tagSci-Fi & FantasyDaphne and Her Milk Pt. 01: The Beginning

Daphne and Her Milk Pt. 01: The Beginning


Author's note: a big part of the plot is about breast expansion. This part contains none of it yet, but it will come in time.


The thrill of the hunt. The ability to take a life on her own. The way the prey remained unsuspecting until the last second, until it was too late. The final acceptance as the arrow's image reflected in it's eyes. The calmness afterwards.

Daphne loved to hunt. As far as she could remember, she always roamed the woods, the forest being her second home. As she grew older, her parents thought her how to hunt, how to take prey - first with carefully constructed and placed traps, and later, with her steady bow.

Her parents. She always got angry when she thought about them. They were supposedly exiles from somewhere south, from a place Daphne never knew or cared about. She was born into these woods, with her twin brother, on the borders of Multipedete, and she felt home here.

Her parents, however, did not. They never really accepted their exile - her dad always told her stories about gracious cities, holy places, libraries of knowledge. Her mom fell into depression from time to time, cursing this rural and lewd place around herself, wishing to go home, sometime, somehow.

Daphne and her brother, Merdon, were 17 when their parents finally made up their mind, and presented their children with a choice: either go together with them, back to their ancient home, with a possibility of redemption - or stay here, home.

It wasn't a hard choice for Daphne. She belonged here, the place where she grew up - she had her hunting ground and her friends (even if not many) here, and she wasn't exactly close to her parents either. Her mom and dad, despite raising their kids dutifully, always kept their distance - Daphne felt that they despised everything around them, and that included, to a lesser extent, even to their children. All because it was supposedly unholy and lewd.

Well, they were probably right about the lewdness - Multipedete, the city nearby, was filled to the brim with people who had no sense of shame whatsoever. Unlike Daphe and Merdon, who were raised in a different, conservative manner, the people who lived there openly embraced their sexuality on a daily basis, performing vile acts of mating here, there and everywhere.

Daphne shook her head to clear her thoughts as she ran to the fallen deer. Finishing her pray to end its suffering was of utmost importance, but her haste was not needed - the deer was already dead. Daphne just never missed. She settled down to skin the animal - deerskin was sought after in the town.

The disgust that Daphe felt for the city, and the cold demeanor of her parents made her a bit of a loner - her only real "friends" were Merdon, her brother, the forest itself, and... her special one. The woods were the place where she really felt home, the place where she belonged. Being an expert hunter, trapper and skinner, she earned her living by killing, then processing her game, selling furs and whatnot in the city to buy whatever she needed.

And trading was the hardest of those. She was 19 years old, but she still felt like a child when she entered the town. She considered herself pretty - she was about 170 cm (5,6 ft) tall, with oval shaped face, full lips, high cheekbones, and piercing green eyes. She was proud of her long, scarlet red hair that she wore in a ponytail - it was long enough to reach her butt. Her arse itself was a firm, toned piece of work, as was the rest of her - hunting was a difficult job, and certainly kept her in shape.

She only had one place where she felt inadequate - her chest. Just like her mother, she was flat as a board. She had mixed feelings about it - on one hand, not having to carry two big lumps of fat certainly helped her when she went hunting. Her parents also considered big breasts as a sign of unholiness, and even though she knew it that it was far from it, being raised the way she was it was hard to shake the preassumptions off.

On the other hand, it was hard not to envy the busty women in the city. Maybe those big breasts were more than just jiggly lumps of fat? The girls that had them certainly had more fun than her. Daphne was always a tomboy, partly because she just didn't feel like she belonged with the girls in the city. Most of them grew considerable busts on their own as they grew up, and the ones that did not had more than enough help to catch up - the city was specialized in breast expansion, after all. Even if you didn't have the genes, you could still have the teats!

Daphne just didn't take part in either of those. Her heritage was a given, and her financial situation - as well as her moral judgment - prevented her from artificial help. Even if she had more money, she still would have other things to spend on - the pleasures of the flesh were below her, or so she thought.

She headed home after processing the deer, leaving the meat for his brother to prepare. Merdon, her brother was an excellent cook when he actually cared - he was a bit of a bookworm, and would only think about food when he was really hungry. Daphne was not even sure if he registered her arrival, or exit right after - he was totally buried in his books as usual.

Her next top was at the market in Multipedete. She was not a merchant, but money just had to come out of somewhere sometimes, and selling furs and animal hides was easy usually. She just had to endure the a few... unpleasant people. She didn't need to wait long to hear the first insults.

"Are you selling honey as well, Daphne? You seem to have gotten a pair of bee stings on your chest recently! Or... never mind, I'm just imagining things, you are still as flat as it gets."

Daphne knew the bully very well - it was Suzanne, a dumb blonde bimbo. The busty woman considered breast size the epitome of femininity, and she made sure that she remained ahead of the pack in that regard, even in this 'competitive' environment - she was permanently enlisted in multiple breast expanding treatments. The results were obvious - she was sporting a backbreaking, mouthwatering pair of huge knockers, their size close to the size of her head each, and she was not afraid to show them off with deep cleavages.

Daphne was usually able to tolerate insults like these, but recalling the wrongdoings of her parents put her in a bad mood. She fought off the urge to just slap the big titted slut, and just left in silence, trying to ignore Suzanne's incoming jabs and taunts. She was fighting off her tears as she left the place.

Luckily, she knew exactly where to go to find comfort. Due to her upbringing, she valued different things than most boys and girls in the city, but that didn't stop her for looking for and finding friends. Her most recent founding was her boyfriend.

His name was Idon. He was somewhat of an oddity - he actually liked flat girls, and only those. "Flat is justice!" was his motto. To his misery, Multipedete had a huge shortage of small breasted girls or women. He was muscular, handsome and funny - he was universally well liked. He just wasn't into busty girls, as strange as it was. Suzanne's hatred stemmed mostly from her envy - the fact that Idon found a flat tomboy more to his liking was just unacceptable.

Finally reaching her boyfriend's house, Daphne quickly fixed her hair that got messy in her sullen march from the market. Her knock on the door was harsher than she initially intended to - she was still angry. Nevertheless, only a couple of seconds later, the door opened, revealing her half-naked, sleepy-looking boyfriend.

Idon was part of the city guard. They were few in numbers, and, thanks to the peaceful residents in the city, their mere presence was often more then enough to prevent any crimes.

"Oh, hello, Daph. 'Sup? Is everything okay? I thought that the city was on fire or something, you practically hammered on my door."

Oh, right - Idon was on patrol all night long, and she just woke him from his slumber. It's not like she forgot it, more like she didn't really thought about it in her hurry and need to get here. Well, no crying over spilled milk - she had quite a few ideas to make up for it.

Her ideas turned indecent fairly quickly when she examined him a bit more closely. Despite his sleepy face and messy hair, he looked as handsome as ever - clad only in his underwear, his great physique and well developed muscles were plainly on sight.

Daphne decided that her feelings were much better expressed by a hug rather than any words. She took comfort in Idon's familiar scent as well as she melted in the strong arms. She thought herself weird sometimes, paying attention to things other people usually did not. As she mused on this, she noticed an additional thing - a thing that would be noticed by anyone given the position. Her boyfriend was quite hard down there, and that hardness was currently pressed tight against her.

"I wanted to complain about... something minor, but it would be a mood killer right now. Besides, your body already answered my question."

Idon could only smile as his hands traveled farther south towards Daphne's firm behind, grabbing the tight globes of muscle and pressing her hips towards his. "I think I know where your problems come from, and I also happen to know how to cure it. Your company is always welcome with me, you should know that by now. And don't think that my recent lack of sleep is effecting my libido at all."

Daphne let herself feel embarrassed just for a moment. Her oversensitivity and selfishness led her to her boyfriend's house, not giving a damn whether was it an ideal time for Idon or not. Still, things just always worked out with him. She was lucky, having found a guy like him.

She grabbed tight onto him with her arms while giving him a hug with her legs as well. "If you happen to know the cure, my doctor, I would like to receive a full therapy session. I suppose you don't mind working overtime?"

She felt herself carried towards the huge bed. Idon was an adonis, his muscles barely strained as he walked with her in his arms, his firm hold still on her behind. He unceremoniously plopped her down on the bed, knowing full well that she wasn't some fragile princess, but a very athletic (and attractive!) woman. Besides, they both wanted sex, and they both knew it.

Daphne was fast to shred her outer clothing, and was clad only in her panties. She wore no bra - there was literally nothing on her chest, except a pair of really sensitive nipples. Speaking of which...

"I read it somewhere that smaller boobs are more sensitive than big ones. And, well, since I'm as small as it gets... Could you play with my nipples a bit...?"

Idon hardly needed encouragement at this point. His underwear was staining to contain his raging hardon as he lay down besides his topless girlfriend.

"I have no idea how breast size relates to these things, but yours seem to be receptive enough. They are also quite ticklish. Well, all of you is."

He certainly knew how to push her buttons - his fingertips skated across her body, paying special attention to her sensitive parts. Daphne could only groan and wriggle in delightful agony as his hands continued their journey on her skin, and no matter how she turned, what parts of herself she exposed to him, he found her "weak" spots with fast expertise. Her groans of agony, her laughs of enjoyment were probably heard by everyone on the streets, but she couldn't care less. When he finally stopped teasing her, all she could do was to lay on her back. Also, her panties seemed to disappear without her noticing.

"I hate it when you do this. Can you at least tell me that you are about to tickle me to death so I can prepare mentally? I'm fairly sure that every single neighbor knows what we are doing at this point."

"Well, you are the one that asked for the full therapy session. Oh come on, don't pout at me like that."

Daphne could hardly be angry at him for long. And it's not like anyone cared that they were having sex - well, except for herself. The neighbors were probably busy making love anyways. Still, it bothered her somewhat - having a sex life so open was so strange. She wondered if Idon even closed the door or not.

She could not wonder for long, however - Idon quickly tickled her sensitive chest again, then took advantage of her open, laughing mouth, and packed it full with her very own panties. They were already wet - not with saliva.

"There. Now we don't need to worry about you being too loud anymore. Now, if you excuse me, I would like to fuck my girlfriend silly."

Daphne usually took the initiative, but this time she found herself enjoying being the submissive as Idon tackled her, spread her limbs wide with his own, then penetrated her already sopping pussy. She kept herself shaved down there except for a thin straight line, adding to her sleek look.

"Your pussy is amazingly tight and wet. Those cow-loving bastards don't know what they are missing," Idon groaned. His hands let go of hers - she seemed content to just take it - and explored her body, without tickling this time, while his hips continued to hammer into hers. His dick matched his frame - long and wide.

"You... ugh... shouldn't be too... ugh... concerned about your body. You don't need huge teats... ahh... to look good. You are gorgeous." And with that, he sped up even more, while his fingers found her glorious, hard nipples, pinching them hard.

Daphne was missing the circular, side-to-side hip motions that she used to do when she was in control, but nevertheless, Idon was more than able to compensate with his speed and endurance. Maybe she should let him take control once in a while. She could get used to this.

She reached her orgasm a bit sooner than him, her strong pussy muscles clamping down tightly on the big organ inside her. He followed right after her, adding more fluid to her already drenched insides.

After cooling down a bit, Daphne noticed that Idon was already snoring right besides her on his side. She couldn't blame him - he must have been exhausted even before their "session". She snuggled close to him in a reverse spoon, feeling his tight body against hers as she hugged his hunky boyfriend. She fell asleep soon after.

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