Junior had ever been a personal assistant before. Fortunately this would only last for another 48 hours.

"Now, as you can guess I'll be expecting you to go further then any personal assistant has gone. You will do everything I ask, everything. Understood?"

I broke eye contact and looked down at my feet in compliance. "Yes ma'am." I lamented at the fact that not even 48 hours ago I would have told this bitch to go fuck herself. Strangely, as much I was beginning to hate this girl, I still just couldn't tell her no.

Danya pushed her breakfast tray away, and walked over to me stopping only inches in front of me. "As I was saying earlier... you're going to help me relieve the stress. Now I'm going to teach you how." With that, she pushed me down to my knees and turned around. "Take my shorts off, with my your mouth."

I hesitated for only a moment, then leaned forward and clenched the waistband between my lips. I started pulling down but the shorts she was wearing were rather tight, and her ass held them firmly in place. My gentle tugging slowly turned into violent pulling.

"Having some trouble? Here, let me help you out. But make sure to take it slowly. I want you to enjoy it." She then leaned forward, pushing her ass even closer up against my face.

This helped enormously, but as I pulled the shorts down I found she wasn't wearing any panties. My nose slowly slid in between her ass cheeks, gently grazing her clean asshole and inhaling the sweet smell of her now moistening pussy. Despite its humiliating notions, this task was turning me on enormously.

After turning around she gave me further instructions. "Time for you to go the final mile John. Start off gentle, but when I push my hands against your head I want you to go all out. Understand?"

I nodded my head and started to go in but she caught my head in her hands.

"What? I didn't hear you."

"Sorry. Ma'am. Yes ma'am." I submissively responded. I guess nodding doesn't cut it.

She gave a nod of approval then I pushed my mouth, for the first time, onto her shiny pussy. The taste was altogether not too different from the one I tasted on her panties. It was the action itself that turned me on so much. Here I was eating some girl out for the sole purpose of satisfying her.

As the minutes slowly passed by and Danya began to grind her pussy with greater force into my face. In an effort to satisfy her as soon as possible, I began to enthusiastically bury my tongue in as deep as possible. While coming close to the end Danya found my nose with her clit, and to my humiliation, used it to finish herself off. At this point, I simply just sat there on my knees letting my face be abused by her sopping pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, an unconstrained flow of cum poured onto my face and dripped down onto my shirt. I sat back in relief, and began to pull my arm up to wash some of her juices away from my face but was stopped by another one of her barking commands.

"You think you're finished? You don't get to clean yourself off until I dismiss you buddy. Now hurry up and clean the rest of my pussy off before I make you go for round 2."

That was the last thing I wanted, so I eagerly pushed my tongue up against the now familiar pink outer lips of her pussy. Once she was 'sterile', I stood up and made my way to the bathroom, eager to splash my face with a refreshing wave of cool water.

"Unlike you, I got important things to do before our class meets for the conference this afternoon. Seeing as you are now my personal assistant, I expect you to meet me here before we embark." She shouted before walking out the door. "And don't forget to lock the door before you leave!"

In reality, this deal wasn't so bad. As much of a cocky bitch Danya was, she was pretty lax and inconsistent in her demands. Not only that, but there was still a chance I would be able to fuck her before this trip came to an end. What an experience that would be. My only real problem now was this Steph chick.

Ironically enough, at that instant Steph came through the door with a flustered look on her face. "That bitch, oh man that bitch is going to pay." She roared while throwing her handbag on top the bed.

Figuring it was probably best to let her cool off on her own, I attempted to sneak out the door while she was still fuming. Unfortunately, I didn't even come close. After taking only a few steps out of the bathroom and towards the front door, I heard my name.

"John? John! You're still here. Great. Now get your sorry ass over here before I end what little of a social life you already have."

Not wanting to agitate her further, nor have her send those dreaded pictures to anyone I obediently made my way over to her.

"Holy shit. You reek of pussy. You eat her out for the first time?"

"Yes ma'am." I answered instinctively.

"Hmmph. I like that. Ma'am. Use that all the time. Anyway, lets cut to the chase. I want that bitch under my control as soon as possible."

While she began to explain her plan of enslaving Danya, she made her way over the to her suitcase and pulled out a small camera. Generally speaking, it was a rather simple arrangement. I was to hide the camera in my room somewhere, and film her being fucked by another guy, a guy besides her boyfriend. By doing this, we would be exploiting Danya's only weakness: her addiction to sex.

Although it may not seem as if it was true, but Danya loved her boyfriend with all her heart, and would do nearly anything to ensure his happiness, (including fucking him and his best friend at the same time). That being said, she still craved sex and had hard time turning it down when especially horny. If we had a tape of her cheating on her boyfriend, Steph and I would be able to coerce Danya into doing anything we wanted.

"By the way, I decided that I will probably need some additional help in keeping Danya on a short leash, so I decided to bring in some extra help. Her names Nicole, and she's a junior. In fact, she told me you two already met. In your room. Having sex."

My mouth slowly opened and hung agape for a few seconds.

"After what Danya did to her the other day she came to me about getting revenge. It fits perfectly into my plan. Anyway, you better get going in case Danya comes back. The last thing we want is her becoming suspicious."

After taking the small camera I quickly made my way back to my own hotel room and took a long awaited shower. With every passing day things were getting more and more interesting.

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